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1821 Miccosukee Commons
Tallahassee Florida 32308
Телефон: (+1) 8506686824

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Основной Опыт: Цифровой, Социальные медиа, Маркетинг / Творческие услуги, Публичные отношения, Закупка средств рекламы / Планирование, Корпоративные коммуникации, Стратегия и планирование, Потребитель

Основан в: 1987

Сотрудники: 160

Портфолио: 15

Клиенты: 14

Bright Red

1821 Miccosukee Commons
Tallahassee Florida 32308
Телефон: (+1) 8506686824

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Об Агенстве

BRIGHT RED is an agency where integration is replaced by co-activation. We provide clients with a unique balance of marketing disciplines ­– advertising, public relations, digital and social – all reporting to one profit center and working in absolute synergy to provide solutions to client challenges based on their specific needs – not the limitations of a traditional agency. We are powered by Omnicom, which gives our in-house teams a broad range of tools and resources, $30 billion of media clout and the data and marketing science expertise of Annalect. 


Английский, Испанский
Философия & Преимущества над конкурентами

With over 120,000 agencies in the US and more than a half a million worldwide, what could possibly make Bright Red different?

Each service we offer - strategy, creative, public relations, social, digital, media – was developed to be as strong as an agency specializing in that discipline. There are no shortcuts to the solutions we provide. As a result, we are as comfortable engaging as a PR/social agency of record, as an integrated partner. Co-activation means we’re only going to recommend what your brand needs, not what we have a vested interest in selling. And since each discipline lives within our walls working together on a daily basis, we get to better ideas, faster.

Public Relations
We’ve built the largest PR practice within an ad agency in the US, which has allowed us to grow relationships that are both broad and deep and span multiple categories.

We approach PR with the same combination of strategy and creativity, and pursue it in such a way that consistently exceeds expectations.

Momentum is our tool for change. It is a strategic process that helps us develop fresh ideas that create growth for our clients.

Powered by Omnicom
We are part of the Omnicom Collective, a group of highly creative and independent minded agencies that bring unique and distinctive benefits and provide unmatched power in areas very important to clients:

-       More than $30 billion in media purchasing power

-       Unmatched media, digital and social technology and tools

-       Best in class marketing sciences and resources to activate data

-       Ability to access partners and resources across the collective

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