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Последние новости

Think of tomatoes, olive oil and pasta as humble ingredients? Lucky Generals shows how wrong you are in its first work for Napolina

Chopped tomatoes are not just bulking agents. Olive oil is not a commodity to be idly tossed into a pan. And thinking the spaghetti is the support act to the Bolognese is pasta beyond a joke.

As any Neapolitan would say, these ingredients make all the difference to a dish, if they are good, quality ingredients. And that’s exactly what Napolina ingredients are, so they have the right to be anything but humble.

This is brought to life in Lucky Generals’ first work for the UK’s number one Italian cooking brand. The agency is bringing hyperbole and humour to the busy and serious category with a suite of OOH, DOOH, digital and social assets, all designed to bring to life the new platform “Not so humble ingredients” they developed for the brand.

The campaign’s look and feel is inspired by the brand’s iconic packaging and features imagery of Napolina’s products shot in a beautiful and heroic style by Patrice de Villiers.

Wavemaker UK’s role was to deliver a media plan that packed a punch and added a dash of pizazz to the creative.

This called for bold, impactful outdoor placements, enabling Napolina to make an entrance with its new brand positioning. As such, premium large format outdoor featuring “Not so humble ingredients” will be visible across Liverpool, Manchester and Birmingham.

The placements will be combined with a national data-driven approach, reaching inspired Italian diners, as they near their local supermarket. The additional use of premium digital formats will remind consumers how they can elevate the everyday with Napolina’s quality ingredients before they shop - and bring the taste of Italy home.

Andy Nairn at Lucky Generals said: “Napolina’s tasty ingredients have been saving the nation from subpar mid-week dinners for decades. We thought it was time we gave them a voice so they could demand the credit they deserve. And we had a lot of fun doing so.”

Jeremy Gibson at Napolina said: “With economic pressure seeing people cutting back on eating out, consumers are looking for high-quality food when they eat in. So, this is no time to be humble about the quality of our products. With this campaign, Lucky Generals has given Napolina a distinctive brand message and enabled the brand to stand out from the rest of the sector.”

Kelly Parker at Wavemaker added: “Not so humble ingredients” require a not so humble media plan. And to say the least, our premium placements are anything but humble. This campaign is all about channelling our inner Italian. We’re being loud, proud and passionate about the quality of Napolina ingredients. There’s no way Brits, looking for their Italian meal fix, will miss this launch!” 

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