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How to offer the passers-by the possibility to control the advertising

Lukas Lindemann Rosinski agency had to promote the new Mercedes-Benz Van model, the Viano. Friedrichstrasse underground station in Berlin is one of the most frequented one in Berlin. A system has been developed to recognize the remote car keys signal to start a new film on the interactive advertising displays: the side door of a digital Viano open to let different passengers descending from the car, each time to surprise the passers-by in giving the impression that the Viano is a very big vehicle. One of the film enabled the lucky passer-by to win a journey, in real life, in a VIP Viano in Berlin.
ЗаголовокKey to Viano
Кампания Mercedes Key To Viano
Рекламодатель Daimler AG
Бренд Mercedes-Benz Van

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