Scout Association of Croatia - "Paint It Back" Epica Awards 2018

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ЗаголовокPaint It Back
BriefSituation:Every year huge wildfires in Croatia turn green forests into black burned areas.Nature is unable to renew by itself, so it needs our help.Scouts of Croatia wanted to organize the afforestation of those burned areas.Idea:From black ash of burned trees we created unique ash crayons. We distributed more than 100.000 crayons via national daily newspaper. With those crayons you can draw a tree, upload it on the website and with a donation of 1EUR a virtual tree becomes a real one and is planted by volunteers on burned areas.Results:Simple black crayons painted back burned forest areas of more than 500.000 m2 with +60.000 trees. More than 5.000 volunteers joined the campaign in 45 days of afforestation. This was the biggest afforestation in Croatian history and it pushed the topic in all relevant national news and portals.
Кампания Paint It Back
Рекламодатель The Scouts Association
Бренд Scout Association of Croatia

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