ЗаголовокThe Micropedia of Microaggressions (Board)
Кампания The Micropedia of Microaggressions
Рекламодатель Black Business and Professional Association, et al.
Бренд Black Business and Professional Association, et al.
Дата первой трансляции/Публикации 2021 / 12
Бизнес сектор Реклама и связь
История Not all acts of bias are easy to see or identify. Some of them are so subtle, they’re only felt. These subtle but painful interactions are known as microaggressions and they have a significant impact on peoples’ physical and mental health. To help raise self-awareness around this issue, Canada’s largest Diversity, Equity and Inclusion organizations (Black Business & Professional Association, Canadian Congress on Inclusive Diversity & Workplace Equity, Pride at Work, and the Diversity Institute), launched TheMicropedia.org, the first encyclopedia of microaggressions. It’s a judgement-free online tool that provides easy-to-digest information where people can unlearn their unconscious bias and make immediate changes in their daily interactions with others. Like other community-driven resources, entries are collected via user submissions. Entries span nine categories and define the harmful impact of the microaggression while providing resources and real-world examples from news, media, and pop culture. By raising self-awareness, The Micropedia will create safer workplaces, institutions and interactions, and have lasting societal impact.
Тип медиа Анализ ситуации
Agency Zulu Alpha Kilo
Chief Creative Officer Zak Mroueh
Executive Creative Director Stephanie Yung, Christina Yu
Head of Design Stephanie Yung
Art Director Andrea Por
Writer Christina Roche
Design Director Jeff Watkins
Designer Zoe Kim
UX/UI Designer Damian Simev
Account Team Rob Feightner, Karla Ramirez, Michael Brathwaite
Planning Team Spencer MacEachern, Adrian Ver, Patrick Henderson, Sean Bell
Agency Producers Rebecca Adams, Kenneth Haz
Production Director Ola Stodulska
Partner Nadine Spencer, Black Business and Professional Association
Partner Alex Ihama, Canadian Congress on inclusive diversity and workplace equity
Partner Wendy Cukier, Diversity Institute, Ryerson University
Partner Colin Druhan, Pride at Work Canada
Studio Director James Graham
Developers (web) Jake Edwards, Kyle Collins, Ariana Emond
Production Artist Pavel Petriycki, Mila Lukezich, Cecilia Bernasch
Production Artists (posters) Jeannette and Ashleigh
Production House Zulubot
Director Barbara Shearer
Production House Producer Lauren Schell, Mitch Cappe, Adam Palmer, Jackie Pal
Executive Producer Tom Evans
Cinematographer/DOP Greg Bennet
Key Grip Prassan Patel
Editing Company Zulubot
Editor Jessie Posthumus, Felipe Chaparro
Animation Ashlee Mitchell
Post Producer Sarah Dayus, Mariya Guzova
Online/Colourist Felipe Chaparro
Motion Graphics Mike Sevigny
Special Effects Jay Baker
Audio Production / Scoring Pirate Toronto
Executive Producer Maggie Blouin Pearl
Engineer Ian Boddy
Illustrator Nabil Elsaadi
3D Motion Design Flavio Carvalho, Steve Kelly
Audio Social Noah Mroueh

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