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1460 Broadway Suite 16005
New York New York 10036
Телефон: (+1) 210-829-9000

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Основной Опыт: Цифровой, Социальные медиа, Маркетинг / Творческие услуги, Прямой / Теле / Маркетинг базы данных /система управления информацией о клиентах, Исследование рынка / Консалтинг, Маркетинговые технологии / Аналитика, Стратегия и планирование, Финансовые, Бизнес сегмент, Розничная торговля, Потребитель

Сотрудники: 3000

Клиенты: 500

Harte Hanks

1460 Broadway Suite 16005
New York New York 10036
Телефон: (+1) 210-829-9000
Keith Sedlak

Keith Sedlak

SVP, Business Development

Телефон: 917 613 1682

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Harte Hanks is a global marketing firm that specializes in helping brands win attention, build trust and earn loyalty in an ever-changing world. Experts in defining, executing and optimizing the customer journey, we create meaningful interactions that connect our clients with their customers in more powerful ways. From visionary thinking to tactical execution, we’re changing the game of customer engagement—we’re bringing the human back to marketing. 


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We’re changing the game of customer engagement to help you win attention, build trust and earn loyalty in an ever-adapting marketing world. 


Marketing. It has until now, been viewed as companies pushing their messaging out into the world and trying to get consumers to buy more. That just doesn’t work anymore.

Customers are calling the shots. If marketing is going to have any chance at success, it must be delivering value to the consumer helping to solve the problems this person has set out to solve, in the moment they need to be solved. This goes beyond one-to-one marketing. Every interaction an individual has with a brand must deliver value.

The way to make that happen is to bring the human back to marketing. To speak to each individual contextually, in the moment. We’re making it happen with our five pillars of best-in-class marketing philosophy. 


Getting to the heart of what makes people tick, their context and the way they want to buy empowers you to market to them on a hyper-personalized level. Because when you interact with people in ways that support them rather than interrupt them, your brand stays in their mind and earns their loyalty. 

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