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We are a creative agency dedicated to something really simple: helping our clients win.
As a progressive creative agency we’re always searching for new ways to deliver innovative creativity and smart solutions for our clients. This means we’ve grown to 260 best-of-breed specialists in advertising, content, social, mobile, digital design and build, PR, data and CRM. In many cases, we are working with our clients across a wide range of channels, to help them become more integrated across the customer journey. 

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Karmarama and The British Army launch new podcast series, The Locker, exploring long-lasting confidence

The British Army and Karmarama, part of Accenture Interactive, are launching a new podcast series, called The Locker, that explores long-lasting confidence in today’s society. Aimed at Gen-Z, the new fortnightly series features celebrities Laura Whitmore, Jermaine Jenas and Chessie King, in conversation with serving Army soldiers, discussing their own personal challenges and learnings from across their personal, social life and careers.


The series launches following new research that reveals that whilst 89% of Gen-Z believe self-confidence is important to achieving success in life, 80% admit it’s hard to find in today’s society. A continuation of the ‘This is Belonging’ campaign, the podcast explores why real confidence is so hard to find for many people today, whether as a result of imposter syndrome or body dysmorphia and aims to encourage and empower listeners through the stories and experiences of the famous names taking part along with the soldiers.


Hosted by Metro journalist and broadcaster Natalie Morris, the episodes see Laura Whitmore discussing her struggles with body confidence with serving soldier Ella who boxes in the Army, footballer turned pundit Jermaine Jenas addressing how he’s dealt with imposter syndrome on and off the pitch with Connor, an openly gay musician in the Army, and body positivity influencer Chessie King and Kirsty exploring how using social media can actually have a negative impact on confidence.


The podcast series is about commonality.” Said Nik Studzinski, Chief Creative Officer at Karmarama, part of Accenture Interactive“We wanted to create an open dialogue between civilians and soldiers, showing that even though their lifestyles may seem drastically different there is shared ground. Everyone has struggles with confidence - it doesn’t matter if your job is in the infantry or as an influencer.”


Siobhan Penrose, Head of Marketing, Recruiting Group, comments: “It has been amazing to hear such inspiring and relatable stories from people you wouldn’t usually expect have to deal with issues around confidence and mental resilience. The podcast has really shown how universal these issues are but with the positive influence of those around you, how it’s possible to overcome them. Within the British Army, personal pride and confidence is one of the most rewarding attributes we see from our recruits as they embark on their journey with us and it’s clear to see the impact this has during and beyond their time rising through the ranks.”


The Locker can be found on all major podcast directories from 3rd August, including Spotify, iTunes and Google Podcasts, with new episodes out every fortnight. Head to apply.army.mod.uk/thelocker to find out more.


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