Press Releases - Serviceplan Group - Serviceplan Group Press Releases at en-us Copyright 2021 Serviceplan Group’s Worldwide ECD Jason Romeyko Joins Golden Drum Hall of Fame Serviceplan placed 5th in Network of the Year ranking and Serviceplan Russia ranked 2nd among Russian networks

The 27th Golden Drum festival announced winners in a live online ceremony on Friday 15 October with Serviceplan Group’s Worldwide ECD Jason Romeyko joining the prestigious Hall of Fame. Serviceplan Group took 5th place as Network of the Year.

Serviceplan Russia enjoyed great success at the ceremony, winning 1 Gold, 1 Silver and 2 bronze awards for Miele ‘Laundry Records’, and being ranked 2nd among Russian networks. Serviceplan Russia Executive Creative Director Evgenia Arabkina was ranked in the top 10 Creative Directors of the Year, and Miele featured in the Grand Prix for brands. Gong Poland/ Group One Serviceplan collected a bronze for Netflix ‘The Art of Stealing’, and Serviceplan Austria won a bronze for ‘Unrating Art’ for the Vienna Tourist Board.

Jason Romeyko, Worldwide Executive Creative Director of Serviceplan Group became the newest member of the Golden Drum Hall of Fame, a selected group of visionaries and dreamers who have fought courageously and passionately for the progress of the creative industry.

Jason Romeyko, Worldwide Executive Creative Director, Serviceplan Group commented: “Golden Drum is one of the leading world festivals featured in the WARC ranking, and I have been a supporter of this festival for many years. The work is always interesting and astounding. So I am hugely honoured to be included in the Golden Drum Hall of Fame, and proud of Serviceplan Group on taking 5th place as Network of the Year. The success of our Russian agency at Golden Drum and the recognition of Evgenia Arakbina who is featured in the Creative Director of the Year Top 10, as well as awards for our agencies in Poland and Austria, demonstrates the growing strength of Serviceplan Group in New Europe.”

Evgenia Arabkina, Executive Creative Director, Serviceplan Russia added: “Laundry Records by Miele is one of the game-changing projects in the category. The idea to make a recording studio inside a laundry led to creating a lot of unique content, showing that there is no genre or limitations even for domestic appliances advertising, and that the product can really be a hero. This project has already won gold prizes at other festivals, and we are very proud to see it among the main winners of such a legendary festival as Golden Drum.”

The 27th Golden Drum has not only raised the support of the creative world but also of the brands that continue to invest in the creative field of the business. After a year of pause, due to the global pandemic, the festival returned with a 25% increase in entries in the renewed festival competition.

The juries’ shortlisted 271 entries and altogether granted 46 Bronze Drum, 41 Silver Drum, 30 Golden Drum, and 14 Grand Prix across various groups and categories. Award-winners received the new sustainable trophies made from environmentally friendly materials - natural and recycled elements.

The Golden Drum Festival was born in 1993 with a simple idea of bringing together creatives from different, back then often defined as New European countries. The festival to inspire and empower creative thinking and action for positive change in many different ways, shining a light on it through its competition and congress program. With the slogan Re:Start the Future Golden Drum is turning focus to fresh creativity that will energize coming generations – without forgetting we still belong to the same community, breathing as one. The Golden Drum Festival was chosen as one of the seven regional award shows included into WARC Rankings.

All awarded work can be seen at

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Serviceplan Group and Stagwell form strategic alliance to offer global clients scaled media and digital set-ups


Partnership with Stagwell deepens Serviceplan Groups footprint in North America

Serviceplan Group and Stagwell (NASDAQ: STGW) have formed a strategic alliance to serve international clients. Stagwell is now working hand in hand with Serviceplan’s media arm, Mediaplus Group. The two independent holdings will use their respective regional roots and strengths to cover and expand the market in North America, Europe and the Asia-Pacific region and offer their complementary services to a more diverse group of clients. The focus is on mutual support in the conception, planning and implementation of media strategies for global clients.

“This strategic alliance creates a solid alternative to the legacy holding companies that until now have been a marketer’s only option when they want global scale,” said Stagwell Chairman and CEO, Mark Penn. “Collaborating with Serviceplan enhances our ability to deliver integrated customer experiences and targeted media strategies tailored to local markets in Europe and Asia-Pacific.”

“Stagwell’s technology-first approach and deep expertise in media, creative and digital transformation are well-matched to our capabilities and pave the way for rapid growth, scaled solutions and deeper local market expertise,” said Serviceplan Group CEO, Florian Haller. “This strategic alliance positions both companies to deliver unmatched business results for our clients.”

This strategic alliance meaningfully expands both holding companies’ traditional media capabilities across Europe and NAM, and digital media capabilities globally:

Stagwell is the challenger holding company built to transform marketing. It is home to Stagwell Media Network, a group of leading multichannel agencies including Assembly, MMI Agency, Media Kitchen, and Grason, creative consultancy GALE, B2B specialist Multiview, and transcreation agency Locaria. SMN dynamically scales solutions spanning data, technology, media and creativity for global B2B and B2C companies, helping accelerate business growth. The network boasts more than 2500 experts across 20+ offices in 15 countries and manages close to $5 billion in media.
Serviceplan Group with its media agency Mediaplus is Europe’s largest independent agency group and the largest independent media buyer in the region, with a 60-40 investment across digital and linear channels. Home to more than 4,400 employees across 24 locations in 17 countries, Serviceplan’s “House of Communications” approach drives results for clients including BMW, De’Longhi, Lufthansa and Siemens Healthineers.
Together, Stagwell and Serviceplan Group will oversee $10 billion in media and provide clients a wide range of scaled complimentary services across global media, content, and digital transformation solutions. As part of the partnership, Serviceplan Group and its clients will be able to leverage Stagwell’s impressive portfolio of cutting-edge SaaS digital marketing products, including Koalifyed, CUE, PRophet, and Harris Brand Platform. Stagwell's cooperation with Mediaplus provides access to the largest independent buying network in Europe and a unique portfolio of AI-based media planning tools and instruments.

“With Serviceplan’s strong capabilities in local markets and the cross-border approach we both take, our globally combined 15,000 team members have exactly the right mix of digital and traditional media capabilities to drive greater results for our clients,” said Deirdre McGlashan, Chief Media Officer, Stagwell. “Intentionally architected as a strengths-based partnership, we remain autonomous entities yet still have a ‘1+1=3’ effect.”

“Today, companies operate transcontinental, so we also have to set up the strategy, planning and buying of media across all borders. With Stagwell, we have found our counterpart as an independent yet internationally active agency network on the other side of the Atlantic. Through the cooperation, we use the synergies from the cultural, geographical and service competencies of our organizations to build a strategic alliance for the benefit of our teams, our industry and our clients," adds Matthias Brüll, Chief Executive Officer, Mediaplus International.

To ring in the partnership, Stagwell and Serviceplan Group will launch a global thought leadership series with programming covering global market expansion, global media strategies, the trend towards the union of media and creativity and more. Additional details will be announced soon. 

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Serviceplan Most Awarded Agency at Cresta Awards 2021 Serviceplan Group took the biggest overall haul of awards of any agency worldwide with 5 Gold, 10 Silver and 9 Bronze awards in total.


Serviceplan Group of Munich took the biggest overall haul of awards of any agency, with 5 Gold, 10 Silver and 9 Bronze awards. 4 of those Golds went to an environmental campaign - ‘Meltdown Flags’ for the Meter Group, and overall work for 9 different clients was awarded.


The awarded campaigns were for the following clients; METER Group, Mountain Vision, MINI, Xbox, PENNY, O2, Newtown Action Alliance and Laut gegen Nazis.


Jason Romeyko, Worldwide Executive Creative Director, Serviceplan Group commented:

 “We are so grateful for a second amazing year of performance at Cresta. The 2021 result is made even more special by 9 different projects recognised across multiple categories. In some cases, it inspired collaboration from our global footprint to bring them to life demonstrating how ÜberCreativity bridges borders and cultures. None of this is possible without client partners and each individual inside every house of communication- no matter what your function. To you we say thank you.”


4 of the 5 Golds were won by ‘Meltdown Flags’ (in print & OOH, interactive poster; social, Global issue campaign; creative technology, creative use of data; and digital design. And

‘The Last Day Pass’ for Laax/ Mountain Vision won a Gold in vision / brand purpose.


2 of the 10 Silver awards were won by ‘MINImalism’ for MINI, in print & OOH, poster/billboard and print craft/ Craft. Meltdown Flags, METER Group won a silver in integrated, while the ‘Equality Controller’ for Xbox won 2 silver, 1 in social/ influencer campaigns and 1 in design, Packaging.


The #notcominghome campaign for Newtown Action Alliance won a silver in film craft, outstanding direction of a commercial, and a silver in Brand Purpose


‘The Last Day Pass’ Laax/Mountain Vision won a silver in Social, Global issue and ‘Imagine if everyone did that, PENNY won silver in moving Image, TV or Cinema Commercial over 60 seconds. Also awarded a silver was ‘The 5700 Euro phone. Germany´s most unfair offer’, O2 in Social, Short-form ephemeral content.


‘Meltdown Flags’ METER Group won 1 bronze in digital, campaign websites and micro-sites, and 1 bronze in digital design, website. ‘Love Crossings’, BILLY BOY won 1 bronze in Healthcare, Public awareness, and ‘The Last Day Pass’, Laax / Mountain Vision won 1 bronze in direct.


‘Say it loud. Make a difference’, Laut gegen Nazis won 5 bronze in total in the following categories; Print & OOH, Large format billboard poster; Social, Best use of TikTok; direct; integrated; and print craft/ outstanding copywriting.


Cresta President Alan Page commented: “We saw many terrific entries battling it out at the top of the judging this year. Despite this being after more than a year of the pandemic — or perhaps because of it — there’s a real range of fresh innovation and a great depth of feeling in so much of the work that has impressed the jury”.

The 2021 Cresta Global Top 50:

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"A HUMAN-DRIVEN FUTURE" – 17th Innovation Day in hybrid format puts people at the centre. "A HUMAN-DRIVEN FUTURE. How people are shaping the digital tomorrow". That was the motto of the 17th Innovation Day at the House of Communication in Munich. And in keeping with the central theme, the focus of the first hybrid industry event organized by the Serviceplan Group and its partners REPUBLIC, Ad Alliance and Salesforce was on people. In the process, the boundaries between live and digital blurred.


The physical and digital event worlds have long turned into one. This was also the case at the 17th Innovation Day, which the Serviceplan Group organized on 29 September together with its partners REPUBLIC, Ad Alliance and Salesforce. This year's keynote theme: "A HUMAN-DRIVEN FUTURE. How people are shaping the digital tomorrow" was put into practice by the organizers at the first-ever hybrid event. More than 400 board members, managing directors, brand managers and top international speakers from business, media and politics attended the Innovation Day partly digitally, partly live in the House of Communication, yet interacting with each other at all times. "In the last few months, we have had a digitalization push on all levels. But for all the discussions about data & tech and technological progress, one thing above all is now becoming apparent: at the end of the day, the focus is on people. The human factor as an essential and irreplaceable driver of innovation and further development is more important than ever," with these words Florian Haller, CEO Serviceplan Group, welcomed his guests.

In the meantime, we are at home in both worlds. The more than 130 guests on site at the event were able to feel at home in the home office corner in the House of Communication, for example. The more than 280 digital participants, on the other hand, experienced the event either from the perspective of an audience member equipped with a Go-Pro or were able to have their say directly on stage via the red telephone. A hybrid chat, in which guests from both worlds could participate, made the fusion perfect. In the other German Serviceplan Group locations – Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne and Bremen – guests also had the option of networking on-site at joint afterwork and lunch events. 

What drives people? Which megatrends are currently influencing society, brands and the economy? And how will people shape the digital tomorrow? These were the questions discussed by top international speakers in six thematic blocks: Politics, Diversity & Inclusion, Healthification, Hybrid Thinking in Retail, New Work and New Creativity. The on-site program was led by journalist and moderator Wolfram Kons.

Tim Leberecht, co-founder of the House of Beautiful Business and one of the most astute thinkers for a new humanism in business and society against the backdrop of digitalization and artificial intelligence, kicked off the program. Is humanity ready for a new age of romance? This was the central question of the keynote, in which Leberecht drew a parallel to the Age of Enlightenment: "Against the backdrop of AI and automation, the question 'What makes us human?' simultaneously becomes the question 'What actually still makes us special as a brand, as a company? Leberecht's answer: "If everything that can be done efficiently is done even more efficiently by machines, then the most important work for us humans will be that which must be done beautifully with dedication, imagination, intuition, empathy and passion." Leberecht lays out three rules for business romantics: Do the unnecessary, create intimacy and let go.


"A Human-driven Future" – the motto can also be applied to the current exploratory talks between the parties. Judith Wittwer, editor-in-chief of the Süddeutsche Zeitung, and Carsten Knop, publisher of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, discussed the results of the Bundestag elections. Both experts of the political scene forecast: Olaf Scholz will be the next chancellor. And the traffic light coalition will come about. The parties have become more flexible, there are overlaps despite all the differences, and there is a great willingness to look for common ground instead of dividing lines.

Diversity & Inclusion

Building bridges, allowing different points of view - this applies not only to parties, of course, but in every area of life, especially in corporate culture. "We need to create a new form of culture of trust: Namely, appreciation of difference," demands Emilia Roig, founder, best-selling author and director of the Center for Intersectional Justice as the opening speaker of the next block on Diversity & Inclusion. "Those companies that manage to become diverse are poised to change their culture. On the other hand, if language and culture are still discriminatory, you can't integrate other people."

Ana-Cristina Grohnert also calls for a shift in thinking toward more diversity in management. After all, diversity ensures that companies become more successful. The chairwoman of the "Diversity Charter" employer initiative explains: "Innovation only comes about through cooperation and teamwork. We need to create a new form of culture of trust, namely appreciation of difference."

In this, she agrees with Tijen Onaran. The entrepreneur & author is one of the most prominent faces for gender equality in Germany. "Diversity is not a charity object, but the component for good sustainable business. As an entrepreneur, I believe I am better with a diverse team. This also applies to investments and brand management. It's important for brands to appear diverse because you're communicating with customers and clients who are maximally diverse." Following the keynote speeches, the three speakers joined Bettina Prange, Managing Director House of Communication Hamburg and responsible for the Serviceplan Group's Diversity Program, for a joint discussion.


From diversity to the next megatrend: healthification. Wellbeing and health have become central topics for customers and thus for the industry. Many trend experts predict that every brand will also be a healthcare brand in the future. Thomas Schulz, SPIEGEL correspondent, bestselling author and Silicon Valley expert, introduces future scenarios and exciting facts. Developing a vaccine in a few months, detecting cancer before it breaks out, an AI-controlled heart attack warning, living more than 100 years – unthinkable in the past. "But we've noticed recently how quickly utopias can become reality." DNA or gene analyses are becoming standard tools. This is made possible by the massive entry of information technology groups such as Google and Microsoft into the healthcare market.

Bosch Siemens Hausgeräte GmbH is also benefiting from the healthcare boom. Michael Bohn, Head of Marketing Central Europe, presents the new communication strategy "Simply Healthy", which his company has developed for its products based on the four health-related fields of fitness, nutrition, deceleration and protection. The quietest dishwashers or dryers gave rise to a new philosophy and the successful campaign with the slogans "Healthy living #Like a Bosch" and "Sustainable living #Like a Bosch," which became cult spots on YouTube and TV.



Cate Trotter is one of the most influential international retail experts on the subject. According to the founder and Head of Trends at the future agency Insider Trends, online and offline retail are merging. The future of retail is Hybrid Thinking. One of the examples she presents is Adidas.

The sporting goods company seamlessly links customer experiences on site and on the web and "uses the physical space to encourage customers to connect digitally," Trotter says. She is convinced, "I expect that stores will gradually cease to be the center of the brand ecosystem - instead, the product will take center stage." As a result, even big brands will have only a handful of stores around the world, say in ten capitals on five continents. These will be experiential locations where customers will learn about the products, but then go home and shop online.



From the future of commerce to the future of work. Hardly anyone can report as many exciting, surprising and visionary things about the workplace of the future as Raphael Gielgen. As a Future of Work Life & Learn trend scout at Vitra, he explored the "source code" of the working world in conversation with Karin-Maria Schertler, General Manager at Serviceplan and an expert on New Work. His principle: "Don't ask people how they want to work in the future, but what the working environment must look like in which a person can work productively." The office has lost its monopoly as a place to work, Gielgen believes. "The whole city is the office." People simply get the work environment and also the colleagues they need to cooperate wherever they are. Here, too, digitization and, above all, technologies such as AR and VR will make everything possible in the future.

Creativity and art are inseparable at the House of Communication. After the coffee break with an opportunity for networking, Markus Lüpertz brought the day to a close. The renowned painter, graphic artist and sculptor - known as one of the most successful representatives of German contemporary painting - provided food for thought on the connection between art and advertising during a "Talk of Creativity" with Alexander Schill, Global Chief Creative Officer & Partner Serviceplan Group: "Creativity is the genius of the craft, and that applies to all disciplines - whether art or advertising."

For more information around Innovation Day 2021, visit


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Innovation at Middle East Tech Hub Dubai Internet City is Spotlighted in Serviceplan Middle East Animated Campaign Film ‘Where Minds Click’ is the tagline of Serviceplan Middle East’s new animated advert for the region’s leading tech hub Dubai Internet City (DIC). The campaign includes the animated launch film as well as posters, billboards and social assets.


‘Where Minds Click’ came naturally to the creative team at Serviceplan Middle East, as a sum of what Dubai Internet City stands for: a community where start-ups, entrepreneurs, students and large multinational are welcome to innovate and create great things together.

At Dubai Internet City, a community of brilliant minds chip away at the future, to write themselves into history. The slick animation of the film emphasises that innovation is not a formula, instead it is a collective effort, and nobody does it better than the community at DIC. “Innovation needs conversations, communication, collaboration”, and this is illustrated in the animated short conceived by Serviceplan Middle East and directed by Magali García in collaboration with animators; Magali García, Joëlle Carreño, Nacho Velasco, Iván Pais and Cristina Gutiérrez.

Dubai Internet City is the foremost innovation hub of the Middle East. Established in 2000, today it is home to over 1,600 companies ranging from iconic tech giants to up-and-coming startups. What differentiates Dubai Internet City from similar offerings is the strength of its community-like approach to bringing ideas to life. This approach has reaped rich rewards; the numerous unicorn companies that sprouted from here are a testament to that. 

Andre Couto, Creative Director, Serviceplan Middle East said: “Dubai Internet City has always been a reference in the region for bringing together different people, businesses, skills and stories; nurturing and helping ideas on their way to becoming innovations. With a story that invite the viewer to think together with us, the idea from the outset was to create a product out of these connections, an animation that at the same time, takes the viewer on a seamless journey of different styles, while setting a refreshing young tone for Dubai Internet City’s new brand identity.”


Find out more about Dubai Internet City here:

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Serviceplan Spain Creates International Valencia Tourism Campaign Inspired by the Verses of Iconic Spanish Poet Lope de Vega ‘Whoever has lived it knows well’ spot will be shown in New York’s iconic Times Square during October

‘Whoever has lived it knows well’ is the tagline of Serviceplan Spain’s new tourist promotion campaign for the Region of Valencia (Turismo Comunitat Valenciana). The advert at the core of the campaign uses poetry befitting the beauty of Valencia to entice visitors to the region with voice-over by Valencian actor Nacho Fresneda. The beautiful shot film is designed to entice national and international travellers to holiday in Valencia by showcasing the beauty of the region with direction and cinematography by Cayetano González. The appeal of the campaign is in capturing the aesthetic beauty of Comunitat Valenciana, paired with the universal appeal of poetry. The campaign has been presented by the Regional Secretary for Tourism, Francesc Colomer.

The film launches on connected TV in the UK this month, and on connected TV in France, M6, in November. It will air on Euronews throughout Europe during the last week of September and will be shown on the iconic big screens in New York’s Times Square for 15 days in October.

Popular Valencian actor Nacho Fresneda is the voice of the campaign and recites ‘Esto es Amor’, a famous poem by Spanish Golden Age Poet Lope de Vega (1562-1635), who lived for several years in Valencia. The Lope de Vega poem used for the campaign reads like this: "Faint, dare, be angry / Rough, tender, liberal, elusive / Encouraged, deadly, deceased, alive / Loyal, traitor, cowardly and courageous" not to find, outside of the good, centre and rest / to be happy, sad, humble, haughty, / angry, brave, fugitive, / satisfied, offended, suspicious. / Flee the face to the clear disappointment, / drink poison for soft liquor, / forget the profit, love the damage; / believe that a heaven fits into a hell, / give life and soul to disappointment. This is love; whoever has tasted it, knows well.”

The site enables people can share experiences and learn about all the elements of the campaign. The 360o campaign can be seen in the main international markets with 60”, 20” and 30” TVCs available in English, Russian, French, Chinese and Portuguese. Digital and programmatic will run the 30” spot in different markets.

Emilio Valverde, Executive Creative Director of Serviceplan Spain comments: “We discovered that Lope de Vega had lived in Valencia for two years, until 1590, before writing the famous poem that he dedicated to love. We liked the idea that the verses could be inspired or directed to this land, so we simply adapted the final phrase to make it the campaign claim: ‘Who has lived it knows well’.”

The voice that recites those verses in the spot and establishes that temporal parallel between the playwright and the current traveller is that of the Valencian actor, Nacho Fresneda, hardened in classical theatre and one of the best-known faces on the small screen thanks to roles such as Alonso Entrerríos in "El Ministerio del Tiempo", a character almost contemporary with Lope De Vega, or in other successful series such as Central Hospital or Anti-riot.

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Al Etihad Credit Bureau and Serviceplan Middle East Campaign Features Charming Animated Film ‘Every Word Kept, Counts’ in ‘Majd and the Librarian’, an animated short from UAE Bank AECB 

A beautifully animated film released on 1st August and titled ‘Majd and The Librarian’ has been painstakingly crafted by Serviceplan Middle East for Al Etihad Credit Bureau (AECB). The unique campaign uses the metaphor of borrowing books from a library for applying to a bank for credit.  This is Serviceplan Middle East’s first brand film for the AECB, and was made for the web as a content piece to raise awareness about the brand using a subtly communicated narrative about the responsibility of borrowing.

‘Majd and The Librarian’ tells the story of a young boy borrowing a book from his local library and forgetting to return it, only to rediscover the book many years later. The opening sequence features a young man finding a dust-covered copy of ‘The Arabian Nights’ in a box whilst clearing out his attic, which takes him back in time to the library where he borrowed it as a child, reminding him of the kind librarian who had encouraged him to take an interest in reading. As an adult, he returns to the library where the male librarian has been replaced by a young woman, who opens a locker to reveal a pile of books and a note left to the boy by the old man with the message: ‘Every word kept. Counts’. No dialogue is necessary in this touching animation, which sensitively and simply recounts the story as an allegory for borrowing something and keeping your word to return or pay it back. 


The film was directed by Esfandiar Haji and Shahriar Ghatre at Production Company Hanzo Films with animation by Vulturehead studio.


Serviceplan Middle East Executive Creative Director Akhilesh Bhagri commented:

“In trying to get across a very tough message, we decided to go with the allegory of a child borrowing a book that he is unable to return, which gradually eats away at him. When he does return the book in later life, he learns that nothing is lost. This particular example could resonate with a lot of us, since borrowing a book from a library is probably the first time we as humans take the responsibility of taking something on credit, with a promise of giving it back.”

The Al Etihad Credit Bureau (AECB) started operations in late 2014. Today, 70 entities provide credit information in a recurrent manner and 95 entities subscribe to the AECB’s services, which feature a robust database of 4.5 million individuals.

Most people visit AECB customer happiness centres as a result of being rejected for a loan or credit card. All banks and finance companies in the UAE analyse individual credit reports and scores before making the decision to approve or reject an application for new credit. It is, hence, crucial for individuals to review their credit reports before committing to new financial obligations.


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Serviceplan Group is thriving even in times of Covid-19 The Serviceplan Group successfully concluded the financial year ending 30 June 2021, with a fee turnover of 488 million Euros. This 9 per cent increase over the previous year (448 million Euros) in a financial year that has been completely dominated by the global pandemic is the result of strategic measures, constant innovation and unprecedented teamwork by all colleagues across the agency group worldwide.


Florian Haller, CEO of Serviceplan Group, sums up the Serviceplan Group’s results:

“It is extraordinary and makes me very proud to see how we were able to cope so well with the Covid-19 crisis, including all its negative effects on the market, the media and clients. This positive financial result is founded on various strategic building blocks, which together contributed to our further substantial development over the past financial year. I would like to thank all my colleagues and partners in the group who overcame these often challenging circumstances superbly, not only professionally but also in their private lives. It is testament to the people and culture of Serviceplan Group that we have come together to get through a challenging year. And the human factor has become significantly more visible as a result of the pandemic – remote working, hybrid event formats and digitalized processes have become an indispensable part of our everyday lives, both today and in the future”.

The entire agency group concluded the financial year ending on 30 June 2021 with a fee turnover of 488 million Euros, an increase of 9 per cent compared to the previous year (448 million Euros).

ÜberCreativity – the special mindset that makes all the difference

“ÜberCreativity” arises when various different communication disciplines combine their specific strengths in order to raise an idea to a previously unattainable creative level. Over the past 2020/21 financial year, it was precisely this special mindset of the agency group that was one of the decisive drivers of success. The Serviceplan Group concept of “House of Communication” (HoC) provides the basis for ÜberCreativity: Creative & Content, Experience & Commerce and Media & Data – all these building blocks are conceived in an integrated way within the HoC and implemented for clients individually and with agility. With new customized agency concepts for and with O2 / Telefónica (“Serviceplan Bubble” – operating since August 2020), BMW (“The Marcom Engine” – operating since September 2020) and Tchibo (“Serviceplan Docks” – account acquired in May 2021), the Serviceplan Group is demonstrating its special ethos as an integrated communications service.

In addition, new alliances such as BAUERSERVICEPLAN, the content marketing and corporate publishing services provided jointly by the Bauer Media Group and Serviceplan, as well as related accounts, have strengthened the market position of Europe’s largest owner-managed agency group over the past financial year. Such joint projects include; the CDU (Serviceplan Reputation, Saint Elmo’s, Serviceplan Campaign, Serviceplan Experience); Fressnapf (Serviceplan Campaign, Future Marketing, Plan.Net Cologne, Plan.Net NEO, Plan.Net Technology, Serviceplan Consulting Group, Serviceplan Solutions); Liftstar (House of Communication Cologne); Nikon (Mediaplus International, Mediaplus Cologne; Plan.Net Performance, Mediascale Cologne) and Siemens Healthineers (Mediaplus International, Plan.Net Pulse); s.Oliver (Mediaplus, Serviceplan Campaign, Serviceplan Design, Serviceplan Consulting Group) and ZDF (Serviceplan Campaign, Plan.Net NEO, Mediaplus Munich, Serviceplan Consulting Group).

Overall, the Serviceplan agencies (including Serviceplan Solutions) reported a fee income of 108 million Euros over the past financial year, an increase of almost 4 per cent.

After a Pandemic-induced hiatus of Cannes Lions in 2020, Serviceplan Group campaigns for clients Dot Corporation (“Dot go”), MINI, METER Group (“Meltdown Flags”), Règles Élémentaires (“INVISIBLE WOMEN”) and Sea-Watch (LIFEBOAT-The Experiment) won two gold, one silver and four bronze medals at this year’s awards. The campaign that won most awards was “MINImalism für MINI”, scooping one gold in the Outdoor category and two bronze medals in the Industry Craft category. The best Serviceplan project at ADC Germany was “Meltdown Flags” which won one Grand Prix, one gold, three silver and two bronze.


Climate neutrality in the advertising market

In March 2021, the Mediaplus Group – recently named German Media Agency of the Year for the second time in a row – and ClimatePartner, announced this central goal with their unique “Green GRP” industry initiative for carbon-offsetting campaigns. Using this new calculation model, companies can now decide to make the advertising they have booked climate neutral – for every medium and regardless of the marketer.

Florian Haller explains: “Our vision is that brand advertising in Germany – and soon expanding to other countries too – will become carbon neutral. According to the German Advertising Federation, the German advertising market is worth around 25 billion Euros net. If we manage to invest an additional 1 per cent of the money in carbon offsetting and climate protection projects, we will have made an important contribution to climate protection. If all market participants join in, at some point they will all be using only climate-neutral campaigns”. The Green GRP has already been rolled out beyond Germany to other countries such as France, Italy, Austria and Switzerland.


Implementing digitalization consistently

Today the Serviceplan agency group already generates around half of its sales in the digital environment. At agency level, Mediaplus (including Facit) and Plan.Net (including The Marcom Engine) were able to increase their fee income by 11 per cent to 241 million Euros over the past financial year.

The Plan.Net Group has further strengthened its position as a leading holistic provider in the field of customer experience management, not least through the targeted expansion of its consulting services, including the takeover of Future Marketing (end of 2020) and investment in the management consultancy thaltegos (May 2021).

With Marcus Ambrus, who was promoted to Chief Strategy & Sales Officer (CSO) at the Plan.Net Group in February, the appointment of Carmen Tscharre-Späth as Head of Transformation and Knowledge Management, and the recent appointment of Christian Waitzinger as Chief Experience Officer (CXO) the management team of the Plan.Net Group is constantly developing.


International focus despite the global crisis

Florian Haller explains: “Now our agency group’s central task will be to stay close to our clients and to consistently and creatively pursue the incredible digitalization push of the past few months. With the lessons we have learned from the Covid-19 period, we will be agile, progressive and efficient, continuously developing our business in Germany and at an international level”.

Driving forward the consistent internationalization strategy even under pandemic conditions was a decisive factor for the positive development of the agency group. With the latest offices opening in Amsterdam and San Francisco, the Serviceplan Group now has 24 locations in 17 countries with over 4,400 colleagues.

The group is also strengthening its services in the US market with investment in the creative agency Pereira O’Dell and their offices in New York and San Francisco (October 2020). In July 2020, the Serviceplan Group founded the House of Communication Amsterdam after merging with the marketing and media agency Mediaxplain*.

In November 2020, the Mediaplus Group also launched a new stage in its international positioning by appointing Phil Cowdell to the newly created position of CEO Mediaplus Americas at the House of Communication New York. Cowdell will expand the international services of the Mediaplus Group across the entire continent of America and further promote integrated cooperation for globally positioned clients in the group.

With the establishment of TechNest, the Plan.Net Group too has invested in further internationalization. In addition to existing nearshoring and offshoring locations in Romania and India, the Warsaw company TechNest is supporting the implementation of comprehensive digital experience and commerce services for the Plan.Net Group and Serviceplan customized agencies.

During the coming financial year, the strategic internationalization of the agency group will include, among other things, the further expansion of nearshoring and offshoring services and the development of new markets (UK and Nordic countries).


Inspiring people

The decisive importance of the human factor in the successful end-of-year financial position over recent months, is also shown by various important personnel decisions within the group. Assuming the newly created position of CPO (Chief People Officer), Carolyn Schlak reports directly to Florian Haller and enhances the Serviceplan Group Holding Board; Carole Giroud has been hired as the new Managing Director at the House of Communication Paris, to further expand business in the French market. Since March 2021, Michael Wilk has been responsible for the Serviceplan Group’s global visual output in the newly created position of Global Head of Art, managing an international team of creatives.

Alexander Schill, Global Chief Creative Officer of the Serviceplan Group, was appointed as  President of the Art Directors Club of Europe (ADCE) in April 2021, and in this position he strengthens the creative visibility of the group on a European level.


Creative & Content, Media & Data and Experience & Commerce

In order to promote the visibility of communication disciplines across the whole group, on 1 July the Serviceplan Group Holding expanded its board to include; Matthias Brüll (Managing Director Mediaplus International); Wolf Ingomar Faecks (CEO Plan.Net Group); and Vincent Schmidlin (Spokesman and Managing Director of the Serviceplan agencies).


Serviceplan Group pursues climate neutrality in Europe

Since 2020, all German offices and the House of Communication in Vienna have been climate neutral. In 2021, the Serviceplan Group launched the next stage of its international sustainability management and is beginning the global climate neutrality process with the Houses of Communication in Belgium, France, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Italy and Poland. In addition, the agency group is committed to the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals. The group’s first climate report certified by the Global Reporting Index is scheduled for publication in December 2021.

2021-07-20 00:00:00
To Celebrate PRIDE Month, PENNY and Serviceplan Campaign Show How Exciting Saving Can Be with New Musical Campaign Featuring German Celebrity Drag Queen German celebrity drag queen Olivia Jones and her drag family present a 123-second long music video, in which they show how exciting saving can be and promote the products of the PENNY store brand. In the style of a drag musical revue, Serviceplan Campaign in Munich developed a 360° campaign in the well-known PENNY store "Kiez" on St. Pauli in Hamburg, staging the products in a kitsch and magical theatre world with a cast of dancers and famous faces from the Hamburg Drag Queen scene. Consisting of a TV spot, print ads and extensive online and social media content, it can now be seen throughout Germany.

On June 19, German supermarket Chain PENNY launched its nationwide campaign for the PENNY store brand. The core element is a music video in which German celebrity drag queen Olivia Jones and other drag performers promote PENNY products. In a theatrical drag dance and music revue, they whisk viewers away to a magical stage world filled with oversized PENNY products. The video was directed by Finnish Director Viivi Huuska, who is a part of the drag Queen scene both as a performer and director, and her brother is known on the scene as drag Queen ‘Cristal Snow’.
Heidi Kabel's Hamburg cult hit "Das gibt's nur auf der Reeperbahn", which inspired Todrick Hall’s ‘Nails, Hair, Lips, Heels’ was specially reinterpreted as "Wer günstig will, muss PENNY" – “If you want it cheap – ob-vi-ous-ly it’s PENNY”. The filming location was the PENNY store "Kiez" in Hamburg’s red-light and entertainment district the Reeperbahn – a well-known district where local celebrity Oliva Jones has often performed.
Stefan Magel, Divisional Director Trading Germany REWE Group and COO of PENNY: "We have been successfully positioning ourselves as a neighborhood discount store for years. But as a company, we also stand for openness, tolerance, and respect. It is no coincidence that we are launching our campaign during Pride Month 2021. With this campaign, PENNY combines both of these aspects. Our message is: PENNY is for everyone. But we also want to show that saving can be fun and an exciting experience all on its own. We offer high-quality food at low prices every day.”
Christoph Everke, Creative Managing Director of Serviceplan Campaign: "Cheap doesn't have to be boring at all. We wanted to show that anyone and everyone can use PENNY’s store brand to 'drag up' their 'normal' everyday life, so that it becomes special and exciting – even with little money. And who better to embody such a colorful world than our campaign’s star - Olivia Jones?"

The campaign, brainchild of Serviceplan Campaign in Munich, is being implemented extensively across all communication channels. The spot can be seen on TV as well as online and on the PENNY Facebook and Instagram channels. It is accompanied by other individual campaign motifs in which the drag queens promote PENNY's store products. Under the hashtag, #dragupyourday, a TikTok dance challenge was launched to interactively inspire a young target group for the campaign. TikTok users will be called upon to dance to the campaign song – accompanied in their dance by a PENNY store brand product. 

2021-06-30 00:00:00
Celebrating The Smart Good Life: Serviceplan Hamburg Reveals Inaugural Pan-European Brand Campaign for LG Electronics At the heart of light-hearted new campaign is a contemporary take on the hit ‘It’s a Hard-Knock Life’ from iconic musical Annie

Every innovation of LG has the power to change life for the better. That belief is the basis of LG’s message “Life’s Good”, and the brand’s motivation to kick off a pan-European brand campaign at a time when the good parts of life are returning. After an international pitch against major agencies from the UK and France in March 2021, Serviceplan Hamburg has unveiled a new pan-European brand campaign for LG European Marketing, LG Deutschland GmbH, LG UK, and LG France. Kicking off in the UK, France and Germany, the campaign will run from June until December 2021.

Titled “The Smart Good Life”, the campaign features TVCs in different lengths (60”, 30” and 20”) as well as digital and social media formats, produced by Tony Petersen Film GmbH and directed by Bastian Glaessner. The hero family starring in the campaign showcases the surprising and positive changes that consumers experience with LG’s innovations, by performing a completely new version of “It’s a Hard-Knock Life” reworked with the tag line “It’s a Smart Good Life.” After months of lockdowns all over Europe, it’s finally time to celebrate the good life again, with the positivity and lightheartedness that originates in the LG brand claim “Life’s Good.”

The campaign features a specially recorded version of ‘It’s a Hard-Knock Life’, the iconic theme tune from 1976 musical ‘Annie’. It’s designed to appeal to technology enthusiasts and smart home users, as well as aesthetic design lovers, while showcasing the LG brand’s ability to innovate the lives of customers via differentiated technology, such as OLED evo TV, InstaView refrigerators, TurboWash washing machines with Energy A, Gram laptops and TONE Free earbuds with noise cancelling.

This Europe-wide co-operation of experts from within the Serviceplan Group was able to deliver a multi-platform campaign that works in all major European markets according to: local language, cultural nuances, differences in brand perception, product emphasis, media and performance planning. 

2021-06-15 00:00:00
Serviceplan Italy Collaborate with Community and other partners on Launch of “PurPle - The Science of Why”, a New Competence Hub Dedicated to Sustainablity "PurPle - The Science of Why" is the first ESG competence hub that supports companies and institutions in the analysis, measurement, definition of sustainability and reputation strategies.


In Italy, as in all of Europe, the ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) issue is and will continue to be increasingly topical, because for the first time, the worlds of politics, economics and finance are teaming up to dedicate funds to comply with the Treaty of Paris.

Until now, there are only a handful of companies specialising in individual sustainability issues in Italy, and no pool of companies with specific skills that offer the market, so the launch of the Purple platform is designed to fill this gap.  The mission of PurPle is to unite the best players on the Italian market in their desire to offer their expertise to companies that want to deal with the ESG issue in the correct way.

In addition to Serviceplan Italy, PurPle's players are; 

  • Community: the first PR group in Italy and among the top 10 in Europe in the finance and corporate sector.
  • BDO Italia: international financial consultancy company.
  • Reputation Science: company specialized in building and analyzing the reputation of brands and CEO of the top 20 Italian companies.

 From the Community initiative and the synergy of resources and skills with BDO Italia, Reputation Manager, Reputation Science and Serviceplan Group, the first Italian Partnership is born, able to offer 360 ° integrated consultancy in the ESG field.

 The Competence Centre was born from the initiative of Community, the leading Italian Group in strategic consulting on the subject of reputation, and combines the synergy of resources and skills of leading companies in their respective sectors: BDO Italia, one of the leading international consulting and auditing organizations with a focus on the implementation of integrated sustainability plans, Reputation Manager, the reference company in Italy for the analysis and construction of big data driven online reputation, Reputation Science, the first Italian company able to manage scientifically and integrated reputation and Serviceplan Group, the largest and most diversified independent communications network in Europe.

 PurPle Partners all have a very rich consolidated experience in supporting important companies and organizations operating in sectors that are increasingly sensitive to sustainability: from finance to food, from energy to transport. These include; A2A, Aeffe, Angelini, Atlantia, Banca Generali, Barilla, Kimbo, Enel, Eni, Ferrero, Ferrovie, Illy, IMA, Moncler, OTB, OVS, Snam, Stellantis and Terna.

 PurPle, whose name comes from the union between Purpose and People, will guide companies and other organizations in the construction and communication of business strategies oriented towards sustainability, starting from the Purpose - the purpose and the "raison d'etre" that is the resulting from the company's values ​​and history - and from people, who must be at the heart of any truly sustainable strategy. The pay off of the partnership also refers to the focus on purpose: "The Science of Why" in fact represents the scientific, consultative and measurable approach to ESG that PurPle offers.

 The innovative initiative, which combines the skills of the five companies and brings together professionalism of excellence in sustainability and responsible management, aims to offer companies support in the development of 360 ° sustainability projects, thanks to a network of partners who will put their specific skills are available. 

2021-06-08 00:00:00
“World’s First Carbon Neutral Ad Breaks”: Mediaplus promotes climate-neutral advertising on World Environment Day The production and distribution of advertising creates CO2. Using a special commercial break, Mediaplus is promoting the Green GRP, an initiative by which companies can offset the emissions caused by advertising. The “World’s First Carbon Neutral Ad Breaks” are aired on 5 June, World Environment Day, in cooperation with media partners and brands in Germany, Austria and France.

It’s an issue that concerns us all. The production and distribution of advertising creates CO2. Through the “World’s First Carbon Neutral Ad Breaks”, which Mediaplus run on 5 June to mark the UN’s World Environment Day, the agency is providing a further stimulus to introduce more climate protection into the advertising market. The ad aims to encourage companies to offset the emissions created by their campaigns. Mediaplus was the first agency on the market to launch the Green GRP. This calculation model, developed in cooperation with ClimatePartner, determines the individual CO2 footprint of each media mix and the amount of offsetting required in relation to each climate protection project.

The ad breaks are aired in Austria, France and Germany. Further measures on addressable TV and radio also exist in Italy and Switzerland. The carbon emissions resulting from the broadcast of the ad breaks were fully offset using a climate protection certificate in cooperation with ClimatePartner. Serviceplan Group clients who want to position themselves as first movers for more climate neutrality in the advertising market are able to run their spots during this special ad break. In Germany, Mediaplus booked advertising time on TV channel ProSieben. However, the Green GRP works independently of the marketer and for all types of media. It is calculated specifically for each inventory used in a campaign placement.

Through the “World’s First Carbon Neutral Ad Breaks”, Mediaplus wants to draw attention to the fact that the Green GRP can offset the inevitable carbon footprint caused by advertising. "In Celebration of today's World Environment Day you are now watching Germany’s (Austria’s, France’s….) first ever climate neutral ad break", says the opener to the ad break, introducing the commercials for the brands involved. At the end comes the tagline: "All aired spots have been CO2 neutralised. The first step towards climate neutral advertising." A note also appears describing specifically how this can be achieved: “Green GRP. An initiative of Mediaplus Group & ClimatePartner”. Displaying the certificate number creates transparency about the offset payments made.

In Germany, Hipp, Bahlsen, Saturn and LinkedIn take part in the “Germany’s first climate-neutral ad break”. In Austria, alongside Familienmolkerei Ehrmann, participants include Schwabe Austria, simpli services, Capri-Sun & all i need, as well as Salzburgerland Tourismus. Mediaplus Austria booked a similar commercial slot on Pulse 4. On M6, France’s second TV channel, an ad break is scheduled before the evening news bulletin, featuring spots by DeLonghi, Milleret, Qonto, Selency, Urgo and Twinings. Special advertising placements are also prepared in Switzerland and Italy.

Climate protection is an important issue for the entire Serviceplan Group. In Germany Serviceplan has been climate neutral since 2020. As a follow-up to this, the agency subsidiary Mediaplus launched the Green GRP at the beginning of this year.


Andrea Malgara, Managing Partner of Mediaplus Group, explains: “As an agency, we see it as our duty to contribute to the climate neutrality of the advertising market. As a company, we are climate-neutral, and with the Green GRP we are also making our product, advertising placements, climate neutral. We are delighted to be able to use this idea to draw attention to this important issue, and would like to thank all the media partners who have made this possible”.

The Green GRP is available to all market partners – agencies, media companies and advertisers – as an open initiative. With this initiative, Mediaplus would like to support companies in their own efforts towards climate protection, and create awareness for this important issue. Starting with Mediaplus Germany, the model is now being rolled out in other countries as well.


Matthias Brüll, Managing Partner of Mediaplus International, says: “Climate protection is a global issue. Our goal is to roll out the Green GRP globally in cooperation with ClimatePartner. With the first climate-neutral ad break, we took our message to Austria, France, Italy, Germany and Switzerland as a first step. Other countries will follow”.

2021-06-04 00:00:00
Miele ‘Shot on Oven’: A Campaign Where Every Line is Baked and Photographed Inside a Miele Generation 7000 Oven Serviceplan Russia creates a unique new campaign for Miele featuring food baked with messages of love, captured by Miele’s unique Food View function.


In a world first, Serviceplan Moscow and Miele collaborate on campaign to be photographed inside an oven, using the new Miele Oven Food View function.   

Quarantine has separated us from our loved ones for a long time, and we sure all have a lot of feelings we want to express. Texting isn’t enough, everyone’s tired of Zoom and sending mail is old school. When the global pandemic confined people to their homes during lockdown, people found solace in traditional activities including cooking and baking. In response to this new found love for cooking at home, and in a bid to showcase the new Miele Oven FoodView function,  Miele and Serviceplan Russia came up with something new.

The home appliance company invited food bloggers to turn their heartwarming messages into delicious dishes. 5 bloggers with real touching stories about their loved ones came to Miele’s showroom to work with a professional chef who helped them with individual designs. Chicken, meringues, vegetables, cookies and other ingredients were used to create unique lettering. 94 hours of designers’ work and 236 hours of food tests were completed before the final dishes were ready, as original cooking techniques had to be used, some of them even had to be invented.

The messages were not only baked inside Miele’s Generation 7000 ovens – they were shot inside them. Generation 7000 ovens have a unique FoodView function – a camera connected to your smartphone that lets you see your food, take pictures of it and control the temperature. This gave the campaign a unique angle that all of its materials were shot from. And there were many – from posters to a full building-size billboard.

There is a real story behind every message. Bloggers shared the words they wanted to tell their loved ones during quarantine. Miele released videos where they cook and tell about the emotions they were going through, and they quickly got a lot of positive feedback online.

Learn all the stories shared by Miele and Serviceplan Russia by checking out #miele_foodview.  Look it up on Facebook or Instagram if you are interested in how food can become advertising.

Serviceplan Russia Executive Creative Director Evgenia Arabkina commented:

“This project is based on Übercreative principles of integration – new technology, true stories of different people and excellent art direction. Thanks to the unique feature of Miele ovens we give new value to photos, and new meaning to food, turning it into messages that come from the heart of real people and…the heart of an oven.”

2021-05-04 00:00:00
Mediaplus wins Nikon Account Covering 12 European Countries Mediaplus International has won the pitch for Nikon’s European media account. The long-established company is aiming to strengthen its market position providing high-end products for amateur photographers and professionals by establishing a bespoke, centralized media agency model.


Nikon can boast more than a century of photographic expertise, but the market as a whole poses challenges. In order to strengthen its position in the market providing high-end products for amateur photographers and professionals, this traditional brand is drawing on the support of the Mediaplus Group. The international team led by Matthias Brüll and Arvid Boström has secured Nikon’s media account covering 12 European countries.

All media activities are managed by Mediaplus International in Munich. In a multi-level pitch, Mediaplus won out against established competitors and is now aiming to establish an efficient, centralized media agency model for the European region.

To do this, the agency group has assembled a bespoke, pan-European team of experts in media strategy, research, account management and data technology. The aim is to win market share in the 12 focus countries. In addition to the DACH region and the Scandinavian countries Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland, these comprise the Netherlands, France, Great Britain, Hungary and Poland.

High-end photography means composing and capturing perfect moments in a unique way. “Photography is a highly emotional subject. Using digital, data-driven and programmatic communications, we can reach out directly to potential consumers as individuals, and position Nikon in the context of high-end photography. In this way, we can strengthen existing customer relationships and expand Nikon’s target group in a sustainable way”, explains Matthias Brüll, Managing Partner of Mediaplus International. “Nikon is a fantastic brand that is undergoing an exciting process of transformation. Our special structure as an integrated and highly flexible agency group means we can support this process in a bespoke and very individualized way”.

Stefan Maier, General Manager Marketing of Nikon Europe B.V. says: “Mediaplus has delivered a very coherent overall concept. We felt that they really wanted to work with us. In addition to their passion and customer focus, the team was also able to win us over through their profound understanding of our brand and the entire field of photography”.

2021-04-28 00:00:00
If you Can’t Bring Your Fans to the Ice, Bring the Ice to your Fans: ZSC Lions “Essence of Lions” Created by Serviceplan Switzerland Serviceplan Switzerland came up with an unusual campaign for ZSC Lions to thank fans for their loyalty during the Pandemic with an unusual gift.

Covid-19 prevented sports fans around the world from attending their favourite teams’ matches, and in March 2020 the Swiss government banned fans from going to sports events in response to the pandemic. Consequently, more than 4,000 fans of Zurich’s ZSC Lions ice hockey team held season tickets for games they could no longer see live.

Since the fans couldn’t go to the ice, ZSC Lions partnered with Serviceplan Suisse to bring the game to the fans. The result was ‘Essence of Lions’, a unique memento of this “silent season” of 2020/ 2021 conceived to thank fans for their support and anticipate their return to the stadium.  With the mantra ‘When the world freezes, melt’, “Essence of Lions” was born - 15ml of ZSC history in the form of a bottle of water made by melting ice from the ZSC rink where the team played its 20/21 season in the Hallenstadion without spectators. The symbolic gift was mailed to fans and led them to a page on the club’s website. A film explained the gift alongside additional content of players and management reflecting on the past year and looking forward to being reunited with their fans.

As is the case for many sports clubs, season-ticket sales form an integral part of the ZSC Lions’ funding. The “Essence of Lions” giftpack inspired fans to renew their tickets for the next season. And although the small bottles were intended as a collectible memento, that didn’t stop the club inventing a host of fantastical uses for the water they contained, from baptising baby ZSC Lions fans to reviving dead house plants, cleansing rooms of evil spirits, and polishing trophies.

Raul Serrat, Serviceplan Switzerland Chief Creative Officer commented: “With a few icy drops, this project warmed the hearts of fans in difficult times. As a creative, this is what I take the most pride in: creating work that inspires and reminds people of what really matters to them.”

2021-04-27 00:00:00
Alessi Chooses Serviceplan Italy for the Creative Platform Dedicated to “Alessi 100 Values Collection” Following the arrival of Stefania Siani as CEO and CCO of Serviceplan Italy, Alessi has entrusted the creative agency, part of the House of Communication, with the design of the integrated project dedicated to “Alessi 100 Values Collection”, the special initiative for company’s centenary. In the course of the last 100 years, Alessi has become a leading exponent of the ‘Italian Design Factories’, whose activity is focused on design as a creative discipline of artistic and poetic matrix. The centenary celebration extends from 2021 to 2022, in order to ideally underline the company’s desire to project towards the future, those values that have guided its research in the field of design, in a continuous exploration of the world of international creativity to respond, through objects, to people’s need for art and poetry.

2021-04-22 00:00:00
Coway Expands into Europe: Serviceplan and Plan.Net support European Market Entry of Leading South Korean Air and Water Purifier Brand Inaugural product launch campaign launches today in Germany with tagline “I am an Air Maker”. Since the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, the issue of clean air has taken on an increasingly important role in people's consciousness and in the public debate. As a consequence, the demand for air purifiers has also risen; a good time, therefore, for Coway, South Korean market leader for air and water purifiers, to establish itself in the European market. For the brand and product launch into the air purifier sector in Europe, Coway has taken on board an integrated team from Serviceplan and Plan.Net agency units. 

The Covid-19 pandemic has not only altered markets but also market activity. For example, in Germany internet search enquiries for air purifiers have risen by 300 percent (Google Vertical Trend Reports, Nov 2020). This is the ideal time for Coway, South Korean market leader for air and water purifiers, to continue its success story in Europe. Since its founding in 1989, Coway has already successfully expanded into the USA and the wider Asian region with its air purifier brand the Airmega.

With the world’s largest research and development centre for water and air technology, the company ensures its innovative products meet the highest quality standards – also the best prerequisites to win the trust of German consumers who place particular value on quality and sustainability with regard to household devices.

In conjunction with an integrated Serviceplan Group team, Coway now wants to make an impact in the German, and eventually the entire European market. The holistic strategy for introducing the Coway brand and for launching its products includes brand strategy, creative translation, website and Amazon presence as well as the areas of search, social media, influencer marketing and PR. Instead of employing the usual channels, Coway is relying on Amazon as a marketplace and on a website presence as home of the brand for the launch.

The Serviceplan and Plan.Net agency units, who won the pitch in December 2020, will work together in an integrated way for the development and implementation. Control and support will be provided by the Global Key Account management in close coordination with the lead agency Plan.Net UX.

The first campaign to launch the product in Germany starts today under the tagline “I am an Air Maker!” The idea rests on the company’s principle of helping customers to achieve a greater sense of wellbeing and a healthier lifestyle by means of better, cleaner air. In addition to the new website and Amazon presence, these measures will be accompanied by an influencer campaign on social media as well as online and radio advertorials.

Rodney Ryu, General Manager, America & Europe Team, Global Business Division II at Coway commented: ”We have been successful with our products on the market in the Asian region and the USA for years. That our products are invariably test winners proves that they conform to the highest quality standards. We would now like to prove this to European consumers too. We are delighted to be working together with an agency group that has a holistic view of us and our products, which is in harmony with the European market conditions.”

Diane Schulz, Business Director, Global Key Accounts, Serviceplan Group said: “It was our aim to establish Coway as a trusted premium brand in Europe. To do so, we collaborated with our Creative Board to develop an emotional appeal specifically for the European market that clearly differentiates us from the competition, and with which we want to link to Coway’s success in Asia and the USA. With our constantly growing global footprint we can best support Coway with its launch into Europe.”

Dennis Wachter, Managing Director, Plan.Net UX added: "Coway’s overriding mission to help people lead a healthier and happier life, and the increased desire of consumers to do so, combine perfectly to create a multi-layered experience. We are delighted to support the brand long-term across all disciplines, to set new standards in the European air-purifier market.” 

2021-04-19 00:00:00
Gaming for Everyone: Xbox and Serviceplan Group celebrate Women in Gaming worldwide with a special Xbox controller 23 countries, four continents – gaming for everyone: During Women’s History Month, Xbox launched a worldwide initiative to support women in gaming. At the centre of the idea, which was developed and implemented within the Serviceplan Group, is a very special Xbox controller which replaces the B button with the equal sign to symbolize equality for all in the gaming community.

Women make up almost half of the gaming community, celebrate success in Esports, and hold high profile leadership positions in the gaming industry. Yet, women still struggle within the gaming scene to combat misogyny in the form of outdated gender stereotypes, discrimination, bullying and sexist insults. Xbox, together with the Serviceplan Group, is committed to contributing to more equality in the gaming community and
giving women more visibility within the scene.

Maxi Gräff, Marketing Communications Lead at Xbox DACH, comments: "Gaming is for Everyone, and we at Xbox want everyone within the gaming community to be equally welcome and treated with respect. The controller stands for the support women in gaming have for each other and has been sent to supportive women gamers around the world." 

The campaign to celebrate women in gaming under the claim “Gaming for Everyone” focuses on what gamers regularly hold in their hands: the controller.
For the special edition, Xbox has swapped out the controller's B button for the equal sign symbolizing equality in the gaming community. Pressing this button plays audio files with 9 inspirational and supportive messages from prominent women in the industry including; Bonnie Ross, CVP, Founder and Head of 343 Industries; Cantika, one of the most popular Hijab streamers in Southeast Asia with a following of 2.7 million; Helen Chiang ,CVP, Studio Head Minecraft, Mojang Studios; Sarah Bond, CVP, Gaming Ecosystem, Microsoft; and Jennifer Lufau, founder of Afrogameuses, a French non-profit and community advocating diversity and inclusion in gaming. In addition to the messages, various women Xbox employees have recorded “Gaming For Everyone” in their native language. Their messages encourage female gamers on their way, welcome them into the community, motivate and empower them. As part of the initiative, internationally renowned illustrators Alina Bohoru, Fernando Nunes, Matt Taylor, Muti, Nils Baumann, Sam Rodriguez, Thomas Ardelt, Tudor Cucu und Vals, have created a total of 10 illustrations that visually honor the women of the gaming community in
their own unique way. 

Already during unboxing it becomes clear that this controller is something special, because four of the illustrations can be seen on the packaging. Others can be found on posters and as wallpaper in the Xbox system - available to millions of Xbox owners. The illustrations are also the focus of the social media campaign accompanying the campaign on Xbox's Instagram (@xbox) and Twitter (@Xbox) channels.
The limited-edition controller was sent to a selection of the world's biggest gaming influencers in 23 countries on 4 continents, giving the message for equality additional reach under the hashtags #GamingForEveryone and #WomenInGaming.

The ‘Women in Gaming’ Controller project was developed in an integrated way within the Serviceplan Group and implemented internationally. It demonstrates the power of Serviceplan's own approach of ÜberCreativity, defined as a special form of innovation that results when various specialists, cultures, talents, media and technologies are brought together.
Design, creation and strategy were the responsibility of Serviceplan Campaign Hamburg and the Creative Board, with support in packaging design and final arts from Serviceplan Campaign in Munich. The media design was done by Saint Elmo's Hamburg, Serviceplan Global Key Account Management was responsible for project consulting.

Maximilian Schöngen, Global Creative Strategist Creative Board: "We would like to thank Xbox for trusting us to implement this global campaign. Where better to place a message against discrimination in gaming than in the controller itself?"
Diane Schulz, Business Director Global Key Account Management, adds: "The ‘Women in Gaming’ Controller initiative not only gave us the chance to use our creative power for a very important cause, the project also gave us a great opportunity to show what we are capable of in terms of supporting clients and projects at a global level. We are very proud of our great collaboration with the Microsoft team and its extensive international impact."


2021-04-07 00:00:00
Climate Neutrality in the Advertising Market: Mediaplus and ClimatePartner, in association with Media Companies, Present the Calculation Model “Green GRP” to Carbon Offset Campaigns. How large is the carbon footprint of an advertising campaign? Information about this is provided by the “Green GRP” that the Mediaplus Group is presenting, in cooperation with ClimatePartner and nine media companies. In future, companies can opt for the advertising they have booked to be climate neutral. The Green GRP is an industry initiative open to all market participants which has the aim of offsetting all campaign carbon emissions with certified climate protection projects.

Munich, 24 March 2021 – Around 25 billion euros are involved. That’s how much German companies invest net in advertising. So that this also will be climate neutral in the future, the Mediaplus Group – as part of the Serviceplan Group, itself carbon neutral since 2020 ­– has initiated the “Green GRP”. When planning a campaign, Mediaplus offers its clients the option to offset individually the carbon emissions arising from the campaign. To calculate the emissions that occur in this way as well as their offsetting through certified climate-protection projects, Mediaplus has brought on board ClimatePartner. The Green GRP should be available as an open initiative to all market partners – agencies, media companies and advertisers.

Florian Haller, CEO, Serviceplan Group, sees Mediaplus as the initiator and instigator of a sustainable movement that should extend throughout the entire market: “It is our vision that brand advertising will become carbon neutral in Germany and soon afterwards will also expand out from there into other countries. The German advertising market is worth around 25 billion euros net according to the German Advertising Federation (ZAW). If we manage to invest an additional one per cent of the money in carbon offsetting and climate-protection projects, we will have achieved an important contribution for climate protection. If all market participants join in, eventually everyone will run only climate-neutral campaigns.”

The Green GRP should encourage this vision. As an arithmetic expression of a campaign’s advertising pressure upon the target group, the Gross Rating Point (GRP) represents the impact the initiative should develop in the marketplace. The calculation model developed by Mediaplus and ClimatePartner can be used by all market participants. The approximate additional costs of the emission offsetting per campaign are between 0.5 and 1 per cent.

There is wide support from the market partners: Ad Alliance, Bauer Advance, El Cartel Media, Funke Mediengruppe, Hubert Burda Media, Media Impact, RMS, Seven.One Entertainment Group and Ströer have joined the initiative and committed themselves to the aims connected with it. The compensation model functions in relation to the campaign, quite independently of where and which media are booked.


The principle of Green GRP:

  • When planning a campaign, the media agency offers its clients the option of offsetting carbon emissions arising through the advertising measures. If clients decide to make their advertising campaigns climate neutral, they receive an introduction to the project and are registered as participants with ClimatePartner.
  • The agency passes on the relevant performance values to ClimatePartner.​
  • ClimatePartner calculates the campaign’s carbon footprint as well as the corresponding costs for offsetting on the basis of the consumption data (printing, paper used, power, etc.) ClimatePartner has developed a model for this purpose in cooperation with Mediaplus and the marketers, on the basis of which the carbon emissions of the entire advertising campaign are calculated dependent on the material, distribution and production.
  • The client receives a report and an invoice from ClimatePartner. Subsequently, ClimatePartner arranges the offsetting with a climate-protection project chosen by the client.
  • The client receives a certificate from ClimatePartner and can use the “climate-neutral advertising campaign” label. The advertiser is also listed on the website as a client with ClimatePartner.



“With Green GRP, advertisers make a contribution to global climate protection and support approved climate-protection projects. They also promote the attainment of global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), for example the combatting of poverty or the improvement of living conditions in emerging economies and developing countries”, emphasises Tristan A. Foerster, CEO, ClimatePartner“Especially for companies, where climate protection lies close to their heart, anyway, Mediaplus’s initiative is a logical extension of their public image, which we are delighted to support.”

Conversations with advertisers are underway. Andrea Malgara, Managing Partner, Mediaplus, stresses: “The campaign’s effect still remains the chief premise in the planning. The Green GRP changes nothing in the assembling of the media-mix. The selection of campaign components is based as ever on the client’s objectives and in the sense of the best possible ROI. As an agency, we have, however, a responsibility in the advertising market that transcends campaign planning and impact research. We would like to achieve an important contribution to climate neutrality using our special expertise.”

As Europe’s largest owner-managed agency group, the Serviceplan Group has also set itself the goal of being the trailblazer on the issue of sustainability – in economic, ecological and social terms. One of the most important measures is that Serviceplan has been climate neutral since 2020. Mediaplus has also initiated an interdisciplinary task force which deals with the sustainable media issue. In addition to ecological sustainability, economic and social/societal sustainability is also considered. Interdisciplinary discussion, development of sustainability standards for the marketplace and the introduction of sustainable media products are the aim. The Green GRP is the first tangible product.

Continuing on from Mediaplus Deutschland, the model for climate-neutral campaigns should also be introduced into other countries where the agency is represented, with ClimatePartner as their international partner in all countries. The pioneer in climate protection offers companies TÜV-Austria-certified solutions with whose help they can balance, reduce and offset their carbon emissions and thereby provide their products and services in a climate-neutral way. ClimatePartner offers a wide portfolio of approved climate-protection projects in collaboration with a worldwide partner network.

2021-03-25 00:00:00
Bauer Media Group and Serviceplan Launch Joint Content and Publishing Agency in the form of New Creative Content-alliance: BAUERSERVICEPLAN – The Content Company The Bauer Media Group and the Serviceplan Group have launched a joint venture for content marketing and corporate publishing. 


Operating under the name ‘BAUERSERVICEPLAN - The Content Company,’ the joint venture headquartered in the House of Communication Berlin (HdK) brings together broad journalistic know-how, creative excellence and digital expertise in an integrated agency concept. The inaugural client of BAUERSERVICEPLAN will be the Federal Association of Local Health Insurance Funds (AOK). Bauer Media Multi-Editor-in-Chief Uwe Bokelmann and Benedikt Göttert, Location Head of the Serviceplan Group’s Berlin HdK, will be in charge as the Chief Content Officers. Stephan Hiller (Bauer Media Group) and Frank Meinke (Serviceplan Berlin) will take over the commercial management of the agency. The joint venture was inaugurated on 1 March 2021.



Pictured left to right; Uwe Bokelmann, Benedikt Göttert, Stephan Hiller, Frank Meinke 


Bauer Media Group, one of the largest media companies in Europe, and Serviceplan Group - Europe’s largest independent agency group - are combining their strengths in the form of content and publishing agency BAUERSERVICEPLAN. After winning the pitch for the AOK Federal Association’s contents budget in October 2019 as a bidding consortium, Bauer Media and Serviceplan are moving closer together in an enterprising way through the launch of their joint venture BAUERSERVICEPLAN.


The joint agency concept will have a focus on corporate publishing, editorial and creative content creation, as well as integrated distribution via analogue and digital channels. The joint venture focuses on the key topics of health, food and lifestyle, as well as on public sector clients.


BAUERSERVICEPLAN provides the entire strategic, creative, technological and content range of successful content communication. Specialised services will be delivered by both partners, for instance journalistic formats by Bauer media journalists, and creation as well as social media by Serviceplan. Moreover, through the linking of the joint venture to Bauer Media’s House of Content, as well as to Serviceplan Group’s Houses of Communication, customers will have access to all service sectors of both companies. 


As market leaders of their sectors, the partners combine journalistic expertise with creative excellence and technological edge. With this joint agency service, they will lead companies to a new level of content marketing.


Bauer Media – as Germany’s widest-coverage and highest-circulation general interest magazine publisher – stands for guaranteed content performance. The proven target group expertise and journalistic competence are part of Bauer’s DNA. Moreover, the Hamburg-based media company has at its command one of Europe’s largest and most efficient health editorial departments with Medical Health Experts, under the leadership of Editor-in-Chief Uwe Bokelmann. 


Serviceplan, as one of the leading agencies in the areas of creativity, technology and media, has been setting standards for years in the communication industry. Both partners are convinced that joining forces on this integrated content marketing venture will offer a new model unseen until now in Germany, which will offer everything that communicators are looking for: expertise, security, efficiency and a fine understanding of the target groups. 


BAUERSERVICEPLAN fires up brands utilising content, and in this way turns them into content brands that enrich people’s lives on a daily basis, thus find their place in the heads and hearts of consumers. 


“Content marketing is a central and powerful foundation of brand communication when you know which content reaches people, and which messages turn brands into Best Brands”, says Benedikt Göttert. “The marriage between a publisher and an agency makes a great deal of sense both conceptually and commercially.”


“And we know that it works”, adds Uwe Bokelmann, who as Editor-in-Chief is also responsible for BAUERSERVICEPLAN’s the mutual customer AOK. “Our shared vision has been a reality already lived by journalists, creatives, strategists and consultants on a daily basis for one and a half years. For ourselves as journalists with Bauer, it is essential to be so close to our target groups that we know precisely which content we can reach them with on a long-term basis. The quality of journalistic content always takes first place!“


Stephan Hiller and Frank Meinke, who are taking on the commercial management of BAUERSERVICEPLAN GmbH, have also been responsible for client AOK, since the start of the collaboration. Both are retaining their duties at the Bauer Media Group and Serviceplan.


Strong partnership of two independent houses


Bokelmann, Göttert, Hiller and Meinke are supported and advised by a four-person advisory body consisting of Ingo Klinge (CEO Bauer Deutschland), Ronald Focken (Managing Director of the Serviceplan Group), Frank Fröhling (Sales Director Bauer Deutschland) and Vincent Schmidlin (Managing Director of the Serviceplan Agency Holding).


“We couldn’t have wished for a better partner to further expand this business sector strategically. Bauer provides the editorial know-how and the expertise for gaining a greater coverage, while Serviceplan represents guidance of successful brands and a high level of integration into all analogue and digital channels. This range of services is unparalleled and currently there is nothing like that in the market.” explains Ronald Focken.


“A great amount of creativity and power emerges when two strong partners come together on an equal footing. This momentum makes a big difference.” Ingo Klinge adds. “And as well as the content-related compatibility, there are also great cultural similarities. Both Bauer and Serviceplan are independent, partner-and-family-led companies that have expanded internationally with roots in Germany.”


“We are very pleased that we were allowed to play our part in the birth, and that our collaboration is being set up in an even more integrated way”, says Steve Plesker, Managing Director of the Federal Association of the AOK at the launch of the joint venture. 

After an extensive tender process, Serviceplan and Bauer Media secured the contract for AOK’s communication with its policy-holders, including the members magazine, online content and social media communication.

2021-03-11 00:00:00
Serviceplan Italy Creates International Campaign for Kimbo ‘A cup of Naples’ Starring Italian Actress Serena Autieri Kimbo’s new TV campaign ‘Una Tazza di Napoli’ (A cup of Naples) celebrates the beauty of Naples and heritage of the historic Neopolitan Coffee Brand.

Kimbo’s new campaign titled ‘Una Tazza di Napoli’ (A cup of Naples) has launched on prime time Italian TV and captures ‘l’Anima di Napoli’ (the soul of Naples) in a light and breezy 60’ TVC starring the iconic Neopolitan coffee brand’s Ambassador Serena Autieri.

View the spot here:

Brand Ambassador Serena Autieri narrates the TVC in a beautiful sing song voice, with a poetic metaphorical description of drinking a cup of Kimbo, saying: „Una tazza di noi, una tazza di sole e di mare, di aria dolce, di cultura...“ (A cup of us, a cup of sun and sea, a cup of fresh air, of culture....“

The new campaign created by Serviceplan Italy reaffirms the brand's bond with its origins, telling a story that portrays a Naples capable of communicating beauty, care and excellence, but also the internationality of the brand, thus strengthening all the know-how of the historic Neapolitan company recognized all over the world.

After a year as delicate as 2020, Kimbo is back on the air with a new campaign capable of expressing all the remarkable Neopolitan qualities, whilst communicating the internationality of the brand which means that Kimbo coffee is recognized all over the world.

An extraordinary, impactful and unique 60’ story enters the homes of Italians with Kimbo’s symbolic "Cup of Naples" through the main Italian television stations for a total of 900 TV segments, with an important investment also in the digital part. A choice of media combining offline and online means the campaign has been designed to reach all target audiences, including the younger demographic – this is an important element for Kimbo, whose desire with this campaign is to gain further global recognition of the brand’s knowledge and quality, by focussing on how much part of everyday life a "simple" cup of coffee can be.
The new Kimbo international advertising campaign was developed by Serviceplan Italy with the creative direction of Chief Creative Officer Stefania Siani, and directed by Federico Brugia. The campaign marks an important turning point in the path of the brand with the launch of the iconic slogan: "Kimbo. A cup of Naples", with which Kimbo enters people's lives as a symbol of an authentic and aspirational Naples.
The new campaign has been created under the leadership of Kimbo’s new CEO Roberto Grasso.
It is once again Italian actress Serena Autieri who spreads the aroma of Kimbo-like music, reinterpreting in a sweet and hypnotic way one of the most famous jingles in the history of the brand: the samba of "El Kimbo". Serena Autieri, the charming Neopolitan actress who has been ambassador of the brand symbol of Naples coffee in the world since 2018, narrates the TV spot with her voice and lends her image to this journey that touches the four corners of the globe. The testimonial, much appreciated by the Italian public, shares her Neapolitan origins and a real passion for Kimbo coffee. The climax of the story is the great journey around the world, where every cup of Kimbo coffee is able to bring all the taste of Naples into the life of those who drink it, to tell the Neapolitan soul and the ability of the brand to interpret everyone's taste.
The film manages to perfectly portray the excellence of coffee culture which in Kimbo has deep roots, and is among the best expressions of the Neapolitan tradition. The essential talent of this know-how is certainly that of roasting, so unique as to make Kimbo coffee recognizable all over the world: it is a typically Neapolitan ancient art of which Kimbo has been the guardian for almost 60 years. It is precisely the roasting that allows Kimbo to burn the soul of Naples into each grain.
At the centre of an integrated communication campaign that will be promoted continuously throughout 2021, the new spot is broadcast in 30 "and 60" formats with a high media impact and strong resonance on the main national TV networks and on the internet between February 26th to March 21st. The spot will be aired during 900 TV shows, of which over 30% were concentrated in the first launch weekend, a prime time share of 52% and a gross investment of €11,000,000. Among the TV broadcasters showing the spot are; Rai, P80, Digitalia, Cairo, Dme, Sky Pay and Sky Free. At the same time on the web, the new spot will be part of video and display planning aimed at conquering a metropolitan target, young and with a strong need for experimentation.
The integrated communication also incorporates a digital campaign worth over €250,000 with planning to support the launch on TV and through the main online broadcasters including: Premium News, Corriere News, La7, Ilsole24, Sky Tg24, Sky Sport, Mediaset Play, Rai Play, Discovery +, and YouTube.
The new commercial introduces a new phase in the history of the brand, and proudly establishes Kimbo's role as authentic ambassador of coffee from Naples to the world, with an unparalleled history and experience. In addition to the full version, the commercial will also be broadcast in functional versions focused on the various product lines. 

2021-03-05 00:00:00
MoPETS: A Valentine’s Day Love Story for Pet Owners Animal lovers are in for a special Valentines treat in a Serviceplan Belgium campaign for - a new digital social network for animals - featuring love stories inspired by iconic romantic movies 

With Valentine's Day almost upon us, MoPETS are launching their inaugural campaign: the MoPETS Love Stories, created with love by Serviceplan Group’s House of Communication Brussels.

The campaign features stories that lend themselves perfectly to the annual celebration of love, since the tales are based on the codes used by the overly romantic films we know so well, but with the MoPETS touch. MoPETS Love Stories will be available on television and on all digital channels, as well as through a brand new digital platform, and feature banners as well as video spots., the social network for animals, was launched in Belgium in June 2019 and is now present in 8 countries after expanding internationally. In addition to the Benelux, the Belgian start-up has recently launched Mopets in France, Italy, Spain, Poland and Israel, in partnership with local entrepreneurs. is a social network with classified ads, a collaborative platform of services for pets and a directory of professionals in the sector, a kind of Facebook of pets!

During the lockdown resulting from the Covid-19 pandemic, Belgian animal shelters have emptied and houses have filled up. Belgium has around 4 million dogs and cats, and registered 20% more animal adoptions in 2020, a rise that is not surprising considering the lack of social interaction that many people experienced during lockdown, and given that we can now spend more time at home with our pets. Add to this the fact that millennials increasingly view their pet as a first child, and it is easy to see why the animal welfare industry is booming.

Of course, this boom also brings with it new professions, hobbies and trends; canicross; dogwalking or catsitting (a job that is almost as popular as babysitting today); gourmet pet dishes; cat furniture; and pet-friendly hotels. In short, a multitude of new and more creative products, all for the greater good of our pets. Except that with all these innovations, it can be difficult to find your way around.

It’s with the aim of simplifying the life of pet lovers that Belgian entrepreneur Nancy Delhalle created a digital platform that connects all pet lovers everywhere with a common mission: the desire to contribute to the improvement of animal well-being.

The MoPETS start-up brings together the many friends and owners of pets, as well as professionals in the animal sector, within a collaborative platform that aims to lead in this rapidly expanding market.

Following the launch of a social network for pets and services such as; alerts; a directory with professionals in the sector; and a collaborative platform for the care of animals, MoPETS is launching a club offering its members exclusive content, offers and events.

Nancy Delhalle, founder and CEO of MoPETS explains: ‘The idea for MoPETS came to my husband and me a few years ago when we adopted Gus, an 11-month-old Münsterlander. At that time it was difficult to find answers to our questions and needs in a structured way on the Internet. The idea of MoPETS is to connect all animal lovers and offer them a place to share, help and care for our companions'.


Due to lockdown, most animal lovers will spend Valentine’s Day 2021 at home with their pet. MoPETS is organising a competition for the most beautiful Valentine's Day photo with your most faithful companion (the number of likes will determine the winners).

To participate, create an account on and share a photo of you and your pet on Valentine's Day, using the hashtag #ValentineWithMyPet.

If your photo is selected, you will win a voucher worth €100, that can be used in all Maxi-Zoo stores in Belgium and Luxembourg.

MoPETS wishes you and your furry and feathered companion(s) a Happy Valentine's Day!

The competition runs until 28 February 2021 at 00:00. The winners will be announced on the Mopets page and contacted by e-mail. 

2021-02-15 00:00:00
Varo Unveils Inaugural ‘A Bank For All Of Us’ Brand Campaign Serviceplan Group‘s House of Communication New York and Varo debut US campaign, spotlighting the bank’s mission of financial inclusion 

Serviceplan New York collaborated with Varo Bank on the brand’s first national campaign: ‘Varo. A bank for all of us’ which builds on the company’s brand vision for a more accessible and inclusive financial system.
Varo, the first and only digital bank with a national bank charter, is committed to helping the vast, diverse group of Americans who have been left behind by the traditional banking system. Since its launch in 2017, Varo Bank has worked to give people more control over their financial lives by rethinking outdated and elitist systems to create financial inclusion and opportunity for all. Varo offers customers premium bank accounts that have no minimum balance requirement or monthly account fee, high-interest savings accounts, and tech-first features to help people save and manage their money effortlessly. 

At the heart of the campaign, which recently launched in outdoor and expanded to TV on February 7th, is a brand anthem television spot showcasing individuals who reflect the beating heart of America’s diverse society.
The hero visual featured across the campaign is the iconic twenty-dollar bill, re-imagined with portraits of everyday Americans. The design is a highly crafted aesthetic that mirrors yet modernizes the graphic style of the US dollar bill. The idea was born in September 2020 when creatives from the House of Communication New York began work on the campaign and invites Varo customers to envision money in a powerful new way that works better for them. Coincidentally, the Varo campaign launches a few weeks after the revival of plans for
a portrait of the anti-slavery activist and prominent abolitionist Harriet Tubman to feature on the US $20 bill.
There are six new dollar portraits at launch, representing a snapshot of American diversity.
An accompanying Instagram augmented reality filter expands upon “A bank for all of us“ by offering an interactive way for anyone to join the campaign with their smartphone. Using Instagram, anyone can put their own face onto a twenty-dollar bill and share that image with the world. 

“Serviceplan Group’s House of Communication New York took our brand strategy to heart — a vision of happier, healthier communities through a better relationship with your money— and our desire to empower people to seek a true banking partner outside of the legacy institutions that have left so many Americans behind,“ said Halle Hutchison, Chief Brand Officer at Varo.
“From that brief, they conceived this provocative, breakthrough story-telling device. What if we reimagined banking—and specifically, our currency—to better reflect the people and communities that banks are supposed to serve? Together with the production vision brought by Scholar, the result is this inclusive, relevant, and visually powerful campaign that is the perfect vehicle to re-launch the Varo brand,” added Hutchison.
House of Communication New York Creative Directors Paul Foulkes and Matt Ashworth shared: “When we were briefed on this project, we were really moved by what Varo is trying to do. It's such a simple notion, and one that makes perfect sense. All we tried to do was tell the truth about the situation—which is always where the best work comes from.”

The project is led by creative agency Serviceplan New York, part of the global Serviceplan Group agency network. Stefan Schuette, CEO of Serviceplan Group’s House of Communication New York, assembled a team of experts including designers, production specialists, strategists and creatives from Serviceplan’s international network to facilitate the first national campaign for Varo. Serviceplan Group’s House of Communication New York developed a global way of working with leading talent in the US and digital/ technology experts within the Serviceplan Group.

Stefan Schuette commented: “I couldn’t be more proud that Varo Bank chose the House of Communication New York as the trusted partner in one of the biggest integrated US brand launches in 2021, and we are looking forward to communicating Varo’s unique manifesto.” The campaign spans television, OOH, radio and digital. The TV spot will air on February 7th in selected markets during the Super Bowl LV including Atlanta, Baltimore, Charleston, Las Vegas, Memphis, and New Orleans. The TV commercial was produced by Scholar in Los Angeles and directed by Will Johnson and Michael Tavarez. The entire spot was concepted for shootability in accordance with Covid restrictions. Actors were cast virtually via Zoom, and filmed individually on green screen to ensure safety, while the Varo and Serviceplan teams attended and commented via Zoom — a first for both parties."

2021-02-08 00:00:00
“Noise Against Nazis“ – Laut Gegen Nazis e.V. and Serviceplan Campaign Unite to Call for Moral Courage in Standing Up Against Far Right Extremism Anti-far right campaign shared across Germany on International Holocaust Memorial Day with powerful print, digital and OOH campaign and TikTok #NahtZiehsRaus Challenge generating more than 11.1 million hits.

To commemorate International Holocaust Remembrance Day on 27 January, Laut gegen Nazis e.V. (Loud Against Nazis) and Serviceplan Campaign in Munich teamed up to launch a wide-ranging creative campaign calling for moral courage against right-wing extremism and racism.


Featuring the slogan “Say it loud. That makes the difference”, a total of 8 different posters were published on International Holocaust Memorial Day across Germany, in the form of digital, out-of-home advertising, and 5 different print advertisements were published in the daily newspapers of the Funke media group and also in magazines.


On TikTok, the #NahtZiehsRaus Challenge, supported by TikTok itself and prominent creators has gone viral with 11.1 million views and counting.  The TikTok Challenge is to shout, sing or dance the hashtag in a video as loudly and as creatively possible.

The campaign caught the attention of Holocaust survivor Esther Bejarano, who appeared during the German “Tagesschau” (Daily News) on the ARD programme, which featured the TikTok hashtag.


On Instagram, supporters can create posts using a specially developed Instagram filter against right-wing violence.  The integrated media planning of the campaign was carried out within the Serviceplan Group and was the responsibility of the Mediaplus Group. The campaign is supported by prominent celebrities, partners and friends of TikTok including Zentralrat der Juden (Official “Head”-Organisation of the jews in Germany), Caro Dauer (German Influencer) and Hans Sarpei (Ex Footballer), who all took part in the TikTok Challenge. 


People’s first reaction on reading the posters is probably amazement and incomprehension., but that’s all part of the idea. Encouraged by the slogan “Say it loud. That makes the difference”, the text must be spoken out loud so that the incomprehensible strings of syllables and words become messages against racism and discrimination, and encourage more tolerance.

“Naht zieh’s raus” are when you read them all German words, but they do not fit together, and the sentence makes no sense (it reads something like “Seam pull out”). But when you “read it all loud it comes together as “Nazis raus” which means “Nazis out”.


Jörn Menge, Chairman of Laut gegen Nazis e.V., said: “The only effective way to counter right-wing hate is not just thinking about it quietly, but actively opposing it and saying out loud that you do not agree with it. Today, this is more important than ever. The idea for the campaign won us over immediately, as it conveys this specific message in a very creative and eye-catching way”.

Alexander Nagel, Managing Partner Serviceplan Campaign, commented: “Working with Laut gegen Nazis and supporting them in their struggle against right-wing extremism was an issue close to our hearts. The power of our campaign lies in the big surprise you get the moment you read the poster. This draws attention to this very important subject and stimulates us to deal with it and think about it”.

As part of the “Laut gegen Nazis” podcast series, a special podcast with exciting guests is planned for mid-February, in which the campaign will once again feature prominently and powerfully. Over the coming weeks, campaign images will appear in some eleven general-interest magazines as well as in the digital display portfolios of Ad Alliance, United Internet Media, BurdaForward Advertising and QUARTER MEDIA Online. In co-operation with Ströer, images will also feature on mega-lights and billboards in Berlin.

2021-02-05 00:00:00
Serviceplan Group Pushes the Establishment of ‘House of Communication” in France Under the New Leadership of Carole Giroud Serviceplan Group, Europe's leading independent communication group, announces the appointment of Carole Giroud as the Managing Director of its French “House of Communication”. The “House of Communication” is the home of the core Serviceplan Group brands; Serviceplan, Mediaplus, Plan.Net and Solutions. The goal is
to further build up and establish the highly integrated offering of the “House of Communication” in the French market, under the expert guidance of Carole Giroud as newly appointed Managing Director.
With the appointment of Carole Giroud as Managing Director of the French House of Communication, Serviceplan Group enters a new stage in the building of Serviceplan Group’s profile in France. In order to successfully complete this new phase of development, Carole Giroud, who founded and led the Serviceplan Lyon agency to success, has been entrusted with the management of the Serviceplan Group’s French House of Communication company, succeeding Alain Roussel.
The agency has recently reorganized itself in order to strengthen the different pillars of its offering: creative and content (Serviceplan), media, studies and data (Mediaplus), experience and technology (Plan.Net) as well as print and digital production (Solutions). The managers of these units, all partners involved in the common success, continue to sit on the board of the agency led by Carole Giroud: Stéphane Perrot, Marion Dolbeau, Pierre-Emmanuel Muller and Luc Didelot. 

Marion Dolbeau, Carole Giroud, Luc Didelot

Stéphane Perrot, Pierre-Emmanuel Muller 

Markus Noder, CEO of Serviceplan International commented: “I’m very happy that Carole Giroud will take over the leadership of the House of Communication in France. She is a trusted partner and a great leader. Together with the Management team we will establish the highly integrated offer of the House of Communication in the very important French market”.

Carole Giroud, Managing Director of the House of Communication France added: “I look forward to establishing and promoting the concept of “House of Communication” in France. Thanks to the teams in place and an agile organization, our company is now ready to respond in a fully integrated way to all the communication issues faced by our clients, however complex they may be. As part of Serviceplan Group, a powerful independent international network, we are also able to help our clients meet global challenges and establish themselves as strong brands in their markets. A promise we make to them every day through our
commitment: "Building Best Brands". 

2021-01-18 00:00:00
Unleash Your Party Animal: Serviceplan Shanghai Budweiser Party Animal Packs Bring the Party Home Quirky social media films and animal paws make the most of being at home with witty ‘Party Animal’ campaign

Serviceplan Shanghai Budweiser party animal packs bring the party home. Two funny films – ‘Disco Wolf’ and ‘Smiley Cat’ - illustrate a unique and witty Budweiser social media campaign conceived by Serviceplan Shanghai to make entertaining at home more enjoyable with animal-inspired games and props.
Titled ‘Unleash your party animal’, the campaign features home party kits for Budweiser drinking games inspired by the charades game ‘Heads Up, where you guess the identity of the other person. However, this game has an unusual and unique twist, for it comes with animal paws inspiring the players to unleash their inner party animal.
We all remember those parties where some of the guests are outspoken or behave in hilarious ways. These quirky party guests are depicted in the two spots with metaphors to animals, the ‘Disco Wolf’ who throws some crazy shapes on the dance floor, or the ‘Smiley Cat’, a feline beautifully feline guest whose smile is impossible to resist. ‘Home Party Animal world’ was the creation of Serviceplan Shanghai Executive Creative Kan Wing Ho,
who created paws that party guests can wear to take on their spirit animal, and also directed the two spots, which have a distinctly quirky retro vibe and aesthetic inspired by vintage Chinese movies.

COVID 19 was a brutal blow for Budweiser and its consumers, who prefer going to restaurants, (Karaoke) bars and night clubs for socializing, having fun and letting off steam, as opposed to staying at home. As the King of Beers, Budweiser wanted not only to stimulate business during lockdown, but also to help consumers have some well-deserved fun in their own homes while their favourite places of entertainment were closed. So, Budweiser and Serviceplan Shanghai inspired consumers to bring the fun into the safe confines of their homes by not just advertising to them, but providing real life solutions to enrich their home gatherings: original games, engaging drinking rituals and fun props to unleash your HomeParty Animal. The campaign ran on social media and the e-commerce platform JD. 

Ario LIU, Brand Manager, Budweiser, commented: „We started with IH consumer behaviour understanding. We wanted to engage our consumers with the whole experience, but not only drinks. In this case, the ‘Party Animal’ idea also provided games and props solutions. We look forward to the 2.0 version to be launched on more channels.“ 

2020-12-07 00:00:00
METRO and Serviceplan call for support of the hospitality industry all over the world at Christmas METRO has launched an extensive international campaign on TV and online, which will be shown in up to 18 countries. It draws the attention of consumers to the challenges faced by the food service industry during the Covid-19 pandemic in the Christmas period, and at the same time offers them an opportunity for a pleasant respite from the challenges of their everyday lives during lockdown. The campaign film was created by Serviceplan Campaign Hamburg.

The global COVID-19 pandemic has already led to high revenue losses in the hospitality industry this year. No real recovery is expected in the coming months either, due to continuing restrictions. To support its partners and clients in the food service industry, METRO is launching an extensive TV and digital campaign aimed at consumers. The idea and implementation of the Christmas film was developed by METRO's global creative agency, Serviceplan Campaign Hamburg.

The objective of the global “Give your kitchen a break” campaign, is to encourage as many people as possible to order their favorite menu for this year’s festive season at a restaurant near them. Following recent months, during which daily life - including all its new and old challenges – has taken place in people’s homes for most of the time, now at least the kitchen at home gets a break.

Gisele Musa, VP / Global Director Branding METRO commented: “#GiveYourKitchenABreak is another proof of our brand purpose, of how we are championing independent gastronomy in every possible way. Usually our communication is targeted for business people, but this time we stretched our audience, also in terms of media spent, to connect with the general public. Because of the pandemic, the gastronomy business is having the hardest time ever; but also people are fed up with their lockdown home situation. And this was the insight to send out an invitation to the whole society to play a role, to show their support while enjoying giving their kitchen a break by ordering Christmas menu from independent restaurants. It allows gastronomy to keep serving and people can still enjoy all the choices around them. A perfect combination for this special Christmas.”

At the center of the campaign is a film that will be used internationally on TV and online. The video describes the every-day-life of a regular family during recent months. The featured family´s story mirrors the current situation of many families: during lockdown life solely takes place in one´s own home: home-office, home-schooling, cooking meals or doing online gym classes at home.

Enjoying nice food, making preparations for the festive season and spending quality time together often fall short because of the challenges faced during everyday life during this unprecedented pandemic. So, to make life easier at Christmas, instead of cooking your own food, the festive menu is ordered and delivered by a nearby restaurant.

"Christmas is the season of joy. That's what we want to focus on in our campaign film - on the one hand, the joy within the family, which creates time for relaxing and spending time together through taking a break in the kitchen, while at the same time doing a good deed and supporting independent restaurants." says Michael Schneider, Managing Director of Serviceplan Campaign Hamburg. 

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Cherkizovo and Serviceplan Russia Shake Up Traditional Russian Sweets Category with Unconventional Product Unique campaign reinvents the traditional boxes of chocolates gifted in Russia on Teacher’s Day as ‘Hamcolates’ 

Every year on 5th October, Russians celebrate their children‘s teachers on Teacher’s Day, traditionally gifting them boxes of chocolates.
Serviceplan Russia teamed up with Cherkizovo, leading Russian Producers of meat products, to put a unique spin on the traditional chocolate-giving, switching chocolates for ham with a new product named ‘Hamcolates’.
There are many different holidays in Russia, but it seems like there is one main gift that is given on every single one of them: chocolates, chocolates, chocolates. In Russia, traditionally more than 68% people choose chocolate for a gift, especially as a thankful gesture to teachers. So Teachers get swamped with chocolate boxes every autumn at the start of the school term, and with 1,225,000 teachers in Russia, that equates to a mountain of chocolates!
The unconventional ‘Hamcolates’ product was launched by Cherkizovo in Russia on Teacher’s Day, 5th October 2020. Serviceplan Russia devised the concept of Cherkizovo’s new Hamcolates product, creating a packaging design in the style of a box of chocolates, but this time the box contained ham instead of chocolate.

This assorted ham packaged in the style of a chocolate box was launched with a bang: just
before Teacher’s Day, Serviceplan Russia seeded videos on social media representing
Whats App chats of parents and teachers, which sparked a discussion about the not-sosweet chocolates and created a social media buzz which people started sharing instantly.
People could order the Hamcolates online at:

Immediately after Teacher’s Day, Cherkizovo launched ‘Candy Trade-in’, which invited teachers to exchange unwanted chocolates for brand-new packs of Hamcolates in O’KEY supermarkets. 550 boxes of unwanted chocolates were exchanged for Hamcolates in 2 days. 
After the launch, Hamcolates started an smm campaign challenging any occasion for sweet gifts while offering the alternative solution of giving meat gifts in an ironic way. Maybe one day, meats really will become the new sweets.
Evgenia Arakbina, Executive Creative Director, Serviceplan Russia commented: “Creativity has no limits. It was a fun and pleasure to create provocative product concept, to work on its pack design and then to use the power of situational marketing to launch it. This is what represent our Übercreativity approach. And it is just a beginning.” 
The communication strategy and creative materials for the campaign were developed by Serviceplan Russia, while PR and media support was organized by Louder agency which is part of Serviceplan Group in Russia.
Cherkizovo Group is Russia’s largest manufacturer of meat products. The Group is a Top 3 producer in each of the Russian poultry, pork and processed meat markets. Cherkizovo Group encompasses nine full-cycle poultry production facilities, sixteen modern pork

production facilities, eight meat processing plants, nine feed mills and 300,000 hectares of
agricultural land. The Group’s key competitive edge is its vertically integrated business
model, which includes all agricultural operations from grain growing to end-product
manufacturing while also ensuring top quality across the production chain. 

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Cherkizovo and Serviceplan Russia Shake Up Traditional Russian Sweets Category with Unconventional Product Unique campaign reinvents the traditional boxes of chocolates gifted in Russia on Teacher’s Day as ‘Hamcolates’ 

Every year on 5th October, Russians celebrate their children‘s teachers on Teacher’s Day, traditionally gifting them boxes of chocolates.
Serviceplan Russia teamed up with Cherkizovo, leading Russian Producers of meat products, to put a unique spin on the traditional chocolate-giving, switching chocolates for ham with a new product named ‘Hamcolates’.
There are many different holidays in Russia, but it seems like there is one main gift that is given on every single one of them: chocolates, chocolates, chocolates. In Russia, traditionally more than 68% people choose chocolate for a gift, especially as a thankful gesture to teachers. So Teachers get swamped with chocolate boxes every autumn at the start of the school term, and with 1,225,000 teachers in Russia, that equates to a mountain of chocolates!
The unconventional ‘Hamcolates’ product was launched by Cherkizovo in Russia on Teacher’s Day, 5th October 2020. Serviceplan Russia devised the concept of Cherkizovo’s new Hamcolates product, creating a packaging design in the style of a box of chocolates, but this time the box contained ham instead of chocolate.

This assorted ham packaged in the style of a chocolate box was launched with a bang: just
before Teacher’s Day, Serviceplan Russia seeded videos on social media representing
Whats App chats of parents and teachers, which sparked a discussion about the not-sosweet chocolates and created a social media buzz which people started sharing instantly.
People could order the Hamcolates online at:

Immediately after Teacher’s Day, Cherkizovo launched ‘Candy Trade-in’, which invited teachers to exchange unwanted chocolates for brand-new packs of Hamcolates in O’KEY supermarkets. 550 boxes of unwanted chocolates were exchanged for Hamcolates in 2 days. 
After the launch, Hamcolates started an smm campaign challenging any occasion for sweet gifts while offering the alternative solution of giving meat gifts in an ironic way. Maybe one day, meats really will become the new sweets.
Evgenia Arakbina, Executive Creative Director, Serviceplan Russia commented: “Creativity has no limits. It was a fun and pleasure to create provocative product concept, to work on its pack design and then to use the power of situational marketing to launch it. This is what represent our Übercreativity approach. And it is just a beginning.” 
The communication strategy and creative materials for the campaign were developed by Serviceplan Russia, while PR and media support was organized by Louder agency which is part of Serviceplan Group in Russia.
Cherkizovo Group is Russia’s largest manufacturer of meat products. The Group is a Top 3 producer in each of the Russian poultry, pork and processed meat markets. Cherkizovo Group encompasses nine full-cycle poultry production facilities, sixteen modern pork

production facilities, eight meat processing plants, nine feed mills and 300,000 hectares of
agricultural land. The Group’s key competitive edge is its vertically integrated business
model, which includes all agricultural operations from grain growing to end-product
manufacturing while also ensuring top quality across the production chain. 

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The Dark Side of Sugar: Metal Band Covers Famous Sugar-themed Songs to Highlight Dangers of Hidden Sugar to Mark World Diabetes Day Sugar-sweet pop lyrics meet the metal musical genre in ‘Risen from Shadows’, a new band formed to front ‘The Dark Side of Sugar’ Musical Project, launched on World Diabetes Day, November 14th to draw attention to the adverse health effects of hidden sugar in food. The project is in collaboration with Action on Sugar and all proceeds will be donated to the fight against diabetes.

With the release of their first music video on World Diabetes Day, the metal band ‘Risen from Shadows’ and their co-initiators warn in an unusual way about the dangers of hidden sugar in food. The cover of ‘Suga Suga’ by Frankie J, which has already been covered by Robin Schulz in his platinum hit ‘Sugar’, is released to kick off the sugar-awareness project ‘The Dark Side of Sugar’.

The Dark Side of Sugar is not just a collection of dark sounding remakes; it is music with a mission. The message is simple: While more and more people suffer from dangerous diseases such as Type 2 diabetes, the food industry continues to hide sugar in our food.

The ‘Dark Side of Sugar’ band will give iconic sugary-sweet pop songs a metal makeover. "Is that too extreme?" asks Marcel Neumann, founder of Risen from Shadows. "No. It is not. Because sugar has an absolutely dangerous, dark side. Poor diet is a major contributor to serious and potentially fatal diseases such as type 2 diabetes. This is what we want to make clear with our music."

The new music video from ‘Risen from Shadows’ illustrates these dangers in a frightening way. Features not only include the typical metal pentagrams, snakes and skulls are associated with the metal music genre, but also transforms sugar-rich food into creepy artefacts.

With Risen from Shadows hard guitars meet a weakness for cover versions. The band, founded by Marcus Neumann and Stephan Moritz, unites the greats of the German metal scene for a unique project: to transform sugar-sweet pop classics into eerie metal songs.

The band worked on their debut throughout Lockdown 2020 in studios in Berlin and Dortmund. The result is a collection of hits we all know – like we have never them heard before.

Myles Lord, Managing Creative Director, Serviceplan Berlin comments: “Music has always been a great way to reach people - music travels further and deeper than any advertising campaign ever could and ultimately becomes part of the culture. And with today's platforms like Spotify and Apple Music we have the incredible opportunity for the fans to engage and become part of the initiative. Through the Dark Side of Sugar project, we aim to educate and inspire change to reduce harm. And empower people to help raise funds for charity, by simply pressing play on their favorite streaming platform.”

The campaign is backed by the band Risen from Shadows and Mokoh Music Berlin, Simon&Paul and the agencies Serviceplan Berlin and Mediaplus - with the support of the British non-profit organisation Action on Sugar. They are all united by the goal of drawing attention to hidden sugars in food.

Holly Gabriel, Registered Nutritionist at Action on Sugar explains:

"We were thrilled to support Serviceplan with this innovative campaign which aims to draw attention to where sugar is added unnecessarily to the food and drink we consume every day, often without us realising. Action on Sugar has successfully created international awareness about the impact of excess sugar consumption on population health.

As a result, some manufacturers and retailers have started to reduce sugar in their products and provide healthier options. But we still need more transparency in the food industry, better labelling and improved products so we can all make informed choices.”

Sugar as a cause of widespread disease

People in the UK consume double the recommended amount of free sugar that is recommended. The effects of excessive sugar consumption are dramatic: Poor diets that are high in free sugars increase risk of obesity and related health conditions such as Type 2 diabetes. It is also a major contributor to tooth decay, especially in children. More people than ever are at risk of Type 2 diabetes. If nothing changes, more than five million people will have diabetes in the UK by 2025.The food industry, however, uses misleading labelling to keep consumers in the dark when it comes to hidden sugar in food.

THE DARK SIDE OF SUGAR is a project around the album of the same name, which consists of dark metal versions of pop classics. The first single release, a cover of the hit "I want Candy" by Bow Wow Wow, was already released on Halloween.

The release of the entire album is planned for the end of 2020. Main platform of the project is the website, where the initiators uncover in which foods the industry hides sugar and how to identify it.

The video will be premiered on World Diabetes Day on YouTube, while simultaneously the single will be released on all online streaming platforms.

The project can also be found on Instagram (@risenfromshadowsband), Facebook (@risenfromshadows) and Tik Tok (@risen_from_shadows).

Artist Profile Spotify:

Funds raised from this project will be donated to diabetesDE – Deutsche Diabetes-Hilfe e.V.- who are not involved in the project in any other way than accepting donations for their efforts to fight diabetes. 

2020-11-16 00:00:00
Stefania Siani Appointed Chief Creative Officer of Serviceplan Italy Siani, one of Italy’s most awarded creative, joins Serviceplan Group from DLV BBDO.

Serviceplan Group, Europe’s Number one independent agency group, has appointed Stefania Siani as CEO and Chief Creative Officer of Serviceplan Italy.

Serviceplan Group welcome Stefania Siani as Chief Creative Officer and CEO of Serviceplan Italy. Siani moves to Serviceplan Italy from DLV BBDO and Proximity BBDO, where she held the position of Vice President and Chief Creative Officer.

Stefania Siani will take on a Serviceplan Group board position as CCO and CEO of Serviceplan Italy, strengthening the leadership team and working closely with existing CEO Giovanni Ghelardi. With the appointment of Siani, Serviceplan Italy welcomes a creative powehouse with the expertise and creative gravitas needed to fulfil the Serviceplan Group’s creative ethos of ÜberCreativity, a higher form of creativity in which different disciplines, talents, cultures, media and technologies come together and interact. By ramping up the ÜberCreativity within the Italian House of Communication, and with the help of Serviceplan Group’s international footprint, Siani has the ability to make the Italian brands represented by Serviceplan Italy globally famous. 

Stefania Siani, CEO and Chief Creative Officer, Serviceplan Italy commented: “My decision to accept this exciting challenge stems from a deep awareness of the crisis and the contraction of the traditional agency model. I share the vision of Serviceplan Group, number one agency group in Europe, of hybridizing strategic creativity, media and technological specialization in a single model: that of the “House Of Communication”. At the headquarters of Serviceplan Italia in Via Solferino 40, in the intellectual and pulsating center of the city of Milan, we bring together communicators, media strategists and digital transformation experts under one roof. To meet the two real needs of the market: the need for specialized skills and a single matrix for coordinating communication activities. This is what I consider ‘the future’: the real answer to evolve the role of agencies from service providers to value drivers. My experience will be at the service of creating a powerful Italian legacy. I am about to take this step with an immediate harmony with my new partners: above all Giovanni Ghelardi, Michele Lorenzi and Vittorio Bucci. They are some of the best, most concrete and accredited professionals in their sector.”

Siani is one of Italy’s most celebrated creative talents and has been appointed President of the 2020 edition of ADCI Awards, the most prestigious award for Italian creativity. She is ADCI Vicepresident (Cannes representative in Italy) and founder of the Equal Prize, for gender equality and inclusion in advertising.
Siani has been awarded at the most recognised awards on a national and international level including; the Italian and European Art Director's Club, the D&AD, the New York Festival, Epica, Clio Awards and Cannes Lions.
Her illustrious CV includes a place on the 2018 film jury at Cannes Lions, Stefania Siani began her career in DDB as a copywriter before moving to Ata De Martini & C., Red Cell and then 1861 United (Wpp Italy Group) where she was appointed Creative Director. During her career she has worked with an impressive roll call of iconic brands including; Mercedes-Benz, Procter & Gamble, illy, Tempo, Rolling Stone, Luxottica, illimity bank, Gruppo Fater, EON and Porsche Italia.

Markus Noder, Managing Partner, Serviceplan International, said: “We are thrilled that Stefania Siani made the decision to join the Serviceplan Group. Stefania is one of the most awarded and recognized Creatives across Europe. Her creativity, business mastery and inspring leadership will strengthen our unique integrated offer in the House of Communication in Milan and also enhance the ÜberCreativity of the
Serviceplan Group on a global level.”

Giovanni Ghelardi, CEO Serviceplan Group Italy added: “Together we will be stronger. The strength of an entrepreneurial group with one of the strongest independent networks in the world behind it, is to decide its own destiny with more freedom. That's why, even in a difficult time like this, we never stop investing and thinking about how to evolve. Today Serviceplan in Italy takes an important step forward with the entry into the agency of a truly exceptional creative professional. We are proud to welcome Stefania Siani and are certain that her talent together with that of the media and technology will be put at the service of the
entrepreneurial success of many excellent brands! "

Jason Romeyko, Worldwide Executive Creative Director, Serviceplan Group commented: “Italy is one of the most creative countries in the world. Stefania’s arrival is not only an important appointment for our House Of Communication in Milan, but strengthens our international creative power. I can’t wait to make some great work with her!” 

2020-11-16 00:00:00
Kyivstar Challenges 4G Myths with Serviceplan Ukraine Campaign First ever campaign shot using LED CUBE technology stars Ukrainian musical icon Sergey Babkin

4G Myths, A Serviceplan Ukraine campaign for Kyivstar sets out to encourage customers to subscribe to 4G, with a series of 7 videos dedicated to dispelling the most popular myths surrounding it.
Three years have passed since the launch of 4G in the Ukraine, however some subscribers haven’t yet made the switch to 4G. So Serviceplan Ukraine rose up to the challenge of finding out the barriers stopping them from moving over to 4G, and created a campaign to overcome those obstacles. The research found several issues which were preventing customers from switching to 4G; a fear of complicated technology; a belief that 3G speed is sufficient; a feeling that 4G is only for the elite; a misconception that coverage of the 4G is
not stable in the Ukraine; a myth that 4G is expensive and uses a lot of traffic; and another myth that 4G quickly uses up the smartphone battery.
The hero of the new Kyivstar campaign is Ukrainian musician Sergey Babkin, who stars in all 7 videos. Thanks to LED CUBE technology, it was possible to shoot all 7 films in one day, despite the complexity of the concept and the challenges faced shooting with Covid restrictions. In the series of films Babkin played 8 different characters who symbolize the different misconceptions of customers surrounding 4G. Using LED CUBE technology, 8 different virtual locations were created in one studio. 

Igor Klymenko, Creative Director, Serviceplan Ukraine commented: “We had a brief to create a series of informational videos. Usually these are quite formal, "educational" films, but we decided to go the other way. We created a concept, where the hero embodied in various comic images of his inner doubts".

"Every day, the smartphone is playing an increasing role in our daily lives. It’s not only for music, video or online games, but also for work. Not only to call your dearest, but see them regardless of distance. That's why high-speed 4G is a must have!” said Yuriy Chornenkiy, Head of Marketing Communications, Kyivstar 

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PENNY AND SERVICEPLAN CAMPAIGN CELEBRATE CHRISTMAS FOR EVERYONE PENNY and Serviceplan Campaign Celebrate Christmas for Everyone with Heart-warming Animated Film and Fundraising Collaboration with German Red Cross
“Imagine if everyone did that: then it would be Christmas for everyone”, is the tag line of the 2020 PENNY Christmas campaign. PENNY’s heart-warming animated festive campaign has a charitable message in keeping with the need for a community spirit now more than ever.

Under the motto “Imagine if everyone did that: then it would be Christmas for everyone.” PENNY and lead agency Serviceplan Campaign are speaking out in favour of more charity and fellowship during these uncertain times. The core message of the campaign is communicated via an animated film produced by Glassworks Amsterdam.In addition to Serviceplan Campaign and Glassworks, Plan.Net Technology and Neverest as well as Spark Marketing Entertainment and 2Wei are responsible for the conception and implementation of the campaign.

The iconic Bob Marley track "Three Little Birds" was reinterpreted especially for the PENNY Christmas film by British singer-songwriter Frances. The long version of the song will be released on all major music platforms.

Not only the story, but also the technology of the online film is exceptional and special: The emotional film shows the story of the boy Felix, who reinterprets the often negatively connoted sentence "Imagine everyone would do that". Because: If we all help, then it really is Christmas for everyone. This message is conveyed through a combination of 3D and 2D animation and is a homage to vintage cartoons, which were particularly popular at Christmas. In addition to the film, print motifs will be shown in PENNY's Owned Media channels and in the stores.

As part of the Christmas campaign, the Zipfelmann, a religion-neutral symbol of humanity and solidarity in the form of a chocolate figure, is celebrating its comeback simultaneously in the film and in the PENNY shops. While Felix gives the Zipfelmann to a homeless person in the film, customers can buy the Zipfelmann in the PENNY stores from 9 November. The entire proceeds from the sale of the Zipfelmann will be given to the homeless aid of the German Red Cross.

Christoph Everke, Creative Managing Director of Serviceplan Campaign explained: "The film is based on a very simple idea: the world would be a better place if we not only imagined it, but also acted accordingly. This is our message to you...The great thing is that PENNY is actually doing something constructive, and putting this message into practice at Christmas, together with the German Red Cross.”

With this campaign, PENNY once again picks up on a target group-relevant topic and puts its message into action beyond pure communication. "As a discounter that addresses people in all walks of life, it is close to PENNY's heart to give something back. Especially in these challenging times we want to celebrate a 'Christmas for all'. For this reason, I am pleased that our Zipfelmann not only delights our customers, but also benefits the homeless aid of the German Red Cross and that we can do good as in the past years. ", added Stefan Magel, Divisional Director Trading Germany REWE Group and COO of PENNY. 

2020-11-10 00:00:00
No Glaciers = No Home: ‘Meltdown Flags’ Climate Data Project Visualizes Devastating Glacier Retreat and Stages Digital Protest to Highlight Effect of Climate Change on the World’s Glaciers Environmental science specialists from METER partner with global communications agency Serviceplan and design studio Moby Digg on Meltdown Flags digital protest to highlight climate change and recognise postponed United Nations Conference of the Parties (COP26)

After almost a year of protests, which began in December 2019 when handsewn Meltdown Flags were carried through the streets of Madrid during the COP25 climate change conference, and continued with an ongoing educational mission and an exhibition of the flags in the alpine museum of legendary Italian mountaineer Reinhold Messner, ‘Meltdown Flags’ will stage a digital protest during the cancelled COP26 between 9-19 November 2020.

Today, on what would have marked the first day of the most important international climate meeting of the year - silence. The COP26 was due to begin in Glasgow this week and was postponed to November 2021 due to the Covid-19 pandemic. This new date may be too late for the planet’s ice, for Scientists have reported Greenland's ice sheet has passed a "point of no return". Therefore the mission of ‘Meltdown Flags’ is to bring the urgent topic of glacier meltdown back to the table in these unsettling times of the pandemic and political turmoil, in the form of a digital protest between 9-19 November, the original dates of the nowpostponed United Nations Conference of the Parties (COP26).

The climate initiative "Meltdown Flags" combines data and design to show the serious consequences of glacier extinction. Flags are seen as symbols of the highest national representation and emotional value - especially among politicians. The concept behind ‘Meltdown Flags’ is simple: the effects of global warming and consequent glacier retreat is visualized in the flags through reducing the proportion of the color white in the national flags of countries with glaciers, according to historical data and glacier projections. 

The data utilized in the ‘Meltdown Flags’ project has been obtained from databases and projection models from METER, UNESCO, NASA, and the universities of Zurich and Innsbruck, among others. Key dates are the years 1995, 2020, and 2050 referring to the year of the first UN Climate Change Conference in Berlin, the present-day status, and the goal year set within the Paris Agreement to limit the global temperature increase to 1.5°C, respectively.

‘Meltdown Flags’ was launched in December 2019 during the 2019 COP25 in Madrid, and the hand-sewn ‘Meltdown Flags ‘are currently on display in the alpine museum of legendary Italian mountaineer Reinhold Messner in Bolzano, until 2021.

‘Meltdown Flags’ is an initiative by environmental science specialists from METER, together with global communication agency Serviceplan and design studio Moby Digg. ‘Meltdown Flags’ was made possible through an ongoing collaboration between Serviceplan Group, Moby Digg, Standardabweichung and Hyperinteractive.

The flags of Argentina, Austria, Canada, Chile, France, Greenland, Iceland, India, Iran, Italy, Mexico, Norway, Pakistan, Peru, Russia, USA and Uzbekistan, all countries with glaciers, have been converted into ‘Meltdown Flags’, with the white areas in each flag reduced according to the historical data. Glacier projects for each country were collected from METER, UNESCO, NASA and the Universities of Zurich and Innsbruck. All flags can be viewed here, along with details of the ‘Meltdown Flags’ project: 

With the help of prominent supporters in the field of climate change and the environment, the initiative will put out informative and interactive content via social media during 9-19 November, from videos on glacier science to raising flags as AR filters. Partners and other websites can integrate interactive flag widgets easily into their content by visiting this site:

Despite the dominant presence of Covid-19, the ‘Meltdown Flags’ project has gained wide support in 2020. From world-renowned Italian mountaineer Reinhold Messner and French glaciologist Dr. Heidi Sevestre, to UN environmental ambassador Malcolm Wood. From global climate organizations such as Protect Our Winters to national climate legislation groups like Fundación Glaciares Chilenos, who use the Chilean Meltdown Flag to advocate for glacier protection in the country’s legislation.
Reinhold Messner commented: “I’ve been to all these countries. In many places where we climbed over glaciers in the past, there is [no more] ice. I’ve seen the dying glaciers visualized in these “Meltdown Flags” with my own eyes.”

Dr. Sevestre explained: “Projects like Meltdown Flags are so important because as scientists we often underestimate how little people know about glaciers. We need these initiatives to make science accessible, to make it exciting, but above all to put this knowledge into practice."

Christian Hertel, VP Marketing, METER Group added: "We have documented and researched global climate change for decades. With Meltdown Flags, we want to make that knowledge accessible, to educate about the importance of environmental science, especially of glaciers, and encourage people to act."

Matthias Harbeck, CCO Serviceplan Germany said: "Serviceplan Group is aware of its responsibility and has recently launched a worldwide climate-neutral plan, starting in Germany. We all love our home – and we all love the world we inhabit. With ‘Meltdown Flags’, we want to appeal to decision-makers worldwide to protect the world we all call home from the climate crisis."

The eradication of the world’s glaciers would have dire consequences on nature, biodiversity and ultimately on the fate of humanity, warn the world’s leading scientists and Sir David Attenborough in his new documentary ‘A Life On Our Planet’ and accompanying book.
Greenland’s ice is melting faster than at any time during the past 12,000 years, and increased loss of ice could trigger sea level rise of up to 10cm by the end of the century. The rate of glaciers meltin matches any in the geological record for the Holocene period (the period since the last ice age).*

For every centimeter of sea-level rise 1 million people would lose their homes. The planet’s most vital resource is also at stake: Glaciers are a vital life source, storing 69% of the world's freshwater. If they were to melt completely, humanity would lose access to drinking water, a source of energy, and irrigation. Complete meltdown would bring sea level rise to a record high.

UN Secretary-General, António Guterres, attests to a "lack of political will" of governments to meet their contractually-agreed climate targets. Patricia Espinosa, executive secretary of the U.N. Climate Change agency, has urged governments to restart their post-pandemic economies with climate goals in mind.

‘Meltdown Flags’ show the past, current and future state of meltdown. An insight into a dangerously accelerated rate of glacier melt. Starting from 1995, the year of the first United Nations Climate Change Conference, to 2050, the year set out by the UN to reach net-zero emissions and limit global temperature to 1.5 °C.

The data visualization takes place in both physical and virtual space: On the campaign site all flags and data can be explored interactively. Visitors can support the cause in various ways, from CO2 compensation to creating visuals using custom typography. AR filters act as crossmedia connection by turning physical flags into interactive mobile data visualizations, a technique used for educating on climate change in school, for example in India.

The goal of the ‘Meltdown Flags’ initiative is to educate about the importance of glaciers, provide solutions to reduce emissions and put pressure on politicians to deal with the climate crisis. 

2020-11-10 00:00:00
Iconic Russian Musician Dmitry Malikov Stars in World First ‘Laundry Records’ Project supported by Miele Serviceplan Russia worked with Miele and legendary Russian pop star on groundbreaking recording studio created in a laundry. 

Miele and Serviceplan Russia teamed up with famous Russian singer Dmitry Malikov on an unusual initiative to turn a laundry full of Miele washing machines into a fully functioning recording studio.

In an ideal world you need complete silence to record music, so is it possible to record an album with washing machines? A groundbreaking new project from Miele and Serviceplan Russia named “Laundry Records” proves you can, if you use Miele washing machines.
A real-life operating laundry was created in the basement of a hotel, and transformed into a recording studio with all the necessary equipment, including high sensitivity microphones and an audio console, with a team of sound engineers, and constantly working washing machines. The laundry in the hotel was equipped with Miele professional machines prior to the Laundry Records Project, which was the reason for choosing this particular location to create a recording studio with domestic Miele machines.

The first one to test the studio was Dmitry Malikov – a legend of Russian pop music.
Recording his new neoclassical composition in these unusual circumstances was a great responsibility. Grand piano, guitar, clarinet, drums and chimes – every instrument had to be recorded clearly so that Dmitry’s touching melody could sound perfect. Dmitry and his musicians (Grishaev Evgeniy, Golovchenko Mikhai and Over Serrano Villalon) played the track a number of times, and the spinning drums didn’t seem to bother them or inhibit their performance. In honor of this outstanding experiment, the composition was given the name ‘Keep Spinning’.

Dmitry Malikov is celebrated in Russia for his 30-year career as a musician, composer, pianist, charity volunteer and blogger. Malikov is an accomplished musician in the genre of pop as well as symphonic music, and one of the most awarded musicians, winning the Gold Gramophone Award on 10 separate occasions (in 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2005, 2015 and 2019), as well as receiving the accolades of Best blogger 2017 ( and Media person of 2017 (AdIndex Award).

The experiment with Laundry Records was made possible by Miele washing machines and tumble dryers. The noise level during a washing machine’s cycle is one of the key factors determining consumer’s choice of brand – and Miele home and professional appliances are proven to be some of the quietest in the market.

But Serviceplan Russia wanted to shout loudly about the low noise levels of the Miele machines: so the creative team came up with the concept for ‘Laundry Records’, an unconventional and genuinely product-oriented project. The success of the recording with Dmitry Malikov in the laundry recording studio, proves that the noise levels of Miele washing machines and tumble dryers really are minimal, to the point of being able to record music unhindered when the machines are functioning. It’s possible to hear this in Dmitry Malikov’s instrumental track or see it for yourself in video footage from the studio.

The project doesn’t stop there – quite the opposite: the next step is an album: Miele is inviting musicians to record their own songs in this unusual studio. Both solo artists and bands can apply on the project’s page and share their songs to win a professional recording and music video shoot inside Laundry Records – and a chance to become a part of Miele’s upcoming album.

The project’s execution required the joint effort of a large team: Miele’s marketing teams for both home and professional appliances were in charge of procuring the access to the laundry and all the work with the appliances. Redesign and professional recording of the track, as well as supervision over the artist, was made by Fancy State Music Agency. The production company responsible for the shoot were Antidrama. 

Idea, strategy, visuals for all of the campaign’s elements including identity, landing page design, single cover and supporting advertising materials were developed by Serviceplan Russia, with PR support by Louder agency and media placement by Mediaplus Digital. All the three agencies are part of Serviceplan Group and make up the House of Communication in Russia. Operating according to single-window approach, all the division work in synergy and guarantee that all the campaign’s elements are integrated.

Executive Creative Director Evgenia commented: “This project shows that the idea is key. Not just what media you choose, but how you can bring creativity to your product. The ‘Laundry Records’ supported by Miele project was made with the principles of Übercreativity in mind. The product is visible, along with use of music, PR, new aesthetics and digital promotion, but the core of ‘Laundry Records’ is the creative idea itself. Plus the vast amount of work and dedication of a big team on agency and client side to execute the idea with excellence”

Marketing Director of Miele Veronika Shlepina commented: “Recording a track in Laundry Records was an experiment and even a challenge, both for us and the musicians, including Dmitry Malikov. Some people would be sceptical about the sound quality in a room full of working washing machines and tumble dryers, but Miele appliances were up for the job and showed their best side. Such benefits of our washing machines as silent ProfiEco motors and “Extra Quiet” option for additional noise cancellation work stronger together, and help to provide something more than just comfort at home. You’ll see and hear this “more” yourselves when you watch the video with the new track from Laundry Records – titled ‘Keep Spinning’.” 

2020-11-05 00:00:00
Serviceplan Beijing’s ‘Truly Mystical’ Campaign for New Budweiser Fruit-Flavoured Beer Goes Viral in China A unique social media campaign conceived to launch Budweiser ME3 has generated more than 2.1 billion impressions 

A Serviceplan Beijing campaign designed to launch Budweiser’s new product ME3 has gone viral in China, making a social buzz within the generation Z target audience. Serviceplan Beijing created digital videos, social media posters and merchandising to promote the new Budweiser ME3 fruit flavoured beer on Chinese mobile platforms TikTok and Weibo, helping their client to reach an unprecedented new peak of sales on e-commerce.

Digital films titled “The Mystical New Spark” and “The Mystical Smile” were shared on TikTok and Weibo, generating over 2.1 billion impressions with click rates of more than 58 million, and views by more than 51 million people in China. The new product campaign launch for Budweiser ME3 received huge exposure and was ‘Liked’ by at least 10 advertising media platforms.

Budweiser tasked Serviceplan Beijing with the mission of creating an outstanding campaign to market an epoch-making new product. The Budweiser ME3 beer defies genres and is neither a traditional lager nor a classic fruit beer. So Serviceplan came up with a brave, unique, ground-breaking social media campaign to market the new product to Generation Z.

The new ME3 beer has a unique yet undefined taste that appeals to a younger target group who aren’t constricted by tradition and rules, so Serviceplan came up with the concept ‘Fanatically Enigmatic’, meaning that the beauty outside of tradition can only be felt by true individuals. Serviceplan created the first ever beer drinking ritual of consuming beer through a straw, in order to differentiate the new product from other beer brands on the market, and create a social buzz around the beer for Generation Z.

Ms. Celine Huang, Associate Marketing Director at Budweiser China commented:

"We fall in love with Serviceplan when they proposed the “Truly Mystical” idea on the first time we met online during the pandemic. We’re affirmative on this creative approach on our new ME3 launch, that would activate the young target consumers in China as it reveals the true insight from this specific target group."

Mr. Marcus Ma, Managing Director at Serviceplan China Beijing added: “This is a very challenging yet fun campaign to work together with Budweiser China. The team on this project has truly dedicated their efforts and treated ME3 as their own product development. I believe this is essential to gain absolute trust from client for letting us to roll out such a bold campaign, that plays a very unusual communication for a new product launch within the category.“

By creating viral videos and visual content and seeding it on social media platforms TikTok and Weibo, combined with an e-commerce platform. Serviceplan created a social buzz around a unique new product for a new generation from a traditional brand.

Serviceplan Beijing was recently ranked in the top 20 hottest agencies of 2020 by Campaign Brief Asia. 

2020-11-02 00:00:00
SERVICEPLAN GROUP BELGIUM LAUNCHES VIRTUAL ÜBERCREATIVE DEPARTMENT   Serviceplan’s Belgian House of Communication are piloting an innovative new concept of a virtual ÜberCreative Department.  The department will be headed up virtually by Serviceplan Group’s Worldwide Executive Creative Director Jason Romeyko as ECD, leading a creative team based in Brussels, Zurich and Hamburg. 


ÜberCreativity is a core value of the Serviceplan Group, and refers to all of its experts working together on an integrated, cooperative basis across its Houses of Communication worldwide. ÜberCreativity is a special form of innovation that results when various specialists, cultures, talents, media and technologies are brought together. The concept of ÜberCreativity was developed by Jason Romeyko in 2017.


Since the pandemic accelerated the need for working from home during lockdown, Romeyko, who has years of experience in working virtually with creative teams across the world through his role of Worldwide Executive Creative Director, had the idea of partnering the concept of virtual working with ÜberCreativity, resulting in the new format of a Virtual creative department at Serviceplan Belgium. The months of confinement during lockdown were proof that an agency no longer needs to be brick and mortar - it can operate virtually at the same high level of creativity. 


This concept will be piloted at Serviceplan in Brussels, with Romeyko at the helm of the Virtual ÜberCreative department, along with the creative board based at the House of Communication in Hamburg (Maximilian Schöngen and Wolf-Eike Galle), and copywriter Henry Clarke who is based at Serviceplan in Zurich. This new concept will strengthen the creation coming out of Serviceplan Group in Belgium, with Romeyko supervising the international teams and local Dutch and French-speaking creative teams.  The experience carried out in Belgium is a pilot experience which will then be extended to other countries, both to manage local and international clients.

Worldwide Executive Creative Director Jason Romeyko commented: “Historically, the Belgian communications market has always been one of the most progressive in Europe. That’s why I’m really thrilled to pilot a new Virtual ÜberCreative set-up for the House of Communication in Brussels, which will provide the opportunity to flavour our output with world class creative teams from Zurich, Hamburg and beyond while I sit in Vienna or at an airport somewhere. Together with the local talent in Brussels they will fast-track ÜberCreative campaigns designed for Belgian screens.” 

2020-10-14 00:00:00
SERVICEPLAN GROUP BELGIUM LANCE UN DÉPARTEMENT VIRTUEL ÜBERCRÉATIF Jason Romeyko, Worldwide Executive Creative Director, dirigera l'équipe virtuelle inaugurale ÜberCréative 

La House of Communication belge de Serviceplan pilote un nouveau concept innovant de département créatif virtuel. Le département sera dirigé virtuellement par Jason Romeyko, Worldwide Executive Creative Director du groupe Serviceplan, à la tête d'une équipe créative basée à Bruxelles, Zurich et Hambourg.
L'ÜberCréativité est une valeur fondamentale du groupe Serviceplan, et fait référence à tous ses experts qui travaillent ensemble sur une base intégrée et coopérative dans ses Houses of Communication du monde entier. L'ÜberCréativité est une forme particulière d'innovation qui résulte de la mise en commun de divers spécialistes, cultures, talents, médias et technologies. Le concept d'ÜberCréativité a été développé par Jason Romeyko en 2017.
Comme la pandémie a accéléré la nécessité de travailler à domicile pendant le confinement, Jason Romeyko, qui a des années d'expérience dans le travail virtuel avec des équipes créatives du monde entier grâce à son rôle de directeur créatif exécutif mondial, a eu l'idée de s'associer au concept de travail virtuel avec ÜberCreativity, ce qui a donné lieu au nouveau format d'un département créatif virtuel chez Serviceplan Belgium. Les mois de confinement pendant la fermeture ont prouvé qu'une agence n'a plus besoin d'être physique - elle peut fonctionner virtuellement au même haut niveau de créativité.
Ce concept sera testé à Serviceplan à Bruxelles, avec Romeyko à la tête du département ÜberCréatif virtuel, ainsi que le comité créatif basé dans la House of Communication à Hambourg (Maximilian Schöngen et Wolf Galle), et le copywriter Henry Clarke qui est basé chez Serviceplan à Zurich. Ce nouveau concept renforcera la création issue du groupe Serviceplan en Belgique, Romeyko supervisant les équipes internationales et les équipes créatives locales néerlandophones et francophones. L'expérience menée en Belgique est une expérience pilote qui sera ensuite étendue à d'autres pays, tant pour gérer les clients locaux qu'internationaux.
Jason Romeyko, directeur créatif exécutif mondial, a commenté l'expérience : "Historiquement, le marché belge de la communication a toujours été l'un des plus progressistes en Europe. C'est pourquoi je suis très heureux de piloter une nouvelle installation ÜberCréative virtuelle pour la House of Communication à Bruxelles, qui nous donnera l'occasion de mettre en valeur notre production avec des équipes créatives de classe mondiale de Zurich, Hambourg et au-delà, pendant que je serai assis à Vienne ou dans un aéroport quelque part. Avec les talents locaux de Bruxelles, ils accéléreront les campagnes d'ÜberCréativité conçues pour le marché belge". 

2020-10-13 00:00:00

Today, Serviceplan Group and bi-coastal creative agency Pereira O’Dell have announced that they are joining forces in a partnership that will strengthen Serviceplan Group’s US presence and expand Pereira O’Dell’s global reach.

With Serviceplan Group´s worldwide network spanning 35 countries and Pereira O’Dell’s US operations rooted in New York and San Francisco, the new alliance strengthens the international reach of both agencies. This partnership will supercharge creative capabilities for Serviceplan and facilitate the global integration of key clients across the network, while giving Pereira O'Dell an international offering for clients in the US.

“For Serviceplan Group, this stake is a strategic step towards increasing our existing global footprint,” said Florian Haller, CEO Serviceplan Group. “Following our long-term international strategy, we believe in our goal to offer our integrated agency concept with creative & content, media & data and experience & technology in all relevant international markets. Our partnership with Pereira O‘Dell is the next logical step forward.”

"We are thrilled about our new partnership with the Serviceplan Group,” said Andrew O’Dell, CEO, Pereira O’Dell. “From our very first meeting, we knew our shared vision of creative excellence, independent spirit and creating a unique global offering, was not only exactly what we wanted for Pereira O'Dell as an agency, but for our clients too. We are looking forward to navigating this next chapter, together.”

Each agency will remain independent and continue to go-to-market under their respective brands, but will now be able to collaborate seamlessly on campaigns as needed. This is the initial step in Serviceplan’s projected growth trajectory and US investment strategy.

Markus Noder, Member of the Executive Board of Serviceplan Group adds, “This step is an enabler for the lasting success of our House of Communication concept in the US. I am looking forward to pushing our common vision together with our new partners, Pereira O‘Dell.”

German engineering meets American daring

The partnership comes in a year which has been unsettling for the world with the Covid-19 pandemic. Serviceplan Group rode the wave and despite the challenges faced by the Coronavirus lockdown, maintained market stability reporting global agency fees of 448 million EURO for the financial year ending 30 June 2020. Thanks to Serviceplan Group’s international orientation, integrated mindset, focus on digitalization and partner-managed structure, the performance confirms its status as Europe’s leading owner-managed agency group. The initial discussions surrounding this new partnership were developed during an October 2019 meeting when both parties identified many similarities in their free-spirited culture and approach and a desire for continued growth in their respective markets. This partnership solidifies Serviceplans purchase of shares from Omnicom/Grupo ABC. Ciesco, the London based Specialist M&A firm acted as the exclusive advisor for Serviceplan, led by their CEO Chris Sahota.

“This strategic partnership has been in the works for quite some time, and is an important moment for the group as we expand our offering in the US,” said Stefan Schuette, CEO Serviceplan US House of Communication. “Our agencies are well aligned in terms of structure, culture and agency philosophy, which made the decision even easier. We are thrilled to be able to offer clients even more communications services in an integrated format.” 

2020-10-06 00:00:00
Serviceplan Shanghai Creates BUD-Meal Slot Machine for Budweiser On ‘BUD X Eleme Super Brand Day’ Budweiser and Serviceplan invited consumers to ‘Use your luck to decide what to eat’ with a virtual and physical slot machine generating food and Budweiser combos

For the first ‘BUD X Eleme Super Brand Day’ in China, Serviceplan teamed up with Budweiser and food delivery giant Eleme to create cuisine and Budweiser meal combos. The BUD-Meal Slot Machine invited consumers to ‘Use your luck to decide what to eat’, with a virtual or physical slot machine generating thousands of choices of BUD customized meals featuring BUD beer.

In recent years the business of food delivery has boomed in China, however Beer made up only 0.3% of total home delivery orders. So Serviceplan Shanghai collaborated with Budweiser and food delivery company Eleme to cultivate consumer behaviour to order beer alongside cuisine. Serviceplan Shanghai found an interesting insight, that people always struggle to decide what to eat when they make food delivery orders. In order to solve this everyday problem, Serviceplan partnered Budweiser with the Chinese food delivery giant Eleme to create a digital campaign.

For Serviceplan Shanghai’s first campaign for Budweiser they created "BUD X Eleme Super Brand Day“, featuring a digital and physical version of the BUD-meal slot machine which enabled consumers to try out their luck in getting different BUD meal combos. In order to translate the consumer experience from online to offline, a real-life BUD-meal slot machine was launched in Hema store.

Designed with interesting icons, each food combo’s name has its own social slang. In order to create a mysterious feeling and anticipation of what the consumer will get for the delivery, Serviceplan Shanghai also created a special packaging. Within 3 days of the campaign launching in China, 138,944 BUD beer combos had been sold, with a 433,515 engagement of the BUD-Meal slot machine. More than 80,000 stores listed BUD customized beer combos. The first FMCG brand hub launched on the Eleme platform, with more than 1 million consumers visiting the site and 242,153,685 exposure on social platforms.

Serviceplan China Group Creative Officer: Kan Wing Ho said: “The question of ‘What to choose when you have too many options?’ reveals a true human behaviour and mental struggle. Based on this insight, we offered a simple yet interesting solution to help increase the in-home consumption of Budweiser, effectively.”

Mora Ma, Associate Marketing Director, Budweiser commented: “It’s always a beer brands’ pain point to activate the food delivery platform. Beer is not a consumer’s destination purchasing category like food, so the question is, how to attract the consumer’s attention? The ‘BUD-Meal Slot Machine’ is a perfect solution. Great creative comes from a common insight ‘what to eat today?’. Through the activation we successfully changed BUD from a ‘nice to have’ to ‘must-have’ in the food delivery realm. We’re looking forward to the ‘BUD-Meal Slot Machine 2.0’!” 

2020-10-02 00:00:00
ÜberCreativity: Serviceplan Group is “raining” change on the advertising industry with The Rainmakers series of video talks In the new video series "The Rainmakers", experts from Serviceplan Group’s Houses of Communication worldwide share their expertise on the latest trends in the communication and marketing industry. In the first episode, Worldwide Executive Creative Director Jason Romeyko explains the concept of ÜberCreativity, and how
creativity can enable an agency to be at the top of its game.

The Serviceplan Group is launching a new business content series entitled "The Rainmakers". Six times a year, specially produced videos will highlight the latest and most important global trends in creativity, design, media and digital. The series was initiated by Jason Romeyko, Worldwide Executive Creative Director Serviceplan Group, and Marcus Schnarr, CMO International Serviceplan Group. It is hosted by Jason Romeyko who
meets international experts from the world of communication selected for their expertise in different sectors to share their insights on a curated series of themes. The videos will be shown on the website and on the Serviceplan Group's social media channels, and will be shared with marketing decision-makers in a regular newsletter.

The first video in the “The Rainmakers” series focuses on ÜberCreativity: Jason Romeyko uses vivid examples to show why this higher form of creativity, in which different disciplines, talents, cultures, media and technologies come together and interact, is essential for successful customer projects. He also talks about the creative process of so-called WigWams, in which a wealth of ideas and solutions for a brand are developed in just four hours, a process that normally takes three to four weeks.
„The Rainmakers“ is produced by Media Ready. The second issue will be published in October. In a dialogue with Chief Digital Officer International Tim Schnabel, Jason Romeyko talks about the new production unit, and reveals how it is possible to radically simplify production processes of individualized, personalized and automated assets, according to the principle: "Someone, somewhere is always working for you". 

2020-09-21 00:00:00
"BAM is back" - Serviceplan Campaign makes dust dance for Germany’s Bamberg Symphony to celebrate post-lockdown reopening of the cultural institution for the Autumn 2020 season The last few months have been very challenging for cultural institutions, including the Bamberg Symphony Orchestra whose concert hall was also empty due to the Covid-19 pandemic, which caused the season to come to a different end than planned. But now, post-lockdown in Germany and observing all necessary hygiene regulations - music can be played again in the concert hall of this iconic orchestra, which is a cultural hub
of the German city of Bamberg. To creatively celebrate the reopening of the new season on 17 September, Serviceplan Campaign has produced a video for the Bamberg Symphony's social media communication under the claim "BAM is back". The film features music playing in the empty concert hall, which causes the dust that
accumulated during the quiet months of lockdown to dance.

Instead of the sounds of the orchestra and thousands of spectators, only silence filled the concert hall of the Bamberg Symphony during the last few months of lockdown imposed due to the global Covid-19 pandemic. Now, thanks to a specially designed and tested safety and hygiene concept, it is possible for the orchestra to resume playing on 17 September, taking into account all legal requirements. The claim "BAM is back" is the expression of all these concepts, preparations and measures.

Marcus Rudolph Axt, Chief Executive of the Bamberg Symphony commented: "In the video 'BAM is back', which is creatively developed and realized by Serviceplan Campaign, we would like to make an artistic statement that deals with the current situation of the cultural industry. It testifies to the long silence of recent months and also to the desire to overcome this silence and to be able to play live for an audience again. With 'BAM is back' we celebrate music, our return and considerateness and want to welcome people back to the place that has missed
them for so long.”

Alexander Nagel, Creative Managing Partner at Serviceplan Campaign: "The film arose from the idea that dust had settled in our concert halls during the pandemic because nothing could take place there anymore. For us, this dust was a symbol of coming to a standstill, which we wanted to transform into a symbol of a new beginning. For this, we let the dust dance to the first sounds that the Bamberg Symphony played again.”

The video "BAM is back" was directed by Emilia Möbus, shot post-lockdown in July while observing Covid-19 safety regulations, and produced by LeHof Media, the Animations were created by Aixsponza.
It is released on the Bamberg Symphony's Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube channels.

Serviceplan Campaign has been working for the Bamberg Symphony since the spring of 2019 and has, among other things, already produced the image film "The Sound of Bamberg Symphony", which introduces "BAM" as part of the DNA of the Bamberg Symphony and stands for Bamberg as a city as well as for sound, internationality and the wow-effect. 
The Bamberg concert hall, acclaimed as Bavaria’s best concert hall, is a cultural institution in Bamberg, a UNESCO World Heritage City. The Bamberg Symphony was established in 1946 and is an extraordinary orchestra in an extraordinary city. 

2020-09-14 00:00:00
New agencies for the European marketing activities of the BMW and MINI brands.
  • Performance marketing and digitalised sales for modern, tailor made customer relationship management. • New agency constellation will become operational in the third quarter.
  • The future unit will bear the project name “THE ENGINE”. It is a new partner network made up of MediaMonks, the Serviceplan Group and Berylls Strategy Advisors.
  • Munich - The BMW Group is reorganising its European marketing activities for its BMW and MINI brands. The related call for tenders initiated in February 2020 by the BMW Marketing and Purchasing departments reflects the consistent evolution of BMW Group Sales and Marketing towards a data-driven and customer-oriented organisation. By consolidating contents and centralising the European agency and partner network, the BMW Group is establishing an extremely efficient, high-performance marketing engine capable of supporting individualised and modern customer relationship management across all touchpoints for both the BMW and MINI brands. This will enable the organisation to better anticipate the wishes and requirements of existing and prospective customers, with the aim of offering timely, individually and contextually relevant information at each step of the customer journey. As a result, the quality of the customer experience and sense of orientation within the brands’ overall ecosystems will be considerably upgraded. The system is focused on advanced customer data analytics, highly automated production and delivery of communications media, digital media and strong e‑commerce support. The aim is to enhance Marketing input in the areas of vehicle sales, aftersales services and digital services and leverage efficiencies.

    “Our decision to select ‘THE ENGINE’ as our new agency constellation for all of Europe clearly dovetails with our claim to provide the best premium customer experience within the automotive industry,” explains Pieter Nota, Member of the Board of Management of BMW AG, Customer, Brands, Sales. “In the process, we are steadily expanding our expertise in the digitalisation of customer, brand and sales processes and are thus investing in the future of our commitment to providing customers with a source of joy in their lives. I would like to express my gratitude to all those who participated in the pitch stage; everyone delivered professional presentations they’d put their heart and soul into.”

    Transnational agency operating system for all 26 European markets.
    “This system will comprehensively integrate the classic marketing disciplines of strategy, creation and production with all relevant aspects of the customer journey – while elevating them to a high-tech level. In practice, this includes all areas of data-driven performance marketing and analytics, marketing automation, programmatic media and CRM support,” says Jens Thiemer, Senior Vice President Customer & Brand, BMW. “In addition, we are consolidating the management of web operations and e‑commerce within our new agency operating system.” The fully transnational system will cover all 26 European markets including Germany.

    A high-performance marketing engine that eliminates friction.
    The future unit will bear the project name “THE ENGINE”. It is a new partner network made up of MediaMonks, the Serviceplan Group and Berylls Strategy Advisors. At the heart of the new constellation will be the Dutch agency MediaMonks with its highly automated and data-based creative and production skills. The Serviceplan Group will be responsible for the technological and data-driven components as well as management of the local interfaces to support marketing-as-a-service responsibilities. Berylls Strategy Advisors will take on responsibility for the transformation and onboarding of the markets. “‘THE ENGINE’ has given the BMW Group the opportunity to not only secure efficiencies and synergies but also improve innovation, flexibility and quality,” says Ralf Hattler, Senior Vice President Indirect Purchasing. Local Service Hubs will be installed to serve as direct contacts for the national BMW Group subsidiaries in the various markets. “THE ENGINE” will complement the existing international agency hubs for China and the US. The new agency configuration will become operational as soon as the third quarter of this year and start by serving the two large markets of Germany and France. 

    Florian Haller, CEO Serviceplan Group commented: «Winning the BMW mandate is the beginning of a new era for the Serviceplan Group. With our strengths in the areas of Experience, Technology and Data, we feel that, together with our partners Berylls and MediaMonks, we are well equipped to provide this very special client with international, digital and technically advanced support.» 

    2020-09-11 00:00:00
    Serviceplan Group defies Coronavirus Crisis with stable Development during financial year to June 2020

    Throughout the last financial year, ending on 30 June 2020, the Serviceplan Group has maintained market stability despite the unprecedented Covid-19 pandemic and its impact. At EUR 448 million, global agency fees were slightly above those of the previous year (EUR 442 million).

     Market predictions are as sombre as they are realistic. The Zentralverband der Deutschen Werbewirtschaft (German Advertising Federation) anticipates a decrease in sales of between 10 and 20 per cent in the German advertising industry. In light of this, the Serviceplan Group’s balance sheet is all the more gratifying. As Europe’s largest owner-managed agency group, the Serviceplan Group has succeeded in finishing the financial year in a stable position, despite the difficult overall economic situation.

    Florian Haller, CEO of the Serviceplan Group, says: “I am proud that we have managed to buck the industry trend and maintain such stability during the first few months of the global Covid-19 crisis. This is a unique team effort that we have only been able to achieve through the strategic vision and flexibility of our colleagues in Germany and our Houses of Communication around the world. Thanks to our international orientation, our focus on digitalization, our integrated mindset and our partner-managed structure, we were able to further cement our status as Europe’s leading owner-managed agency group, rising to the challenges posed in a difficult market environment.”

    International Houses of Communication as Beacons

    With 24 of its own locations and around 4,200 employees worldwide, as well as further partner locations, the Serviceplan Group has now established itself in 35 countries. The agency’s “House of Communication” model plays a central role in this, and a wide variety of specialist agencies are included under this umbrella. In locations where the Serviceplan Group is represented by several of its agency brands, it operates as a “House of Communication”. This makes Serviceplan the only agency group that combines all communication services from a single source into an integrated and holistic concept across national borders. This concept is constantly being expanded at all locations, most recently in Vienna and Amsterdam.

    With the merger of Serviceplan Group Austria and Wien Nord in January 2020, two leading Austrian agency groups have united under the umbrella of the “House of Communication”. This has resulted in a unique, integrated range of services for creation and content, media and data, technology, strategy and brand partnerships.

    Through the merger with Mediaxplain* and the establishment of the new “House of Communication” in Amsterdam in July 2020, the Serviceplan Group is sending strong signals into the Benelux market.

    Promoting Digital Innovations through Personnel and Content

    The fact that the Serviceplan Group concluded the last difficult financial year in such a confident position is due not least to the sharp increase in demand for digital services. The fee volume of Mediaplus (incorporating Facit) and Plan.Net was EUR 217 million in the past financial year – the increase over the previous year (+ 7%) is mainly due to growing digitalization in the media sector.

    During the Covid-19 crisis, the ongoing strategic realignment of the digital sector towards data-driven consulting, experience, marketing technology and activation has proved beneficial to the agency group, as has the recent appointment of Wolf Ingomar Faecks to head up the Plan.Net Group. Since the start of the year, the new CEO has been responsible for strategic direction as well as further internationalization, and he also acts as Plan.Net Group’s spokesman.

    In addition, a new innovation consulting and development service has been created within the Plan.Net Group, under the name Plan.Net Innovation. Carmen Tscharre-Späth has come on board as an additional Managing Director, focusing particularly on digital products and services, New Work and agile working.

    Under the leadership of Verena Letzner, who has strengthened the management of Plan.Net NEO since August 2019, the “Marketing Governance” service area – advising international corporations on the setup, structure and processes of their digital marketing organization – has been established as a business division.

    In spring, the Serviceplan Group also formed a new global agency division for digital production, known as With more than 1,200 employees in six Hubz on three continents, supports the agency group as an internal production services provider by increasing the productivity, effectiveness and speed of client projects.

    Integrated Services Continue to Impress

    In terms of pitches, the Serviceplan Group’s balance sheet is extremely gratifying. In the last financial year, numerous large international, integrated budgets were won or retained. For example, the House of Communication in Hamburg secured the Tchibo budget for the umbrella brand, non-food and coffee which will be managed in an integrated way by the creation, strategy and social media divisions. Specialist teams from the Serviceplan Health & Life, Serviceplan Consulting Group, Serviceplan Design Hamburg agencies, together with Mediaplus, Mediascale, Plan.Net Performance and Plan.Net Pulse, will be working with an integrated approach as a new international lead agency for the Delta Pronatura brand, Dr. Beckmann. In autumn 2019, the first international campaign was rolled out in some 80 countries. Clients including METRO and VORWERK will continue to enjoy our international, integrated services. The House of Communication Berlin was able to win the pitch for AOK’s content marketing budget in a bidding consortium with the Bauer Media Group. The Serviceplan Group’s clients in Germany also include Bayer, Datev, DER SPIEGEL, MediaMarkt Saturn, R+V, PENNY, Anheuser-Busch InBev and BVG. In addition, Mediaplus International was awarded De’Longhi’s international media budget in 25 countries. Other new Mediaplus clients include Alltours and Schwartauer Werke.

    An agile Group in difficult Times

    One of the Serviceplan Group’s keys to success, which has proved effective particularly in periods of crisis, is the owner-managed partner model. Each company in the agency group is run by one or two managing directors, who also share materially in the company’s success. All the partners are involved in the day-to-day business and look after their clients personally. Florian Haller says: “We are a speedboat, not a tanker. During this period, our unique partner structure has helped a lot in the sense that everyone pulls together. As an independent agency, we are more agile, faster and more flexible in our decision-making, as we do not have to take account of the short-term, ROI-driven interests of shareholders”.

    2020/2021: Extraordinary Market Conditions create a challenging Year

    The 2020/2021 financial year, which began on 1 July 2020, will continue to be impacted by the effects of the previous months of crisis and the resulting global economic recession. CEO Florian Haller explains: “Our clients and their expectations of us as an agency partner are evolving. Keywords such as consolidation, efficiency, cost pressure and data-based communication will continue to gain in importance. We are adjusting to this by being flexible, thinking and acting progressively and consistently pursuing the digitalization push of the past few months”. He continues: “At the moment, no one can forecast growth. But I assure you that we in the Serviceplan Group are taking and have already taken many steps in pursuance of a common goal – we aim to stabilize the agency group, making it reliable and future-proof for our clients and our colleagues”.

    Serviceplan Group commits to Climate Neutrality in Germany

    Future-proof – above all that also means sustainability. As the largest owner-managed agency group in Europe, the Serviceplan Group in its 50th anniversary year has set itself the goal of being a pioneer in this area – in economic, ecological and social terms. In one of the Group’s most important undertakings, all the Serviceplan Group’s German locations will become climate-neutral in 2020. A large number of specific measures relating to travel, digital communication and carbon offsetting through certified climate-protection projects are enabling more sustainable ways of living and working within the agency group. The publication of a climate report will ensure long-term transparency.


    In the past financial year the Serviceplan Group has enjoyed significant creative successes in German and international awards, including the accolade of 5th place in Cannes Lions "Independent of the Decade" Ranking. Serviceplan Group has also enjoyed success in leading rankings of various communication disciplines: creativity (1st place in the Redbox ranking), efficiency (most frequently awarded agency at Effie Germany), digital (1st place in the BVDW creative ranking), design ("Design Agency of the Year" in the PAGE ranking), media ("Media Agency of the Year" at the German Media Award), healthcare (1st place in the Healthcare Marketing creative ranking) and PR (1st place in the PR creative ranking of PR Journal).

    Below is a selection of the awards and ranking results:

    Creative rankings:

    - ADC Germany: 1x Grand Prix and 3x Gold,11 x Silver and 17x Bronze

    - ADC Global: 4x Gold, 3x Silver, 5x Bronze and 4x Finalist

    - Andy Awards: The Serviceplan Group is "Independent Agency of the Year", ranked 5th in the "Overall Network Ranking" and 2nd in the "Number of wins per Office" and won 7x Gold

    - Cannes Lions: The Serviceplan Group takes 5th place in the "Independent of the Decade" Ranking

    - Cresta Awards: The Serviceplan Group is "CRESTA Independent Network of the Year" and wins 3x Grand Prix, 2x Silver and 4x Bronze.

    - Effie Germany: The Serviceplan Group is the most awarded agency and wins 2x Silver and 4x Bronze

    - Healthcare Marketing creative ranking: Serviceplan Health is the most creative agency

    - LIA: The Serviceplan Group is "Global Independent Agency of the Year" and wins 3x Gold, 4x Silver and 1x Bronze

    - NYF Advertising Festival: 1x Grand Prix, 2x Gold, 17x Silver and 12x Bronze

    - Page Ranking: The Serviceplan Group is "Design Agency of the Year

    - PR Journal PR Creative Ranking: The Serviceplan Group is in 1st place

    - Red Dot: 2x Grand Prix, 5x "Red Dot: Best of the Best" Awards and 13x "Red Dot" Awards

    - Redbox Ranking: The Serviceplan Group takes 1st place

    - The Good Report: The Serviceplan Group takes 9th place in the "Top 25 Agencies", 12th place in the "Top 20 Networks" and 8th place with Dot Mini in "Best Campaigns”

    - WARC Ranking: Plan.Net is among the "Top 10 in the WARC 100 Effective Ranking 2019 

    2020-09-02 00:00:00
    Serviceplan China Create TVC for Haier Leader i-Case Product Launch. Off-the-wall new campaign featuring the new i-Case refrigerator appeals to young generation of consumers 

    In the first communication since winning the business in November 2019, Serviceplan China have created the an i-Case product launch campaign for Haier Leader, a sub-brand of the Haier Electrical Appliance Group in China. Following a client brief to launch a new Haier Leader product – the i-Case Refrigerator - and get the attention of young consumers by appealing to Millenials’ lifestyles and attitudes, Serviceplan China conceived an idea which links the key feature of the product to youthful attitudes – an unconventional love story where a couple break up and their refrigerator reunites them.

    The iCase Refrigerator launch is aimed at young Chinese consumers in the 20-30 demographic. The brand wanted to convey a young and fashion-focussed vibe that fits with the stylish and unique design of the new iCase Refrigerator. The main feature of this new product is that the refrigerator is made up of 2 components, which can be separated into single units, and also can be combined into a double fridge. Serviceplan China created an advert which was shown on Leader’s offical Weibo and Wechat platform as well as local TV channels.

    The TVC is infused with humour and attitude and tells the story of a fashionable and unconventional young couple, with added authenticity through the use of a real-life couple rather than professional actors. Showing the unique attitudes of the young generation towards love, whilst emphasising how the Haier Leader product can be integral to their lifestyle. In the TVC directed by Zhao Ning (Production house: Red Horse) a woman is seen packing her suitcase and taking her favourite belongings, which include a gaming console and her half of the i-Case Refrigerator. The cinematic aesthetic of the advert and red and blue palette, complements the contemporary design of the blue toned fridge, while a French soundtrack and post-modern Chinoiserie styling complete the post-modern picture of a tempestuous young couple falling in and out of love.

    Serviceplan China CCO Chong Kin commented: “We always say ‘if you don't have a unique selling point, be the first.’ But what if we have? Our TVC idea perfectly illustrates the USP in an interesting way with an insightful young Chinese story. It's a wonderful execution for product demonstration.” 

    2020-08-12 00:00:00
    Serviceplan Spain Beats 10 Other Agencies in Pitch to Win Valencia Region Tourism Account Turisme Comunitat Valenciana has awarded its communication account to Serviceplan Spain, who will be responsible for national and international promotion of one of the most popular Spanish regions for Tourists from all over the world. 
    Serviceplan Spain has won the account of the Valencian Tourism Community, meaning that for the next two years, the international agency will be in charge of creating innovative new campaigns designed to promote Valencian Community Tourism on a national and international level for Valencia, which is one of the Spanish regions that receives the most Tourists.
    Serviceplan Spain’s work is planned in two phases; an initial one in which an inaugural campaign will be produced, and a second phase that will aim to make the campaign evolve strategically and conceptually by applying new communication formats. To this end, new campaigns will be created in order to update and innovate the communication of the Valencian Community, with the development of a famous and unique “UberCreative” campaign within the tourism sector.
    The campaign strategy will incorporate a new creative concept for ‘Mediterranean Live’, with an objective of raising the profile of Turisme Comunitat Valenciana on a local and global level, while maintaining the claim ‘Mediterranean Live’ and its essence, values and attributes. Serviceplan Spain will conceptualise a new image, messaging, branding and innovative ways that globally communicate the strengths of Valencia’s tourism offering.

    In order to achieve a greater differentiation of communication in the tourism sector, which often has a stereotypical way of communicating, within the winning proposal, Serviceplan Spain will count on the talent and vision of its team with the leadership of Emilio Valverde, Creative Director of Serviceplan Spain since the beginning of 2020, and the support of the international Creative Management Board of the Serviceplan Group, with the Worldwide Executive Creative Director of Serviceplan Group, Jason Romeyko, at the forefront. With this
    team in place, Serviceplan Spain has a vision of making this one of the benchmark campaigns not only for Serviceplan Spain, but also for the parent group.

    Serviceplan is one of the international communication groups that have made the greatest achievements in creativity and innovation in recent years, as recently revealed at Cannes Lions when it was ranked 5 in the Top 10 Independent Agencies of the Decade. 

    In the words of Markus Noder, Managing Director of Serviceplan International: “We are very excited about this campaign in a sector such as tourism that allows us to show our creativity and global innovation, and to be able to support Serviceplan Spain with all the potential of the group, thus promoting a region as important globally as the Valencian Community. For this reason, we want our contribution and teamwork to make this one of the most relevant in our House of Communication, not only in Spain, but also within the group, this year and next. " 

    2020-07-23 00:00:00
    Serviceplan Spain Appointed Communication and Creativity Agency for Palau de les Arts Reina Sofia The Palace of Arts awards account to Serviceplan Spain after public competition with 10 other agencies 

    Valencia, 13 July 2020 — After beating 10 other communication companies in a public competition, Serviceplan Spain has been appointed sole agency for communication and creativity by the Palau de les Arts Reina Sofia in Valencia.

    As the winning agency, Serviceplan Spain will be responsible for all communication and creativity for the Palau de Les Arts Reina Sofía, an iconic cultural theatre and opera theatre in Valencia designed by Valencian architect and engineer Santiago Calatrava and inaugurated in 2005. The Palau de Les Arts is an emblematic building that is part of the renowned architectural complex of the City of Arts and Sciences. The objective of the account is to position the Valencian center as a benchmark of cultural excellence on the national and international scene.

    Following a successful pitch in the public competition against 10 other agencies, Serviceplan has been awarded the contract to carry out the communication strategy and consulting and creativity to cover the needs of the organization for two years. Serviceplan Spain has extensive experience with global brands such as Heineken, Puerto de Indias, Sales Force, Lufthansa, Mercedes-Benz, Val Venosta, Turismo Comunitat Valenciana, as well as proven expertise in the tourism, cultural and entertainment sector. This is a major new account for the international Serviceplan Group, which provides an opportunity to united creativity and innovation, and bring culture, opera and music closer to new audiences. 

    Luis Piquer, CEO, Serviceplan Spain commented: “The agency intends to communicate the cultural programme of the Palau de Les Arts Reina Sofia as a great centre for opera, music and other activities, and thus help cement its reputation as a benchmark of artistic excellence, seeking to bring its content closer to the public in Spain, as well as making it a benchmark of international cultural prestige”.

    Luis Piquer, CEO, Serviceplan Spain 

    The work to be carried out focuses not only on communication, innovation and creativity, but also on strategic consulting with the purpose of formulating positioning and future strategies in accordance with the objectives set by the Palau de Les Arts. The Serviceplan Spain teams in Valencia and Madrid will work closely with those responsible for the different communication areas of the Palau de Les Arts in general, and be responsible for implementing specific actions centred around significant launches. 

    The Palau de Les Arts is equipped with the most modern technologies needed to constitute an avant-garde and modern space, which is the cultural catalyst that has made the Region of Valencia an international centre of musical excellence. Architect and engineer Santiago Calatrava was the creative genius behind the majestic building, which has equipped the city and Region of Valencia with the ability to be a player on the world stage of music, in particular opera and major musical shows. 

    2020-07-15 00:00:00
    Serviceplan Group Strengthens Presence in TheNetherlands with MEDIAXPLAIN* and Serviceplan/ Mediaplus Merger Europe’s leading independent agency group launches a fully integrated House of Communication in Amsterdam

    The independent strategic marketing & media agency Mediaxplain* has merged its business with the Dutch branch of Serviceplan/Mediaplus to form a House of Communication in Amsterdam. The result of the merger is the formation of a fully integrated, future-facing agency consisting of about 100 media, tech and creation professionals. Serviceplan, Europe’s largest independent agency group, takes a majority share and will offer unparalleled digital marketing (media & automation) and data/tech expertise within the newly formed House of Communication in Amsterdam. Along with the firmly established Serviceplan Agency in Belgium, the new Dutch House of Communication in Amsterdam offers the widest range of services to brands and organizations in the Benelux. The leadership team of the new House of Communication in Amsterdam is formed by a marriage of the current Dutch management of Mediaxplain* and Serviceplan/Mediaplus.

    The House of Communication driven by Dutch Entrepreneurship

    Talks between Mediaxplain* and Serviceplan commenced in 2019, with both parties recognising in each other similar philosophies underlying their business model; independent thinking, innovation orientation and entrepreneurship, applied to the day to day management of the agencies and the interface with clients. A unique service portfolio focusing on media, creation, tech & data of Mediaxplain* and Serviceplan/ Mediaplus will now be blended together at the Amsterdam office of Mediaxplain*, which will carry the name House of Communication as of the 1st of July 2020.

    Florian Haller, CEO of Serviceplan Group explains: "For Serviceplan Group, the House of Communication in Amsterdam is a milestone on our way to increasing our existing global footprint in order to be present in the relevant international markets. I am pleased that we can now offer our integrated agency concept with creative & content, media & data and experience & technology under one roof in the Netherlands, and that we have partnered with Mediaxplain* in the Netherlands, an owner-managed media agency with core values aligned with those of Serviceplan.”

    Gun Nieuwenhuis and C.C. Hage, founders of Mediaxplain* explain: “Five years ago, in the growth path of Mediaxplain*, we made a conscious choice to also serve international customers on our own. It has taught us that our services also shine on that podium, but also that our Dutch clients can benefit from initiatives that are developed internationally. In Serviceplan we found that independent entrepreneurial powerhouse that strengthens our position on the Dutch market in terms of digital development power and tooling, and on the other hand enlarges the stage for our services for international clients. Not least in Benelux context.”

    Markus Noder, Member of the Executive Board of Serviceplan adds: “The Netherlands and Amsterdam are quickly developing into one of the most important international hubs for media & creativity. For Serviceplan it was already a place where we sparked some of our House of Communication services in recent years. Through talks with Mediaxplain* these plans and our ambitions have been amplified. With this significant step and the unique matching services of Mediaxplain*, we are able to offer Dutch and international clients the broadest range of specialized services in the field of communication.”

    Peter Vande Graveele, until now CEO of the Serviceplan Group Benelux, considers the merger with Mediaxplain* as a major step in the future development of the Serviceplan presence in the Netherlands, which he started in 2015 by bringing key clients from Serviceplan in Brussels to Amsterdam, amongst them L’Oréal. In September 2018, he founded Mediaplus Amsterdam and embarked on a cooperation with Hornbach, who were already a client of Mediaplus in other European countries. As of 1st July, Vande Graveele transfers his operational responsibilities to the new management team of the Amsterdam House of Communication, but remains a shareholder of the new merger. He says: “I am very proud that we have put Serviceplan Group on the map in the 2 capitals of Amsterdam and Brussels since 2013, and that with this merger we can count almost 200 communication specialists in the Benelux within the newly formed House of Communication Amsterdam.”

    Caption - From left to right: Sander Bots (Managing Director Mediaxplain*), Gun Nieuwenhuis (Managing Partner Serviceplan Group Netherlands), Dirk Jan Theijn (CFO Serviceplan Group Netherlands), Mariska Wilschut (Managing Director Serviceplan NL), Menno Westinga (Managing Director Mediaplus NL), C.C. Hage (Managing Partner Serviceplan Group Netherlands), Christiaan van Betuw (Managing Partner Serviceplan Group Netherlands)

    2020-07-06 00:00:00
    Serviceplan Ranks #5 in Top 10 Cannes Lions Independent Agency of The Decade As Cannes Lions release Lions Creativity Report of the Decade, Serviceplan Group features in the Top 10 rankings 

    Serviceplan takes 5th position in the ranking for Cannes Lions Independent of the Decade, as part of the inaugural Lions Creativity Report of the decade.

    The Lions Creativity Report of the Decade presents six regional agency of the decade awards and six global awards: Independent Agency, Network, Holding Company, Agency, Brand Marketer and Palme d’Or of the Decade. The ten-year rankings chart the ascending performance of the world’s most creative companies, celebrating those that have delivered an unfailing level of world-class creative work. The report’s findings are presented alongside commentary and analysis from sister company WARC.
    Although Cannes Lions was cancelled this year because of the Coronavirus Pandemic, LIONS Live replaced the original dates of the Festival - 22-26 June - with Serviceplan’s ÜberCreativity presentation forming part of the programme, and the Special Award rankings including Independent Agency of the Decade announced on the last day of the digital festival. The Special Award rankings included in the Lions Creativity Report of the Decade can be found here: 

    2020-07-01 00:00:00
    A TV Presenter is Absent from the Screen in Serviceplan France Campaign Highlighting Work of Règles Élémentaires To demonstrate the problem of menstrual precariousness, the Règles Élémentaires TVC features a weather report with the presenter absent from the screen 

    For the first time in the history of French television, a TV presenter is absent from the screen during her scheduled weather forecast, an absence designed to highlight the work of French organisation Règles Élémentaires, who help women suffering from menstrual precariousness. The 3 TVCs created for Règles Élémentaires and its agency Serviceplan France is supported by the French T channels Canal + and France Ô.

    The work of Règles Élémentaires helps some of the 1.7 million * women in France who are victims of menstrual precariousness (source: IFOP, 2019). Because these women do not have the financial means to buy intimate hygiene products - or not in sufficient quantity – it is difficult for some of them to continue with normal day to day life with dignity when menstruating. For some, the solution lies in absence, with these women preferring not to show up at their place of study or work during their period.

    It was in order to make this embarrassing and little-known reality known to as many people as possible that Tara Heuzé-Sarmini created Règles Élémentaires in 2015 as the first association to combat menstrual precariousness. This association has given itself a double mission: to collect intimate hygiene products intended for women in need and to obtain from government authorities free intimate hygiene products for women in precarious situations.

    In order to raise public awareness, the agency Serviceplan France imagined this unprecedented shock operation: removing Weather presenters from the screens when presenting their program, for a reason never invoked in our society in which the subject of mensturation remains a real taboo.

    The operation will be repeated many times between June 1 and June 30 on 6 channels of the Canal group: Comedies, Planet AE, Info Sport, Planet CI, Planet and Polar + as well as on France Ô. 

    2020-06-22 00:00:00