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ЗаголовокThe German Roamers Conquer Iceland With the Samsung Gear S3 Frontier
Кампания Samsung Gear S3 Influencer Campaign
Рекламодатель Dept
Бренд Samsung
PostedДекабрь 2018
Бизнес сектор ТВ, Hi-Fi, видео, персональные стерео и аксессуары
Слоган The German Roamers conquer Iceland with the SAMSUNG Gear S3 Frontier
История For the launch of the Samsung Gear S3 frontier we sent the German Roamers, Europe’s highest-reach influencer collective, to Iceland. They told gripping stories about the road trip with the Smartwatch and 3.8 million nature fans were there live with them.
философия German Roamers are a group of 15 adventurers and nature photographers. They admire the beauty of nature and have a huge passion for Instagram where they share their travels and experiences with a global audience. They are trustworthy and inspire.
Проблема The challenge in launching the Samsung Gear S3 frontier was to reach outdoor enthusiasts with an online campaign for which the Smartwatch was developed. This required extraordinary storytellers and an emotional link like the German Roamers, Europe’s largest outdoor influencer collective.
Результат We decided to launch the Smartwatch with an Icelandic road trip over a period of several days to take it to its limits. The varied landscape enabled the functions of the Smartwatch to be taken up in nature. The influencers route was mapped out by the Samsung Gear S3 frontier, with followers able to experience the road trip live on the landing page in the form of a travel diary. More than 3.8 million users viewed the road trip live feed along with reaching out to 13 million contacts. The resulting content was so convincing that it replaced the classic campaign motifs and was even used for print ads and advertorials.
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