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Узнать больше Juniper Park\TBWA

We are a full-service marketing and communications agency offering brands integrated communications, brand strategy, in-house production, digital expertise and branding & design services. Located in the heart of North America’s fourth largest city, Juniper Park\TBWA is a world-class agency that just happens to be headquartered in Toronto.
Our true competitive advantage is our Disruption® methodology. We identify the cultural or market conventions to overturn. We scrutinize the future to determine what could lift the brand higher. And we define a Disruption platform that inspires the way the brand behaves and communicates. Over its 25+ year history as part of the TBWA collective, our agency has continued to evolve the Disruption® methodology to fit the ever-changing needs of our clients. We find new ways to break conventions, innovate in the marketplace, connect with consumers at the speed of culture and deliver unprecedented brand and business results on behalf of our clients.
Achieving positive results requires strong partnerships. Our collaborative client list includes brands such as CIBC, Nissan, Capital Group, GoDaddy, GSK Consumer Healthcare, Intuit, and many more.
DiversityWe have one of the most talented, diverse creative teams in North America because we believe that great talent is the cornerstone of great creative work. 57% of our agency team is female. This is incredibly rare in our industry. 51% of our team has lived in other parts of the world, including our CCO, Graham Lang, who joined the team from South Africa, and our Managing Director, David Toto, who is from France. We believe that diversity is a uniquely important ingredient when marketing to global citizens, and diverse communities across North America.
Strategy Embracing strategy as a core discipline has helped us stand out versus the competition. Our Strategy team consistently carves out the strategic direction for our clients, and our agency’s creative work. Brand Planners, Digital Strategists, Social Strategists, Community Managers and our Data Scientist each play unique and critical roles throughout the campaign process, helping define and articulate opportunities to insert our clients’ brands into modern culture.
Design Iconic branding that is consistent yet fluid across mediums, big & small, is our visual trademark. This gift to our clients is baked into all our work.

Последние новости

Juniper Park\TBWA Launches New Design Studio Le Parc

Today, Juniper Park\TBWA, The Disruption® Company, proudly launches their new design offering, Le Parc. Le Parc is a design studio which offers brands design solutions for the on-demand world. Inspired by global culture. Powered by Disruption®.


The studio is backed by the creative resources and cultural tools of global agency Juniper Park\TBWA, and will work on its own independent clients for exclusively design-focused projects.


Le Parc was created to provide clients with a pure design-focused offering. It will provide on-demand solutions for corporate identity, commercial branding, packaging, editorial, websites, content, motion, and exhibition design. Part of the on-demand solution is a lean project team, simplified set timelines, and a set rate card for core tasks.


The new design studio will be led by creative director of design, Nathalie Cusson. Cusson, who joined Juniper Park\TBWA in early 2019, is a multiplatform award-winning designer who has worked in various folds of communication including branding, advertising, film, animation, and branded content for iconic brands across North America.


“We’re excited to see Le Parc come to life at a time when there is an increasing need for design excellence,” says Nathalie Cusson. “For us, design is a transversal value and it infuses every point of communication. We look forward to showcasing our diverse body of work with our latest projects being showcased soon.”


Design has been at the core of Juniper Park\TBWA since its inception, and with the creation of Le Parc, the agency is once again taking steps towards addressing the constantly changing needs of 21st century businesses.


“We see design as an integral part of all branding,” says Jill Nykoliation, CEO at Juniper Park\TBWA. “By launching a pure design-focused offering in Le Parc, we’re providing brands with an additional avenue to engage our design excellence for their design-specific needs, be they robust or nimble projects.”


The team at Le Parc has developed disruptive design work for brands across North America, including cultural organizations (TSO), retailers (Major League Socks), and pharmaceutical companies (EPM Pharmaceutical’s launch of their synthetic cannabinoid IP platform), with more projects set to launch in the new year.


The studio takes the principles of graphic design and uses them as a blueprint to develop contemporary forms of communication, such as motion, animation, and interaction.


About Le Parc

Le Parc is a design studio located in Toronto that provides design solutions for today’s on-demand world. Its focus is on delivering disruptive design. Inspired by global culture. Powered by Disruption®.. Le Parc and its team of makers are backed by global agency Juniper Park\TBWA’s creative resources and cultural tools. Visit us at leparcdesign.com and follow us on Instagram.


About Juniper Park\TBWA

Juniper Park\TBWA (juniperparktbwa.com) is The Disruption® Company: the cultural engine for 21st century business. A global, award-winning agency located in Toronto, Juniper Park\TBWA uses Disruption® methodologies to develop business-changing ideas for brands. The 160+ team of world-class creators and thinkers serves clients across North America, including CIBC, Nissan, PepsiCo, GoDaddy, GSK Consumer Healthcare, Intuit, among others. It is part of TBWA Worldwide (tbwa.com), named Adweek’s 2018 Global Agency of the Year, and one of the World’s Most Innovative Companies by Fast Company. Follow us on InstagramLinkedIn, and Twitter, or like us on Facebook for the latest updates from the Park.

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