ЗаголовокConstant Ingredient with Christian Pulisic
Кампания Real Food for Real Athletes
Рекламодатель Chipotle
Бренд Chipotle

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Venables Bell + Partners is a leading independent agency with headquarters in San Francisco, and outposts in New York and Austin. The agency, which celebrates its 20th anniversary this year, is driven by a core mission of delivering outsized impact for brands and businesses including clients Audi, Chipotle, 3M, and Reebok. VB+P has been included in Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies List, named one of AdAge’s top ten A-List agencies and Best Places to Work, and Adweek’s Breakthrough Agency of the Year. 

Последние новости

Opendoor & Venables Bell + Partners' new video series entitled "This Is A Door"

Venables Bell + Partners’ latest campaign for Opendoor, the leading e-commerce platform for residential real estate aiming to reinvent life's most important transaction with a radically simple way to buy and sell a home. The new video series entitled "This Is A Door" builds upon the brand's “Be Open” brand platform and campaign, launched last summer.

By revolutionizing the home buying and selling experience, Opendoor empowers people to seize every opportunity that life throws at them without letting the traditional real estate process (which can be incredibly stressful and overwhelming) hold them back. "This Is A Door" reminds audiences that opportunity is all around us and positions these opportunities as a door to a new chapter or life transition. While they say opportunity knocks, the campaign highlights that it's more often the ding in an inbox, the wagging tail of a newly adopted dog, a cup of coffee over a job interview, or Mom's Sunday meatballs inviting you to move closer to home. The campaign highlights all the surprising forms that life's doors can take and how Opendoor makes it easier to step through them.

The campaign includes three broadcast spots, Tin Can, Ellipsis, and Casserole, and several additional social and digital spots, including Drum Kit, Slime, Coffee, Balloon, Military, Pool, Doggy, Pages and College. 

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