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Кампания Moments that Connect
Рекламодатель TD Bank, N.A.
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PostedСентябрь 2015
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Тип медиа Digital

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Every solution we create starts with the premise that B2C marketing is over.

We live in a consumer-to-business (C2B) economy where consumers are in control of their own individual brand and marketing experiences. In this age of empowered consumers, where consumers lead and your brand must follow, the shift from a product-centric approach and brand-driven touchpoints to consumer-driven touchpoints is redefining the rules of success. Our job is to shift brand behavior to help clients thrive in this new reality.

iCrossing helps brands win by planning around people, not products. We specialize in designing people-centric media, content, and experiences. The role of a brand is to facilitate and fuel your customers’ interests, needs, passions and behaviors – which ensures that brands engage in a way that makes an emotional connection and powers business growth.

iCrossing aligns brands with the interests, needs, and passions of consumers. Simply put, we help brands engage on consumers’ terms. We believe a brand’s success lies in its ability to authentically connect to and amplify what customers are interested in - rather than disrupt. 

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iCrossing's Susan Scholler Wins 2015 Google Search Excellence Award

Marketing engagement agency iCrossing, a division of Hearst, has been awarded a 2015 Google Search Excellence Award. iCrossing's Senior Associate Director of Search Media Susan Scholler is one of 10 North Americans to win the award.

The Google Search Excellence Awards are presented annually to the top individuals at Google's partner advertising agencies to highlight excellent work and thought leadership in search marketing. The award is based on nominations from Google's sales teams, and winners are selected by a panel of Google sales management.

"It is such an incredible honor to be recognized by Google," said Scholler. "It has been a great adventure seeing the evolution of search marketing firsthand at iCrossing, and it's fantastic to have our work celebrated."

"Susan's skills and passion for this business is palpable," said Christine Bensen, SVP, Media at iCrossing. "Her leadership has positively impacted performance for our clients and we are so proud of her achievements." 

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