ЗаголовокComputer Show "HP PageWide"
Кампания Computer Show "HP PageWide"
Рекламодатель Hewlett-Packard
Бренд HP
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Бизнес сектор Принтеры и сканеры
История Known for its quirky brand of throwback humor and flawless recreation of the early-’80s public access show, PBS’s “Computer Chronicles,” viral video series “Computer Show” has become a cult hit.
Created by Adam Lisagor, Roxana Altamirano, and Tony Altamirano, “Computer Show” stars TV Host Gary Fabert (played by Rob Baedecker) on a technology talk show set in 1983, the dawn of the personal computing era.
Think: awkward hair and suits, primitive synths and graphics, VHS tapes and no internet. But here's the twist: the guests on this show are in fact, tech luminaries—experts, founders, thinkers, entrepreneurs -- from 2017.
HP partnered with strategy and marketing innovation agency Giant Spoon and Sandwich Video to create HP's own episode of Computer Show featuring employees from present-day HP wowing the two hosts with PageWide technology—the latest in printing innovation.
In a creative approach to B2B marketing, the show provides the perfect opportunity to talk about how business printing has advanced and how affordable color printing can give companies in all verticals—from education to healthcare to retail— a competitive edge with HP’s PageWide technology.
HP’s PageWide lineup for businesses, which includes Pro and Enterprise MFPs and printers, offer up to 40 percent lower color cost savings per page as compared with color lasers, while printing faster than other color MFPs in their class.
That’s a very long way from the dot-matrix printer shown in the original “Computer Chronicles” video spot on printers, in which hosts of the show, with whirring machine in the background, needed a primer to understand how the printer actually connects to a PC. 
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VP, PPS Marketing, HP
Head of Americas, Print Marketing, HP
US Commercial Printing Marketing Director, HP
Social Media Campaign Manager, HP
Co-Founder, Giant Spoon
VP, Brand Management, Giant Spoon
Associate Director Strategy, Giant Spoon
Senior Strategist, Giant Spoon
Senior Strategist, Giant Spoon
Junior Strategist, Giant Spoon
Business Affairs, Giant Spoon
Director, Sandwich Video
Executive Producer, Sandwich Video
Executive Producer, Sandwich Video
Producer, Sandwich Video
Director of Photography, Sandwich Video
Writer, Sandwich Video
Writer, Sandwich Video
Writer, Sandwich Video
Writer, Sandwich Video
Writer, Sandwich Video

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