ЗаголовокA Hero
Кампания A Hero
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Founded just over 14 years ago, Anomaly is a difficult to define, but exciting to work at 'new model' agency. Driven by a passionate and entrepreneurial culture encompassing a diverse, elastic set of skills, Anomaly has offices in London, Los Angeles, New York, Toronto, Amsterdam, Berlin and Shanghai. Clients include: Anheuser-Busch InBev, Cancer Research UK, Diageo, Google, LEGO, Lloyds Banking Group. Anomaly has been recognised for a wide range of work and IP, covering both effectiveness and craft excellence including: Ad Age’s 2017 Agency of the Year, Cannes Lions, D&AD pencils Effies, Fast Company’s Most Innovative, Jay Chiat, Digiday Awards and the Mashies -- among the usual suspects. Anomaly has been honoured with a few less conventional accolades as well, such as being awarded Time Magazine’s Best Inventions of 2016 for hmbldt, Toy of The Year for Mighty Jaxx, plus two Emmys for a television series, all of which the agency created and co-owns. www.anomaly.com/ 

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