ID Comms

London, United Kingdom

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5th Floor 45 Folgate Street Spitalfields
London E1 6GL
Телефон: (+44) 20 7855 7610

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Основан в: 2009

ID Comms

5th Floor 45 Folgate Street Spitalfields
London E1 6GL
Телефон: (+44) 20 7855 7610
David Indo

David Indo

Chief Executive Officer

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Об ID Comms

ID Comms is a strategic media consulting company, founded in 2009. We act as trusted media partners to the world's leading advertisers, helping them to navigate the complexities of the changing media landscape.

Media is a very powerful lever for growth for brands, but the landscape is complicated, cluttered and confusing. Making sense of this and knowing what to focus on is a challenge for marketers.

It comes down to having the right knowledge to make decisions with confidence and the right controls to implement them, and that's what we do.

We provide clarity in this complex landscape by empowering our clients with the knowledge they need to take the right decisions and we provide the data and tools to give them more control over their
media performance. 


Философия & Преимущества над конкурентами

The company was founded with a few simple principles around media, which still hold true today. Clients are

Better Client:

50% responsible for the success of any agency relationship. Agencies are hugely powerful levers for marketing success but are complex and can be difficult to manage.

The quality of the brief will always be the biggest influence on media success. 

Better Agency:

Agencies should only earn profit from practices which create value for their clients.

Agencies will need to find ways to work productively with procurement to treat media spend as an investment rather than a cost. 

Better Process:

Best practice in media will always give a competitive advantage; being more effective than your competitors means your marketing drives more business.

The more effective every dollar of media spend, the less you need to spend. But once you can understand a positive

ROI from media spend, you may actually spend more. 

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