Citroën - "Citroen The end of an era Case film" by PHNX Tribute 2020

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ЗаголовокCitroen The end of an era Case film
Кампания Zitrön - The Ënd of an Ëra: Citroën Germany becomes “Zitrön”
Бренд Citroën
Дата первой трансляции/Публикации
Продукт Citroën
История For Citroën's 100th birthday, it was time to change the game. So, we changed the name: Citroën became “Zitrön” – inspired by the way Germans pronounce the brand.
And we did it for real. Consequently, for real.

The CEO of Citroën Germany announced the new name at the annual dealers´ conference. At the same time, rebranding took place on every channel. Whether it was the website, social media channels or even car dealerships. This way we made sure that people started to talk. The employees were our first and most credible influencers, because they were the first tweeting of what they thought was “madness”. It was picked up not only by social media and the press, but also powered by our pre prepared content to fuel the fire. For three days “Zitrön” was “the” topic in Germany, until the CEO finally admitted, that it was just a hoax.
Chief Creative Officer Eric Schoeffler
Creative Direction Tobias Rabe, Tobias von Aesch, Torsten Pollmann
Art Direction Melanie Drechsler, Vanessa Gayanelo, Sebastian Kollat, Frederic Geuecke, Arnaud Atchimon, Gerald Giebel
Copywriter Yanick Fischer, Leonid Ryazanskiy, Fabian Haag
Account Management Daniela Bugaj, Jessica Jobs, Ellen Cremer, Florian Düwel, Jan Etzler
Strategic Planning Marc Thevabalan
Web Design/Animation Guido Eichhoff, Vanessa Gayanelo
Web Development Rachid Zelmat, Brandon Hoeltgen, Birga Badenhorst
Illustration Uwe Watschounek
UX Jan Peisert
PR Marie Euler
Agency Producer Nadine Baltes
Post Production Pirates ‘N Paradise
Film Production IAM images, cinehype, Studio6
Direction Matthias Thönnissen
DOP Sebastian Bäumler
Client Contact Scot Wiltgen
Media Plannig Carolin Scheele
Media Placement MediaCom

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