ЗаголовокNissan Performance Campaign
Кампания Nissan Performance Campaign
Рекламодатель Groupe Renault
Бренд Nissan

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PostedАвгуст 2022
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Узнать больше Juniper Park\TBWA

We are a full-service marketing and communications agency offering brands integrated communications, brand strategy, in-house production, digital expertise and branding & design services. Located in the heart of North America’s fourth largest city, Juniper Park\TBWA is a world-class agency that just happens to be headquartered in Toronto.
Our true competitive advantage is our Disruption® methodology. We identify the cultural or market conventions to overturn. We scrutinize the future to determine what could lift the brand higher. And we define a Disruption platform that inspires the way the brand behaves and communicates. Over its 25+ year history as part of the TBWA collective, our agency has continued to evolve the Disruption® methodology to fit the ever-changing needs of our clients. We find new ways to break conventions, innovate in the marketplace, connect with consumers at the speed of culture and deliver unprecedented brand and business results on behalf of our clients.
Achieving positive results requires strong partnerships. Our collaborative client list includes brands such as CIBC, Nissan, Capital Group, PepsiCo, GoDaddy, GSK Consumer Healthcare, Intuit, and many more.
DiversityWe have one of the most talented, diverse creative teams in North America because we believe that great talent is the cornerstone of great creative work. 57% of our agency team is female. This is incredibly rare in our industry. 51% of our team has lived in other parts of the world, including our CCO, Graham Lang, who joined the team from South Africa, and our Managing Director, David Toto, who is from France. We believe that diversity is a uniquely important ingredient when marketing to global citizens, and diverse communities across North America.
Strategy Embracing strategy as a core discipline has helped us stand out versus the competition. Our Strategy team consistently carves out the strategic direction for our clients, and our agency’s creative work. Brand Planners, Digital Strategists, Social Strategists, Community Managers and our Data Scientist each play unique and critical roles throughout the campaign process, helping define and articulate opportunities to insert our clients’ brands into modern culture.
Design Iconic branding that is consistent yet fluid across mediums, big & small, is our visual trademark. This gift to our clients is baked into all our work.

Последние новости

Betting company sports interaction reminds audiences of canadian roots

Toronto-based global creative agency, Juniper Park\TBWA is thrilled to announce it has been appointed the Agency of Record for Canadian online sports betting company, Sports Interaction. The partnership begins with the launch of a campaign that is focused on reminding audiences of its genuine connection to Canada and Canadian sports.

With the federal legalization of single-game sports betting in Canada, the market has been flooded with new foreign entrants all desperate to connect with Canadian audiences. Sports Interaction heads in another direction with a simple yet effective campaign reminding audiences of the brand’s authentic Canadian heritage. As a brand that has been operating in Canada for more than twenty years, they truly understand how Canadians interact with sport and sports betting.

“Sports Interaction is excited to be entering the next stage of growth in sports and sports betting with our new campaign ‘Wanna Bet’. A playful edge on connecting sports with the everyday activity of engaging with friends. Always rooted in our historic roots of being for Canadians, by Canadians with the brands history and tenure in the Canadian marketplace, Sports Interaction reminds Canadians that we (as fellow Canadians) understand the sports that they are interested in; said differently, how Canadians like to bet, and what they like to bet on.” - Katelin Bernard, Chief Marketing Officer at Sports Interaction.

The “by Canadians, for Canadians” theme is prevalent throughout the campaign. The spot utilizes music by Canadian artists, showcases sports that resonate with Canadian fans, and features a voiceover that highlights the country’s favourite sporting moments of the year. Using the colloquialism “Wanna Bet?” as an entry point to show audiences the friendly competition and camaraderie that sports betting provides, Sports Interaction’s message is clear: the company knows how Canadians like to bet, and what they like to bet on.

“In an increasingly saturated market, the ‘Wanna Bet?’ campaign highlights Sports Interaction’s unique understanding of what makes Canadians tick,” says Liam Steuart, Managing Director, Precision Marketing, Juniper Park\TBWA. “We saw this as an opportunity to be distinctly Canadian by using valuable local sports and market knowledge. Sports Interaction sounds Canadian and acts Canadian, because it is Canadian.”

The campaign has launched across TVC, OLV and Digital and will be in market through November. The spot was produced by Bolt Content, music and sound design by Grayson Music, and media was handled by Spark Foundry. 

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