ЗаголовокTravel As You Are
Кампания Travel As You Are
Рекламодатель Orbitz, LLC
Бренд Orbitz
Дата первой трансляции/Публикации
Бизнес сектор Турфирмы, туроператоры
История Orbitz is in a highly competitive category. Growing the business required more than just smart messaging; it took meaningful positioning. We worked with Orbitz to refocus the brand on an important, underserved community: LGBTQIA+ travelers.

Orbitz relaunched the brand with a message encouraging the LGBTQIA+ community to travel as their authentic selves, on their own terms, not the ones society created for them. The campaign launched with a brand film featuring real couples, all-LGBTQIA+ cast and featured a newly recorded version of “You Don’t Own Me” (popularized by Lesley Gore in 1963) performed by acclaimed R&B singer/songwriter Serpentwithfeet. The campaign included RTB-driven :15s videos, social content and a TikTok activation.
Тип медиа Анализ ситуации

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