ЗаголовокQuarterback Safety System Plus
Кампания Lexus UX
Рекламодатель Lexus
Бренд Lexus
Дата первой трансляции/Публикации
Бизнес сектор Автотранспорт
История We didn’t make a commercial for the 2019 Big Game. We just made people think we did. Quarterback Safety System Plus was a parody commercial that poked fun at the new roughing the passer rule, one of the most hotly debated topics all season. Our commercial reimagined the Lexus UX safety features, such as airbags and the Blind Spot Monitor, as football technology designed to protect quarterbacks.

To capture the attention of people hunting for Big Game commercials, we released our campaign the same week as brands that bought airtime in the game. We then published new content almost every day to build anticipation for the Big Game. Next, we created long-form content, GIFs and a microsite. We even gamed search engines so our videos would pop up for anyone searching for great Big Game commercials. In the end, we had one of the best reviewed and most engaging ads of the Big Game, even though we never ran a commercial in the game.

The result? Lexus spent a fraction what others did, and still had one of the most memorable campaigns. It earned a Lexus record of 25 million views and counting.
Тип медиа Digital

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