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244 Water Street, 5th Floor
Brooklyn New York 11201
Телефон: (+1) 347-470-4803

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Work & Co

244 Water Street, 5th Floor
Brooklyn New York 11201
Телефон: (+1) 347-470-4803

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AdAge feature story:Group of Senior Execs Depart Huge to Form New Digital Shop 

We believe in making things. Work & Company was designed from the ground up to create the types of digital products and services that can singlehandedly change the face of a brand. In our experience, the most transformative business ideas often materialize during the hard work of iterative design and development. 

The founders of Work & Co were previously co-founders and partners at Huge, where they created and oversaw the Creative, User Experience and Strategy groups. Together they have envisioned, designed, and built some of the most successful digital experiences in the world, winning creative acclaim projects including for HBO GO, TED Talks and the new Virgin America.

We’d love to tell you more — just get in touch with us: info@work.co 


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Our model is relatively simple. We hire only the most proven designers and engineers in the world, and we partner with companies committed to embracing a lean, hands-on methodology. We ask our clients to participate directly with us using an agile process based on specific measures of success, rapid design and prototyping, and continuous testing and improvement. The result is one combined, proven team, making things the right way.

WIRED Magazine on Virgin America’s New Booking Site




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