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Философия & Преимущества над конкурентами

We have always been able see the bigger picture... details are only of interest through the trends and changes they reflect.

EMM prefers the telescope to the microscope. It's a question of vision. There needs to be a balance between "media science" and everyday media decision-making.

Others stop at counting beans and crunching numbers. At EMM we go further. We analyse, explore, explain, navigate, chart the way ahead. We diagnose trends, note shifts in the landscape, spot pitfalls to avoid and opportunities to pursue. Detail is a pathway to understanding. Data is for weighing and exploring, not simply feeding into machines. Meaning comes from interpretation, not volume of information alone.

Good ideas can come from anywhere, but you must think out of the box to distinguish the good from the mediocre. It takes an openness of mind to believe in an improved outcome. This is what EMM does. 


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Stephen White


Stephen White