Press Releases - Serviceplan Group - Serviceplan Group Press Releases at en-us Copyright 2023 TWELVE Magazine: Prominent authors devote themselves to the matter of speed as a success factor War in Ukraine, energy crisis, inflation, recession – just a year ago, we could not have imagined anything like this. Coping with the speed at which everything is changing, makes for the most significant economic challenge of our time. At the same time, speed is a crucial success factor now and in the near future. The central theme of the ninth edition of TWELVE, the Serviceplan Group’s magazine for brands, media, and communication, is therefore: “Speed! The winning factor in the digital age”.

Guest authors such as Joachim Gauck, Sascha Lobo, Dr Jens Thiemer, Marianne Bullwinkel, Ana Ivanović and Bastian Schweinsteiger, as well as the artistic design by the internationally renowned photo artist Thomas Ruff, once again make TWELVE an inspiring review of the year for the brand, media, and communications industry. 

TWELVE, Serviceplan Group’s multi-award-winning, annual corporate publishing magazine, is designed to serve as a review of the year for the brand, media, and communication industry. The current, ninth edition, deals with the subject of speed as a success factor. Because not being left behind has become the most urgent and predominating task for companies and brands. The ability to adapt to new circumstances in a fast-forward mode will be paramount to success in the years to come.

What does the high tempo of our time mean for corporate and brand management? How can companies succeed in picking up the necessary speed in all areas, reducing reaction times, and accelerating processes? And, do you really always have to be among the fastest? In twelve chapters, correspondent to the twelve months of a year, personalities who have accompanied the Serviceplan Group over the past year, present helpful insights, surprising perspectives, and specific recommendations on relevant topics and megatrends such as speed management, Metaverse, hybrid work, new business rules, as well as social speed.

The guest authors include personalities, experts, and creative people such as ifo President Prof. Clemens Fuest, Germany’s former Federal President Joachim Gauck, the former ZDF anchorman Prof. Claus Kleber, “RTL Aktuell” host Charlotte Maihoff, internet visionary Sascha Lobo, Sixt Co-CEO Alexander Sixt, the Sales Director, Media & Professional Services at Microsoft Germany Annette Green, Ravensburger CEO Clemens Maier, RMS CEO Marianne Bullwinkel, the Senior Vice President Customer and BMW Brand at BMW Group Dr Jens Thiemer, Douglas DACH CEO Nicole Nitschke, Bosch’s Head of Marketing Boris Dolkhani, or the power couple of professional sports Ana Ivanović and Bastian Schweinsteiger. Experts from the Serviceplan Group’s Houses of Communication are also represented in TWELVE.


TWELVE as Total Art

Digitalization is the motor of rapid change – also in the art world. In order to make the main theme of the issue visible in the artistic design of TWELVE as well, the Serviceplan Group decided this year to work with the internationally renowned photography artist Thomas Ruff. His works fascinate with their unique blend of artistic world-views and the latest digital technology. The result is a catalogue magazine that innovatively combines editorial content and the work of an artist. Visually, the two categories are clearly separated. The magazine section, which consists of twelve chapters, is kept in black and white, while the art catalogue passages distributed across the entire TWELVE are designed in colour.

Florian Haller, CEO, Serviceplan Group: “We live in a high-speed age. Brands have to convey security, reliability, and soundness on one hand, and be agile enough to adapt to new situations on the other. I also see it as a task for our agency group to have our finger on the pulse of the times – be it on the subject of work culture, new technological developments, or digital transformation. The realisation that digitalization is not only the strongest driver of rapid change, but also the most important tool for being able to keep up with it, runs like a common thread through this highly inspiring TWELVE issue”.


You can find the current TWELVE e-paper here.

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BMW Reveal 7 Series with Serviceplan Middle East Campaign ‘Forwardism Comes Home’ In 2022, automotive giant BMW Group has forged a global partnership with Emirates Global Aluminium, the UAE’s largest industrial company outside the oil and gas sector, to be the first customer for its new CelestiAL aluminum. The first of its kind, this aluminum is locally produced using solar power generated at the Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Solar Park. The ‘Forwardism’ film premiered during December 2022 at private screenings across the Middle East, attended by BMW’s VIP clientele and key stakeholders.

Serviceplan Middle East worked closely with BMW during a 6-month period to bring the creative idea for the ‘Forwardism’ campaign to life.

Serviceplan Middle East Creative Director André Couto commented:

"It's not every day that we have the chance to create a film that breaks the conventional imagery of automotive ads. Instead of talking about horsepower, engines and driving technologies, we chose to highlight the genesis of the car and its materials - it’s a matter of great prestige that BMW Group uses aluminium that is sourced here in the Middle East and produced using solar power. It was this historic partnership that inspired us to create this film and tell this story.”

In an electrified vehicle, CO2 emissions from the use phase are much lower, but producing battery cells or aluminium is extremely energy-intensive. The BMW Group not only wants to stop this trend, but also reverse it – and even lower CO2 emissions per vehicle by 20% from 2019 levels.

BMW Group are targeting a 5% reduction in global CO2 use-phase emissions by 2030 and 40% reduction in CO2 emissions during the entire life cycle of a vehicle. Rethinking how they source and use energy is crucial to achieve such ambitious targets. Since 2019, 100 percent of electricity used for BMW Group’s Plants worldwide has been from renewable energy sources. This also includes the ground-breaking partnership with Emirates Global Aluminium (EGA), who provided BMW with aluminium using solar power. In 2021, 100 percent of solar aluminium produced by EGA was sourced exclusively to BMW Group.

Aluminum is lightweight, strong and infinitely recyclable, and that is why it has an important role to play in developing a more sustainable society and making modern life possible. One key example of this is by improving the efficiency of vehicles through reducing their weight. But it also matters how sustainably aluminum is made. Solar aluminum is a step forward — it uses a natural and abundant source of energy in the desert environment to make a metal that is vital to our planet’s future.

This milestone move is expected to reduce BMW Group’s carbon dioxide emissions by approximately 2.5 million tonnes over a 10-year period.

The new 7 signals a new era of automotive excellence for a more environmentally-aware era. Made from aluminium sustainably sourced from the Middle East, the BMW 7 Series Sedan is inspired by a vision for the future that brings together pure elegance and multisensory entertainment, resulting in an absolute premium driving experience incorporating;

Welcoming scenario “Great Entrance Moments”
Crystal headlights and illuminated BMW “Iconic Glow” kidney grille
Luxurious lounge atmosphere in the interior with individual My Modes
Cinema experience on 31.3” Theatre Screen in the rear passenger compartment 

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Serviceplan International Managing Director and Partner Markus Noder appointed Spokesperson and Managing Director of the Serviceplan agencies, taking on Dual Role In addition to his current position as Managing Director and Partner of Serviceplan International, Markus Noder takes up the post as spokesperson and Managing Director of the Serviceplan agencies with immediate effect.

Pictured from left to right: Holger Scharnofske, Kieve Ducharme, Markus Noder, Stefanie Kuhnhen, Till Diestel. 

Markus Noder, Serviceplan International Managing Director and Partner, is taking on a dual role within the Serviceplan Group. As well as continuing with his current position, Noder will also act as spokesperson and Managing Director of the Serviceplan agencies, a role he takes on from the late Vincent Schmidlin, a highly regarded colleague of Serviceplan who held the position from 2018 and sadly died in 2022.

In addition to Markus Noder, the Serviceplan agency holding – within which all agencies operating under the Serviceplan label are bundled – is headed by CCO Till Diestel, COO Kieve Ducharme, CSO Stefanie Kuhnhen and CFO Holger Scharnofske.

"Markus Noder's impressive track record in internationalizing our agency business, and his extensive knowledge of the markets, make him the ideal appointment to boost cross-border integration between creative units. We aspire to create a global creative community, which will take inspiration and develop further from the impetus of the meeting of contrasting ideas and different ways of thinking, says Florian Haller, CEO Serviceplan Group.

In the last financial year under Noder's management, the international business grew by 22% with fee turnover of 148 million euros, and thus made a considerable contribution to the overall success of the agency group. Markus Noder has been responsible for the agency group’s globalisation strategy since 2011, and he has been a Managing Director and Partner of Serviceplan International since 2013. Four years ago, he was appointed Managing Partner in the Serviceplan Group Holding.

Markus Noder comments: "My task is to break down marketing silos, to drive forward networking between the international Serviceplan agency sites, and to open them to international talent. This allows us to offer our customers a range of services appropriate to their individual needs and integral solutions from our locally-based core brands, Serviceplan, Plan.Net and Mediaplus, which also exhibit an international mindset."

In parallel to Noder’s new dual role, a further boost will be given to the agency group's international business. Marcus Schnarr takes on a newly created role as COO Serviceplan International, which involves responsibility at international level for marketing and sales, brand visibility, operations and services areas. Schnarr will report to Markus Noder. He has worked at Serviceplan Group for the last 19 years and has many years of experience in building up and expanding international business.

Markus Noder adds: "If internationalization is to be further developed, we must expand the services currently in existence in our agency group and they must be made fit for purpose. I am delighted that Marcus Schnarr, who for many years has worked hard to support and drive forward both our agency group and our international business, has been appointed to the role of COO Serviceplan International.” 

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Big News with Shaq: NBA Legend Shaqille O’Neal Stars in Abu Dhabi Department of Tourism and Culture Campaign Serviceplan Middle East created the quirky spots with Production Company DejaVu 

To announce their exciting event calendar for the winter of 2022, the Abu Dhabi Department of Tourism and Culture recruited famed NBA legend Shaqille O’Neal. Shaq is famously known for his love of Abu Dhabi, and the series of ads featuring Shaq as a news anchor borrow from Shaq’s quirky online personality for some ROFL fun, while the events are the true star of the show.

The Abu Dhabi Calendar, much like the city itself is a very dynamic and exciting one. And each experience is a headliner event. We wanted to create the gravitas around each experience, and the concept of merging Shaq as the new anchor to announce the upcoming lineup of events felt like a perfect match. It also helps that Shaq has followers across age groups and varied interests, because Abu Dhabi has something for everyone as well.

The spots were directed by Nalle Sjöblad with Production company Dejavu. 

Akhilesh Bagri CCO, Serviceplan Middle East explains: “It’s a busy time for tourism around the world, with COVID restrictions all but gone. The idea of taking a humorous approach to this campaign was a no brainer consider the comedy chops of Shaq. The challenge was to make sure that the content becomes a thumb stopper on people’s scroll. If bitesize content is king, we thought why not super-size it. This approach gives us a chance to post fresh content all through winter. We thank Déjà vu and DCT for giving us this opportunity.”

Manasvi Gosalia, Executive Producer, Déjà vu adds: “As exciting as it is to shoot with legends like Shaq, the logistics involved in a run-up to it is always like walking a tight rope. We had less than half a day of shoot time with Shaq, understandably considering his packed schedule and travel. We found a way to find him mid-commitments and maximize that time to get the results we were looking for. Of course, Shaq is simply flawless when the camera starts rolling, so that made things easier. The only downside to his perfect take after take would be that now we don’t have a bloopers reel.”

Watch the spots on Instagram here: 

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Eurobest Award Innovation Grand Prix to Serviceplan and Dot Inc. for Dot Pad, The World’s First Smart Tactile Graphics Display Serviceplan Korea and Innovation continue their ongoing partnership with Dot Inc. which was awarded 2 Gold, 1 Silver and 1 Bronze as well as a Grand Prix

Eurobest has today announced the Grands Prix and Special Award winners defining the European benchmark in creative excellence for 2022. Serviceplan were awarded 1 Grand Prix, 3 Gold, 2 Silver and 5 Bronze.

Serviceplan Korea and Innovation have been awarded the Innovation Grand Prix by Eurobest for Dot Pad, which also won 2 Gold, 1 Silver and 1 Bronze.   

Penny ‘The Wish’ collected 1 Gold, 1 Silver and 2 Bronze, while Dyslexia Unetided, Gruner+Jahr Deutscheland/ Stern, and Freedom Grams, AROYA were both awarded 1 Bronze.

Eurobest sets the benchmark for creative work across Europe and have announced the award-winning work from 2,959 entries and 19 countries. Germany took home the highest number of trophies, with France second and the United Kingdom third.


Serviceplan Korea and Serviceplan Innovation have been working with Dot Inc. since 2015.  In an era where more than 84% of the information is visual, Dot Pad also allows blind people to explore more content. It is a game changer product that improves the quality of education and work convenience for the visually impaired by wirelessly connecting smart devices to complex images, equations, and mathematical calculations with tactile graphic displays.


Alexander Schill, Chief Creative Officer, Serviceplan Group, said: “I’m delighted that our ongoing partnership with Dot Inc.has been recognised by Eurobest with the Grand Prix for Dot Pad. When we embarked on our partnership with Dot Inc. in 2015, the idea of Dot Pad was a crazy dream. We worked together for 7 years on the development of innovative devices and software that make text accessible to the visually impaired. With Dot Pad we enter a new dimension of dynamic tactile graphics that provide a completely new experience for the visually impaired.”


Julie Kang, CEO of Serviceplan Korea, added: "I am happy that we have achieved good results with strategic creativity and execution in the global market while growing with Dot Inc. since 2015. And this creativity and innovation has been recognised by Eurobest in the form of a Grand Prix in Innovation for the Dot Pad.”

Simon Cook, CEO, LIONS, commented: “For 34 years, Eurobest has celebrated the best creative ideas in Europe and the Grand Prix winning work sets the creative benchmark for the entire European creativity industry. It’s hugely exciting to announce and celebrate the winners through Eurobest Unlocked. The trends and insights that emerge are explored, in-depth, within this year’s Eurobest Creativity Report, which is supported by insights and opinion from our expert juries and Presidents.”

The Eurobest Creativity Report is also now published, which can be viewed here: 2fp6awEhIgAjBdL7UbjlcG.

The report presents the definitive European rankings to benchmark creative excellence for the year ahead, as well as in-depth commentary on key trends and themes from inside the jury rooms, identified by the Presidents and their juries.

Serviceplan awards at Eurobest;


Grand Prix in Innovation – Dot Pad. The first smart tactile graphics display, Dot Inc.


GOLD - Dot Pad. The first smart tactile graphics display, Dot Inc. - Innovation - Applied Innovation


GOLD - Dot Pad. The first smart tactile graphics display, Dot Inc. Design - Innovative solutions


SILVER - Dot Pad. The first smart tactile graphics display, Dot Inc. - Digital Craft - Innovative Use of Technology


BRONZE - Dot Pad. The first smart tactile graphics display, Dot Inc. - Healthcare - Health & Wellness Tech


GOLD – The Wish, PENNY, Film Craft - Direction


SILVER - The Wish, PENNY, Film Craft - Cinematography


BRONZE - The Wish, PENNY, Film - Online Films - Travel, Leisure, Retail, Restaurants & Fast Food Chains


BRONZE - The Wish, PENNY, Film Craft - Casting


BRONZE - Dyslexia Unetided, Gruner+Jahr Deutschland/Stern - Industry Craft - Print & Publishing


BRONZE - Freedom Grams, AROYA - Design - Environmental / Social Impact

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“HO! HO! HO!“ or “NO! NO! NO!“? Hutchison Drei Austria and Wien Nord Serviceplan bring joy to Christmas fans and Grinches alike. This year's Christmas campaign for telecommunications provider Drei by Austrian creative agency Wien Nord Serviceplan shows the humorous clash of two worlds. But in the end, a really great offer is something that everyone can agree on.

Christmas is coming closer. The festive season is celebrated by people in the most diverse ways...or not at all. When it comes to the end of the year, there are basically two types of people: those who listen to "Last Christmas" around the clock as early as October and enjoy the first Christmas gingerbread, or those who would give anything to simply skip the Christmas season in its entirety.

Hutchison Drei brings both camps together with its pleasantly low rates and attractive Christmas offers. That’s why in this year's Xmas campaign a character representing a Christmas fan and a character playing a Christmas Grinch face off against each other. In an entertaining rivalry, they squabble their way to Christmas, only to end up together at Drei. Because everybody loves a good holiday offer.

Together with German director Micky Suelzer (Kaiserschnitt Film), a series of spots were created for use in TV, cinema and online. In addition, the friendly battle can be found in all classic and digital channels - from out of home, print to direct mailings and an interactive translation in the display & social area.

Sabine Hiemetzberger, Senior Head of Digital, Brands & Communication at Dreiexplains: “Everyone can identify as a Christmas fan or a Christmas Grinch. So our campaign appeals to as many people as possible: with a compelling offer for the head and charming joke for the heart.“

Georg Rernböck, Creative Director at Wien Nord Serviceplan adds: "We hope the spots are as much fun to watch as we had producing them. Three films and a whole photo shoot in two days – that’s only possible if everyone involved, from customer to production, pulls together.“ 

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Siemens Appoints Mediaplus As Lead Global Media Agency
  • An account win following a successful project collaboration: Mediaplus is now the global media agency for the Siemens Group.
  • Strategic consulting, creative media approaches, innovative targeting, and comprehensive data as well as digital competence were decisive factors for awarding the mandate to Mediaplus.

  • Siemens Group have appointed Mediaplus as lead global media agency with immediate effect. The budget covers media strategy, planning, and buying, across all traditional and digital media except search. A major focal point of the Siemens Group, which is represented in 190 countries, is on strategic consulting and the establishment of an innovative, digital campaign set-up.

    The budget was allocated without a previous pitch. The Mediaplus team had demonstrated its expertise beforehand on a project basis with the conception and implementation of Siemens' global Xcelerator campaign. In the new open business platform, a curated portfolio was created around the digital transformation of the manufacturing industry.

    In this way, Mediaplus had an opportunity to showcase its skills, proving both parties the success of their cooperation. The ensuing brief is global in scope, initially focusing on Germany, USA, UK and Switzerland. In addition to Siemens headquarters, Mediaplus will be advising other divisions of the group, including Siemens Mobility, Siemens Digital Industries, and Siemens Smart Infrastructure.

    The agency convinced Siemens above all with its strategic consulting, creative media, and digital competence. Lynette Jackson, Global Head of Communications at Siemens, explains: "Siemens is a leading technology company and we want to build brand perception for our capabilities in the digitalization and sustainability. To support this market perception, our communications approach focuses from a broad brand building effect down to demand generation campaigns in our target markets. We want to work in partnership with Mediaplus to benefit from intelligent target group targeting, digital and data expertise, but also to explore new, innovative ways to build our reputation and support sales growth."

    Arvid Boström, Managing Director of Mediaplus, expands: "Siemens has been and still is one of the strongest and most exciting brands on the international market. We are absolutely delighted that we can continue to accompany the transformation of this traditional company with our expertise. This will be based on designing digital global communication in real time, the creation of a tighter network between business, technology and communication, and the ongoing development of communication requirements in a consistently agile manner. Now that we have successfully showcased our abilities with Siemens Xcelerator, we want to create masterpieces in the upcoming campaigns."

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    ‘Footballers Kiss’ in Soccer Video Game in Response to Qatar's Anti-LGBTQI+ Policies Serviceplan House of Communication Spain, COGAM (LGBTQI” Collective of Madrid) and Game-Changer Launch #LoveWinsQatar, the social movement that calls on all gamers to defend human rights.

    The World Cup 2022 tournament organised by FIFA in Qatar is proving to be highly controversial. Due to Qatari policies that contravene LGBTQI+ human rights causing global controversy during the World Cup numerous brands and activists have joined forces to make this problem visible through social actions.
    Faced with this situation, the advertising agency Serviceplan House of Communication Spain, together with COGAM, the Madrid-based NGO founded in 1986 in favour of the collective, have created #LoveWinsQatar, a social movement with the aim of calling on gamers around the world to share images of love between
    footballers during virtual matches.
    "In football video games it sometimes happens that players kiss, hug, hold hands. There are even glitches that can simulate displays of affection. That's where the idea came from. If you can't show love on the real playing field, let's do it on the virtual playing field" Serviceplan House of Communication Spain creative team. 

    Join the the fight for love and respect with #LoveWinsQatar.
    The mechanics of joining this movement are very simple:
    1. Score a goal.
    2. Direct your player close to another.
    3. Capture the image.
    4. Share it with #LoveWinsQatar.

    "This is one of those absolutely necessary campaigns, born as a reaction to something unjust: Qatar does not respect basic human rights, in particular those of the LGBT+ community. And to give voice and spread to this initiative, we wanted to do it through a community, the gamer community, committed, supportive, and with a huge amount of influence. Hopefully the message will resonate around the world". Emilio Valverde, Executive Creative Director of Serviceplan House of Communication Spain.

    "We encourage people to make our reality visible for our rights, for our wellbeing in a fairer society in equality and diversity. With this initiative, we will help to break down discrimination against LGTB+ people" Carmen Garcia de Merlo, spokesperson for COGAM.

    The campaign has been amplified and adapted into 5 different languages: Spanish, English, Portuguese, German and Polish, in order to reach all corners of the globe. 

    Other associations have supported the cause such as the Brazilian foundation Aliança Nacional LGBTI+, Federación Argentina LGBT and the Polish studio Game-Changer. 

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    The Moment You Find Heinz: Heinz and Serviceplan Cologne take a Swipe at the Competition with Hilariously Relatable Campaign
  • This summer, Serviceplan Cologne won The Kraft Heinz Company as a new client. Now they are revealing the first creative highlight of the new collaboration, which is also the team's first major work under new Creative Lead Andy Wyeth.
  • The focus of the integrated campaign is that moment in the supermarket when you drop all other mayo in favor of Heinz Mayonnaise – even if it's on the next best shelf.
  • We’ve all been there. You’re almost done your shopping when you suddenly you see a product on the shelf that is so much better than the one you already have in your trolley. Are you really going to go all the way back to the original shelf where the product you are relegating was originally displayed? Most of us take a quick glance to make sure no one is looking, before placing on the next best shelf.

    Serviceplan Cologne’s new campaign for Heinz takes this all too human moment and turns it into a hilarious brand experience with the tagline: "When you drop everything for Heinz". In the new Heinz Mayonnaise campaign the competitor mayonnaise end up between toothpaste, fruit and baking mixes – with Heinz taking pride of place in the shopping trolley. 

    Andy Wyeth, Creative Managing Director Serviceplan Cologne, adds: “We are so proud to work with Heinz and to kick start our creative partnership with this campaign. This idea is such a great example of the power of an insight and I think this one in particular is relatable for most people on the planet. Every time I see a misplaced product now in the supermarket, I am reminded of Heinz. That's how advertising should work.”


    "When buying groceries, many factors decide which product ends up in the trolley and which gets dropped. With our Heinz Mayo, the decisive factor is very easy to grasp: It just tastes really good – so good that you leave all other mayonnaise brands behind," explains Josephine Jung, Brand Manager Retail Kraft Heinz Company. "The new product campaign shows exactly this moment of decision when the spark is ignited."


    The integrated campaign will be played throughout Germany across a wide range of communication channels. It is the first major project in a series of Kraft Heinz Company investments in its mayonnaise range. The spot can be seen in various cut-downs online on the Heinz social media channels. In three major cities across Germany, it is accompanied by extensive campaign assets with giant posters and ad shells in store, OOH and at the POS.  Neverest, part of the Serviceplan Group, were responsible for the agency production. Markus Miarka was the Director and Torsten Gerst Executive Producer.

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    Serviceplan Named Global Independent Network of the Year, Europe Regional Independent Agency of the Year and Europe Regional Design Company of the Year at 2022 London International Awards The London International Awards (LIA) have announced the 2022 ‘Of the Year Winners’ for Europe, and Serviceplan Group has had the most successful year to date at LIA.


    Serviceplan Germany wins both Regional Independent Agency and Regional Design Company of The Year for Europe with five Gold, eight Silver and six Bronze; two of the Gold Statues and a Silver are for Design. All of these contributed to Serviceplan being named Global Independent Network of The Year.


    These are the award-winning campaigns;


    PENNY ‘The Wish’ won 2 Gold in Production & Post-Production, 1 Silver in Branded Entertainment, 1 Silver in Music & Sound, 2 Silver in Production & Post-Production, and 1 Bronze in TV/ Cinema.


    Dot Pad, the first smart tactile graphics display, Dot Inc. won 1 Gold in Evolution, 1 Gold in Design and 1 Bronze in Health & Wellness.


    Dot Go. The first object interaction app for the visually impaired, Dot. Inc. was awarded 1 Silver in Transformative Business Impact, and 1 Bronze in Digital Apps.


    MINI MINImalism won 1 Gold in Design, 2 Silver in Print and 1 Bronze in Print;


    Dyslexia Unetided, Gruner+Jahr Deutschland/Stern won 2 Bronze in Health & Wellness.

    Vision Plasticfree, DASH won 1 Silver in Design.  


    Alexander Schill, Chief Creative Officer, Serviceplan Group commented:  “Winning Global Independent Network of the Year, Europe Regional Independent Agency of the Year and Europe Regional Design Company of the Year at LIA is a triple whammy for Serviceplan, and a perfect end to what’s been the most successful year to date for us on the international creative awards circuit. Furthermore, the awards demonstrate our independence and global reach, both winning factors that we are really proud of.”   


    LIA continues its tradition of a total focus on creativity and reveals its 2022 Global and Regional of The Year Winners. LIA has the highest calibre of jurors from across the globe. All rounds of judging were done onsite in Las Vegas. LIA’s ‘Of The Year Awards’ are calculated based on a point system allocated to the winning work chosen by the Juries across all competitions. LIA uses the creative credits that are input at the time of entry to award those points, regardless of the entrant.


    In total, 754 LIA statues and 230 finalists were awarded to 45 countries with the United States leading with 254 wins, followed by Germany with 87, the United Kingdom with 53 and India with 37 statue winners.

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    "The XMinded": Serviceplan Hamburg and BMW M Reveal Grand Finale of 50th Anniversary Campaign
  • Serviceplan Hamburg has created an international campaign celebrating the 50th anniversary of BMW M, that shows just how much high performance lies in the history and future of the BMW M brand.
  • 6-times Grammy nominated US Jazz Musician Chief Adjuah a.k.a. Christian Scott stars in the campaign.
  • The four chapters of the campaign not only look back on experiences, achievements and successes in the performance and high-performance segment, but also take aim at the brand's new direction.
  • The final chapter launched on 3 November with the film "The XMinded. Break the Norm." 
  • "We are M" - under this claim, BMW M and Serviceplan Hamburg are celebrating the 50th anniversary of BMW M. The international campaign is divided into four chapters. With "The XMinded", the final chapter of the campaign launched on 3 November. It gives an outlook on the future and direction of the M brand and accompanies the launch of the new flagship vehicle BMW XM. The communication includes an online film and multiple social media motifs.

    Each chapter of the campaign features M-relevant protagonists - including fans of the brand and formative figures such as the first BMW M Managing Director and racing driver Jochen Neerpasch.

    With the first-ever BMW XM, the brand is now entering new territory. In addition to the flagship vehicle, the campaign focuses on the exceptional musician Chief Adjuah a.k.a. Christian Scott. The 6-times Grammy nominated jazz musician is breaking new ground just as boldly and expressively as the XM. Not only does he move freely between a wide variety of musical genres, but his "stretch music" also repeatedly explores the genre conventions of jazz in new ways.

    Watch the final fourth film of the BMW M anniversary campaign here, directed by Chehad Abdallah (Production companies EASYdoesit and Neverest)

    Jakob Eckstein, Creative Managing Director of Serviceplan Hamburg, comments: "50 years of BMW M not only celebrates the successful motorsport history and numerous top performances. The brand also enters the next chapter 'The Ultimate Electrified M Power'. As a car enthusiast, executing such a campaign certainly has your heart beat at Autobahn-speed in many moments."

    The final chapter of the BMW M anniversary campaign can be seen primarily in the core markets of the USA, China, and the Arab Emirates online and on social media. Serviceplan Hamburg is responsible for concept and creation, and the film was produced by Neverest and EASYdoesit, directed by Chehad Abdallah. The social media motifs were realized with photographer Phillip Himburg.

    The BMW M 50th anniversary campaign is the latest project for BMW created by Serviceplan Hamburg – the long-standing agency partnership has already produced the launch campaign for the X-Range or the brand presence for the BMW luxury segment "Bayerische Motoren Werke". 

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    Serviceplan Group Unveil New House of Communication in Paris  

    • Inauguration of the new location for Serviceplan’s French headquarters takes place, hosted by Serviceplan Group France President Carole Giroud and Serviceplan Group CEO Florian Haller
    • Giroud and Haller reflect on Serviceplan Group’s unprecedented end of year growth of +28% for the fiscal year ending 2022.
    • Strengthening of the House of Communication in Paris follows the relocation of the reveal of Europe’s largest independent agency group’s Munich headquarters in July.
    • A bigger focus on operations in France is part of Serviceplan Group’s continued growth in Europe and internationally, and comes during the year Serviceplan was crowned Cannes Lions Independent Network of the Year. 


    (Pictured left to right; Dr. Fabian Prüschenk, Hervé Poupon, Violeta Velasquez, Pierre-Emmanuel Muller, Matthias Brüll. Seated left to right; Florian Haller, Stéphane Perrot; Carole Giroud, Marion Dolbeau and Markus Noder)

    Serviceplan France celebrated the relocation of their Paris headquarters to Rue de Villiers, Neuilly-sur-Seine, with an inauguration on Wednesday 19th October, which was attended by clients, agency colleagues and Paris-based German institutions.

    The inauguration was hosted by Serviceplan Group France President Carole Giroud, and Serviceplan Group CEO Florian Haller, uniting cultures with an Oktober-fest themed event, which embraced the traditions of the German-headquartered Serviceplan Group, with those of its French sibling.

    The move to a different location in Paris comes in a successful 2022 for Serviceplan Group, who recorded revenue growth of 28%, enjoyed a continued international deployment of their unique creative approach – ÜberCreativity - and won the accolade of Cannes Lions Independent Network of the Year.

    In July, the independent communications group announced a record increase in turnover of +28%, reaching 623 million euros. Building on this success and the numerous creative awards won around the world, Serviceplan Group also announced the strengthening of its ÜberCreative approach within its various agencies.

    Serviceplan Group has 22 agencies in 16 Countries, with 5,000+ employees. In France the agency group is headquartered with the House of Communication Paris, a Serviceplan agency in Lyon and Plan.Net in Rennes. Europe's leading independent communications group, Serviceplan Group was founded in Germany in 1970, and is headed by CEO Florian Haller and owned by 200 entrepreneurial partners united by an innovative and integrated approach guided by the desire to "Build Best Brands".

    Serviceplan Group France, chaired by Carole Giroud since January 2021, has 150 employees and brings together the 3 main pillars of communication within the House of Communication, thus enabling the delivery of fully integrated campaigns: Consulting in communication strategy / branding / advertising: Serviceplan - Consulting in media strategy and purchasing: Mediaplus - Consulting in digital experiences.

    Carole Giroud is President of Serviceplan Group France, which embraces Serviceplan Group’s integrated approach, offering creative, digital, media and production services. The leadership team consists of; Stephane Perrot – Director of Serviceplan Paris; Mediaplus – Marion Dolbeau; Plan.Net – Pierre-Emmanuel Muller; Trinity Films – Renaud Chabert.

    The new House of Communication Paris location has a bright and open layout, encouraging communication between colleagues whilst also offering places for private or collaborative meetings. These new hyper-connected premises offer maximum flexibility which encourage the ÜberCreative strategic approach of Serviceplan Group: namely, the desire to encourage innovation in the generation of ideas when all disciplines, cultures, talents and media collaborate and interact.

    On the occasion of the inauguration of Serviceplan Group France's new offices in Neuilly-sur-Seine, Florian Haller, CEO of Serviceplan Group, reviewed the results for the 2021/2022 financial year, which ended in June, commenting: “The group achieved a turnover of 623 million euros, an increase of +28% compared to the previous year's 488 million euros. This particularly strong trend in 2022 is part of the organic and steady growth that began more than 50 years ago. The group has thus gained many customers and maintained excellent customer satisfaction (89% satisfaction rate). Moreover, it supports 62% of its customers in an integrated manner. We are proud of this success, it is the result of a collaborative effort by passionate freelancers. It is also proof that our innovative integrated approach works, as it is agile and efficient in a constantly changing world. Serviceplan Groupe has also accumulated numerous awards for its creativity, thanks to an ÜberCreative approach we won Independent Network of the Year at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity 2022, and the group is currently at the top of prestigious creative rankings.”

    Carole Giroud, President of Serviceplan Group France adds: "The dynamics of a group with shared skills is a strength, as is the proximity of independent structures. With these new, open-plan offices, combining profiles, personalities and varied and renewed skills, our ÜberCreativity will only be strengthened!"

    Jason Romeyko, Worldwide Executive Creative Director, Serviceplan Group, commented: “This move is significant for Paris as our new House of Communication is on one giant floor. The layout is based on our collaborative principle of ÜberCreativity where people from any discipline can cross the corridor and jam with another. ÜberCreativity is way more agile and innovative versus integrated advertising which is slow and consequential. I am confident that a fresh chapter of Effie & creative award-winning work will be born inside that space.”

    Markus Noder, Managing Partner, Serviceplan International added: "The new House of Communication in Paris will support our growth ambition for France. The new office is designed around the latest new work principles, with the clear focus to enrich our working model of "Übercreativity". We're very happy to offer our current and future colleagues such an amazing place to work! 

    2022-10-25 00:00:00
    An Italian Emotion: Grana Padano and Servicepan Italy Embrace Italian Values with new International Campaign Directed by Oscar-winner Giuseppe Tornatore New communication platform revealed by Grana Padano is scored by the late Ennio Morricone, legendary Italian composer

    “Un’emozione italiana” (“An Italian Emotion”) is the title of the new international communication platform of Grana Padano.

    Serviceplan Italy developed the global multi-platform campaign, with the aim of evolving the positioning of Grana Padano to a global brand, associating it with the distinctive values of ‘Made in Italy’.

    The campaign features a commercial directed by Oscar-winning filmmaker Giuseppe Tornatore, one of the most important interpreters of contemporary Italian cinematography who won a Best Foreign Language Film Academy Award in for ‘Cinema Paradiso’ (1988).

    The spot is soundtracked by "Gabriel's Oboe", which was composed by the late Ennio Morricone, the Italian music maestro who won 2 Academy Awards during an illustrious career, and was also awarded by BAFTA and the Golden Globes, inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame, and awarded the Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement. The involvement of two of Italy’s most esteemed cultural icons in Gran Padano’s new campaign fits perfectly with the theme of ‘An Italian Emotion’.

    The famous notes of the score and the exciting and timeless cinematographic art of Giuseppe Tornatore have made it possible to realise an unprecedented homage to the Italian values of Grana Padano: the places where it was born, the skill of the cheese-makers, the traditions, the joy experienced at the table, the love of culture, well-being, passion, generosity and the patient wait for the maturing process of the cheese.

    Central to the creative idea is the theme of the embrace: one of the most powerful and emotional human gestures. Thanks to a visual mechanism centred on reiteration, each of the values of which Grana Padano is the bearer is literally embraced: whoever recognises themselves in this embrace, recognises themselves in a philosophy of consumption that privileges the unique Italian taste that the world has fallen in love with.

    This project possesses such authenticity for it has touched, among others, places of extraordinary historical importance, such as the Cistercian abbey of Chiaravalle where the monks perfected the original recipe of Grana Padano, as well as the dairies and farms of the Lodi area.

    The campaign will make its debut in Italy on Sunday 2 October and will launch a week later in the UK, Germany, France, Belgium, Spain and Switzerland. TV spots of 60’, 45’, 30’ will be aired on the main national broadcasting stations, radio and press, as well as digital activities in all countries.

    Renato Zaghini, President of the Grana Padano Protection Consortium comments: “To participate to the making of the new communication campaign was a huge task and very demanding for all the people working for the promotion and development of the value of Grana Padano cheese. At the same time it has been a marvelous experience. I like to think that, also thanks to the great professionalism of all the people involved in the development of the campaign, the main actor, Grana Padano, has communicated to everyone, once again, the emotion that make it a symbol of the agro-alimentary eccellences Made in Italy.”

    Stefania Siani, CEO and CCO Serviceplan Italy adds: "Working on this project has been a journey of discovery that has rekindled in us the pride for the excellence that Italy is able to express and export. Through the gesture of an embrace, we created a simple and powerful message: choosing Grana Padano means embracing the values that have made it the most consumed Italian PDO in the world. Oscar winner Giuseppe Tornatore's performance allowed us to look at these emotions from the memorable and iconic point of view of an undisputed Master of Italian cinematography. Accompanying this narrative with the immortal music of Ennio Morricone meant we could avail ourselves of a timeless testimonial, capable of moving all generations at all latitudes: music." 

    2022-10-10 00:00:00
    Serviceplan Group launches Web3 and Metaverse Studio: Serviceplan DCNTRL
  • Serviceplan Group is expanding its range of services and investing in the development of a full-service Web3 studio.
  • Serviceplan DCNTRL - short for “decentral“ and referring to the decentralised nature of Web3 - collaboratively develops holistic brand experiences and business models for Web3 and the metaverse.
  • Former Google manager Nina Matzat and Yves Bollinger, previously Head of Digital Strategy and Innovation at DDB Düsseldorf, will lead the studio as General Managers. As a new integrative hub, Serviceplan DCNTRL brings together the Web3 expertise within the Serviceplan Group. 
  • Pictured from left to right: Katsche Platz, Nina Matzat, Yves Bollinger

    The team leading the newly launched Serviceplan DCNTRL combine a deep understanding of culture, communities and trends within Web3, with creative and technical expertise to develop sustainable business models. The full-service portfolio includes training, strategy, concept, creation, execution and legal advice and offers complete support: from the first steps in Web3 to market entry and community management. An essential element at the beginning of the cooperation are discovery workshops, in which the current status is elaborated together with the clients and the potential and options in Web3 and Metaverse are explored for their individual needs on the basis of relevant use cases.

    With Serviceplan DCNTRL, Nina Matzat and Yves Bollinger bring together the Web3 expertise within the Serviceplan Group in an integrative hub, and will collaborate closely with national and international experts from the Serviceplan Group.

    In this way, Matzat and Bollinger combine their expertise with the know-how from the teams around Plan.Net CXO Christian Waitzinger, Alex Turtschan, Director Innovation at Mediaplus, and XR specialist Kevin Prösel, Managing Director of Saint Elmo's Experiential, as well as the units specialising in Web3, VR/AR/XR development and gaming in Asia, the USA, Dubai and Poland.

    Florian Haller, CEO Serviceplan Group said: “With Serviceplan DCNTRL, we combine a clear strategy, which has innovative business models in mind, with the possibility of implementing projects in Web3 completely ourselves. Together with the tight integration within the Serviceplan Group, our offer provides the highest possible level of expertise and efficiency for our clients.”

    Nina Matzat and Yves Bollinger explained: “Web3 is developing rapidly and will change the relationship between brands and customers permanently. This transformation demands long-term strategies from companies as well as a deep understanding of the culture in Web3. We therefore think and develop always coming from the communities in order to enable a two-way value creation by brands.”

    The Serviceplan DCNTRL Studio is launched as part of Serviceplan, with a close connection to Serviceplan Chief Strategy Officer Stefanie Kuhnhen and Chief Creative Officer Germany Till Diestel.

    Also part of the DCNTRL team is Katsche Platz. As Creative Director, he coordinates and manages all creative tasks across the team. Katsche Platz comes from antoni team x, where he was Lead Digital Creative & UX and responsible for Web3 and Metaverse projects, for example for Mercedes-Benz. A further expansion of the team is planned.

    Stefanie Kuhnhen comments: “What does it mean for one's own business model when people spend the majority of their time on the internet? Every CEO and CMO need to ask themselves this question. And we help them to find individual answers to the many questions that are currently still evolving, to rethink their own brand ecosystem from a new perspective, to try out pilots or to further develop their own operating models. In this way, we are truly a long-term partner for the future business of our clients.”

    Till Diestel adds: “With the full-service set-up of a fully-fledged studio, Serviceplan DCNTRL enables us to develop our own business models and virtual products for the Serviceplan Group. This is an incredible asset and offers a tremendous potential for our creative work."

    For the last five years, Nina Matzat has been working as an Independent Digital Creative Consultant on the agency and corporate side, specialising in digital storytelling and creative effectiveness. Before that, she worked as a Strategist and Creative Agency Manager at Google for eight years and was part of the global creative team "Unskippable Labs".

    Yves Bollinger comes to Serviceplan from DDB Düsseldorf, where he worked as Director Digital Strategy & Innovation for the past nine years and helped to set up FTW, DDB's global gaming unit, in Germany. Prior to that, he was an Independent Consultant in the areas of digital strategy, UX and product development. 

    2022-10-10 00:00:00
    Freedom Grams Wins Grand CLIO for Good at Clio Cannabis Awards 2022 During the Clio Cannabis Awards ceremony at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada, AROYA and GABY together with Serviceplan were awarded Top Honours in the form of a Grand Clio in the Social Good category for the initiative Freedom Grams, as well as a Silver Clio in Brand design – Brand Identity.

    Clio Cannabis is the global awards competition which recognizes excellence in marketing and advertising for the cannabis industry. At the 2022 Clio Cannabis Awardspresented by Columbia Care, a total of 109 Gold, Silver and Bronze winners were recognised and simultaneously revealed at

    Last summer, cannabis production platform AROYA joined forces with retailer and manufacturer GABY Inc., along with nonprofit Last Prisoner Project to advocate for the release of people still incarcerated for cannabis possession in the U.S. More than 40,000 people in the U.S. are still serving prison sentences for possession of tiny amounts of cannabis, a drug that has now been widely legalized.

    Freedom Grams was borne out of the desire to form a meaningful connection between cannabis consumers and cannabis prisoners. Freedom Grams comes in packs of 0.3, 3.5, 8.7, 18.0, and 23.5 grams — the exact amounts for which people are currently incarcerated.

    The package design of the product is based on prison bars, from which generative typography literally ‘breaks free’. All proceeds from sales go to Last Prisoner Project, which lobbies for the release of cannabis prisoners. 

    Photo from left to right; William Kanistras (Director of Compliance, GABY Inc.), Alana Heilman (VP of Supply Chain, GABY Inc.), Kaisha-Dyan Mcmillan (Senior Content Manager, AROYA), Philip Malmquist (Managing Director, AROYA).



    Kaisha-Dyan Mcmillan, Senior Content Manager, AROYA said: “Freedom Grams is just a label. It’s a platform which invites every grower/retailer to join. Because all of us in the cannabis industry must do our part in bringing change from within.”


    Freedom Grams has already won multiple awards, including a Bronze Lion for Design at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity 2022 along with several Silver and Bronze at New York Festival.


    This initiative is by AROYA & GABY Inc. in partnership with Last Prisoner Project, with idea and execution by Serviceplan, together with design studio Moby Digg, type designer Michael Clasen, and creative coder Daniel Kuhnlein.

    Expanding on Clio’s enduring reputation for establishing best-in-class programs honoring creative ideas in a variety of specialized verticals, Clio Cannabis celebrates the creators at the forefront of cannabis marketing and communications.  Launched in 2019, Clio Cannabis sets the bar for creative work in a rapidly growing industry, builds a greater understanding of a developing category, and elevates creative contributions from top talent and agencies. 

    Will Kanistras, Director of Compliance, GABY Inc. commented: “Clio Cannabis is a huge honor, but Freedom Grams is nowhere near finished. I hope this can further grow our initiative and help end cannabis injustice.”

    “This year we had more entries than ever before,” said Michael Kauffman, Executive Director, Clio Cannabis. “And we saw some incredible work from across the globe. For example, we gave out trophies to two German agencies tonight and we had other winners from places like Canada, UK, Brazil, Germany, Israel, Croatia.”


    “In particular, the work that earned tonight’s Grand Clio Cannabis Awards represent such a wide spectrum of ideas—from a hyper-local partnership for a niche market, to a campaign spreading awareness about a regulatory challenge that the whole industry faces. It just goes to show that creativity can help solve all types of problems, and our aim is to celebrate the inherent value of the creative process,” Kauffman continued.

    To view the full gallery of winning work, visit

    Find out more about Freedom Grams here:


    2022-10-07 00:00:00
    Mediaplus North America Wins De’Longhi Account New agency leadership snags third piece of business in as many months

    Following a rigorous review process, De’Longhi Group has awarded its North American business to Mediaplus North America.

    The agency selection is pivotal to De’Longhi’s global ambitions. The company launched its first worldwide campaign, “Perfetto,” in 2021, with a plan to extend the campaign starring brand ambassador Brad Pitt to cover product innovations launching in North America in 2023. Mediaplus Group will lead the brand’s holistic media business inclusive of integrated media strategy, planning and buying.

    “Right from the start, we could feel the Mediaplus team’s enthusiasm and deep knowledge of the category, consumer, competition, challenges and opportunities endemic to the US and Canada,” remarked Maria Colon, Head of Marketing & Customer Experience for De’Longhi North America. “The team dug deep, and then got up to speed in a way that is entirely aligned with how we ourselves operate: work hard, push limits and always say yes to a challenge.”

    Tamara Alesi, Mediaplus North America’s new CEO, added, “Our ambition is simple, be the agency with whom everyone loves to work – our talent, our client partners, our publishers. De’Longhi’s very personal and creative approach to its businesses is a perfect fit for how we and our clients see us: Human, Connected, Curious and Unbound.”


    The win in North America means that Mediaplus Group now supports De’Longhi in 30 countries. In addition to the De’Longhi brand, Mediaplus Group will also lead the Braun Household media planning and buying in North America.


    Mediaplus North America is enjoying an acceleration, having expanded its relationship with YuMove to include Brand and Performance initiatives. The new team’s efforts also helped secure the global Mediaplus Group win of Golden Goose.

    2022-10-03 00:00:00
    Serviceplan Debuts in Top Ranking at Golden Drum Festival
  • Golden Drum Names Serviceplan Number 3 Network of the Year, Change Serviceplan takes 2nd Place in Agency of the Year, and WienNord Serviceplan takes 6th Place.
  • Golden Drum also award Change Serviceplan 2 Gold, 3 Silver, and 2 Bronze, WienNord Serviceplan wins 2 Gold and 1 Silver.
  • The Golden Drum Festival 2022 wrapped up with the Golden Drum Awards Show held on 23 September in Rovinj, Croatia. The juries’ granted 31 Bronze Drum, 28 Silver Drum, 24 Golden Drum, and 9 Grand Prix across various groups and categories.

    Change Serviceplan from Poland were ranked 2nd in Golden Drum’s “Agency of the Year” awards, while WienNord Serviceplan from Austria took 6th place. Serviceplan Group came 3rd in “Network of the Year”.

    Change Serviceplan were awarded 2 Gold, 3 Silver and 2 Bronze for Polish Association of DEAF and ‘Unmute’. The impetus behind the ‘Unmute’ project was the formation of the band ‘Unmute’, made up of deaf people and formed in protest at the exclusion of the deaf community from pop culture. Unmute came 3rd in the Polish pre-selection for the European Song Contest. Their live performance was seen by 3 million viewers, a historic culture-changing moment. Together with PZG, Change Serviceplan took a step towards removing the restrictions that exclude Deaf people. Watch the Unmute case film here:

    Creative Directors Janek Majle and Rafał Górski of Change Serviceplan commented: “We are very excited about the awards we won at Golden Drum Festival this year. However, the greatest success of the campaign is still the fact that with the creation of the ‘Unmute’ band, we have managed to turn public attention to the exclusion of the deaf community from pop culture, and allow them to exist in show business with the same rights as the hearing community.”

    WienNord Serviceplan won 2 Gold and 1 Silver Golden Drum award for Red Bull Athlete Dario Costa and ‘The Tunnel Pass Project’.

    ‘The Tunnel Pass Project’ was a daring stunt featuring world-famous Red Bull Athlete and aerobatic pilot Dario Costa defying all odds to become the first person ever to fly a plane through a tunnel, set five world records in the process, and generating 1.7 billion euros in earned media. Watch ‘The Tunnel Pass Project’ case film here:

    Christian Hellinger, Managing Partner WienNord Serviceplan at House of Communication Vienna, commented: “We at the House of Communication Vienna are incredibly honored by the fantastic reception of Dario Costa’s awe-inspiring journey to set no less than five world records.

    It makes us feel tremendously proud that together with Now Serviceplan we have been able to help Dario along the way by finding exactly the best suited brand partners for him to make the seemingly impossible possible. They brought the speed and the precision and Dario brought the guts. The success of this project gets us as high as Dario in his Zivko Edge.”

    Jason Romeyko, Worldwide Executive Creative Director Serviceplan Group and Golden Drum Hall of Fame member, commented: “I’m psyched and totally proud that the Serviceplan Group takes both 2nd and 6th place in Agency of the Year. First off, a huge congratulations and thank you to our clients! Above all to Dario Costa and ‘Unmute’ I am stoked that our company now starts to triumph at the Golden Drum. Both the awarded projects are examples of world-first ÜberCreativity that combines our many disciplines, cultures and talents. Having both our Polish and Austrian House Of Communication in the Top 10 agencies of New Europe is an immense source of pride. Our position as number 3 agency network is de facto number 1 independent network - a position I am even more thrilled about as it reflects our agility. To the jury – you have honoured us and motivated us for Golden Drum 2023! Hvala!”

    The Golden Drum Festival was born in 1993 with a simple idea of bringing together creatives from different, back then often defined as New European countries. The festival wanted to inspire and empower creative thinking and action for positive change in many ways, shining a light on it through its competition and congress program. The Golden Drum Festival was chosen as one of the seven regional award shows included in WARC Rankings and is proud to be a part of Creative 100 and AdForum international rankings.

    Since it was established 27 years ago, the Golden Drum has stood as one of the most visible crossroads of the creative, marketing and advertising professional communities in the European advertising space. It had a profound impact on the development of the industry, not only within the once so familiar New Europe but also beyond. Each year, with head-turning ideas competing for prestigious awards, it offers new proof that the specific cultural and economic-political milieu of the individuals and teams (in the regional sense) reflects significantly in their extraordinary creative contributions, not just recognized but well-respected all over the world. 

    2022-09-26 00:00:00
    Serviceplan Bubble’s New Campaign for O₂ Centres on the ‘Can Do’ Attitude of Telefónica Germany’s Core Brand: O₂
  • 70-year-old TikTok star Gramps and "Robogirl" Beyza Mokka embody ‘Can do’ attitude in new O₂ spot
  • Film directed by Solomon Ligthelm features music composed by RIN and Schmyt, who also star 
  • O₂ Telefónica Germany and Serviceplan Bubble have jointly developed a major integrated campaign. The new campaign is centred around the O₂ can do’ philosophy of the brand, and the ‘can do' tagline is featured in all elements of the integrated campaign, which can be seen online, on German TV, cinema, print, audio, (D)OOH, social media, and at POS.

    Implementing good ideas against all odds and making dreams come true – that's what the O₂ brand stands for with its 'can do' attitude. This 'can do' mantra clearly places the core brand of the telecommunications company Telefónica Germany at the centre of its new positioning, which can be seen in the new O₂ brand campaign conceived by Serviceplan Bubble.

    "At the heart of the new campaign is the 'can do' mindset of O₂. Our claim 'O₂ can do' has been there from the beginning, is firmly anchored in people's minds and is now more socially relevant than ever," says Michael Falkensteiner, Director Brand & Marketing Communications O₂ Telefónica. "With the new campaign, we are carrying this 'can do' spirit - which is an integral part of our culture - even more strongly to the outside world, while also demonstrating the importance of digital networking."

    Leif Johannsen and Patrick Matthiensen, Managing Creative Partner at Serviceplan Bubble, the fully integrated agency of O₂ Telefónica explain: “’can do' not only sums up O₂'s positioning, but above all reflects a strong and motivating attitude that we bring to life in every part of the communication."

    The centrepiece of the campaign is a powerful film with emotional storytelling and a strong narrative (directed by Salomon Ligthelm, produced by Markenfilm Hamburg). The spot shows what is possible today thanks to technology and a very good 5G network from O₂* in the sense of 'can do' - whether it's two musicians giving a synchronized concert together even though they're not in the same place, or a basketball player making the basket shot with the help of virtual reality.

    The campaign manifesto with statements such as "can do is stronger than anything that holds you back" is used as a voice-over in the image film as well as a handwritten key visual in the form of giant posters throughout Germany.

    The musical basis of the image spot is the new song "Sternenstaub" by RIN and Schmyt, who also appear together in the film. In addition to the two artists, the spot features well-known influencers such as the over 70-year-old TikTok star Gramps and "Robogirl" Beyza Mokka, who lost her arms and legs due to an illness. Both stand for 'can do': Gramps as a fashion influencer who overcomes the boundaries between generations, and Beyza Mokka, who radiates an unbeatable positive attitude. Gramps and Beyza Mokka also extend the campaign on social media.

    Almost every scene in the image film provides evidence of a 'can do’ attitude: for example, to kick things off, RIN and Schmyt held their first concert together on September 7, 2022. Their live performance, at which the O₂ campaign song "Sternenstaub" premiered, was available for all to see free of charge on ( as a streaming and subsequently as video-on-demand.

    "Music plays an important role for us in branding. Hip-hop is the music genre with the biggest 'can do' fit. Every hurdle can be overcome with will and creativity. That's exactly what this genre has retained to this day. RIN and Schmyt as artists of two genres also create new approaches in Hip-hop with their collaboration – that's exactly 'can do'," says Michael Falkensteiner. "We are happy to look back on a long-standing collaboration with Sony Music Partnerships. Together we have already successfully implemented several collaborations, insofar the renewed cooperation for the launch of our new campaign was a matter of course."

    "As Sony Music Partnerships, we are honored to musically charge the cultural relevance of the fully integrated 'can do' campaign through the exceptional artists RIN and Schmyt (DIVISION/Gold League) and their current single "Sternenstaub."Through the media activation of the single release, a livestream concert as well as an accompanying digital campaign via the artist channels, we solidify the authentic placement of O₂ in the Hip-hop environment. A big thank you for the partnership collaboration goes to O₂ Telefónica, Serviceplan Bubble, Havas, Massive Music, DIVISION, Gold League, the BOLD Collective as well as Peter Gunkel from Sony Music," says Jan Kubran, Director Brand Partnerships & Music Licensing, Sony Music Partnerships.

    The three product films derived from the image spot highlight the high quality of O₂'s 5G network and focus on the sports, gaming and music segments. They also convey the 'can do' attitude at product level. The corresponding communication is played out on German TV, online, social, print, OOH and at POS. 

    2022-09-20 00:00:00
    Mediaplus Middle East Win Dabur Pitch Mediaplus Middle East wins digital media duties of Dabur International in a multi- agency pitch

    Dabur International, the region's leading natural and personal care company invited five digital agencies to pitch for their Digital marketing duties.

    After competing against four other agencies, Mediaplus Middle East was granted the Dabur account. With more than 135 years of expertise, Dabur is one of the top Ayurvedic FMCG companies in the world. Dabur is well-known in the Middle East by renowned brands like Vatika, Dabur Amla, Dabur Herb’l, Fem, Dermoviva with a strong presence in a wide variety of beauty and personal care categories. Click here to learn more about Dabur:

    A key deliverable of Mediaplus Middle East would be to leverage their media and digital media expertise and use cutting-edge digital advertising platforms to promote the Dabur brands globally. We are sure that the multi-talented multi-cultural Media Plus team will bring in unique media solutions to make Dabur brands win in the marketplace.

    Dabur International Marketing Head, Nishant Sukumaran commented: “Mediaplus stood out among other agencies with their demonstrated ability to provide insight-driven, holistic media solutions based on data and unique content strategy. Azhar Siddiqui and his team clearly showcased how their media strategy will deliver the brand objectives. Their creative digital media recommendations focused on winning the sparse attention span of today’s consumers. It was exciting to challenge and be challenged by a confident team led by Azhar Siddiqui.

    I believe Mediaplus has enormous potential to build on this foundation. Dabur is excited to collaborate with Mediaplus to deliver ground-breaking and award-winning innovative digital media solutions for all our brands”

    Azhar Siddiqui, Managing Partner, Mediaplus Middle East added: "We are delighted to have the opportunity to work with Dabur and grateful to the entire Dabur marketing team for trusting us to chart out their digital journey. Dabur is a transformational win for us and we can’t wait to put our Uber creativity to work for this amazing brand. Mediaplus Middle East is the largest independent and partner-managed media agency in MENA. Mediaplus is the innovation agency for the digital age. This means that Mediaplus is more than just media: they combine media with digital, data and content. The “plus principle” demonstrates the forward-looking potential of the agency group and generates a greater impact for Mediaplus customers.

    To this end, Mediaplus link traditional and digital media planning with brand-specific target group models and media strategies, performance marketing, social and search marketing, and programmatic advertising. Mediaplus has over 30 data experts who create data and profile-based media campaigns. Increasing automation, using the latest data-driven technologies like targeting, programmatic or artificial intelligence, and smart negotiating strategies make our campaigns efficient and help increase our clients’ ROI. This is only possible thanks to integrated working practices: highly agile expert hubs gather around tables in the House of Communication to use their specific expertise to find the perfect solution to client challenges.”

    Dabur is one of the leading natural personal care brand in the Middle East with flagship brands like Vatika, Dabur Amla, Dabur Herb’l, Fem, and Dermoviva. Click here to learn more about Dabur:

    Since 1999, Mediaplus International has been confidently defending its leading position as the most successful agency in the history of the German Media Awards, Germany’s most important media award, and has enjoyed top ranking among the national RECMA rankings for the last several years in a row. Mediaplus was also named “Agency of the Year” at the Global Media Awards and was the only German agency to make the Top 10 in the international Gunn Report. 

    2022-09-20 00:00:00
    Gerety Awards Name Serviceplan Independent Agency of the Year 2022 The agency also collects 2 Gold and 1 Silver for PENNY ‘The Wish’ and a Bronze for Newtown Action Alliance #NotComingHome. 


    Serviceplan Germany have received the accolade of Independent Agency of the Year from the Gerety Awards. Serviceplan also collected a Gold in Cinematography, a Gold in Direction and a Silver in Editing for PENNY ‘The Wish’, for the spot directed by Marcus Ibanez (Iconoclast Germany).

    The Newtown Action Alliance anti-gun campaign #NotComingHome was awarded Bronze in the ‘work for good’ category.

    Alexander Schill, Global Chief Creative Officer, Serviceplan Group had the following to say: “I’m thrilled that our multiple award-winning PENNY campaign ‘The Wish’ continues to pick up accolades on the international awards circuit, with two Gold and a Silver in Craft Cut awarded by the Gerety Awards. To top off an uber-successful awards season that reflects our ethos of ÜberCreativity, Serviceplan Germany has won Independent Agency of the Year at Gerety, the first creative awards to be judged purely by women leaders within the international creative industry.”

    The Gerety Awards, now in its 4th year, is the only creative prize to reward advertising campaigns that resonate most with a female audience. With judging sessions held around the world each year, Gerety brings together some of the greatest creative leaders to look at work from the female lens. Rewarding all types of creative excellence regardless of who is in the credits. The big difference in comparison to other awards is that Gerety gives proof the work resonates with the world's most powerful consumers The awards were named after Frances Gerety, the copywriter who in 1948 coined the slogan “A diamond is forever”.

    2022-09-15 00:00:00
    A Wine Advert without Any Wine! Actor Nicholas Ofczarek Personifies the Wines of Burgenland in Wien Nord Serviceplan Campaign for Burgenland Tourism
  • Together with Now Serviceplan and Mediaplus Austria, the creative agency Wien Nord Serviceplan is collaborating with acclaimed Austrian theatre actor and TV star Nicholas Ofczarek, as part of the autumn 2022 campaign for Burgenland Tourism.
  • Ofczarek brings the characters of the six greatest wines of Burgenland's DAC wine-growing regions to life with his acting and pure charisma.
  • Top Kino cinema in Mariahilf, Vienna, premiered a film on 5th September starring famed Austrian actor Nicholas Ofczarek as the new wine ambassador of Burgenland Tourism. Ofczarek is more than a brand ambassador, for he embodies the characters of the six renowned wines of the six DAC regions in a series of six film clips.

    In the Pannonian climate of Burgenland, internationally renowned red, white and sweet wines with very special characters typical of the six Burgenland wine-growing regions are created with the heart and soul of the winemakers who live there, waiting to be discovered. These very special characters also deserve a very special communicative translation.

    This was the impetus behind a new Burgenland Tourism campaign titled “So einen Wein spielt’s nur da” (“Wine like this only stars here”), otherwise known as “Nicholas Ofczarek as The Wines Of Burgenland”.) The campaign was conceived by the House of Communication Vienna, starring theatre actor and TV star Nicholas Ofczarek. In what is probably the most extraordinary role of his career, Ofczarek embodies the character of the wines themselves through his signature character acting.

    Unusually for a wine advertisement, there is no Burgenland wine on display in the films, instead Ofczarek himself takes on the character of 6 renowned Burgenland wines, in six 17” spots directed by Tessa Kadletz (out of Production company Das Rund), a series of print ads and a social media campaign.

    In the six spots, Ofczarek takes on the character of the six iconic Burgenland wines; Leithaberg DAC Pinot Blanc, Neusiedlersee DAC Zweigelt, Rosalia DAC Rosé, Mittelburgenland DAC Blaufränkisch, Eisenberg DAC Blaufränkisch and Ruster Ausbruch DAC. Ofczarek acts out qualities of the wines usually described by oenophiles using terms such as ‘raw’, ‘edgy’, ‘velvety’, and in one of the spots, which are all filmed in Burgenland vineyards, he bites a piece of flint found in the soil. He brings the skill of his acting to the campaign, and without dialogue conveys the character of each wine, such as acidity, tannins, body, sweetness and alcohol. 

    2022-09-13 00:00:00
    Multiple Award-Winning Agency Serviceplan Middle East Announces Partnership with CEQUENS Serviceplan Middle East, Dubai Lynx Independent Agency of the Year and Cannes Lions Independent Network of the year, has announced a partnership with CEQUENS, the leading regional cloud communication solutions provider. The news comes as CEQUENS reveals plans for expansion and development strategy for 2022. With the recent headquarters move to Dubai and expansion plans into new markets beyond the MEA region, CEQUENS’ most recent partnership reflects a new era of change for the company.

    Kicking off the exciting partnership with Serviceplan Middle East, CEQUENS hosted a high-octane, two-day workshop, where top management from the two companies came together to discuss the CEQUENS brand refresh, existing brand positioning, and plans for the future.

    As part of the proposed 60-day project, Serviceplan Middle East will present CEQUENS with an all-encompassing brand strategy highlighting the company’s new strategic narrative, and creative objectives for CEQUENS’ new brand communication.

    Yara Milbes, CEQUENS VP Marketing says of the announcement: “This is a very exciting and dynamic time for CEQUENS. As we continue to grow and develop groundbreaking products and solutions for our clients, starting with an enthusiastic expansion plan and the recent moving CEQUENS headquarters to Dubai, our brand refresh activities couldn’t have come at a better time. We are confident that Serviceplan Middle East will come up with a bar-to-none strategy that reflects who we are and what we believe in as a company.”

    Natalie Shardan, Managing Director at Serviceplan Middle East explains: “We are delighted to partner with a brand that delivers quality customer experience through cutting-edge technology like CEQUENS. Understanding how audiences receive and interact with brands is what we do best. Both companies share a common goal, and are looking forward to changing CEQUENS’ brand image into a cloud communication force to be reckoned with.” 

    2022-08-16 00:00:00
    Serviceplan Group Achieves Best end-of-year Result in Company's History, ending Fiscal Year with Turnover up 28 per cent In the financial year 2021/2022, Europe's largest owner-managed agency group achieved a fee turnover of 623 million euros 

    In the financial year (2021/2022) ending June 2022, Serviceplan Group, Europe's largest owner-managed agency group, achieved a fee turnover of 623 million euros – representing an increase of 28% from the previous year’s 488 million euros. Therefore, it is by far the best result recorded since the company was founded in 1970.


    Florian Haller, CEO Serviceplan Group, comments: "Even in a market that is characterized by uncertainty, volatility, and a shortage of skilled professionals, our 'House of Communication' concept has overwhelmingly proved its unique operational and creative potential. As a result, we are able to attract the sector’s most sought-after talent for our team."


    Florian Haller emphasized that this result was only possible because the Group's ‘House of Communication’ culture has been just as successful in competing for the best talent as it has in keeping and gaining relevant clients. The Serviceplan Group defies the shortage of specialists in the agency sector, and currently employs more than 5,000 colleagues across 16 locations worldwide. These figures are also a good 13 per cent increase compared to the previous financial year.


    Florian Haller: "The past financial year has also been the 'Year of Talent'. From a strong position, we have managed to offer in-house professional development to the senior management, while at the same time injecting some dynamism into key strategic job roles."


    Serviceplan Group has reported notable new additions in nearly every area in the past twelve months: Jerry Buhlman, an agency executive with experience all over the world, is a new member of the Supervisory Board; Christian Schmitz, former management member of  Accenture, is in charge of Plan.Net International; Birgit Baier, an executive with international experience, is taking over the management of Plan.Net Berlin; in the Strategy Division, Stefanie Kuhnhen is giving fresh impetus agency-wide; top agency manager, Stefan Schütte, is taking over the management of Saint Elmo’s Group; Karin Maria Schertler, an experienced Serviceplan Manager, is the new Chief People Officer, and within the Mediaplus Group, Andrea Koch has been promoted to the role of Managing Director  at Mediaplus Hamburg.


    Till Diestel, most recently Creative Director of BBDO, returns as Chief Creative Officer of Serviceplan Germany. Furthermore, in Maximilian Schöngen, the Mediaplus Group has its own global Creative Director for the first time.


    Florian Haller comments: "In being able to attract or further develop many talented people for our team with expertise in different disciplines, we have established a decisive success factor for further growth. I look forward to developing the 'House of Communication’ concept further as a team.”


    Grand Prix marks the most successful creative year in Serviceplan's history


    From a creative perspective, the financial year 2021/22 has been the most successful since Serviceplan was founded in 1970. Serviceplan Group was named ‘Independent Network of the Year’ and Serviceplan Germany named ’Craft Agency of the Year’ at Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity 2022.

    And at New York Festival Serviceplan Germany won a triple whammy of accolades, being named Independent Agency of the Year, Agency of the Year & Regional Agency of the Year for Europe.


    The group currently leads both the Horizont and W&V creative rankings in Germany and is celebrating a historic success with a Grand Prix (PENNY, ‘The Wish’), and one Titanium (Dot Inc., Dot Pad), four gold, three silver, and three bronze Lions.


    For Alexander Schill, Global CCO of Serviceplan Group, however, one award is particularly indicative of the Group’s strong development: "Being named Independent Network of the Year in Cannes is of immense significance to us. It is an expression of everything that is important to us and what makes us who we are: independence, internationality, and an uncompromisingly creative approach to every single task. This prize from the most important festival of creativity in the world is the crowning moment for the work of all our colleagues, and will bring us long-term international visibility.”


    Additionally, other divisions of the Group have shone in major awards and rankings:

    For the third successive year, the Mediaplus Group was named Media Agency of the Year at the W&V German Media Award (‘Deutscher Mediapreis’). With 52 trophies to its name, Mediaplus once more defended the top spot as the most successful agency in the history of German Media Award In the current ‘RECMA Qualipack Report’, with the maximum rating of ‘Dominant’ and ‘A’, Mediaplus not only ranks first among German agencies, but also sits at the top of the international quality rankings for the 75 most important independents.

    In the current BVDW Internet Agency Ranking, the Plan.Net Group occupies second place, thanks to a considerable jump in turnover. According to a study by the market research company Lünendonk, the group also ranks among the leading digital experience service providers. In the BVDW sub-ranking ‘Digital Transformation and Strategy’, Plan.Net has likewise moved up three places from the previous year, and now ranks among the top three. Together with the Serviceplan agencies, the Plan.Net Group has once again been selected as the most creative digital agency.


    In focus: Customized solutions and integration

    Creative & ContentExperience & Commerce, and Media & Data – these modules are designed as an integral part of the Houses of Communication. They are implemented individually and in an agile manner, in accordance with client requirements. During the past financial year, the customised agency concepts of ‘Serviceplan Bubble’ (O2 Telefónica), ‘The Marcom Engine’ (BMW) and ‘Serviceplan Docks’ (Tchibo) have continued to be established and provide remarkable proof of the Serviceplan Group’s innovative strength as an integrated communication services provider.


    Florian Haller is convinced that customised agency concepts will determine the future relationship between the agency and its clients:

    “Our clients have to survive in ever more complex markets. As their agency partner, we must be the 'facilitator' and create a tailor-made but scalable customised solution for every client, not only designed for the client’s requirements and targets, but also for the volatility and uncertainty of the markets. In the coming financial year, we will refine our Group's pioneering range of services.”


    Consistent internationalisation in uncertain times

    With a fee turnover of 148 million euros and 22 per cent growth, Serviceplan International makes a considerable contribution to the overall success of the Group. In this area, the Mediaplus Group has provided strong impetus for growth. In addition to the new set up of Mediaplus US, the Group have laid the foundations for sustainable growth in Scandinavia with the opening of the new Stockholm office. The launch of Mediaplus Realtime has given a further push in the direction of internationalisation. With this integrated, data-centred consultancy, knowledge, and realisation hub, the agency group brings together all resources worldwide for globally scalable campaign planning and execution in real-time. In addition, with Medianest, Mediaplus has established a nearshore hub, operating out of Warsaw and taking care of cross-market search, performance, and social operations.  Even in times of war in Ukraine, the ongoing pandemic situation, and uncertainty in world politics, the desire is to hold fast to the internationalisation strategy in the major core markets in the future.


    Serviceplan Group CEO Florian Haller says:

    "This is not the end of globalisation; it is merely being modified and driven ever more powerfully by digitalisation. Therefore, we adhere consistently, but flexibly, to our strategy of maintaining our presence in all key markets worldwide. As the agency partner alongside our clients, we see our core tasks for the future as reducing complexity, and setting standards in the metaverse and in real-time. In so doing, we will ensure that our unique Serviceplan culture can be experienced by the next generation of communications talent. We have taken a significant step with our new House of Communications in the Munich Werksviertel. Here we are giving a very clear picture of what the future of integrated agency work looks like." 

    Detailed breakdown of fee turnover



    Fee turnover for 21/22 in EUR million

    % change from previous year

    Serviceplan Group


    + 28

    Serviceplan agencies


    + 28

    Plan.Net (including The Marcom Engine)


    + 53

    Mediaplus (including Facit)


    + 26

    Saint Elmo’s


    + 38

    Serviceplan International


    + 22






    Media & Data


    With a fee turnover of 179 million Euros and an increase of 26 per cent, the Mediaplus Group is growing in tandem with its wide-ranging spheres of responsibility. In order to meet the ever-increasing challenges of the coming years in the areas of internationalisation, data, integration and research, the Mediaplus Group has adopted a new and powerful structure.

    The Mediaplus Board, appointed in January, takes care of central strategy and the guiding decisions of the entire agency group. The Board is made up of Esther Busch, Barbara Evans, Oliver Hey, Andrea Malgara, Julian Simons and Dominik Terruhn. The overall head of the Mediaplus Group is CEO Matthias Brüll. There have also been some staffing changes at Mediaplus Hamburg. Here, Andrea Koch took over the helm in April as the new Managing Director. Elke Reibetanz, a Managing Partner at Mediaplus Berlin, was also promoted to the management at House of Communication Berlin.

    International expansion is right at the top of the agenda. With its new dual leadership Mediaplus is accelerating in the North American market. Since January, CCO Tamara Alesi and CSO Jasmine Presson from Mediaplus New York have been driving further expansion and development of the agency’s activities in the USA and Canada. A strategic alliance with the US Stagwell Agency Group has given this added impetus. The focal point of their cooperation is reciprocal support in the design, planning, and implementation of media strategies for global accounts. Both independent holdings wish to jointly open up the markets in North America, Europe, and the Asia-Pacific region, and to expand their activities.

    Likewise, in Scandinavia, the Mediaplus Group has embarked on the next stage of its international expansion with Mediaplus Nordics. The CEO of the newly established Stockholm site is Eva Bodecker Thunborg. As well as Sweden, the new Nordics CEO is responsible for Norway, Denmark, and Finland. Additionally, there is also news from Switzerland: the merger of Mediakanzlei and Mediaplus has launched a creative, data-centred media range using local expertise, under the name of Mediaplus Suisse.

    The challenges of integrated, cross-border, seamless campaign supervision are increasing. The Mediaplus Group brings together under one roof more than 300 tools and technologies related to insights, strategy, planning, and implementation. In order for these and the departments and teams involved to dovetail perfectly, the agency group has set up Mediaplus Realtime. In this integrated, data-centred consulting, knowledge, and realisation hub of the Mediaplus Group, the agency brings together all resources worldwide for globally scalable campaign planning and execution in real time. Additionally, through Medianest, Mediaplus has established a nearshore hub that operates out of Warsaw, taking care of cross-market search, performance, and social operations.

    These resources are decisive, for example facilitating the supervision of BMW Group’s digital mandate in Europe, won by Mediaplus to cover 23 countries.

    And by implementing the international De’Longhi campaign across 30 countries, Mediaplus has created another major global footprint. The international account of the Italian automatic coffee machine supplier has been with Mediaplus since early 2020.

    In addition to the Asia-Pacific Region, Mediaplus also won the pitch for North America last year. Other major international client accounts include; Lenovo, Eckes-Granini, Dr. Hauschka, Triumph/Sloggi, Hansgrohe, and Lynx.

    Similarly, there has been movement on the national market. In autumn 2021 Mediaplus secured one of the most sought-after accounts in the market: the media account of the German Federal Government.

    Further new business came from Motatos, Caparol, DKMS, and the State of North Rhine-Westphalia. Major accounts were successfully defended including; Carglass, Deichmann, and Rügenwalder Mühle.

    These successes were also reflected in the rankings, with Mediaplus achieving ‘Dominant’ and ‘A’, the highest ratings, which means Mediaplus ranks top of the RECMA Qualipack Report Germany. The "Qualipack Report" assesses agencies not only according to the amount of billings managed, but above all according to qualitative aspects such as pitch activities, qualification of the employees as well as the positioning and resources of the agency and the type of clients. With a score of 28, having increased once more by 2 points from the previous year, Mediaplus leads the quality rankings of all media agencies, occupying first place in the international quality rankings of 75 independents investigated by RECMA.

    For the third successive year, Mediaplus has also been named, ‘Media Agency of the Year’ for the German Media Award (Deutscher Mediapreis). According to the jury, the company's economic strategy coupled with criteria such as innovative strength, employer branding, staff development and further qualitative development, were taken into account. With 52 trophies and four additional prizes this year alone for the best media idea, Mediaplus once more defends the top position as the most successful agency in the history of the German Media Award.


    Furthermore, the company was showered with medals at the Festival of Media Global, winning two gold, two silver, and one bronze award.


    Moreover, two gold medals and three silver medals were awarded to Mediaplus by the "Internationalist Awards for Innovation in Media". The 2022 awards season was crowned by a bronze Lion for Media at Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, jointly secured by Mediaplus and Serviceplan.


    Media and creation are inextricably linked at the House of Communication: this was emphasised by Mediaplus with the appointment of Maximilian Schöngen as Global Creative Lead. The task of the new Global Creative Lead within Mediaplus will be to supervise global pitches and campaigns in creative and strategic ways, and to elevate the media to a new level of innovation.

      Experience and Commerce

    As one of the leading digital service providers in the experience and commerce sectors, the Plan.Net Group is ending the financial year successfully, with a fee volume of more than 151 million Euros. This considerable jump in turnover pushes the group into second place in the current BVDW Internet Agency Ranking.


    Plan.Net Group has recorded strong growth in turnover, especially in the areas of commerce, transformation consultancy, and strategy. With its e-commerce subsidiary – hmmh – the Plan.Net Group is offering exactly the right range of services to benefit from the growth in the e-commerce market affected by the pandemic. The Plan.Net Group has brought together the whole commerce range, from Amazon marketing to social selling, under one roof in its ‘House of Commerce’.


    Additionally, with The Marcom Engine for BMW, competences in transformation consultancy and strategy have been further expanded. Furthermore, these competences have been extended and strengthened by shareholdings in the consultancy firms, Future Marketing and thaltegos.


    This has enabled the Plan.Net Group to climb three places to 3rd position in the BVDW sub-ranking for Digital Transformation and Strategy, up from its ranking last year. Moreover, according to the market research company, Lünendonk, this broadly compiled portfolio positions the group among the leading service providers in digital experience services. The real time orchestration of customer journeys is central to the range. The aim is to make the entire customer experience coherent and relevant across all touch points.


    Aside from the above, together with the Serviceplan agencies, the Plan.Net Group has once more been selected as the most creative digital agency in the current BVDW creativity ranking.


    Plan.Net Group is looking back on a successful financial year in terms of winning new clients. Account wins during the last fiscal year include: DFB GmbH & Co. KG and Holy Fashion Group (both hmmh); Varta (Plan.Net NEO); Wagener Verpackung GmbH (Plan.Net Cologne, Plan.Net Performance, and hmmh); as well as the Otto Group (Future Marketing).


    Milestones have similarly been reached in internationalisation, not least through the creation and expansion of capacities as part of The Marcom Engine for BMW. In parallel, nearshore and offshore activities have been considerably expanded. Since October 2021, as Head of Plan.Net International, Christian Schmitz has been in charge of the Plan.Net Group's internationalisation strategy.

    2022-07-28 00:00:00
    NYF Advertising Awards Announces Industry Awards: Serviceplan Germany awarded Independent Agency of the Year, Agency of the Year, and Regional Agency of the Year for Europe The New York Festivals® Advertising Awards have announced the 2022 Special Industry Award recipients. Serviceplan Group have had their most successful year to date at New York Festivals, winning 3 Grand Prix, 10 gold, 12 silver and 8 bronze awards, and Serviceplan Germany earned Agency of the Year, Independent Agency of the Year and Regional Agency of the Year for Europe.

    Each year, New York Festivals honors those companies whose multi-awarded campaigns have demonstrated innovation and creativity with NYF’s Special Industry Awards. This esteemed award is the ultimate recognition honoring holding companies, networks, and agencies whose cutting edge work inspired and engaged consumers while creating brand affinity.

    2022’s Industry Award winners are selected by the number of top-scoring entries that earn trophies within the competitions based on scores determined by New York Festivals in-person Executive Jury.

    Impressive cutting-edge work and innovation earned Serviceplan Germany triple accolades for 2022, Agency of the Year, Independent Agency of the Year and Regional Agency of the Year/Europe. This special industry accolade is awarded to the non-networked agency that obtains the highest score for creative entries in all of New York Festivals Advertising Awards competitions across all mediums.

    The 3 Grand Prix for Serviceplan Germany included 1 in Film Craft for Penny 'The Wish'; 1 in Avant-Garde/ Innovative for Dot Pad: The first smart tactile graphics display; and 1 in Package and Product design for Dot Pad.

    Alexander Schill, Serviceplan Group Global Chief Creative Officer commented:

    “Serviceplan Germany being named Agency of the Year, Independent Agency of the Year and Regional Agency Europe by New York Festivals 2022, makes this our most successful year at New York Festivals to date. It means a lot to continue to be recognised by the NYF Industry Awards: prestigious awards that are globally renowned for recognising creative work that pushes creative boundaries within the industry.”

    David Sable, host of NYF’s Creativity from the Other Side, recently interviewed Alexander Schill, Global Chief Creative Officer, Serviceplan Group. To view the latest riveting episode, visit: HERE.

    The NYF 2022 Film Production Company of the Year is Iconoclast Germany, with whom Serviceplan Group worked on the multiple-award winning PENNY ‘The Wish’, which was awarded a Grand Prix in Film Craft by NYF, capping an incredibly successful international awards season.

    Tim Augustin, Executive Producer, Iconoclast Germany, thanked Serviceplan for the collaboration on Penny ‘The Wish’:

    “We were really lucky to get this once in a decade chance. You are always excited when you receive a script with potential. Like everybody else we love parents’ anxiety turned upside down. How Serviceplan’s idea struck a very common chord in these late days of the pandemic created a tiny bit of heat though. If this film does not come out great it would be on us. Then we read Marcus Ibanez’s treatment. He didn’t just design stunning vignettes to illustrate the voice over. Most casually he created a film. A beautiful film spot on the contemporary anxiety of parents and their “kids” alike. And that was anything but luck. Thank you, Marcus! Thank you Serviceplan! Thank you so much.”

    New York Festivals is recognized worldwide as a touchstone for global creative excellence in advertising and marketing communications.

    The full list of awards for Serviceplan Germany can be found below;

    GRAND PRIX - DOT PAD. THE FIRST SMART TACTILE GRAPHICS DISPLAY, Dot Inc. / AVANT-GARDE/ INNOVATIVE, Product Innovation / Serviceplan Innovation / Serviceplan Korea

    GRAND PRIX - DOT PAD. THE FIRST SMART TACTILE GRAPHICS DISPLAY, Dot Inc. / PACKAGE & PRODUCT DESIGN, Best Use, Innovation / Serviceplan Innovation / Serviceplan Korea

    GOLD - DOT PAD. THE FIRST SMART TACTILE GRAPHICS DISPLAY, Dot Inc. / PACKAGE & PRODUCT DESIGN, Best Use, Innovation / Serviceplan Innovation / Serviceplan Korea

    GOLD - DOT PAD. THE FIRST SMART TACTILE GRAPHICS DISPLAY, Dot Inc. / AVANT-GARDE/INNOVATIVE, Product Innovation / Serviceplan Innovation / Serviceplan Korea

    GOLD - DOT PAD. THE FIRST SMART TACTILE GRAPHICS DISPLAY, Dot Inc. / PACKAGE & PRODUCT DESIGN, Best Use, Technology / Serviceplan Innovation / Serviceplan Korea

    SILVER - DOT PAD. THE FIRST SMART TACTILE GRAPHICS DISPLAY, Dot Inc. / THE FUTURE NOW, Best Use, Best Innovation / Serviceplan Innovation / Serviceplan Korea

    GRAND PRIX - The Wish, PENNY / FILM CRAFT, Direction / Serviceplan Campaign 3/ Neverest

    GOLD - The Wish, PENNY / FILM CRAFT, Direction / Serviceplan Campaign 3/ Neverest

    GOLD - The Wish, PENNY / FILM CRAFT, Editing / Serviceplan Campaign 3/ Neverest

    GOLD - The Wish, PENNY / FILM CRAFT, Script/Copywriting / Serviceplan Campaign 3/ Neverest

    GOLD - The Wish, PENNY / FILM, Best Use, Made for TV / Cinema / Serviceplan Campaign 3/ Neverest

    GOLD - The Wish, PENNY / FILM, Products & Services, Retail Stores & eCommerce / Serviceplan Campaign 3/ Neverest

    SILVER - The Wish, PENNY / FILM CRAFT, Cinematography / Serviceplan Campaign 3/ Neverest

    BRONZE - The Wish, PENNY / FILM CRAFT, Production Accomplishment / Serviceplan Campaign 3/ Neverest

    BRONZE - The Wish, PENNY / FILM CRAFT, Acting / Serviceplan Campaign 3/ Neverest

    GOLD - Dot Go. The first object interaction app for the visually impaired, Dot. Inc. / DIGITAL/ MOBILE, Best Use, Innovation: Technology / Serviceplan Innovation / Serviceplan Korea

    SILVER - Dot Go. The first object interaction app for the visually impaired, Dot. Inc. / THE FUTURE NOW, Best Use, Best Innovation / Serviceplan Innovation / Serviceplan Korea

    SILVER - Dot Go. The first object interaction app for the visually impaired, Dot. Inc. / DIGITAL/ MOBILE, Best Use, Apps / Serviceplan Innovation / Serviceplan Korea

    SILVER - Dot Go. The first object interaction app for the visually impaired, Dot. Inc. / AVANT-GARDE/ INNOVATIVE, Product Innovation / Serviceplan Innovation / Serviceplan Korea

    GOLD - The Tunnel Pass Project, Red Bull Athlete Dario Costa/ SPORTS, Best Use, Events & Stunts / Serviceplan Austria / Wien Nord Serviceplan / NOW Serviceplan

    BRONZE - The Tunnel Pass Project, Red Bull Athlete Dario Costa // SPORTS, Best Use, Collaborations & Partnerships / Serviceplan Austria / Wien Nord Serviceplan / NOW Serviceplan

    SILVER - Freedom Grams, AROYA / DIRECT, Craft, Art Direction / Serviceplan Innovation/ Serviceplan PR & Content

    SILVER - Freedom Grams, AROYA / DESIGN, Brand Design, Brand Design / Serviceplan Innovation/ Serviceplan PR & Content

    SILVER - Freedom Grams, AROYA / HELL'S KITCHEN - CANNABIS, Best Use, Activation/Engagement / Serviceplan Innovation/ Serviceplan PR & Content

    BRONZE - Freedom Grams, AROYA / PACKAGE & PRODUCT DESIGN, Craft, Art Direction / Serviceplan Innovation/ Serviceplan PR & Content

    BRONZE - Freedom Grams, AROYA / PURPOSE, Empowerment, Social Justice / Serviceplan Innovation/ Serviceplan PR & Content

    SILVER – The Unfair Bottle, Puerto de Indias / HELL'S KITCHEN - ALCOHOL, Best, Bottle Design / Serviceplan Spain

    SILVER - MINImalism, MINI / OUTDOOR, Craft, Graphic Design / Serviceplan Bubble / Serviceplan Middle East

    SILVER - MINImalism, MINI / DESIGN, Craft, Art Direction / Serviceplan Bubble / Serviceplan Middle East

    BRONZE - MINImalism, MINI / OUTDOOR, Craft, Art Direction / Serviceplan Bubble / Serviceplan Middle East

    SILVER - Dyslexia Unetided, Gruner+Jahr Deutschland/ Stern/ PRINT, Craft, Copywriting / SP INNO / SP C3

    BRONZE - Every Home, Telefónica Germany/ 02 Deutschland / FILM CRAFT, Art Direction/ Production Design / Serviceplan Bubble / NEVEREST

    BRONZE - Xbox Equality Controller, Xbox / DESIGN, Products & Services, Packaging / Serviceplan Bubble / Serviceplan Campaign 2 / Saint Elmo's Hamburg / Serviceplan Design / Serviceplan Creative Board 

    2022-07-22 00:00:00
    Jersey Swap for Tolerance: Serviceplan Campaign Team Up with German Basketball to Send a Clear Signal against Racism German Basketball Teams ‘White Wings’ and ‘Depant GIESSEN 46ers’ exchange jerseys in an anti-racist statement marking International Unfortunately, racism continues to be a problem in Germany, an issue which once again reached its tragic climax in February 2020 when a racially motivated terrorist killed nine people before killing himself in the city of Hanau near Frankfurt.

    Two years later and the attack is still fresh in people’s minds. For the International Week against Racism, Hanau’s basketball team made a clear statement to not forget, to stand up to racist hate and embrace diversity and tolerance. For one extraordinary match, home team WHITE WINGS Hanau and their opponents Depant GIESSEN 46ers exchanged their jerseys. The special edition jerseys proclaimed in big letters: ‘Colour makes no difference. Not in sports and certainly not when it comes to skin colour’. The creative concept and communicative implementation came from Serviceplan Campaign.

    On February 19, 2020, nine men and women were murdered in the German city of Hanau, near Frankfurt. The sole motive: the victims’ immigration background. It remains the deadliest racially motivated attack in the post-war history of Germany and has left deep scars on the psyche of the city’s population. Two years later, German basketball once again remembered the victims in an extraordinary call to stand together against hate, and push for more diversity, respect and tolerance.

    For the first time in their history, home team WHITE WINGS Hanau and the guests of the Depant GIESSEN 46ers broke their club statutes to set an unprecedented sign against racism: the teams swapped jerseys and played in the traditional club colours of their opponents. The special edition jerseys were emblazoned with one central message: Colour makes no difference. An essential idea that goes far beyond the realm of sport, with both teams taking a firm stand against racially motivated violence and in favor of pluralistic and tolerant coexistence. The campaign was initiated and implemented by Serviceplan Campaign, together with jersey sponsor PEAK Sport.

    The match day on which the jersey swap took place was deliberately chosen to give the campaign maximum attention and underline the symbolic character of the gesture. The match against Giessen has special significance in Hanau: it was the first game after the attacks. This year's match coincided exactly with the International Week against Racism, which was once again an impulse for both teams to clearly declare their opposition to hatred and racism. Before that match, both team Captains took the opportunity to give a short speech in memory of the victims.

    The reactions to the swap of jersey colours were instantaneous. On social media the action ignited debate far beyond basketball circles. Some people asked “A sports team wearing the colours of the opponent? Is that even allowed?” The game became the most-watched match of the season, and discussions and debates on the subject of racism increased measurably.

    Alexander Nagel, Creative Managing Director at Serviceplan Campaign comments:

    "Unfortunately, racism is still a topic that affects society as a whole. People are insulted, discriminated against, attacked and in the worst cases even killed, solely because racists have taken offence about their origin or skin colour. We wanted to hold up a mirror to society in the most striking way possible and offer a new approach to dealing with the sensitive issue of racism based on skin colour. In memory of the victims of the Hanau attack, both teams unanimously emphasize: Colour doesn't matter. In sports, club colours may mean everything – skin colour makes no difference at all, on or off the field."

    2022-07-13 00:00:00
    Reviews in Verse: Spanish Rapper Arkano Voices New Valencia Tourism Campaign from Serviceplan Spain, creating Rap from the Words of more than 200,000 Anonymous Poets Quien lo ha vivido lo sabe" (“He who has lived it knows it”), is the title of the new Serviceplan Spain campaign for Turismo de la Comunidad Valenciana (the Valencia Tourist Board). This unusual campaign using ‘Reviews in Verse’, celebrates the unforgettable places, moments and sensations on offer in the region of Valencia and uses poetry as a common thread to communicate the experiences of visitors. The campaign was developed by the creative agency Serviceplan Spain. 

    200,400 public travel reviews about the region of Valencia were fed into an AI-based algorithm to create a 360-degree campaign for the Valencia Tourist Board. Arkano, the famous rapper from Alicante, took the algorithm created by the AI from the reviews, and turned it into a ‘Reviews in Verse’ rap, the most contemporary form of poetry.

    The latest “Quien lo ha vivido lo sabe" (“He who has lived it knows it”) campaign for the Valencia Tourist Board has the same title as the 2021 campaign, which was inspired by a well-known Lope de Vega poem, which he wrote during a stay in Valencia.

    For the latest incarnation of the campaign Lope de Vega’s poem has been revamped by the Rapper Arkano, utilising the tech of AI, and giving the campaign a more youthful and contemporary tone through the combination of rap with AI. Arkano is the winner of the Guinness record for improvisation, and he lends his unique skill to “Quien lo ha vivido lo sabe" by voicing the spot 

    2022-07-12 00:00:00
    Serviceplan Group Relocates Munich House of Communication to Vibrant New Location The new Munich House of Communication opens its doors – an individual and unconventional move to a new office that people actively want to spend time in

    This is the day that Europe’s biggest partner-led agency group relocates to its new House of Communication in the north of Munich’s Werksviertel district.

    The 1,700 employees completed the move in an elaborate and unique way: whether by e-scooter, horse-drawn carriage, vintage BMW or skateboard – after 22 years, the Serviceplan Group staff and some of their clients said farewell to the old premises on Munich’s Königsplatz. And then they set off: using their personal choice of transport mode, they embarked on their journey of just under 6 kilometres through the city to their new office – and to a completely new world of working.

    In the heart of Munich’s most innovative development – the “iCampus in the Werksviertel” – the Serviceplan Group is now a tenant of R&S Immobilienmanagement GmbH, the developer behind this construction project. Three interconnected buildings – “Join”, “Heart” and “Lab” – form the heart of the iCampus, which is situated just a few minutes’ walk from the Ostbahnhof railway station. With this development, R&S Immobilienmanagement GmbH has managed to transform the area from an industrial site to one of the biggest urban quarters in Munich.

    The new House of Communication sets benchmarks

    The House of Communication concept pursued by the Serviceplan Group across all locations and countries remains the only fully integrated agency model in Germany, bringing together every communication discipline under one roof. From Creative & Content and Media & Data through to Experience & Commerce, the new House of Communication manages to forge even stronger connections between every department with this integrated approach, bringing it to life through the very architecture of the innovative premises. The open-plan design fosters flexible working – so-called activity-based working – which is optimally aligned with the varying needs of employees: whether socialising, giving hybrid presentations, collaborating in teams or concentrating on solo tasks – there is a suitable space and the right technical equipment for every activity, fully in keeping with the requirements of modern, independent and integrated working.

    Florian Haller, CEO Serviceplan Group, states:

    “I can’t really put into words how incredibly proud I feel today. Four years of planning that, despite all the uncertainties along the way, have truly paid off: today, I am standing here inside the new House of Communication, which will serve us all as a vibrant community hub, thereby fostering integration. An office people enjoy coming to because they WANT to be here, not because they HAVE to be. I firmly believe that this attractive and agile environment is perfect for future-proofing the Serviceplan Group as the biggest and most successful partner-led communications group and for continuing to position ourselves as an innovative partner and attractive employer.”

    In addition to the 1,700 Munich-based Serviceplan Group employees, part of the approximately 40,000 square metres within the new House of Communication – the “überlab” – is reserved for external companies. The purpose of opening up the new premises in this way is to encourage external companies to become part of the House of Communication ecosystem. überlab tenants already include eco-energy provider Octopus Energy, Ory – an open-source-based provider of a Zero Trust security and identity-management network – and the Truma Group, a leading provider of accessories for caravans and motor homes, such as heaters, air-conditioning units and networked control systems.

    Architecture that fosters integration

    The three buildings, connected by a glass walkway (the “iTrack”) on the first floor, impress with their open façade design, which features large window façades with an abutting precast concrete façade. The interior consists of brightly lit atria and office areas with ceilings of up to 4,5 metres in height; loggias and balconies that provide outdoor spaces on all floors; roof terraces with views of the Alps; and the iTrack – the linking element between the three buildings on the first floor that physically makes them the integrated House of Communication.

    The architecture firms RKW Architektur+ and KAAN Architekten oversaw the construction project on behalf of the developer R&S Immobilienmanagement. The interior design commissioned by the Serviceplan Group is being carried out by the architects at HENN.

    “The modes of transport we all used to leave behind the old House of Communication at Königsplatz and literally get “on the move” today are as quirky and individual as the team itself. This move is not just a case of relocating from A to B. For us, being “on the move” is also a mindset: by definition, those who are on the move are not standing still. Especially not mentally. I am now looking forward to breathing life into the new House of Communication together with all my colleagues, to questioning long-established principles of working and thereby taking New Work to the next level”, explains Karin Maria Schertler, Chief People Officer and Transformation & New Work Expert, Serviceplan Group.

    Florian Haller adds: Ever since we were founded in 1970, we have been agile – and often the first mover – in reacting to the challenges of our time. Whether it is integrated working, founding a media and digital agency, internationalisation, our partner model or making our agency carbon-neutral – we are always on the move. And this now includes our new House of Communication in Munich.”

    Dr Fabian Prüschenk, CFO, Serviceplan Group, is also delighted with the new premises: “From a commercial perspective too, our new home is a necessary and pioneering step for us as an international agency group managed from Munich. As the result of precision-planning, the necessary know-how in the right areas and partners who pursue a common goal with us, we have created something unique here.”

    For Axel Schörner, Head of Corporate Real Estate Management, Serviceplan Group, there was also a consistent focus on the agency group’s corporate values and culture throughout the project: “Anyone familiar with the Serviceplan Group knows that, with its range of cultural and gastronomic offerings and its unique spirit, the Werksviertel is just the right environment for us. A completely new city district is currently being created here, with the ambition of redefining urbanism. The Werksviertel aims to make the vision of a modern, highly liveable city a reality, and we are more than happy to play our part by creating a place of community, inspiration and interaction. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all my colleagues, our landlord, and all our service providers and partners who have worked together with us on this mammoth project – we can all be incredibly proud of what we have achieved over the past four years.”

    Key facts:


    Friedenstraße 24 (/ August-Everding-Straße 25/27), Ostbahnhof Munich, Werksviertel

    Project developer:

    R&S Immobilienmanagement GmbH


    RKW Architektur+ and KAAN Architekten, HENN architecture firm


    Büro Uebele, combine Consulting, Food Affairs, Turtlebox, Paulus Umzüge

    Activity-based working concept:

    In addition to open-plan loft offices, there are separate spaces available to Serviceplan Group employees for a range of work-related activities, ranging from facilities for socialising and collaborating, through to concentrating on solo tasks.
    A cafeteria on the ground floor of the central building as well as smaller coffee bars, terraces and loggias, a play area with ping-pong table, a sports room and a large roof terrace provide a wide range of opportunities to interact and socialise.
    The new ABW concept affords the greatest possible flexibility – fully in keeping with the requirements of modern, independent and integrated working.

    Noteworthy architectural features:

    In addition to the 4.5-metre ceiling height, various loggias and balconies providing outdoor spaces on all floors and a large roof terrace with views of the Alps, there is also the “iTrack” – a linking element between the three buildings on the first floor.


    The überlab within the House of Communication is an open platform and a space for interaction where different worlds come together. Embedded within the Serviceplan Group’s House of Communication, it offers state-of-the-art facilities for co-working, conferencing and events, as well as a range of services for tenants, guests and visitors.

    Key figures:

    40,000 square metres of floor space in 3 buildings (“Join”, “Heart” and “Lab”) provide 1,700 employees with a place to work or 27 locations in which to drink coffee
    6 lifts lead to the 3 roof terraces with a total of over 1,000 square metres of floor space on which to enjoy sunsets over Munich

    2022-07-05 00:00:00
    Dot Inc. with Serviceplan Innovation Reveal Dot Pad, the First Smart Tactile Graphics Display for Visually Impaired People Dot Inc. goes one step beyond text to make visual content accessible through touch with the Dot Pad 

    Dot Inc. continues to create innovative tech to improve the lives of blind and visually impaired communities worldwide with the Dot Pad, whose tactile display makes images touchable.

    While most people rely on visuals to understand complex topics, the 285 million blind and visually impaired people worldwide are left out. Tactile books are scarce, expensive, and impractical. Audio descriptions fail because sometimes words just aren’t enough to explain complex information. Dot Inc. with creative direction by Serviceplan Innovation launched the Dot Pad, a game changer in accessibility tech.

    Dot Pad is the first smart tactile graphics display for the visually impaired. It can display any visual content from any source because the innovative Dot Image Processing technology uses Al to analyze and understand visual input and present it most accurately on Dot Pad’s tactile display of 2,400 dots. 

    2022-06-01 00:00:00
    Innovative Cannabis Brand “Freedom Grams” Empowers Consumers to Liberate Cannabis Prisoners Cannabis cultivation platform AROYA together with GABY Inc. and Last Prisoner Project launched the "Freedom Grams" platform to advocate for the release of the more than 40,000 people in the U.S. still incarcerated for non-violent cannabis possession.

    On 20 April, international day for cannabis, AROYA, GABY Inc., and Last Prisoner Project launched Freedom Grams, an innovative cannabis brand that comes in packages of 0.3, 3.5, 8.7, 18.0, and 23.5-grams — the exact amounts of cannabis for which others in the U.S. are currently incarcerated.

    With creative concept and communication developed by Serviceplan Group for longstanding client AROYA, Freedom Grams was made available through retail and distribution partner GABY Inc., with all proceeds going to Last Prisoner Project, a nonprofit dedicated to fighting for the release of cannabis prisoners through legal and legislative intervention. 

    What sets Freedom Grams apart from other initiatives is that we are creating a connection between consumers and cannabis prisoners. The public needs to realize that it’s people like you and me, serving sometimes up to life, for amounts that you can legally buy today. By offering exactly these amounts, we are creating awareness and turning it into action at the same time.” says Christian Hertel, VP, Marketing, AROYA.

    For more information go to: 

    Each pack features someone imprisoned for the exact weight of cannabis inside the package, like Kevin O’Brien Allen who was sentenced to life-without-parole in 2014 for the possession of about 3.5g of cannabis. From the packaging, these stories then unfold through AR filters, as well as on the Freedom Grams website. Beyond learning more about the whole matter, visitors from states that allow delivery can directly buy the Freedom Grams packs online. The website also provides other ways to act through petitions, resources to contact regional politicians, and information about local action groups.

    From the packaging to the website, Freedom Grams features elaborate design and high-end craft. The design system is based on prison bars from which generative typography literally breaks free, symbolizing the project’s theme of liberation. The labels are relief-printed and come with a custom branded matchbook. From lighters and rolling paper to stickers, hangtags, and a 3D printable grinder, a wide range of branded collateral was created for retail and influencer mailings.

    “Through Freedom Grams we are raising public awareness of the harsh reality of cannabis-related incarceration and hope to empower our supporters to join our fight to secure the full freedom of the communities we serve.” said Stephen Post, Campaign Strategist, Last Prisoner Project.

    “Cannabis has been historically demonized, and people were punished for all the wrong reasons,” added William Kanistras, Director of Product Operations at GABY Inc. “The legal system needs to recognize that the people who were imprisoned deserve to be free too.”

    At the heart of the project sits its innovative distribution strategy. Freedom Grams is an open-source brand. This means that the community can submit more cases to feature on the packs and other industry participants — growers, retailers, brands, or individuals — can join by creating Freedom Grams labels for their own product with the online label generator.

    Freedom Grams is available for purchase online and in store through California-based dispensary Mankind, with expansion to more locations and other states planned for later this year. Just weeks after launch, Freedom Grams has already gained massive public support and media attention, as well as several new partners. Beside founding partners AROYA and GABY Inc, the initiative is already supported by Dewey Cannabis Co. and Ball Family.

    “Cannabis is now a legal and billion-dollar industry,” said Chris Ball, former legacy operator and CEO of Ball Family Farms. “It’s only right that we let people like me, who have cannabis convictions out of prison. Allow them to participate in this space. Let them bring the expertise that got them locked up into a legal framework.”

    “The continued criminalization only hampers progress and innovation in the cannabis industry,” concluded Christian Hertel, VP, Marketing, AROYA. “With Freedom Grams, we are bringing together the industry and cannabis consumers to solve this, by allowing them to use their own freedom to free others.”

    Freedom Grams is an initiative by AROYA in partnership with Last Prisoner Project and GABY Inc., idea and execution by Serviceplan Group, together with design studio Moby Digg, type designer Michael Clasen, and creative coder Daniel Kuhnlein.

    Alexander Schill, Global CCO, Serviceplan Group says: “Cannabis in the U.S.A. has evolved into a billion-dollar industry, but still carries the heavy burden from decades of criminalization. As an advertising agency, we saw the business potential and what stands in its way. As communication experts, we found an innovative solution that empowers the industry and consumers to bring about change. And as humans, we’re happy to do our part in giving back freedom to those who are unjustly incarcerated.” 

    2022-05-31 00:00:00
    Serviceplan Group is Number 1 Agency at 2022 Art Directors Club Germany Awards
  • Sweeping the board with a total of 2 Grand Prix, 12 Gold, 15 Silver and 17 Bronze Awards and Young Talent winning 1 gold, 2 silver and 1 bronze.
  • The winning campaigns were for BVG, Dot, Felix Burda, Förderpreis Helfende Hand, Hinz & Kunzt, Kindernothilfe, MINI, Newtown Action Alliance, PENNY and Stern
  • Serviceplan Group has had its most successful ADC Germany to date, winning 2 Grand Prix, 12 gold, 15 silver and 17 bronze, as well as 1 gold, 2 silver and 1 bronze for the Young Talent. This impressive result makes Serviceplan Group the Number 1 Agency in this year’s competition.

    Serviceplan convinced the ADC Department of Film & Sound with ‘Der Wunsch’ (‘The Wish’) film for PENNY Deutschland, which won Grand Prix and moved the jury to comment: "This is definitely the movie of the year. Technically brilliant in all areas and powerful in its message.”

    The ADC Germany Jury were also deeply moved by ‘Dyslexia Unetited’, which won a coveted Grand Prix. One in five people is dyslexic. ‘Dyslexia Unetited’ is an initiative for more acceptance of dyslexia, because it is often still assumed that dyslexia patients are less intelligent. There are Nobel laureates, CEOs and even writers with dyslexia. Nobody knows that, because dyslexia is always corrected. Kai West Schlosser, art director and dyslexic, wanted to change that. Stern published an uncorrected article written by Schlosser on Dyslexia Day in 2021. Apart from print and digital, the initiative even made it to TV, generating more than 37 million impressions and over 500 messages from supporters.

    7 of the gold awards went to PENNY ‘The Wish’, which also won 4 silver and 5 bronze.

    The other most awarded campaign for Serviceplan Group was MINI ‘MINImalism’, a campaign conceived by Serviceplan Bubble and Serviceplan Middle East, which won 2 gold, 7 silver and 2 bronze.

    Mediaplus was also successful at ADC Germany, winning 2 gold, 1 silver and 3 bronze medals for Hinz & Kunzt 'Das Plakat, das Leben rettet' ('City Life Billboard'). In the 'City Life Billboards' campaign, billboards were transformed into homeless shelters. Hinz & Kunzt had several trailers built for this purpose, which can be used as mobile shelters throughout the Hamburg city area. The advertising revenues flow into the upkeep of the shelters. In this way, attention was drawn to the fact that 43 homeless people died last year in Hamburg alone.

    #notcominghome, an emotional campaign for American anti-gun crime NGO Newtown Action Alliance, won 3 bronze. Kindernothilfe #DeinGrundZuSpenden was awarded 2 silver and 1 bronze. 1 silver and bronze went to Felix Burda Stiftung "Nächste Woche". And winning 1 bronze each were PENNY for animated film "Klimaleicht", and Förderpreis Helfende Hand "Projektfilme Helfende Hand 2021’.

    ADC Germany also recognised some outstanding young talent from the Serviceplan Group, with Kai West Schlosser’s ‘Dyslexia Unetided’ collecting a gold and bronze, as well as Shruthi Subramanian, Rohil Borole and Kai West Schlosser being awarded a silver for Dot Go, and Louisa Ziebell winning silver for BVG ‘Völlig kontaktlos‘.

    Alexander Schill, Global Chief Creative Officer, Serviceplan Group commented:

    "I am incredibly happy for our teams and everyone who made this possible. It makes me proud to be able to work with so many people who are always fighting for the better idea every day. And all that achieved during a particularly challenging period with a global pandemic".

    View the online awards show here: 

    2022-05-25 00:00:00
    Serviceplan Transforms PENNY Store in Berlin into Vegas-style Wedding Chapel Wedding Bells in Berlin’s Wedding district: On the memorable wedding date of 22/2/2022, 22 adventurous couples tied the knot in the aisles of German supermarket PENNY in ceremonies performed by an Elvis impersonator. For one day, Serviceplan Campaign transformed the store into a Las Vegas-style Wedding Chapel, generating huge media attention and successfully staging the wedding as the ultimate discount product: a fully immersive and affordable experience.

    After successfully performing 22 weddings in one day in a Berlin branch of PENNY that was transformed into a Las Vegas-style Wedding Chapel, PENNY and Serviceplan are celebrating a social media campaign that combines Berlin charm and Vegas flair in an attention-grabbing way. On February 22nd 2022, 22 couples tied the knot at the PENNY store in Berlin's Wedding district. In mid-February, PENNY used its social media channels to invite people who were planning to get married, or who wished to renew their vows, to have their ceremony performed by an Elvis impersonator in the supermarket aisles of a PENNY store, specially adapted into a Vegas Chapel of Love. Within a few days, around 400 couples had registered.

    For the lucky winners, things happened in a flash. Only a few days later, the PENNY Berlin-Wedding opened its doors in full Las Vegas get-up. Colorful advertising signs, overloaded kitsch decoration and Elvis as a wedding speaker welcomed the happy couples.

    The recap film, documenting the successful campaign is available here.

    The campaign not only brought joy to the newlyweds, its success can also be measured in numbers. The appeal on PENNY’s social media channels generated almost 2 million views on YouTube alone. The weddings themselves were not only captured by PENNY's own cameras, but also covered by various daily and popular consumer media. Print, online, radio and TV coverage, including a live interview with one of the couples on a major German daily TV show, achieved over 30 million media impressions. Further formats are planned.

    The unusual stunt combines the iconic Las Vegas design and the recognizable irony and wit of PENNY’s advertising campaigns. After the wedding dance at the checkout, each couple received a PENNY wedding basket. In it: everything that belongs to a successful flash wedding. PENNY sparkling wine, PENNY handkerchiefs, PENNY chocolates, a disposable camera and a voucher for the wedding dinner at the iconic Berlin fast food joint Curry 36. In addition, the couples were gifted their new wedding rings, a wedding certificate and a bridal bouquet in an exclusive "Las Vegas Wedding" look. For one lucky couple there was still a special surprise to win: they actually get to go to Las Vegas on their honeymoon.

    Christoph Everke, Creative Managing Director of Serviceplan Campaign explains: "Weddings are really hard to organize at the moment as we are still living through the pandemic, so a special PENNY wedding store was simply the perfect jumping-off point for us: a flash wedding for little money, but with full Las Vegas-style wedding flair is exactly the kind of story we want to tell – it’s a lot of fun and shows PENNY at the heart of every neighborhood where it has its stores."

    Marcus Haus, Head of Marketing, PENNY added: "I am delighted that so many couples exchanged their vows in our Wedding PENNY store. Within a few days, we had around 400 applications, some of them very affectionate. This shows that we have once again spoken to the heart of our customers with this campaign. We are a real neighborhood discounter. On the day, we also received a lot of praise and recognition for the effort we had put in. The effort was a matter of course for us, but it's still great feedback and shows that everyone here worked very well together to create an unforgettable day." 

    2022-05-23 00:00:00
    Dot Go, The World’s First “Object Interaction” Platform for Blind and Visually Impaired People Launches in App Store Globall
  • Serviceplan Innovation and Dot Incorporation continue their innovative collaboration with the Dot Go app, a community-driven platform that recognises objects and connects these to specific actions.
  • Dot Go helps the visually impaired to navigate the world, find objects and automate daily tasks which enable them to lead a more independent life.

    Dot Go, the first app that connects objects to actions, has launched in the App store. The innovative platform created by Serviceplan Innovation and Dot Incorporation and developed by Hyperinteractive for blind and visually impaired people, is now available worldwide on the App Store and can be downloaded for free on the latest iPhones and iPads.  

    “A lot of blind people I know would be hesitant to go on trips, because dealing with unfamiliar environments is always challenging.” comments Software Developer Florian Beijers, who is also fully blind.

    “Object detection apps are limited to identifying objects in the environment, but they fail when it comes to interacting with these objects in a meaningful and productive way. Think about a ticket vending machine: it’s great to know where it is, but that alone doesn’t help if the screen and interface aren’t accessible.

    Dot Go connects objects with actions – for endless possibilities.


    Serviceplan Innovation has found a solution to this problem. Dot Go is the first ever “object interaction” app. Unlike existing apps, it not only detects objects in the environment but also connects them to actions. These actions can be executed automatically and range from internal actions like sounds and vibration; to, most importantly, external actions in other apps, websites, and even smart home devices.

    Eric Kim, CEO Dot Inc. explains: “Basically, Dot Go can use any object in the viewport of the smartphone camera to trigger actions: A bus stop can automatically buy the right ticket. A product can remove itself from the shopping list. A road sign can trigger the flashlight to increase visibility. While this can be helpful for anyone, this makes a huge difference for those who suffer from inaccessible environments, like the 285 million visually impaired people worldwide. Dot Go makes any environment accessible, without specific modifications or hardware.”


    Dot Go is not an app – but a platform.


    Besides the novel concept of “object interaction”, the innovative nature of Dot Go relies on another key component. Existing object detection apps all rely on proprietary object libraries and closed systems, designed for fixed use cases rather than increasing user needs. This leads to fragmentation and makes solutions increasingly expensive, forcing users to choose between adaptability and their individual needs.

    “The open architecture of Dot Go not only allows integration of all kinds of object libraries, each containing thousands of objects.” says Pavel Larinov, Creative Technologist, Hyperinteractive.

    “Dot Go also allows users to build their own solutions. They can connect any object with any action, save these connections in what we call ‘presets’, and share them with the community. This results in a growing library for any use case you can imagine. Not only by individuals, but also organizations.”

    Partnerships help Dot Go scale.

    Dot Go is already being used by thousands of blind users, businesses, brands and organizations around the world. One such partnership is with U.S. start-up Wheel the World, who provide accessible tourism experiences. Funded with 140,000 USD by the Inter-American Development Bank, Dot Go and ‘Wheel The World’ created trips for the blind in Chile in spring 2022. The experience was rated highly by the participants, captured in a film documentary, and will be expanded to more countries later this year.

    Alexander Schill, Global CCO, Serviceplan Group explains:

    “We are thrilled that our collaboration with Dot Inc., which dates back to 2018 when we partnered up to work on the world’s first Braille Smartwatch, continues to grow with Dot Go. Now that Dot Go is available in the App Store worldwide, the platform has a global footprint which promises to improve the daily lives of blind and visually impaired communities everywhere. Dot Go is the ultimate example of creativity and innovation for the greater good of humanity.”

    2022-05-19 00:00:00
    Pablo Tesio and David Pérez de Quevedo, Winners of Young Lions PR category, To Represent Serviceplan Spain at Cannes Lions 2022 International Festival of Creativity The creative duo formed by Pablo Tesio (Senior Copywriter at Serviceplan Spain) and David Pérez de Quevedo (Art Director, Serviceplan Spain) have won the 6th edition of #PoweredByTweets, Twitter's social projects accelerator, which seeks to reward the ideas of young talents designed to change the world, in collaboration with the Young Lions competition of the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity 2022.

    After an online hiatus during the pandemic, the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity 2022 returns to Cannes in the South of France, although the final competition between countries will be held online before Cannes Lions, where an idea will be worked on in 24 hours to present to the jury.

    The challenge, promoted by the consulting firm Scopen, was to develop a project in 48 hours to give visibility and response to a social problem that we face today through Twitter, as the main communication channel. Tesio and de Quevedo chose as the cross-cutting theme of their idea "freedom of expression and civil liberty", among the different topics offered were: Internet security and education, equity, environmental conservation and sustainability or crisis response and emergencies.

    "#CryptoSpeech" is the name that the creative duo chose for their idea valued by a jury composed of; Kika Samblás (Partner & Managing Director of Scopen); Emilio Pila (Head of Marketing at Twitter); Mónica Moro (President of CdeC), Beto Nahmad (Executive Creative Director of VCCP); Elena Bule (Head of Communications at Twitter); Jorge Martínez (Founding Partner of Help! Ideas Buenas); Tania Riera (Creative Director of Shackleton); Camino Rojo (Head of Public Policy, Government and Philanthrop at Twitter); Emily Ross (Head of Twitter Next); Marta Sáez (CTO of OMG); Dee Wood (Head of Twitter Next Lab); and Ana Zumalacérregui (Director and founder of True).


    Pablo Tesio, 31 years old from Argentina, has more than 7 years of experience as a creative copywriter. He began his career at JPG Grupo in Argentina. He then moved to Spain to work at Publips and is currently working as Senior Copywriter at Serviceplan Spain. He has developed campaigns for Ducati, Siemens, BMW, Heineken, Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz and Turismo Valencia, among others in Argentina, Italy and Spain. During his career, Tesio has been awarded by the Ojo de Iberoamérica new talent contest,  the BestAwards and FePI. In 2021 he was selected to participate as "Mentee" of the LIA Awards and winner of Best of the Year Dossier among others.


    David Pérez de Quevedo, 25 years old, began his first steps as a designer in Vigo, his hometown. He then went on to be part of different automotive projects for Mr. Burns. He is currently Art Director at Serviceplan Spain working for clients such as Turismo Comunidad Valenciana, Puerto del Indias, Reporteros sin Fronteras, Smart, William Hill, Alcampo and Más Móvil, among others.

    2022-05-09 00:00:00
    Serviceplan Experience Captures All the Ramadan Feels in a Fresh and Lighthearted Film for Abdul Latif Jameel Motors Serviceplan Experience have created a lighthearted film for Abdul Latif Jameel Motors (Toyota sector), celebrating the return of family gatherings during Ramadan by depicting a party that spills over into the carpark. 

    While most Ramadan traditions transcend generations, the last two years of pandemic-induced lockdowns did disrupt large family gatherings during the Holy Month. This Ramadan, people are feeling fortunate to be back together, and Abdul Latif Jameel Motors (Toyota sector) wanted to celebrate this time of togetherness.

    Seeing families together for a big iftar is a common sight in the Middle East. This moment has been recreated by brands in emotional Ramadan ads year after year, but Serviceplan Experience wanted to capture the feeling of togetherness from a different perspective. The funny spot was directed by Omar El Zoheiry (Big Kahuna Films).

    Serviceplan Experience’s creative concept behind the Abdul Latif Jameel Motors (Toyota sector) spot for Ramadan, was that a big family gathering inside means a lot of cars outside, usually parked chaotically. A familiar sight in the neighborhoods of Kingdom of Saudia Arabia (KSA) and across the region. If you’re the first one to arrive, you’re likely to find your car overparked by other family members.

    This is where the narrative of the spot begins: the first family member leaving iftar finds their car stuck in a gridlock of their entire family’s cars. What follows is a wholesome comedy of events, as everyone moves their cars around to help. An imperfect yet genuine moment of togetherness that captures all the Ramadan feels (and all of Toyota sector’s cars.)

    Munir Khoja, Managing Director, Marketing Communication, Abdul Latif Jameel Motors (an authorized distributor of Toyota) explains: “Ramadan is a busy time for marketers. It’s important to stay authentic but easy to fall into a sea of sameness. We wanted to do something entertaining and relevant, without ignoring our products. And we believe we’ve achieved that. We hope people enjoy watching it as much as we enjoyed making it.”

    Saleh El Ghatit, Creative Director as Serviceplan Experience adds: “I wanted to capture the true dynamics of a Saudi family in Ramadan, being half Saudi myself I felt the true dynamics aren’t represented as well as they could be. We tend to see cookie cutter families in a lot of these Ramadan ads, and that was the first thing we needed to avoid. The truth is Ramadan can be funny, the moments we share are ones of joy, happiness and a little bit of banter. The challenge for us was making it feel like a Ramadan ad while keeping it insightful as to why the ad coming from a car brand.” 

    2022-04-14 00:00:00
    World-famous Red Bull Athlete Dario Costa Sets 5 World Records with ‘The Tunnel Pass Project’ Red Bull aerobatic pilot becomes first person to fly a plane through a tunnel in a daredevil stunt to prove that Dreams, Guts and Great Partners – activated by Serviceplan Austria – really can give you Wings.

    On September 4th, 2021 in Istanbul, World-famous Red Bull Athlete Dario Costa accomplished a hair-raising stunt in his racing plane. The daredevil aerobatic pilot took on his greatest challenge yet, defying all odds to become the first person ever to fly a plane through a tunnel and setting 5 World records in the process. Dario and Red Bull brought the guts and creative agency Wien Nord Serviceplan together with brand partnership specialist Now Serviceplan provided the right backup for him to turn a dream into a success story.

    After identifying the 2020 m Catalca tunnels near Istanbul as the location for the world-first stunt, Dario, Red Bull and a team of experts created a 3D virtual model of the location to study air waves and currents in the tunnel that could easily drive Dario’s Zivko plane to disaster. In preparation Red Bull developed an uncompromising 14-month-program of cognitive and physical training that enabled the pilot to hone his reaction time down to 0.25 seconds. Serviceplan then brought in brand partners BMW M and luxury watchmaker Hamilton to amplify ‘The Tunnel Pass Project’.

    Serviceplan struck up a strong brand partnership with the Swiss precision of Hamilton in which the watchmaker designed a special edition watch for Dario with a face that can be unclipped and placed on the plane’s console so his eyes were undistracted from his mission at all times. With only 2 metres between each wingtip and the tunnel walls, maximum focus was absolutely crucial. 100 of these watches were produced as a limited edition and sold out within minutes.

    To further perfect Dario's reaction time, Serviceplan turned to BMW M for help to practice on their racetrack as well as on location in Istanbul at bullet speed. A 360-degree-camera was fitted to the roof of a BMW M model car at the precise level Dario’s eyes would be in his plane, so that it could later be connected to VR – giving him the option to train over a thousand times before performing the stunt in the tunnel.

    Dario’s successful, record-setting flight was pushed out globally on Red Bull, BMW and Hamilton platforms immediately conquering screens, news outlets and social media feeds across the planet – generating over 1.7 billion euros in earned media.

    What started as one man’s lifelong dream became an instant sensation turning Dario Costa and his successful record attempt into a viral news story that was quickly picked up by countless TV, print and online news outlets all around the world. His inspirational message of challenging your own limits and turning dreams into reality turned the Red Bull athlete into an overnight superstar. Red Bull always encourages its athletes and audiences to chase their dreams.

    Dario Costa says: “There was a lot of learning from this project, a lot of tools and knowledge that we have to fulfill even bigger dreams. I’m writing a book about The Tunnel Pass and what’s behind it, which is actually a lot of my life.” 

    2022-04-11 00:00:00
    Serviceplan Collects 4 Gold in Film at German Advertising Film Awards for PENNY The Wish The Deutsche Werbefimakademie made ‘The Wish’ the most awarded film of the ceremony

    Serviceplan’s emotional film ‘The Wish’ for Penny won 4 gold awards at the German Advertising Film Awards on 25th March in a ceremony at Kampnagel in Hamburg. ‘Der Wunsch’ (‘The Wish’) was the big winner of the competition, which is regarded as the German advertising industry’s equivalent of the Oscars. ‘The Wish’ won gold in the Best Web film, Media Prize, Best Camera and Best Script categories.

    Even at its premiere in November last year, it was clear that the Penny commercial "The Wish" is more than just an advertising campaign. It is an emotional piece of contemporary history that hardly anyone can escape. This was also the opinion of the jurors of the German Advertising Film Award (DWP). Serviceplan's work is on the list of winners no less than four times this year.

    In the spot directed by Marcus Ibanez (Iconoclast Germany), which launched in November 2021, German retailer Penny highlights the social consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic for young people. The film gained 4 million organic views on Youtube within a week of launching, and now has more than 17.3 million views.

    "What do you really want for Christmas?" To her teenage son's casual question, a mother in the PENNY Christmas film has an unexpected response. She wishes him, after almost two years of the pandemic, his youth back - with everything that goes wih it. The idea and concept of the film with the highly topical message originates from the lead agency Serviceplan Campaign in Munich.

    Alexander Schill, Global CCO, Serviceplan Group commented : ‘What an honour for Penny ‘The Wish’ to be recognised by the Deutsche Werbefimakademie with 4 gold awards. The film really struck a chord with viewers in Germany and around the world, because of the way it so sensitively treats the effect the Covid-19 pandemic had on young people. This is proof that great craft and a sensitive narrative can transcend advertising and stir the emotions.’

    The trophy of the German Advertising Film Award is known as "Hatto", in honour of Hatto Kurtenbach, founder of the former event "vdw award". 

    2022-03-29 00:00:00
    Putting People at the Centre: New Issue of TWELVE Magazine to be Accompanied by Podcast Launch Despite all our technological progress, the human factor remains a crucial and irreplaceable driving force of innovation and continued development. What this means for companies, their brands and communication is explored in the eighth issue of TWELVE, Serviceplan Group’s annual magazine for brands, media and communication. It presents interesting articles by guest authors such as entrepreneur Tijen Onaran and medical ethicist Professor Alena Buyx, on the new issue’s theme of “A human-driven future: How humans are shaping the digital world of tomorrow”.


    For the first time, the topics featured in the print issue of TWELVE magazine will be explored in depth in the TWELVE CAST – Serviceplan Group’s new podcast with fascinating guests, which launches today on 23 March.


    The multi-award-winning TWELVE magazine is already on its eighth issue. This edition explores the latest mega-trends which currently have the biggest impact on society, what role humans and their needs play in this, and what it all means for companies and their brands. In the past year, digitalisation has fundamentally shaped our existence – and made our daily lives tangibly easier.


    Yet despite our technological progress, humankind and its need for physical experiences and real-world interaction continues to be a fundamental driver of progress and continued development. Based on this insight, the guiding theme of this year’s edition of TWELVE is “A human-driven future: How humans are shaping the digital world of tomorrow”.


    With the human factor taking centre stage, the new issue of TWELVE – in the form of a coffee-table magazine – explores the inspiring players, developments and insights that have helped to shape the Serviceplan Group in the past year.


    Prestigious external guest authors who contributed to the current issue in addition to the Serviceplan Group experts include: medical ethicist Professor Alena Buyx; CEO s.Oliver Claus-Dietrich LahrsFabrizio Campanella, Global Chief Marketing Officer De’Longhi; best-selling author Tim Leberecht; customer centricity expert Nancy RademakerMatthias Dang and Stephan Schäfer, Co-CEOs of RTL Germany; psychologist and best-selling author Dr Joseph A. Michelli; political scientist Dr Emilia RoigSister Rosa Maria Dick, Superior General of the Sisters of Mercy, St Vincent de Paul; Stefan Hoechter, Member of the Advisory Board and Managing Director of Adelholzener Alpenquellen; entrepreneur Tijen Onaran; painter Markus Lüpertz; and singer Joy Denalane.


    TWELVE CAST launches on 23 March


    In order to explore the themes and theories of the print edition in greater depth, the agency group is launching the brand-new TWELVE CAST, where it welcomes fascinating guests – including guest authors from the TWELVE magazine – and experts from the House of Communication. The Serviceplan Group podcast launches today on 23 March. In the first episode, dedicated to the topic of “New Work”, Raphael Gielgen, Future of Work Life & Learn at Vitra, and Dennis Pfisterer, Managing Partner Saint Elmo’s Brandspace, are guests on the podcast. Host of the new format is Benjamin Majeron, Head of Digital at Serviceplan PR & Content. TWELVE CAST is available on all common podcast platforms including Spotify, Deezer, Amazon Music and Apple Podcast.


    No TWELVE without art


    This year, the magazine’s guiding theme is once again reflected in its artistic design. Famed for his iconic wooden sculptures, the internationally successful artist Stephan Balkenhol has made the human form the subject of his life’s work. For the brand-new TWELVE edition, he has created an exclusive artwork of twelve wooden portrait reliefs. Each portrait shows a colleague of the Serviceplan Group and introduces one of the twelve chapters comprising the magazine, as a year is comprised of twelve months.


    These 12 individuals were selected by the artist regardless of their age, gender, ethnicity or length of employment at or position within the agency. Together, they represent the diversity of personalities that make the agency group so special. From summer 2022 onwards, these portraits will be exhibited in the new House of Communication in Munich as an homage to the Serviceplan Group colleagues.


    Florian Haller, CEO Serviceplan Group, comments: “When it comes to innovation, people are still the measure of all things! For this reason, the current issue of TWELVE is dedicated to humankind and our emotions, desires, fantasies and unpredictability. With its unique artistic design courtesy of Stephan Balkenhol and exciting articles from our authors, our eighth edition helps inspire people to take account of the human factor – whether it’s in their corporate strategy, brand management or communication. I am proud that with TWELVE CAST we have brought a podcast series to life, which will allow us to introduce our exciting topics to a wider audience.” 


    You can find all the information on the new TWELVE CAST here. (German Content) 


    The current TWELVE ePaper is available here.

    2022-03-23 00:00:00
    Serviceplan Middle East Named Independent Agency of the Year at Dubai Lynx

    In a ceremony at the Dubai Opera House Serviceplan Middle East also collect 2 Gold, 3 Silver and 4 Bronze Awards.

    The Dubai Lynx International Festival of Creativity has revealed this year’s winners at its first live Awards Ceremony since 2019. Serviceplan Middle East were named Independent Agency of the Year during a ceremony at the Dubai Opera House.

    As well as the Independent Agency of the Year accolade, Serviceplan Middle East also collected 2 Gold, 3 Silver and 4 Bronze awards. The winning campaigns were; MINI – Minimalism; BMW - Museum of Sound; Dubai Science Park - Hostages of Depression; Dubai Design District - Distant Neighbours; and Al Etihad - Majd & the Librarian.

    The breakdown of the awards is as follows; 1 Gold for MINI Minimalism and 1 Gold for BMW - Museum of Sound; 1 Silver for MINI – Minimalism, and 2 Silver for BMW - Museum of Sound; 1 Bronze for Dubai Science Park - Hostages of Depression, 1 Bronze for Al Etihad credit bureau - Majd & the Librarian, 1 Bronze for Dubai Design District - Distant Neighbours; and 1 Bronze for BMW – Museum of Sound.

    Akhilesh Bhagri, CCO, Serviceplan Middle East and Natalie Shardan, Managing Director, Serviceplan Middle East, commented: “Last night was a celebration of the continuous trust that our clients have in us, our agency culture, and most importantly the great people of Serviceplan Middle East and the great work that they made happen. We are very proud and humbled by this award.”

    Rami Hmadeh, Managing Partner, Serviceplan Experience, commented: “This is an outstanding achievement and a major milestone for our House of Communication. It comes as a testament to the great work that our brilliant team have been crafting for our clients and partners…all under and thanks to the leadership of Akhilesh Bagri. Proud to be in company of such a creative mastermind and surrounded by such a talented team. To many more accolades to be celebrated with this awesome bunch!”

    Jason Romeyko, Worldwide Executive Creative Director, Serviceplan Group, added: “A wonderful testament to ÜberCreativity, this is an example of that magic that happens when all aspects of the House Of Communication Middle East come together. Plaudits to the entire team. Thank you to the clients for their trust, belief and business. This is a dream come true.”

    Azhar Siddiqui, Managing Partner, Mediaplus Middle East, said: "Being recognized as the Independent Agency of the Year is proof of our Übercreativity at work! This is especially important, because as an integrated agency we infuse creativity across all disciplines of communication to produce work that is not only impactful but also effective for our client partners. I could not be more proud to be part of such an amazing team!"

    Dubai Lynx is MENA's premier festival of creativity, bringing MENA’s creative communications industry together to learn, network and celebrate the power of creativity. 

    2022-03-18 00:00:00
    Val Venosta Celebrates Fruit Grower's Day with ‘The Exchange’, where a Spanish Influencer and a Greengrocer from Madrid Switch Roles for the Day The influencer and fruit seller exchanged roles in unique campaign from Serviceplan Spain for The Association of Fruit and Vegetable Producers of Val Venosta (Vip)

    Serviceplan Spain launched a campaign for The Association of Fruit and Vegetable Producers of Val Venosta (Vip) during the week of the Patron Saint of Santa Dorotea in Spain on "El Día del Frutero" (the day of Fruit). The initiative took the form of a mini reality show, with singer and influencer Natalia Rodríguez and Greengrocer Felix Vázquez exchanging roles for a day.  The campaign is designed to support Spanish small businesses and introduce local businesses to the digital world, whilst making the next generation aware of the importance of neighbourhood greengrocers.

    With The Exchange, the Vip pays tribute to fruit and vegetable producers in Val Venosta with an exchange of roles between Natalia Rodríguez – the famous Spanish singer who starred in Operación Triunfo 1 – and Felix Vázquez, a greengrocer who has been in charge of one of the most famous greengrocers in Madrid for 50 years.

    Emilio Valverde, Executive Creative Director, Serviceplan Spain says of the campaign: The striking thing about this idea is to mix two worlds so far apart. It's a lot of fun to see an influencer working as a greengrocer, but so is the opposite. The result is pure entertainment.”


    For the last seven years, El Paraíso de las Manzanas has been promoting experiential actions to celebrate Fruit Growers' Day and give visibility to one of the most traditional professions, supporting and thanking Spanish fruit growers for their work. This year it wanted to bring the initiative to the most trusted stores, to give visibility to local commerce and bring it closer to the new generations, because it is increasingly becoming one of the most affected sectors for various reasons. Manzanas Val Venosta planned a role exchange for a day between greengrocer Felix Vázquez and singer/ influencer Natalia.

    Frutas Vázquez (@frutasvazquezjr), the fruit shop chosen for the meeting between the singer and greengrocer, is one of the most emblematic and central of Madrid. Founded in 1943 the shop has been managed by 3 generations of the same family. 

    Natalia Rodríguez (@nataliaoficial) has 217,000 followers and is known for taking part in the first edition of the RTVE program Operación Triunfo. Felix Vázquez represents the Spanish greengrocers by taking part in this initiative from Val Venosta, which once again reconfirms its commitment to the profession and local trade.

    The main objective of the campaign, in addition to thanking all Spanish greengrocers for their work, has been to bring this profession closer to young people through the digital tools provided by social networks. To do this, the singer and influencer Natalia, characterized by her healthy and sporty lifestyle, has provided tips to boost the fruit sales sector, promoting the sale of fruit and vegetables that represents 33.3% of the volume of food in Spain. Natalia’s involvement in the campaign promotes the greengrocers trend of eating more healthily. In return, greengrocer Felix Vázquez taught Natalia how to do his job for a day, in one of the most exotic greengrocers in Madrid.

    Due to the lack of generational replacement in the greengrocer profession, and lack of viability in recent years due to the rise of e-commerce and marketplaces, a lifelong profession is dying out. More than 50% of the fruit stores in the 46 markets in Madrid alone have closed, leaving less than half as many fruit shops in Spain as 30 years ago. According to DataComex, workers in the fruit and vegetable sector in Spain in 2021 will be around 38 million versus 42 million in 2015, decreasing exponentially every year.

    2020 Sales figures reported by the Spanish Federation of Food and Beverage Industries were approximately €9.71 billion. This represented a decrease of more than 320 million with respect to the turnover recorded by the industry during 2019.

    Another important cause affecting the sector is the usual diet of Spaniards. According to the 2021 Spanish National Survey of Dietary Intake (ENIDE), 56% of Spaniards do not eat fruit and vegetable on a daily basis.  The Val Venosta campaign encourages greengrocers to provide information and education on the benefits of eating fruit and vegetables, and uses social networks to spread the message. 

    Natalia Rodríguez commented: "I was delighted to participate in the initiative of Val Venosta and support small businesses, who deal closely with customers and value their work. It would be nice if young people were interested in this type of local and neighborhood business, for greengrocers are a business that should not be lost. Also, healthy living and good food has become a passion of mine that can be linked perfectly with social networks, and I encourage greengrocers to use their mobile phones to reach out to the digital audience, and not miss this opportunity to spread the word about their business and products."

    Felix Vazquez added : "Although I rely on word of mouth as the first weapon of communication in my profession, we need to inform the consumer about us, as there is a lack of information from vendors. I see it necessary to be able to communicate what are the seasonal products, how they should be eaten, and what are their health benefits. This Val Venosta initiative is a great way of starting to do things differently in terms of our communication. We need facilities in the market sector, so that young people want to be encouraged to work in the greengrocers of the future."

    2022-03-17 00:00:00
    Serviceplan Health is new Global Lead Agency for Weleda Weleda, producer of natural skincare, anthroposophical medicines, and integrative pharmaceuticals, has chosen Serviceplan Health as its new global lead agency. The specialised agency for health and wellbeing, based in Munich, was able to come out on top in a multi-stage, international selection process and took over the strategic and creative lead for the entire Weleda brand as well as campaigns in the natural cosmetics and pharma sectors.


    As the new global lead agency, Serviceplan Health has been responsible for global communication activities for the major brand Weleda since January 2022. The internationally established agency’s mandate also includes the conception and implementation of campaigns in the natural cosmetics and pharma sectors – globally, including the DACH region. The aim is to continue to strengthen Weleda’s position globally as the leading brand for complementary medicine and natural cosmetics.


    “Serviceplan Health impressed us in the pitch with a rigorous, creative interpretation of a very strong global brand strategy in a multi-local aligned campaign approach”, commented Eileen Smith, Global Brand Equity Head for Weleda, on the decision. “Mike Rogers and Florian Bernsdorf’s team didn’t just present outstanding strategic and creative approaches for the Weleda brand but convinced us with a unified, integrated and sustainable perspective on brand management. That is exactly what we have been looking for and have found with Serviceplan Health.”


    Florian Bernsdorf, Managing Partner of Serviceplan Health, expands: “We are very proud to be able to act as global lead agency for Weleda in the future. With this comprehensive and challenging task, we can fully exploit our strengths – both in global B2C and also B2B business – strategically, creatively and in an integrated way. This applies both to the health market and to the cosmetics and pharma sectors. We are especially pleased that, with Weleda, we can guide one of the top brands of our time. We see that as a great privilege.”

    2022-03-15 00:00:00
    Best Brands Awards Belgium 2022: The Ranking of Belgium’s Favourite Brands

    New category introduced of Best “Hybrid” Brands

    For the seventh consecutive year, the Best Brands Awards have recognised Belgium’s favourite brands in 21 different business sectors. This ranking was unveiled on 10th March at a gala event in Brussels celebrating the favourite brands of Belgians, which has become a not-to-be-missed event for marketing and communication professionals.

    Launched in Munich in 2004 by the Serviceplan communication agency and the GfK market research agency before expanding to other countries (China, France, Italy and Poland), the Best Brands Awards are today considered to be THE barometer of brand performance.

    Indeed, it is not the subjective opinion of a jury of professionals that dictates the choice of winners, but consumers themselves, based on two criteria: Share of Wallet, or economic success of a brand (market share, price premium or consumer first choice) and Share of Soul, or the attractiveness of the brand for consumers (brand awareness, brand image, experience, customer relationship and the potential for cross-selling).

    In Belgium, the ranking by Best Brands is based on an online survey carried out by GfK among 5,000 consumers representative of the national population. For this 7th edition, some 350 brands from 21 business sectors were evaluated and a new category made an appearance in the ranking: Best Hybrid Brands.



    The health crisis we have been experiencing for two years has permanently changed consumer behaviour. Our purchases are increasingly focused on our basic needs, we buy more consciously, more locally, and the successive lockdowns have boosted e-commerce, with no possibility of going back.

    That is why, this year, Serviceplan and GfK looked at a new trend: hybridity. A hybrid brand is a brand that successfully combines the virtual and real worlds by having, on the one hand, an effective touchpoints strategy (online and offline reach, the balance between online and offline activity, and quality of online and offline contacts) and, on the other hand, a relevant content strategy with a personalised seamless experience.

    The top 3 in this Best Hybrid Brand category is made up of Samsung, Colruyt and Coca-Cola.



    The names of all the winners were revealed during the Best Brands Awards gala event, which took place at Docks Dome on 10 March, in the presence of guests from the world of business, advertising and media, and which was broadcast live on social media:

    • Aveve  Best Pet & Hobby Retail Brand
    • Belfius Best Financial Services Brand
    • BMW   Best Automotive Brand
    • Bosch  Best Tools & Machines Brand
    • Coca-Cola                  Best Non-Alcoholic Drinks & Best Product Brand all sectors combined
    • Colruyt Best Retail Food Brand
    • Danone           Best Food Brand
    • Engie  Best Fuel & Energy Brand
    • Ethias  Best Insurances Brand
    • Gardena         Best Gardening Brand
    • Hewlett-Packard         Best IT Brand
    • Jupiler Best Beer Brand
    • Levis   Best Decoration & Renovation Brand
    • Martini Best Alcoholic Drinks Brand
    •          Best Retail Hi-Fi Electro Brand
    • Miele   Best Major Domestic Appliances Brand
    • Nivea  Best Beauty Products Brand
    • Philips Best Small Domestic Appliances Brand
    • Royal Canin    Best Pet Food Brand
    • Samsung        Best Consumer Electronics, Best Telecom and Best Hybrid Brand

    A certain number of brands confirm their leadership from one year to the next: this is the case, for example, for Coca-Cola, Samsung and Colruyt, but also for Aveve, Danone, HP, Jupiler, Martini, Miele, Philips and Royal Canin. The first three brands listed also picked up the “Best Product Scores”, all sectors combined, and Coca-Cola once again increased its “Share of Soul” this year.



    BMW dethroned Volkswagen from first place in the automotive category. BMW has increased its “Share of Soul” in particular by strengthening its brand awareness and creating a better experience with its consumers compared with last year.

    Belfius climbs from fourth to first place in the financial services sector. Compared with last year, the bank has managed to build stronger relationships with its customers, resulting in a higher “Share of Soul”.

    Another new winner this year: Ethias. The insurance company gained two places, moving from third to first. Although its “Share of Wallet” has decreased slightly compared to last year, Ethias has significantly increased its “Share of Soul”, in particular thanks to the improvement in the quality of experiences, which has enabled the company to establish a stronger relationship with its policyholders.

    This year’s final new winner is in the retail hi-fi electro category thanks to a higher “Share of Soul” than its competitors. has become the number one hi-fi electro retailer of Belgians due to an exceptional brand experience.



    Among the brands that made the greatest progress between 2021 and 2022, we can also highlight Hill’s in the pet food sector, Aperol, Axa and L’Oréal.



    The results of the 2022 Best Brands Awards confirm it: more than ever, building strong brands means establishing lasting authentic relationships with consumers. Without such a vision, many brands are destined to disappear without any marketing campaign being able to save them. With the increasingly marked fragmentation of the media landscape and the growing rejection of irrelevant advertising, it is important to listen to consumers and offer them a coherent brand experience via all touchpoints with the brand. Of course, the Best Brands study offers a unique opportunity to gain an even better understanding of the current and future expectations of these increasingly demanding consumers.


    To find out more visit the website

    2022-03-15 00:00:00
    UN Women and Serviceplan partner to promote gender equality in the Arabic language Arabic is a grammatically gendered language. However, the male case is often used by default, even in job advertisements that are in fact aimed at all jobseekers. In order to raise awareness on the importance of gender inclusiveness in communication, particularly in the world of work, UN Women and creative agency Serviceplan Health & Life are partnering in an advocacy campaign proposing a new Arabic character: the “All-Genders Sign” which makes it possible to include everyone. The campaign is launching today on the occasion of International Women’s Day.

    UN Women Regional Office for the Arab States and Serviceplan Health & Life are partnering in an innovative campaign to increase awareness on gender equality and women’s empowerment, particularly in the world of work. The campaign proposes a new Arabic character: The “All-Genders Sign” which makes it possible to include everyone and illustrates the importance of including all individuals in how we communicate to design and lead a workplace for success.

    The use of the “All-Genders Sign” in a series of mock job advertisements highlights that both women and men bring talents and expertise that benefit the workplace. The aim is to sensitise companies to the use of gender-inclusive language and to make gender equality visible in their job advertisements as well. Developed with an Arabic linguist, the “All-Genders Sign” is designed to prompt thought around how our use of inclusive language can lead to greater inclusion everywhere, and particularly in the workplace. The sign is part of a new font developed for the campaign and can be used free of charge.

    Launched today to mark International Women’s Day, the campaign will be publicised in Arabic daily newspapers, on the UN Women Arab States website and social media channels:

    The images for the campaign, which is based around the slogan “Gender equality in the workplace begins with a job advertisement”, are designed to appear as actual job advertisements, including the All-Genders Sign. The accompanying text will inform recipients about the new character and prompt them to download and use the All-Genders Sign. The campaign was developed by Serviceplan Health & Life and implemented in collaboration with Serviceplan Middle East.

    “UN Women recognizes that language is a powerful tool and has a critical role to play in fighting gender bias and promoting gender-inclusiveness in all contexts and at all times. We commend Serviceplan for highlighting the often-neglected nuances and raising awareness with this campaign to enhance the usage of gender-inclusive language that values all individuals equally, and which helps to end harmful gender stereotypes, particularly in the world of work.” says Susanne Mikhail Eldhagen, UN Women Regional Director for the Arab States.

    “Our aim was to develop an easily comprehensible character that can be simply integrated into Arabic script. We are proud to promote this important issue together with UN Women and hope that, with the development of this small typographical symbol, we can have a major impact on Arabic-speaking society.” states Matthias Jester-Pfad, Creative Director at Serviceplan Health & Life.



    2022-03-08 00:00:00
    Luca Conte Appointed Executive Director Strategy & CX at House of Communication Vienna As award-winning strategic planner Luca Conte joins the team, the House of Communication Vienna also announce formation of new planning department


    Photo copyright Julie Brass 


    The House of Communication Vienna brings Luca Conte, an internationally renowned and award-winning strategic planner, into the team.

    London, Milan, Rome, Berlin, Hamburg, Zurich, Geneva...and now Vienna. After a 12 year career in the international advertising industry, Luca Conte is returning to Austria to contribute his know-how to the Serviceplan Group, both for the Vienna House of Communication and Serviceplan International.


    The sociology graduate and Strategie Austria founder has gained experience in the course of his career at Saatchi & Saatchi, Publicis, Leo Burnett, Spark Foundry and DDB, among others. He most recently worked for Publicis OneTouch as Global Planning Lead on NIVEA Men. With 15 Cannes Lions, 47 Euro Effie Awards, two IPA Effectiveness Awards and many more awards under his belt, he now wants to continue his successful career with Serviceplan Group in Vienna and internationally.


    A planning department is also being set up, which will work across the board for clients in the House of Communication Vienna, as well as internationally. The first addition to the team is Sarah Nemec, who has been working as a Customer Experience Strategist since January 1, 2022. In addition, Lukas Bauernberger as Director Digital & Social Strategy and Andreas Lauk, Senior Creative Strategist from Berlin complement the new strategy unit on selected clients.


    Markus Mazuran, Managing Partner, House of Communication Vienna, commented:

    "We are delighted to have Luca join us and are sure that he can help us to expand and further professionalize the group's strategy expertise. Serviceplan Group understands that the interplay of innovation, technology and different creative competencies provide the best answers to the transformation many companies are facing. I am excited to contribute to enhance brands of our clients in Austria and other markets and create unique experiences," said Luca Conte.”

    2022-02-24 00:00:00
    Serviceplan Middle East teams up with Dubai Science Park to Raise Awareness about Depression Campaign ‘Hostages of Depression’ aims to wake people up from self-doubt


    Hypersomnia or oversleeping is one of the most telling signs of chronic depression. Due to the stigmas associated with mental health issues in the Middle East, over 66% of all cases go undiagnosed. Serviceplan Middle East collaborated with Dubai Science Park and Thrive Wellbeing Centre on this new print/outdoor campaign, to raise awareness on the subject and encourage people to seek help.


    The campaign is comprised of three beautifully crafted print ads for Dubai Science Park  and Thrive Wellbeing Centre that use simple but arresting visuals juxtaposed with a thought-provoking tagline, which succinctly capture the pain and suffering experienced by many people going through mental health issues. Jiawen Chen is the illustrator behind the poster artwork. 

    The insight behind the campaign was that depression is not your fault. When symptoms of depression are left undiagnosed, they can dig you deeper into self-doubt and push you further away from recovery. The approach of Serviceplan Middle East was to inform people that what they’re mistaking for flaws in themselves, could be symptoms of a common mental illness. WIth „Hostages of Depression“, they wanted to tell people to stop doubting themselves and know that it’s okay to seek help.

    Dubai Science Park, a community for healthcare businesses and professionals, briefed Serviceplan Middle East on the issues behind the campaign. Dubai Science Park are known in the Middle East region for fostering an environment that supports research, creativity, innovation, and passion, ensuring a supportive ecosystem for businesses to establish sustainable and positive change. Medical health is an important aspect for them, and they want to steadily progress this conversation. 

    Serviceplan Middle East  and Dubai Science Park partnered with Thrive Wellbeing Centre, a leading mental health clinic in the UAE, that believes in helping people accomplish their goals, developing a test.  

    The test was based on the Patient Health Questionnaire (PHQ-9), an easy to use test that is a self-administered version of the PRIME-MD diagnostic instrument for common mental disorders. It helps identify the frequency and severity of depression symptoms and helps people determine if they need professional help. The PHQ-9 test widely used to screen, diagnose, monitor, and measure depression.

    Oussama Founi Associate Creative Director,Serviceplan Middle East commented: 

    „To visually represent how undiagnosed depression can incapacitate you, we created 3 unique and striking visuals. Illustrated by hand and then coloured digitally using hues that evoke an emotional response. The feeling of being stuck in a vicious cycle of self-doubt was metaphorically represented using a bed.”

    2022-02-23 00:00:00
    Anna Vasilyeva To Head Up Mediaplus Group Russia as New CEO Vasilyeva joins Mediaplus Group Russia from  OMD DaVinci, where she was Managing Director


    Highly respected professional Anna Vasilyeva has been appointed new CEO of Mediaplus Group Russia. Vasilyeva previously held the position of OMD DaVinic at Omnicom.


    As the new CEO of Mediaplus Group, Anna Vasilyeva will be responsible for the development and implementation of the Group's comprehensive strategy, as well as for the development of productive interaction at the level of the international network and key clients. Vasilyeva  succeeds Andrey Chuvaev, who has departerd from the Mediaplus Group.


    Since 2002, Vasilyeva's career was associated with Omnicom agencies. She has led both offline and online activities as Managing Director of OMD DaVinci, Media Director of OMD AMS, Digital Director of Client Relations and Strategy of OMD Resolution.


    During twenty years of professional experience, Valsilyeva has proven her extensive expertise of the market and consumers, as well as the permanent developments of the media while serving large advertisers. Her in-depth knowledge of how to use the right tools and technologies helps clients increase the return on investment of their advertising spend.


    Oleg Volkosh, President of Mediaplus Group Russia commented:


    “Our Serviceplan and Mediaplus group in Russia is now going through a period of business growth, and the process of integrating all the group's communication agencies into one holding of integrated communications - House of Communication. I am glad that Anna Vasilyeva joined us at this time both for the development of the Mediaplus Group, and for successful integration within our House of Communication.”


    Anna Vasilieva, CEO of Mediaplus Group Russia added:


    “By joining the Mediaplus Group team at a time of ongoing changes, I am happy to bring my experience as an expert and system manager. I am inspired by the dynamic interaction and exchange of ideas with international teams. Furthermore, the idea of integrated communications in all environments, which is part of the Group's DNA, is close to me.”


    Matthias Brüll,  Global CEO Mediaplus Group said:


    “Russia is an extremely important market for us, and we see a lot of potential for it as part of our international expansion. We are delighted to have found such an outstanding leader for the Russian advertising market in Anna Valsilyeva.”

    2022-02-21 00:00:00
    O2 and Serviceplan Bubble Create Campaign ‘For Every Home’ Following on from the innovative ‘The Visible Net’ campaign, when O2 and Serviceplan Bubble made O2's 5G network visible, the new ‘For Every Home’ campaign focuses on O2's Internet@Home fixed network offer: For this purpose, O2 and Serviceplan Bubble created ‘Every Home’, which combines the typical cross-section of German homes in one building. In ‘Every Home’, O2 provides the right Internet service to meet the needs of different residents.

    The large-scale campaign under the motto ‘Home internet. For every home , includes a TV spot that can be seen immediately on all major channels and is accompanied by print, OOH, online, social media ads and a  longer-form film shown in German cinemas.


    Whether Bauhaus aesthetic, retro-chic, family flat or one-room flat, different personal interiors styles and ways of living are represented in ‘Every Home’, a fictional apartment building, where Gen Z and Boomers, gamers and Yogis can be found in their homes engaged in activities made possible by O2’s high-speed internet. 

    We are invited into the habitats of the building’s residents from the point of view of a Pizza delivery person, who has to visit several apartments before finding ‘Alex’ and delivering their pizza. We see the very different ways in which residents of different ages and demographics use the internet: people are depicted in their home environments streaming, working, dancing to online radio with smart speakers, uploading videos and much more, demonstrating how everything is possible with O2's high-speed internet.

    The beautifully crafted film was directed by Rodrigo Saavedra out of Rekorder, with DOP Benjamin Todd and 3D production by Sehsucht Munich. The eye-catching sets were designed to give an insight into different apartments, in a Wes Anderson-style fly on the wall style. Watch here:

    Leif Johannsen and Patrick Matthiensen, Managing Partners Creation at Serviceplan Bubble, added: “In order to communicate our message as simply and memorably as possible, we have developed the ‘Every Home’: a house in which we stage scenarios of different types of internet usage in different dwellings.”

    Michael Falkensteiner, Director Brand & Marketing Communications O / Telefónica Deutschland, explains: "With our network campaign we have successfully positioned O2 as a mobile provider with a very good network.

    But at the same time, O2 has the largest home internet availability in Germany and is the first German provider to offer a fixed network tariff for all technologies. Therefore, we also want to make O2 a well-known and popular brand for fixed network offers and significantly increase the perception of our Internet@Home products. We want the O2 brand to be firmly anchored in the minds of consumers when they think of fixed network."

    2022-02-14 00:00:00
    Serviceplan Germany Taps Highly-awarded creative Till Diestel for Chief Creative Officer Role Till Diestel, currently Chief Creative Officer at BBDO Germany, and one of the most awarded German creatives, will be appointed Chief Creative Officer Germany at Serviceplan, starting from 1 June 2022. He will take over from Matthias Harbeck, who is moving to Saint Elmo’s Group in a newly created position of Chief Creative Officer.

    Till Diestel will assume the role of Creative Lead of the Serviceplan agencies in Germany. With his extensive and international experience, he will work on the agencies’ strategic development and lead client mandates across several countries. As a managing partner, he will join spokesperson Vincent Schmidlin, CSO Stefanie Kuhnhen and CFO Holger Scharnofske in leading the holding company for all the agencies acting under the Serviceplan label in Germany. Till Diestel will report directly to Serviceplan Group Global CCO Alexander Schill, who is responsible for the creative performance of the entire Serviceplan Group in a total of 34 countries worldwide.

    Photograph left to right: Alexander Schill, Till Diestel 


    Serviceplan Group Global CCO Alexander Schill commented: “With Till Diestel, we were able to win one of Germany’s most renowned creatives. Hardly anyone else represents creative excellence like he does and stands for a consistently collaborative way of working at the same time. I cannot think of anyone who would fit into the team better than Till.”

    Till Diestel adds: “Serviceplan is one of the most innovative agency groups in Europe, with an impressive integrative strength. I am very happy to return to where I once started, bringing back the experience I gained outside Serviceplan Group. I am looking forward to contribute to Serviceplan being a magnet for creative talents, and to further developing the areas of Craft and Excellence in the future.”

    Till Diestel will take over from Matthias Harbeck, who will be moving to the newly created position of Chief Creative Officer of Saint Elmo’s Group, which is part of the Serviceplan Group. Alongside CEO Stefan Schütte he will strengthen the impact of creation at holding company level and further expand the creative services.

    Alexander Schill says of Matthias Harbeck’s new role: “I am very pleased that Matthias, an absolute top creative, will strengthen the Saint Elmo’s Group with the newly created position of Chief Creative Officer.”

    Till Diestel has already worked for Serviceplan in Hamburg from 2006 to 2014 – reaching the level of Executive Creative Director during his time there. He then moved to Adam & Eve DDB / London, one of the most renowned international creative agencies, where he developed prominent campaigns such as H&M Come Together, the John Lewis Christmas campaign, and the Skittles Romance Super Bowl ad. In 2018, after three years in London, Diestel joined BBDO Berlin as a Managing Director. In 2019 he was appointed Chief Creative Officer of BBDO Berlin, a role which involved responsibility for the entire creative output of BBDO Group Germany for clients including WhatsApp, WWF and Ford, and led BBDO to the top of the creative rankings in Germany for the first time. Convinced that advertising should be a part of popular culture, Till Diestel won over 800 creative awards in total, including several Grand Prix at Eurobest and Cannes Lions.

    2022-01-27 00:00:00
    House of Communication Vienna on Course for Growth: Wien Nord Serviceplan Forges a Path for the Future with New Management Board The Austrian agency Wien Nord Serviceplan, part of the House of Communication Vienna, has initiated some changes at managerial level: the two agency founders Eduard Böhler and Edmund Hochleitner are restructuring the divisions with the introduction of a management board, and are leaving the agency themselves at the start of the year as planned. Marion Janda and Christian Hellinger are to join the management board.

    Vienna, 24 January 2022 – The two founders of Wien Nord, Eduard Böhler and Edmund Hochleitner, have developed their company located on Gumpendorferstraße into one of the most well-known agencies in Austria and, following the merger with the Serviceplan Group in 2020, they jointly supervised the successful integration process over the course of two years. Böhler and Hochleitner have gradually been handing over their agendas since the start of the year, at the same time as restructuring the management of the agency, which has now grown to a staff of 50.

    For the Munich-based Serviceplan Group, this realignment represents a milestone in its internationalisation strategy, which will further utilise the huge potential of the integrated structure within the House of Communication in the future.


    Pictured from left to right;  Christian Hellinger, Photograph ®Lukas Jahn

    Markus NoderManaging Partner Serviceplan International, sums up these developments: “The continuous growth experienced by the House of Communication Vienna demonstrates that our integrated service offering is very well received on the Austrian market. I am extremely pleased at the prospect of further developing our vision of being Austrian’s leading agency in collaboration with our Austrian colleagues.”

    management board was set up within the Austrian House of Communication, active as of 1 January 2022, whose members represent the agency’s different divisions;

    Christian Hellinger (36), an agency partner since 2019, has been part of the team for over nine years and will now serve on the management board in his role as Creative Director. Along with carrying the ultimate responsibility for individual agency clients and new business, he is overseeing the organisation of all creative-development tasks and the international creative dialogue with the Serviceplan Group.

    Marion Janda (44), employed at the agency as Client Service Director since 2018, will represent the Consulting division as its new director. Thanks to her many years of experience in client relations at various agencies, she will now not only assume overall responsibility for client services, but also further optimise such areas as the collaboration with the other agencies in the House of Communication Vienna.

    Daniela Gullner (31), who has been with Serviceplan for over four years, is following Marion Janda in her role as new Client Service Director, and will represent the Consulting division on the management board. As an experienced account director, she will continue to be responsible for key clients, while also assuming overall HR responsibility for all internal consultants.

    Stefan Kopinits (36), Creative Director and a Serviceplan employee for over five years, will represent the Creative division on the management board. Along with recruiting creative talent and overseeing award management activities, he will organise internal creative formats and workshops in order to further raise the agency’s creative standard.

    Together with Eduard Böhler and Edmund Hochleitner, Andreas Lierzer will also be leaving the company in order to seek fresh challenges after 30 years in the industry. The Austrian group holding will continue to be managed by Markus Mazuran, who will also carry on serving as the Managing Director of Wien Nord Serviceplan, Plan.Net Austria and Now Serviceplan.

    This restructuring not only reflects the growth of Wien Nord Serviceplan, but also creates important structural conditions for the further development of the House of Communication which, in addition to the advertising agency Wien Nord Serviceplan, also includes the agencies Now Serviceplan (brand partnerships and collaborations), Plan.Net (digital and technology) and Mediaplus (media strategy, planning and purchasing).

    With just under 100 employees, the House of Communication Vienna is one of the biggest and most highly-decorated agency groups in Austria.

    2022-01-25 00:00:00
    Best Brands Italy 2022: "The Actions of Emotion" "The Actions of Emotion" drive Brands Serviceplan Group Italy and GfK Italy team up again for 7th edition of the traditional Best Brands Italy Gala, on March 31st 2022.

    During the Best Brands Italy ceremony, Italy’s strongest brands, according to an annual study of 5,000 people, will be unveiled.

    The seventh edition of Best Brands Italy looks to the future: the ranking, which brings together the elite of Italian brands, will pay particular attention this year to the role of emotions, an empathic force that enables consumer choices and an increasingly important element ​​that characterizes the identity of brands.

    During the press conference that was held today at 11.00 in the UPA headquarters in Milan, Giovanni Ghelardi CEO at Serviceplan Group Italy and Enzo Frasio President at GfK Italy presented the topics and announced the main news of the prestigious survey, which is in its seventh edition in 2022. 

    Serviceplan Group Italy CEO Giovanni Ghelardi commented: “Brands today are confronted with a more evolved consumer, sensitive to the core values that the Brands are able to build. Emotions play a central role in recognizing this system of values ​​and reward brands that communicate consistently, enabling recognition by the public."

    During the Best Brands Italy Gala in Milan on 31 March, GfK and Serviceplan Italia - flanked by the historical partners Rai Pubblicità, 24ORE System, IGP Decaux and ADC Group, under the patronage of UPA - will present the results of the research during an event that will follow the format of previoius years; Research, Rankings, Innovation Award and Gala Evening.


    The cross-sectional study conducted by GfK compares economic data with the point of view of people, collected through about 15,000 brand evaluations. This particular methodology allow the combination of qualitative and quantitative elements, guaranteeing the scientificity of the final results thanks to an algorithm developed almost twenty years ago by GfK and Serviceplan.

    The results obtained over the years, in the countries where the Best Brands ranking is active (in addition to Italy, Belgium, France, Russia, China, Germany, Poland), have confirmed the validity of the study, which returns a snapshot of the performance of the brands.

    The Rankings

    The prestige of Best Brands also arises from the ability to anticipate market scenarios, intercepting current trends with an eye to the future. With this in mind, important innovations are introduced every year to present a study that can provide food for thought and stimuli to the sector. For this reason, the new Best Phygital Brand was added to the traditional Best Product Brand, Best Growth Brand and Best Sustainability Brand in 2022.

    In challenging times of very rapid innovations, the pandemic has led to an important acceleration of the processes already underway towards omnichannel.

    Enzo Frasio, President of GfK Italia, highlights how “In particular, from the GfK research, the most loved Best Brands stand out for their ability to understand ‘New Needs’ better and earlier, and to decline them in proposals that are not just about purchase and consumption. The Best Brands are appreciated because they possess the intelligence of the Momentum, and the ability to make the brand value up to date. They are key players in the social and environmental transition, able to grasp the new pandemic and post-pandemic styles ".


    Lorenzo Sassoli de’ Bianchi, Presidente UPA underlines how the future belongs: "to the brands capable of building a brand reputation aimed at innovation and well-being. The changes we have experienced and which - in some respects - are still underway require ever more careful and one-to-one communication with the consumer. UPA looks carefully at the results of the Best Brands research, in order to offer food for thought to its members, and to pool the efforts for advanced advertising communication across all platforms and publishing offers."


    Innovation Award

    An important moment during the gala evening is dedicated to the Innovation Award, which rewards the Brand that has distinguished itself for an ability to innovate, with a cheque for 100,000 Euros in advertising space.

    The 2022 edition of the Innovation Award will celebrate Weschool, the DAD-Distance Learning platform that has already retained almost 250,000 professors and over 2 million students, allowing them to continue their lessons even during the difficult period of the pandemic.

    During the award ceremony, space will be given to the story of the winning reality: Weschool succeeds the successful case histories awarded in previous editions, joining the previous award-winners made up of Airbnb, Shazam, Andrea Bocelli Foundation, Satispay and Treedom.



    Best Brands Gala evening


    On March 31st, from 7.00 pm to 8.15 pm, at RAI studios in via Mecenate, Milan, Filippa Lagerbäck will present the evening alongside Giovanni Ghelardi, CEO Serviceplan Group Italia, Enzo Frasio, President of GfK Italia, Lorenzo Sassoli de 'Bianchi, President UPA, Gian Paolo Tagliavia, CEO Rai Pubblicità, Giovanni Uboldi, General Manager IGP Decaux, Federico Silvestri, Managing Director 24Ore System and Salvatore Sagone, Director and Founder of ADVExpress.


    The Best Brands Gala is awaited with growing interest by the elite of Italian entrepreneurship and top management, because it is the only occasion when the top ten in each category is revealed.

    Also in 2022, Best Brands proposes itself as the reference event for Brands operating in Italy, which are celebrated during a prestigious occasion.

    For more information go to:

    2022-01-20 00:00:00
    Mediaplus Names Two Top Executives to Head Operations in The Americas New leadership team sees the appointment of Tamara Alesi as Chief Client Officer and Jasmine Presson as Chief Strategy Officer, who  will drive global expansion of Mediaplus Group

    Mediaplus, the largest independent and partner-managed media agency in Europe, today took a major step in its plans to evolve and expand global operations by naming two key executives to lead the agency into its next level of growth in the Americas.


    The agency announced that, effective immediately, Tamara Alesi assumes the newly created role of Chief Client Officer, while Jasmine Presson is appointed as Chief Strategy Officer. The announcement of the new Mediaplus leadership team for the Americas was made by Matthias Brüll, Partner, Mediaplus who commented:


    “We are the largest partner-managed agency in Europe and, according to the RECMA Qualipack ranking, number one in terms of quality among the world's independents,” said Matthias Brüll. “The expansion of our operation in the Americas is a key pillar of the Mediaplus Growth strategy. With Tamara and Jasmine we have gained two senior leaders who will implement our philosophy of an integrated, transparent, automated and data-driven media strategy and planning hand in hand with our clients. Together we will succeed in attracting many new clients and talents.”


    Mediaplus is a subsidiary of the Serviceplan Group, Europe’s largest independent and partner-managed agency, headquartered in Munich with agencies in 23 locations. Under the US House of Communication umbrella sit the agencies Mediaplus, Serviceplan New York, and MODCO/ Mediaplus.


    In her new role as Mediaplus Americas Chief Client Officer, Tamara Alesi will spearhead the agency’s new business efforts and expand the Mediaplus team in the Americas.

    Positioning Mediaplus as the agency clients want to work with, and talent wants to work for, will be one of its key objectives, paving the way for sustainable growth and expansion. The growth of Mediaplus is also at the top of Jasmine Presson's agenda. In close cooperation with the agency's executive leadership, she is to further develop the agency's positioning and range of services. With new strategies and transparent processes, she is also expected to contribute to the growth of Mediaplus’s clients.


    Tamara Alesi: veteran media agency professional


    Alesi is a veteran media agency professional with more than 20 years of experience.  With a proven track record for growing business and solving clients’ problems, she has worked with world-renowned brands including Apple, HP, and L’Oréal. Previously in her career she served in senior management roles at leading media agencies including WPP’s MediaCom, Omnicom’s OMD and Publicis’s Zenith.


    As Chief Client Officer, Alesi will oversee client teams, providing thought leadership, strategic guidance, and a platform for dynamic, award-winning work. She will champion the company’s vision as it evolves to employees, clients, prospects, and the industry at large. She is charged with structuring a proven operating model leading to increased productivity, profitability and client satisfaction. In so doing, she will lead, manage and ensure the profitable growth of the business by setting strategy and delivering results. Key components of this will include maintaining top-level, strategic relationships and helping inspire clients as Mediaplus transforms their businesses with on collaborative growth plans.


    “I’m delighted to be joining Mediaplus during this exciting time of expansion,” said Alesi. “Advertisers are desperate for transparency, flexibility and performance. After a decade of consolidating with big holding companies, they are rejecting the bloat of fees, timelines, and opaque media plans. As a full-service media agency, we can provide the flexibility of a boutique with the spine of a giant.”


    Jasmine Presson: former “Mathlete” and Opera singer


    Before joining Mediaplus, Presson worked most recently as a freelance strategy and insights consultant. Previously in her career she worked in various roles at leading agencies including MediaCom (where she collaborated with Tamara Alesi on a portfolio of accounts including Revlon, Subway, Whole Foods Market and American Eagle Outfitters). As both a former “mathlete” and Opera singer, Presson draws on both sides of the brain to uncover business insights and human insights and build strategies creating brand growth for companies such as Johnson & Johnson, Anheuser-Busch, and Canon.


    As Chief Strategy Officer, Presson will lead the strategy and ideation process for key clients and new business pitches. She will establish strong relationships and rapport with clients, instilling confidence in the agency’s work and uncover consumer, competitive and culture insights, championing the voice of the consumer for clients. Other initiatives aligned to her include mentoring talent, training teams and nurturing curiosity, creativity and storytelling throughout the organization. By so doing, she will define and refine the Mediaplus business strategy and operating framework.


    “It’s an exciting time to build Mediaplus in the Americas,” Presson said.  “From the breakneck speed of changing consumer behaviors to navigating back-to-office plans, we have an opportunity to create something that truly fits the times rather than retrofitting a behemoth for the new normal. At the same time, we will leverage the impressive tools and network that Mediaplus has established internationally. It’s the best of both worlds for our clients and our team.”

    2022-01-17 00:00:00