ЗаголовокShop London
Кампания Bringing Westfield Out From Under the Roof
Рекламодатель Westfield
Бренд Westfield
PostedФевраль 2016
Бизнес сектор Розничная торговля, дистрибуция и рестораны
История Our key task for both Westfield London (Shepherd's Bush) and Westfield Stratford City was to get shoppers through the doors. In 2015/14, footfall was starting to plateau due to the rise of online shopping. We had to combat this by encouraging new customers to visit (and revisit) Westfield centres. This was particularly necessary in the fashion sector, where we faced a real challenge given the range of choice in London. In an ever-changing fashion world, Westfield needed to connect with its audience in a way that demonstrated it could as dynamic as the rest of the category. A big step-change in approach was required. This is the story of how our economics project was game-changing, and provided us with the eivdenve that we needed to increase digital investment by 40 percent.
философия Our strategy was to bring Westfield out from under the roof; remove the physical shackles and use all of its amazing content to showcase how it is fashion. Our econometric model for footfall and sales, that incorporated all key drivers, identified that online shopping was negatively impacting footfall significantly more than consumer confidence was boosting it. Digital shopper behaviour also provided the strategic opportunity to tackle this challenge.
The econometric model provided us with the eveidence that we needed to increase digital investment by 40 percent. We did three things. Firstly, we introduced a strong SEO and PPC always-on best practice approach across desktop and mobile. Secondly, we increased mobile spend by 37 percent, encompassing search and display innovations. Finally, we partnered with the Evening Standard and its brand new fashion platform, Shop London. This enabled us to become a truly integrated part of the Evening Standard's fashion and lifestyle content and position Westfield as a credible fashion player and give people more reasons to visit the centres.
Проблема Westfield faced a challenge to have a more credible voice and role within fashion in the minds of Londoners, rather than just be seen as a shopping centre. In 2013/14 footfall was starting to plateau due to the rise of online shopping. A big step-change in approach was required.
Результат This new approach paid tangible dividends: in 2014, we increased footfall by 10 percent YoY and web traffic by 12 percent, despite increases in online shopping behaviour. We updated our econometric data at the start of this year and found that advertising drove an incremental 2.46 million visits in 2014 – a 30 percent increase in ROI from 9.6 to 12.5 between 2013 and 2014.
The Shop London partnership proved invaluable: 70 percent of 15 to 34-year-olds said they enjoyed reading the supplements; social reach was at 2.2 million; we delivered over £400,000 of value; and we granted Westfield access to true ‘money can’t buy’ opportunities through access to editorial experts and properties.
This has been a great example of several pieces of the marketing mix coming together to increase overall performance. Performance isn’t the reserve of digital businesses – we have shown that any brand, even those built of bricks and mortar, can use business intelligence and digital channels in conjunction with complementary ideas and insights to really drive strong performance. 
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