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Hong Kong
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John Brown Media

Hong Kong
Телефон: (+852) (0)207 565 3000

Andrew Hirsch


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Consumers are increasingly bombarded with brand messages everywhere they look, which makes it harder than ever to stand out with a clear message that will hold their attention.

We find more and more that the multi-channel/multi-platform/on-demand nature of media consumption means that broadcast messaging and “shouting” at customers has less impact as people switch off from some traditional marketing. With a specialty in compelling content, John Brown Media conveys key marketing messages through emotive, engaging storytelling that hooks in the consumer and inspires them to create an allegiance with and true understanding of a brand.

We help clients have direct conversations with customers, take part in those that are already happening, and encourage the sharing of them.
Using data and insight to define our core audience(s) and identify their media usage (channel, platform, time, format), we create content and communication strategies that drive action and engagement, bringing customers into a brand’s world, reinforcing the relevance and value in their lives, and encouraging consideration and—crucially— conversion. 


Английский, Испанский, Французский, Немецкий, Итальянский, Китайский, Арабский, Финский, Mandarin, Шведский
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Brands have their key positioning messages that come across in their media communications, but our job is to find the very essence of a brand and bring it to life via storytelling. Our heritage in newsstand magazines, and that competitive media landscape in which every word and image is carefully chosen to attract and engage readership, has reinforced the importance of making our content (and the content we create for brands) be worthy of payment—i.e. customers would happily pay money (or mostly in this case, their time) to have it.

We use world-class editors and creatives to underpin this, taking an editorially intelligent approach to everything that we do. It’s not about just shouting out your brand messages and hoping that people notice and engage with them; it’s about telling your story as if you were in a room, one-to-one with your customer, and you had 15 minutes of their attention. It’s not about slogans and mottos, it’s about the emotional connection that you are trying to create, tapping into your constituents’ needs and triggers.

Fundamentally it is about having those rewarding conversations in which action (in whatever form you are looking for) is the result.

As part of the Dentsu Aegis Network of specialist expert agencies, John Brown has unparalleled access to a host of data, insight, and activation services that help make our clients’ content work harder and drive exceptional ROI.

Within the network, we build strategy and activation plans that deliver measurable results.

DATA gives direction and opportunity.

CREATIVITY makes it different, authentic, and valuable.

SMART AMPLIFICATION creates relevancy.

Predominantly via brands’ owned channels, our content delivers a rich customer experience that sells the brand without shouting about it—first and foremost, although the brand objectives are the driving force behind our content, our job is to create content that customers find value in and with which they actively want to spend their time.

Описание сети

John Brown are part of the Dentsu Aegis Network, so we have access to a global network of offices across the entire group, which we can activate quickly and efficiently. As John Brown, we are currently present in 9 markets with offices in the UK (our Head Office in London), South Africa (Cape Town and Johannesburg), UAE (Dubai), USA (Boston), Singapore, Hong Kong, Finland (Helsinki), Spain (Madrid), Israel (Tel Aviv) and Canada (Toronto) 

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