ЗаголовокI Can't Believe It's Not Butter Invents An Unbelievable Toaster That Brings More Joy to Mornings!
Кампания Unbelievabot
Рекламодатель Unilever
Бренд I Can't Believe It's Not Butter

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Deep Focus Appoints Anna Ibbotson President to Oversee Its Los Angeles Operations

Deep Focus, a global digitally-led creative agency and part of Engine Group, today announced the appointment of Anna Ibbotson to President of its Los Angeles office. Reporting to Founder and Chairman Ian Schafer, Ibbotson will be responsible for building and managing a team of 80-plus, as well as overseeing the augmentation of Deep Focus' branded content capabilities through collaboration with sister content and entertainment marketing agency Trailer Park.

"Anna is a fearless leader who is fueled by the constant state of media disruption," said Schafer. "Her unique entertainment and brand background gives her the expertise and vantage point necessary to lead brands in creating cultural connections with consumers through meaningful engagement with content, regardless of the platform. Her stewardship will help us to be even better leaders for our clients as we continue to strengthen our West Coast presence."

Ibbotson has a strong hybrid background in both the production and ad-marketing industries. Prior to joining Deep Focus, she was Senior Partner, Executive Group Director at Ogilvy & Mather in Los Angeles and Chicago. She previously ran operations and production at LA Digital Post (now owned by Moviola), as well as supervised postproduction at Modern Video Film for Warner Bros., FOX and CBS network properties including The OC, Gossip Girl and Malcom in The Middle.

"My vision is to establish the LA office as a creatively driven agency fueled by insights, technology and innovation," said Ibbotson. "Deep Focus doesn't believe in the divide between traditional and digital marketing. We're holistic in both our strategic thinking and in our client solutions, and it's what continues to set us apart in an ever-evolving digital age."

Throughout her 20-year career, Ibbotson has touched some of the world's largest brands, including Kimberly Clark, Xerox, Adobe, AT&T, HTC, Tabasco and Taco Bell.

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