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The Knowledge River

In advertising, a working professional averages approx. 50 hours of continuing education a year. Ours average 250 hours. This never-stop-learning DNA pays dividends. We feel that we've created the best trained, most knowledgeable staff in the industry.  

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The Voice Apprentices Finish Program as New Interns Arrive

The Voice’s Spring 2015 interns are graduating from our apprenticeship program. During their time this semester, Cassie Fercodini (Fairfield University), Haley Tanella and Ray Corriea (Sacred Heart University) worked alongside the team at The Voice to learn the ins & outs of advertising.

Haley is a rising senior at Sacred Heart University, studying communications with a concentration in public relations. “I’ve learned a lot this semester,” said Tanella. “I’m glad that I had the opportunity to work at The Voice and I am grateful for the knowledge I have acquired.” Haley helped with many projects, ranging from e-mail marketing to copywriting, and social media marketing for some of The Voice’s clients.

Ray is graduating from SHU with a degree in media studies with a concentration in film and television production. Ray excelled at shooting and editing promotional videos for The Voice. As he is approx. four feet tall, his footage provided a unique view on the world — what came to be called “The RayCam”.
“I enjoyed working more on the production side and creating the video,” said Corriea. “It was also great to have the experience to work for a fully operating advertising agency.”

The Voice, Interns, Cassie Fercodini, Ray Corriea, Sam Nipius
Back to Front: First-to-arrive summer intern Sam joins graduates Haley and Ray.

This summer, The Voice welcomes a team of new interns for the season, including international students, such as Sam Nipius from The Netherlands. “I hope to find a specialization,” said Nipius, “I’ve done various types of marketing, but with so many different forms, I’m hoping to find what fits me best.” Four more interns will join Sam this summer. To keep updated on their experience in advertising, check out Voices of The Voice at the-voice.com/blog.

Interested in becoming an Intern at The Voice? We’re now accepting applicants for Fall, 2015. Visit the-voice.com/more/futures.

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