ЗаголовокOrville Peck - No Glory in the West
Кампания No Glory in the West
Рекламодатель Orville Peck
Бренд Orville Peck

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Узнать больше Biscuit Filmworks UK

Biscuit Filmworks is a London and Los Angeles based commercial production company founded in 2000 by director Noam Murro and managing director Shawn Lacy. The company is known for cultivating some of the industry’s top talent and producing much of its most memorable work.
Consistently since inception, Biscuit has been one of the most prolific and award-winning companies in commercial production, with two DGA wins for Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Commercials for Noam Murro and one win for Andreas Nilsson; plus countless AICP, D&AD, Clio, Cannes Lions, and One Show awards for all of the directors on the Biscuit roster. The company is regularly included in Ad Age’s top production company list, and director Noam Murro has been named to Creativity’s Top 50 list of creative professionals. Noam adapted Richard Adams’s classic novel, Watership Down, to make the first animated drama mini-series ever made for television. It was also the first major co-production between the BBC and Netflix and came out in 2018.
Isaiah Seret’s music video ‘Pleader’ for alt-J inspired by Richard Llewlyn’s book ‘How Green Was My Valley?’ and filmed in the Rhonda Valley in South Wales picked up Best Alternative Music Video at the UKMVA’s in 2018 as well as winning big at all major award shows.
Directors on the Biscuit UK roster include Aaron Stoller, Andreas Nilsson, Big Red Button, Christopher Riggert, Clay Weiner, Daniel Warwick, Errol Morris, Isaiah Seret, Jeff Low, Joaquin Baca-Asay, Matt Devine, Molly Manners, Michael Downing, Noam Murro, Olof Lindh, Rachel McDonald and The Glue Society.
Biscuit Filmworks has set up a new venture, Biscuit Entertainment, which is the Film, TV and development arm of the company.
Rupert Reynolds-Maclean is Managing Director and Hanna Bayatti is EP/Head of Sales of Biscuit Filmworks UK. 

Последние новости

Joaquin & Lalou “F*** I Love NY”

Biscuit Directing team Joaquin & Lalou take a spirited look at New York during the Covid 19 lockdown in their short film, F*** I Love NY. Mat Jerrett came to us with this great script, that immediately grabbed us.” With a two person crew (themselves) they put on their masks and went to the five boroughs to talk to their fellow New Yorkers. New York has been a pretty surreal place during quarantine – a bit sad and eerie and inaccessible. A swath of New Yorkers left town, some permanently. But we feel all the more strongly about our love of the City. So this film is a native New Yorker’s insider view, with a specific New York attitude. New Yorkers gripe about all sorts of things, all the time, but we know that all of it is what makes New York, New York. Even the G train. And the passing of Milton Glaser made the release of the film even more timely for us.”

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