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Узнать больше Rattling Stick

Rattling Stick was founded in 2006 by Daniel Kleinman, Ringan Ledwidge and Johnnie Frankel. A nimble production company with an unmitigated belief in quality creative output, we are no longer home to solely commercial production. We produce high quality creative work in many forms, be that branded content, music videos, documentaries, title sequences, feature films or television.
At the heart of Rattling Stick is the conviction that all great communication starts with great story, irrespective of what it’s called, how long it is, how much it costs or where it lives. What excites us is brave, high quality, captivating content that makes its audience feel something.
Rattling Stick’s highly creative team ethic has been consistently recognised and awarded within the advertising industry and beyond. We have picked up many shiny accolades including Cannes golds, Grand Prix and Titanium, golds at the British Arrows, Creative Circle, Clios and Ciclope. Plus several D&AD pencils of all colours, including the prestigious black pencil this year. The British Arrows Production Company of the Year has been awarded to us four times and we’ve topped the Televisual Peer Poll for the last six years. This year we won Production Company of the Year at New York Film Festivals & made AdAge’s Production Company A-List.
2018 marks the year we welcomed a new emerging director roster, DirtyWork, as we believe that investing energy into the next generation is the best way to future-proof the creative industries.
Now home to fifteen directors, plus DirtyWork’s six, and with an office in the US, Rattling Stick remains a spirited production company, whose directors challenge, complement and encourage each other with the work they produce. 

Последние новости

Welcome, Owen Trevor!

We’re excited to welcome director and writer, Owen Trevor, to our UK roster. See his reel here.

Owen is best known for his amusing, sophisticated visual language and his ability to drive a narrative forward through comedy and craft.

He has a particular passion and knack for casting and performance, which, coming from a line of actors, comes naturally to him.

Owen took a familiar route into filmmaking, spending all his time during his late teens making thousands of short films, and music videos for his friends’ bands. Working in a video store and as a cinema projectionist only fueled his storytelling fire and very quickly his short films were picking up festival awards at SXSW, London, Palm Springs, Sydney, Oberhausen and more. After his father suggested he became a director due to his all-round filmmaking eptitude, he headed for university to hone his craft.

The award-winning short film, ‘Two Laps’, which Owen wrote and directed, was a pivotal moment in solidifying his style and tone; opening doors to direct hugely successful ads in Australia for Wild Turkey and Pizza Capers, placing him firmly in the crosshair of the commercial world.

Since then, he’s gone on to work with clients including Sunny, Walls, Sixt, Cadbury, Samsung and O2, as well as directing multiple campaigns with McVities, dubbed as “The Cutest thing on TV” by Time Magazine.

Versatile across all formats, Owen spent many years directing five seasons of BBC’s Top Gear and most recently directed Netflix family film, Go Karts.

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