ЗаголовокGet .Fun
Кампания Get .Fun
Рекламодатель Radix
Бренд .Fun
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История .FUN embarked on a journey to meet the people of Boring, Maryland - one of the ‘least fun’ cities in the US. The campaign developed with FRED & FARID New York features Jim Blum, Boring town resident and local real estate broker standing in front of a .FUN truck to highlight how .FUN can bring levity to any person or business. Who could believe that the people of Boring, MD are actually .FUN?
философия New domain extensions offer the opportunity to pick keyword-rich and meaningful domain names to stand out from a crowded market. Successfully launched in April 2017 by Radix, one of the world’s leading domain portfolio registries in the world, .FUN is designed for individuals, startups or mid to large organizations (in the space of kids education/entertainment, gaming and hospitality business) that are looking to entertain and engage their target audience in a unique and exciting way. A .FUN domain name can bring a level of excitement to any kind of industry, not limited to entertainment, gaming or leisure. To demonstrate its singular point of view, the brand brings a .FUN filter in the most unexpected place… the one place that needs it the most: the City of Boring.
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