ЗаголовокRevolutionary running innovation meets award-winning customer experience
Кампания Revolutionary running innovation meets award-winning customer experience
Рекламодатель Nike
Бренд Nike

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PostedМай 2021
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Some clients call us a creative agency. Others see us as a production company, a design boutique, a technology firm, a game studio or even a usability specialist. We are all those roles merged into one energetic agency.
Being that diverse isn’t easy, but it’s the future as we see it. People's expectations are shifting faster than ever before. So you need to stay up to date with a partner that adapts just as quick as the digital space changes.
Since 2001 we have been combining our partners’ goals with user expectations, creating digital products that last. 

Последние новости

DPDK wins multiple international CSS Design Awards

Creative digital agency DPDK has won the CSS Design Awards ‘Best Agency Netherlands’ award. Together with their client PEUGEOT they also won the prestigous CSS Design Awards ‘Best Client’ award. In addition to that Awwwards nominated DPDK as ‘Agency of the Year’.

With winning the ‘Best Agency’ award, CSS Design Awards acknowledges that DPDK is the best agency in The Netherlands. This prize is granted based on the fact that they have won the ‘Website of the Day’ award more than five times in 2015.

In addition, the automotive giant PEUGEOT and DPDK have been awarded the 'Best Client Award’. This illustrates the fruitful relationship between both parties and the success of their prize-winning digital campaigns such as Catch the Dragon, Follow your Intuition, Chase the line en DS Signature art that were launched last year. This award makes PEUGEOT one of the most progressive automotive brands within this area of expertise.

That it has been a successful year for DPDK also resulted in the fact that Awwwards nominated DPDK as ‘Agency of the Year 2015’. The nomination is recognition of professionals in the international creative industry that create unique, innovative and beautiful websites. With this nomination they stand alongside big international agencies like Stink Digital, Hello Monday and Unit9. The ‘Agency of the Year’ award will be handed out at the annual Awwwards conference on 28 and 29 January in Amsterdam. 

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