Hidden Camera & football:

Heineken: made to entertain

At the occasion of the latest UEFA Champion League Final, Heineken has pulled another prank on its public. It’s not so easy to be a football expert and however everyone considers himself as being one. In one of the most famous pub in Milan, former football players and specialists should comment the match live and in public. But the most innocent public (the waitress or even the commentator’s wife) are better to interpret and foresee the match, thanks to a short broadcast delay and an earpiece to get the information in advance. The hidden camera had for aim to promote Heineken “Star Player” app. Where people can make forecast football matches and results but live
ЗаголовокThe Real Master of Intuition
Кампания The Real Master of Intuition
Рекламодатель Heineken
Бренд Heineken

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