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Узнать больше FF New York

FF New York is an independent creative boutique agency. FF New York is part of the FF network which has 4 offices (Los Angeles, New York, Shanghai and Paris).Since its launch, FF has created and produced campaigns for more than 200 brands such as 24 Sèvres, Airbnb, Alibaba, Audemars Piguet, Audi, Carambar, Club Med, Didi, Eleme, Google, Huawei, HP, Louis XIII, Momo, Netease Games, Porsche, PUBG, Saint Laurent, Sea Shepherd, Supercell, Taobao, Tencent, Tmall, vivo, wechat, Youku. FF has won more than 850 Creative and Business Efficiency Awards and more than 30 honorary titles.www.ffcreative.com 

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Stoli® Vodka Says It “Loud and Clear” with New Global Advertising Campaign

Oscar-Winning Composer Hans Zimmer Scores New Television Campaign with Emmy/BAFTA Nominee Lorne Balfe, Oscar Nominee Rachel Morrison Serving as DoP; Esteemed Photographer Rankin Leads Print Creative

Stoli® Vodka, the original premium vodka with uncompromising quality for the past 80 years, announced today the launch of their new global advertising campaign, “Loud and Clear.” The provocative new campaign features work from award-winning artists like composer Hans Zimmer, Lorne Balfe and director Rachel Morrison. The campaign takes a 360-approach, incorporating television, digital, social and print to reveal Stoli’s unapologetic message – whatever drives you, make it bold, make it last, make it loud and clear.

The release of the “Loud and Clear” campaign demonstrates Stoli’s unwavering presence in the spirits industry, while differentiating itself as the real deal in today’s vodka sea of sameness. Shot in Ukraine, each creative spot showcases real people celebrating their unique identities and what drives them. The footage makes it “Loud and Clear” that they are fully embracing their style, passions and beliefs with conviction.

Our new advertising campaign truly captures the boldness and clarity of Stoli®,” said Hugues Pietrini, Global CEO of The Stoli® Group. “With an 80-year history in the spirits category, we are proud of our brand identity and values and want our fans to feel the same. We encourage them to ‘make it loud and clear’ that they are embracing and broadcasting their true selves without inhibition.

Developed with FF New York, the global creative agency founded by Fred & Farid, “Loud and Clear” boasts an impressive lineup of award-winning creative talent who contributed to the campaign. “Loud and Clear” features music from the Oscar-winning composer, Hans Zimmer and Emmy/BAFTA-nominated composer Lorne Balfe, which elevates the drama and emotion in the piece.

Oscar Nominee Rachel Morrison served as the campaign’s director of photography on the video, which was shot by directors “We are From LA”. The print creative was shot by esteemed photographer Rankin in London and features the designs of graphic artist Tyrsa, who created a brand-new font, Stoli Brush, for all of the print ads. The font will be made accessible for Stoli® fans and consumers alike to download and use for free.

A new campaign for Stoli needed both a bold new positioning from the brand and the right creative community to bring it to life,” said Fred & Farid, founders of FF. “As such, we worked with distinctive, visionary artists who are uncompromising in their values. The work of Mr. Zimmer and Ms. Morrison were an incredible fit for the spirit of the brand.

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