ЗаголовокWhat a Beautiful Day
Кампания Beautiful Day
Рекламодатель Coors Brewing Company
Бренд Coors Light

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DDB Chicago is a full-service advertising agency with a team of 300 hundred people offering our clients full service in-house capabilities ranging from strategic planning, research and analytics, account and project management, to creative services including ideation, design and production across all forms of media.
We believe in building brands by creating platform ideas that define a new way for clients and consumers to think about the Brand. Our ideas are big and powerful enough to create consumer enthusiasm about the brand and ultimately build our clients’ business.
In order to accomplish these types of results, we start by defining a Brand Conviction—which is what a Brand stands for, fights for and takes a stand on. By recognizing the Brand Conviction, we can provide clarity, focus and direction in order to create acts, not just ads; it gives us something to commit to and a tension to push off of. 

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Beers are here! To kick off the football season, Miller Lite partnered with former tight end and longstanding Miller Lite fan, Jason Witten, to surprise select diehard Dallas football fans with beer deliveries at their homes.

“Miller Lite believes in celebrating and rewarding fans because not only are we football fans at heart, but we’ve enjoyed almost 30 years as the official beer of Dallas football,” said Anup Shah, Vice President, Miller Family of Brands. “We chose loyal fans who hold true to their love of the game, their team and their beer. When Jason Witten arrived at their door in his Miller Lite gear to surprise them with ice cold beers, the reactions were priceless.”

DDB Chicago created a video of Witten’s “Beer Delivery” experience for fans that’s now live on YouTube.

“This was a perfect way to kick off the season,” said Witten. “For me, it’s always been about the fans. They deserve to be celebrated, so when Miller Lite offered me the chance to surprise some of the most loyal Dallas football fans, I couldn’t turn it down. Plus, I got to enjoy a couple of Miller Lites along the way.”

Witten surprised three different viewing parties in the Dallas–Fort Worth area on a Sunday during the football pre-season. Although fans knew they were being filmed by Miller Lite, they had no idea that Witten would be arriving at their door, cooler in hand. Highlights of the video include fans’ surprise reactions to Witten’s arrival, a group running a football play with him, and one fan declaring, “oh my gosh, we just drank a Miller Lite with Jason Witten.”

Miller Lite is The Only Beer of the Dallas Cowboys, and has been a Sunday staple for football fans for years. With only 96 calories and 3.2 grams of carbs, Miller Lite is the perfect beer to enjoy as you watch games on football Sunday. 

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