ЗаголовокCelebrating firsts in every box
Кампания Celebrating firsts in every box
Рекламодатель Firstleaf
Бренд Firstleaf
PostedАпрель 2022
Бизнес сектор Вина, шампанские
Слоган Celebrating firsts in every box
История Challenge: Help Firstleaf, a subscription-based wine club, drive awareness and leverage emotional storytelling to build a memorable brand.

Outcome: Two heart touching TV commercials that help establish the Firstleaf brand and are promoted on several stations nationwide as well as social media. The ads take Firstleaf’s target audience on a journey of first experiences.
Результат The commercials put the Firstleaf brand on the map and forge a meaningful connection with their customers.
Тип медиа Анализ ситуации
Больше информации https://dpdk.com/work/firstleaf-tvc
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