ЗаголовокBattle for the Edge
Кампания GALAXY Note Edge
Рекламодатель Samsung
Бренд Samsung Malaysia

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R/GA is the company that creates transformation at speed. An innovation leader for more than 40 years, R/GA has expanded and evolved to offer business transformation, experience transformation, and marketing transformation through its award-winning consulting, ventures, technology, design, marketing communications, and IP practices. Its work spans web, mobile, and social communications, retail and e-commerce, product innovation, brand development, and innovation consulting. The company has more than 2,000 employees globally with 18 offices across the United States, Europe, South America, and Asia-Pacific. R/GA is part of The Interpublic Group of Companies (NYSE:IPG), one of the world’s largest advertising and marketing services organizations. For more information about R/GA, please visit www.rga.com and on Facebook and Twitter.

Последние новости

R/GA Establishes Lean Stack Offering in Asia Pacific

R/GA has established a Lean Experience Stack offering in Asia Pacific, enabling clients to create best-in-class digital experiences with a faster time to market, mitigated risk, and lower investment costs. The Lean Experience Stack builds and redesigns digital ecosystems for the new age, providing capabilities to help clients transform customer touchpoints. The dedicated team will lead clients’ digital evolution and consult in the adoption of agile technologies to create more meaningful customer experiences.


Anthony Baker, Executive Technology Director, APAC, will drive the offering throughout the region, leading development of digital solutions which include agile experience design, serverless cloud computing, cognitive technologies, modular architecture, and continuous innovation practices.


The Lean Experience Stack was implemented in R/GA Tokyo’s recent partnership with Shiseido Professional. R/GA streamlined the beauty brand’s content and asset management process by building a microservices architecture, which allowed Shiseido Professional to reuse core business services across a range of digital interfaces. This solution provided tailored experiences for Shiseido’s brand partners, professional stylists, end consumers, and brand administrators.


“With trends evolving rapidly in the beauty industry, we needed a nimble, connected platform to stay in the forefront of these shifts,” stated Claudia Kim, Vice President & Global Brand Director, Shiseido Professional. She added, “R/GA built an agile ecosystem that powered our digital innovation platform, enabling thousands of our stylists to create beauty and express themselves in the work they do – faster and more seamlessly.”


Additionally, R/GA consolidated Shiseido Professional’s content and asset library across the region and created a new platform enabling content to be edited and published with local autonomy in real-time. This effort maximized Shiseido Professional content across all channels in the region, drove consumers to products and salons, revamped customer relationship management systems, and reduced operational costs.


R/GA EVP Managing Director APAC, Tuomas Peltoniemi stated, “R/GA’s commitment to clients is to help them change in order to grow and we’ve partnered with iconic global and local brands to deliver unparalleled customer experiences in the face of exponential disruption.” Anthony Baker added, “Today’s ever shifting landscapes demand a solution that’s agile, scalable and futureproof, and we’re very excited to be helping companies make that shift with the launch of the Lean Experience Stack.”

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