ЗаголовокMr. Sun (Miss Da Sun)
Кампания Mr. Sun (Miss Da Sun)
Рекламодатель Greentea Peng
Бренд Greentea Peng

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We are a creatively driven, global production company creating award winning film and photography for our clients. We believe in providing an inspiring home for our talent and our independence is reflected in our culture and through our work. Alongside our partners at Stink Studios we produce award winning content and craft across advertising, entertainment, music and the arts. 

Последние новости

Stink Studios Welcomes Design Director, Serene Wong

Stink Studios announced the new hire of Toronto-based Serene Wong as Design Director. In her new role, Serene will grow Stink Studios’ digital team and bring her wealth of experience and perspective to push their digital offerings.

“The past six years have allowed me to experience a wide breadth of work in the digital space. I’m excited to join Stink Studios and bring those learnings forward to help build out the team and vision for the digital side,” said Wong. “Stink’s passion for craft is so inspiring, and it shows through all aspects of their work. I’m honored to share my experiences and am looking forward to collaborating with and learning from this talented team,” said Serene Wong, Design Director, Stink Studios

As Design Director, Serene will be working closely with the UX team to bring the department to life. Her day-to-day responsibilities will range from pitching to project management. She hopes to bring a new perspective to the digital space, one that promotes creating empathy-driven work. Serene is an award winning-creative who merges design, storytelling and technology to make experiences that resonate.

"I love the way Serene's digital work effortlessly blurs the line between creativity and brand. That combination of strategic insight and craft ability makes her a truly modern, forward-thinking creative, and we're beyond excited to welcome her to our digital studio,” said Mark Pytlik, CEO, Stink Studios

Throughout Serene’s time in the digital space, she’s collaborated with clients to lead experiential, web, and cross channel productions with tools including AR, webGL, machine learning, deepfake, and AI. Serene joins Stink Studios from Jam3, and her previous clients include: Google, Spotify, adidas, lululemon, IBM, Facebook, Sephora, RedBull, Shopify, Oreo, Dior, Oculus, Visa, Telus Health, Marc Jacobs, Estee Lauder, Toyota, Messenger.

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