ЗаголовокThe Pleasure is Mine
Кампания The Pleasure is Mine
Рекламодатель Reckitt Benckiser
Бренд K-Y
PostedМай 2020
Бизнес сектор Здоровье и фармацевтические изделия
История Insight:
Women are feeling empowered everywhere but the bedroom.
How we landed it: 
Women are feeling empowered in the workplace, asking for more money and ensuring their closing the pay gap. In the era of #MeToo and Times Up, women are coming together and sharing their stories.  In the words of Christianne Amanpour, "We've had so many important conversations around discrimination and suffering, but we haven't had conversations around great sex".  Why can we talk about what we don't want in the bedroom yet it's taboo to talk about what we DO want?
We talked to real women and uncovered that there are several barriers stopping them.

Women are socialized to please men and put their own needs second. Our research revealed that 62% (18-44) agree "women tend to put their own sexual needs / pleasure second (behind their partner's)"
The spectrum of good sex and bad sex is vastly different between men and women. Men experience "good sex" as had an orgasm and "bad sex" as boring whereas women's experience is a spectrum of pain to no pain - pleasure was not part of that equation.

"Women often feel they have less of a right to pleasure than men do. Sometimes sex is painful and they think that's just how it is for women." -- Dr Kirstin Mitchell, University of Glasgow
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