Some British shoppers couldn’t believe their eyes when they visited a new store recently. No, they weren’t victims of Brexit shortages. In fact there were plenty of items on the shelves – but the anonymous packing provided no clue as to what the products were. Was that packet cereal or detergent? Impossible to tell. Even when Brits shop abroad, they can usually work out what an item is from the picture on the pack. But here they got no such help. Ready for the big reveal? The shop – called “Whatsinstore” – was an operation for the Royal National Institute for the Blind, which wanted to demonstrate a daily difficulty faced by the blind and partially sighted. The RNIB is working with supermarkets to make packaging more accessible. 

ЗаголовокThe RNIB WhatsIn Store
Кампания The RNIB WhatsIn Store
Рекламодатель Royal National Institute of Blind people (RNIB)
Бренд RNIB

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Pets at Home taps into the real experiences of new pet ownership with a new integrated campaign

With millions of new puppy and kitten owners ‘still figuring it out’, Pets at Home’s VIP Puppy & Kitten club provides the support and expert advice they need to be the best owners they can be.

The newly launched campaign taps into the realities of owning a puppy or kitten and the shared experiences of pet owners across the nation.

It was developed based on a customer research study that determined the biggest ‘learning moments’ experienced by puppy and kitten owners as they navigate the first year. From tackling classic milestones such as toilet training to adapting to new routines as many people return to work.

‘Join the club’ is the campaign’s call to arms; serving as both a rallying cry that let’s new owners know they’re not going through it alone, and an invitation to join Pets at Home’s £1.8m-strong puppy and kitten club to get the advice they need.

Karen Williams, Group Marketing Director at Pets at Home, said:

“At Pets at Home, we know welcoming a new puppy or kitten into the family is full of excitement, but there’s so much to learn that it can sometimes feel overwhelming. Our campaign is built on the realities of that magical learning curve and the different milestones within it.

When you join our VIP Puppy & Kitten club you join a community of millions of owners that are all on that same journey, as well as gaining ongoing tailored advice from our experts and offers to help you along the way”

The campaign is the second in a new, long-term creative approach to reposition Pets at Home and establish its unique offer as a full-service pet care business, in which it provides a breadth of support for pet owners, including veterinary care, grooming, health-plans and subscriptions, as well as it’s VIP Puppy & Kitten club.

It will launch across TV, BVOD, DAX Radio, Digital, In-Store and PR.

Micky Tudor, Joint Executive Creative Director, The&Partnership, said:

“This campaign is founded on a deep understanding of the emotional journey new puppy and kitten owners go on.”

“It wasn’t enough to just focus on giving advice and offers. ‘Join the club’ is an honest and authentic reflection of the learning curve so many of us are on together. It celebrates the good, the bad and everything in between, and demonstrates that Pets at Home is with you every step of the way.”

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