A New Medium: The Sound Poster

Print innovation responds to acoustic signals to show a poster

The first-ever print poster that responds to audible signals and can thus change its graphic interface – the "Soundlounge Poster". The amount of information which lights up on the poster is dependent on the volume of the sound it picks up.

This innovative form of print advertising is based on a special microscopic rear projection system. Sounds are converted to graphic pulses by means of a microchip and a microphone attached to the back of the paper. Different program stages are then activated, depending on the intensity of the signal. If the noise level is low, for example, only a white poster is visible. As the sound gets louder, individual icons begin to light up. When silence returns, the poster becomes blank again. As soon as sounds are made again, content builds up until the poster is filled out completely.

The Soundlounge Poster has been used for the first time as an advertising resource for the Soundlounge event in Düsseldorf on August 25, an event gathering Sound Studios. This new media innovation has been developped in collaboration between BBDO agencies CraftWork, Proximity Worldwide and BBDO Düsseldorf and the IT experts at IOX LAB