ЗаголовокSpeak your mind
Кампания Speak Your Mind
Рекламодатель United for Global Mental Health
Бренд Speak your mind
Дата первой трансляции/Публикации
Бизнес сектор Информированность о болезнях, группы поддержки и ассоциации
История The Mental Health campaign "Speak Your Mind" doesn't have a video case study, but it does have the attached spot made with Zach Williams (the late Robin Williams' son), which was used for collecting the audio petitions around the globe. We could submit this spot. This campaign is still making progress: we recently got granted access to the client's voice petition database and we developed the first A.I. speech ever created, written by a machine learning tool and based on a small voice petition sample for now. You can listen to a first audio rough cut here. For more information, we have a one pager presenting the campaign and its advancements, please see attached.
Тип медиа Анализ ситуации
Главный исполнительный директор (CEO)
Главный креативный директор
Global Executive Creative Director
Исполнительный креативный директор
Креативный директор
Ассоциированный креативный директор
Ассоциированный креативный директор
Concept Designer
Директор по стратегическому планированию
Директор творческих технологий
Content Creator

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