ЗаголовокReady for Sport: The Anthem
Кампания Ready for Sport: The Anthem
Рекламодатель adidas
Бренд adidas
Дата первой трансляции/Публикации
Бизнес сектор Отдых и спортивное оборудование
Слоган Ready For Sport
История Now that sport is back, we won't waste these chances. Our opportunities will come, and we will be ready. #ReadyForSport
философия adidas' READY FOR SPORT hyper-relevant episodic sports series launched at the start of what would become a 3-month global lockdown period during a global pandemic and amid racial injustice.
Результат Since the campaign launched in March this year, adidas has engaged over 3,000 athletes and artists to support the hearts, minds and bodies of the community. With a 300% spike in social conversation following the announcement that team sports would be returning, ‘The Anthem’ is the culmination of the Ready for Sport story so far and seeks to inspire the community, sparking feelings of joy and optimism for what lies ahead.
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