Кампания Don’t Wait, Reach Out
Рекламодатель Ad Council and the Department of Veterans Affairs
Бренд Department of Veterans Affairs

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Тип медиа Digital
SVP, Group Campaign Director ..b L...er Только для подписчиков
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Assistant Campaign Manager R....el R...s Только для подписчиков
LCSW, Program Analyst, VHA Office of Mental Health + Suicide Prevention A...e J....on Только для подписчиков
Health System Specialist, Suicide Prevention, VHA Office of Mental Health + Suicide Prevention C...y T....ne Только для подписчиков
Communication Specialist VA K..y S...h Только для подписчиков
Communication Specialist VA R...t H....ra Только для подписчиков
Communication Specialist VA B...i Ha.....nn Только для подписчиков
Главный креативный директор C...s Ber.......Hill Только для подписчиков
Исполнительный креативный директор R...rd V...ro Только для подписчиков
Арт-директор L...en B...s Только для подписчиков
Associate Copywriter W...ey R...es Только для подписчиков
Head Of Production J..n D...s Только для подписчиков
EP C...s K...n Только для подписчиков
Sr. Integrated Producer J....ca F...e Только для подписчиков
Коммерческий директор M....ew D...r Только для подписчиков
Управляющий делами G..o J...il Только для подписчиков
Менеджер по делам бизнеса R..n H....ch Только для подписчиков
Стратегический директор Je....er K..g Только для подписчиков
Стратег K..e F...on Только для подписчиков
Communications A....en H..l Только для подписчиков
Директор по стратегии J...s S...en Только для подписчиков
CEO N...y R...s Только для подписчиков
Производство An.....us C....nt Только для подписчиков
Директор J...n To.....ic Только для подписчиков
Управляющий директор E..c S...n Только для подписчиков
Исполнительный продюсер Su....en C...r Только для подписчиков
Head of Production K...y H...ie Только для подписчиков
Продюсер L...a M...er Только для подписчиков
Редактор M...na Только для подписчиков
Управляющий директор L..a H...k Только для подписчиков
Продюсер Ni....as M...us Только для подписчиков
Заместитель редактора D...n S...en Только для подписчиков
Колорист M...y Ro....er Только для подписчиков
Продюсер C....ia G...ar Только для подписчиков

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TBWA is the Disruption® Company. Where ideas creatively solve business problems.
Disruption defines a vision, breaks market conventions, and creates a new platform for growth. It is a methodology that we have been practicing for more than two decades, throughout our network worldwide, as a way to help our clients build their brands.
We are a full-service marketing and communications network offering brand strategy, integrated communications, shopper marketing, digital and interactive, CRM and eCRM, and branding & design. TBWA develops Disruptive Ideas for our global partners including adidas, Apple, Airbnb, Gatorade, McDonald’s, Michelin, Nissan, Pernod Ricard and NBCUniversal.

Последние новости

TBWA’s Disruptor Series Podcast Celebrates New Milestones this Women's History Month

While Manhattan’s historic Madison Avenue has largely gone virtual, TBWA\Chiat\Day New York’s podcast The Disruptor Series continues to thrive, having recently celebrated its 117,000th download across 100 countries.  

Founded by CEO Rob Schwartz, the podcast is at an exciting intersection, with Strategy Director Asha Davis joining the team as a new host. 

Davis has been instrumental in the podcast’s growth and success over the past year, having been closely involved in the production of episodes featuring well-known guests such as Reddit CMO, Roxy Young, Author, Empowerment Coach, Motivational Speaker and Intuitive Healer Deanna Deacon and co-founders and co-CEOs of The Shine app Marah Lidey and Naomi Hirabayashi

Other inspiring women on the series include Stanford University’s Allison Kluger and NY Times best-selling authors Elaine Welteroth and Katherine Shwarzenegger Pratt.

And continuing its mission of making the Disruptor Series the number one platform for diverse, informed, and compelling perspectives on Madison Avenue, the podcast is now created by an all-female team. 

Behind the scenes, Davis is joined by Natalie Zeller and Rashida Peters. Together, the team has helped the Disruptor Series evolve and grow exponentially. From a marketing standpoint, a stronger focus has been placed on its digital presence, developing DisruptorSeries.com, a Disruption newsletter and a consistent social media presence (IG andLinkedIn.) All while navigating the digital production obstacles brought on by the pandemic. 

Additionally, the team is continuing to diversify guests invited onto the show. Recently, Broadway star Syndee Winters (Nala in The Lion King, Hamilton, and much much more) -  caught up with Asha and Rob for a candid, insightful and often hilarious look at what it's been like having her entire career and way of life upended due to the pandemic. 

Upcoming guests include:

  • Suzi Watford, EVP and Chief Marketing & Membership Officer of The Wall Street Journal
  • Xenia Muntean, CEO and Co-Founder, Planable


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