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Ogilvy Africa is the largest network agency on the continent catering to 39 countries with a team of ~900 people across Central, East and West Africa. Headquartered in Nairobi - Kenya, Ogilvy Africa manages a portfolio of over 100 brands for clients such as AB Inbev, Airtel, Africa CDC, Coca-Cola, Diageo, Distell, Equity Bank, Exxon Mobil, Kenya Airways, Mondelez, NCBA, Nestle, Philips, PWC, SAB Miller, Sanlam, Total, UNICEF, Unilever and WWF amongst others.
It offers services across the full spectrum of marketing domains including Communication (Advertising, branding and content), Consumer Experience (Technology & e-Commerce), Growth Consulting (incl. Digital Transformation), PR & Influence and Media; all under one unified setup. The agency has also created proprietary marketing products in areas such as real-time marketing, social intelligence, virtual experiences, influencer management, e-commerce enablement and content hubs. It’s unique operating model, One Ogilvy, allows clients and brands to cut the complexity of agency structures and create seamless omni-channel experiences for their consumers, across touchpoints. Fuelled by the holy trinity of content, data and technology; Ogilvy Africa strives to be the best-practice agency model, for Developing & Emerging markets.With 20+ years in Africa, Ogilvy Africa has won the highest number of regional and global awards for the region including Cannes Lions, Clio awards, Dubai Lynx Festival, SABRE Awards (Global and Africa); to name a few.Ogilvy is a leading global creative network of WPP, founded by David Ogilvy in 1948. 

Последние новости

Ogilvy Africa and Savannah labs announce partnership to create web3 solutions for marketers across Africa

Leading brand communications network, Ogilvy Africa has announced a strategic partnership with Kenyan founded blockchain company, Savannah Labs, to lead the way in developing Web3.0 (web3) solutions for brands and marketers in Sub-Saharan Africa.

A vision for a more democratic version of today’s online world, web3 will reduce the control of data by the few, empowering individuals to connect, collaborate and transact peer-to-peer. Underpinned with blockchain technology the metaverse and web3 will change our relationships with the online world profoundly.

Through this agreement, Ogilvy Africa and Savannah Labs will collaborate and share complementary skills and competencies currently available in the two organizations. Ogilvy Africa brings on board its solution expertise in marketing and a deep understanding of the continent, while Savannah Labs brings technology expertise in blockchain and other Web 3 technologies .

“The recency of Web3 could prove to be a great leveler for developed and emerging markets alike. We believe the most valuable marketing use-cases of Web3 are yet to be established. Through this partnership with Savannah, we wish to bring the tools to marketers and brands in Africa to explore the potential of Web3 for their businesses” said Vikas Mehta, Chief Executive Officer – Ogilvy Africa. “Together with Savannah Labs, we are creating a sandbox for leading marketers and bold brands to play with web3 and shape their future with our help”.

The partnership with Savannah Labs will help drive and create opportunities for web 3 innovations in the region. As brands and enterprises continue to see the value in digital ownership and identity, Ogilvy Africa will help them find and develop the partnerships they need to execute their ambitions. The offerings would be available to clients in all 39 countries across Sub-Saharan Africa where Ogilvy Africa operates, making it the first of its kind offering in East, Central and West Africa.

“Our aim is to help brands and enterprises navigate the emerging world of web3, by forging strategic alliances between organizations. Our partnership is tech and blockchain-agnostic, so we can help people find the perfect solutions for their business strategies, existing tech stacks, and ambitions in web3. There are immense opportunities to deliver innovative and exciting experiences for brands, businesses and their audiences across the continent over the coming years”, Said Mowgli Dodhia, CEO and Co-Founder, Savannah Labs.

With the continued adoption of web3 and blockchain technology across the global economy, partners working with Ogilvy Africa will be taking an essential step in establishing their futures not just locally, but on the global stage.

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