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PostedАпрель 2024
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Heaven Fish: A business and growth opportunity for Yoro, Honduras



The community of Yoro now has a valuable business opportunity and prosperity thanks to a partnership with Regal Springs, a leader in sustainable tilapia production: Heaven Fish, a new brand that comes "like falling from the sky."

For 30 years, Regal Springs has been characterized by supporting sustainability and social responsibility in fish farming. This collaboration with the community of Yoro comes to further innovate that effort and to publicize one of the most striking meteorological phenomena that make Yoro known worldwide: the rain of fish, one of the 30 wonders of Honduras.

Yoro's fame comes from a rare meteorological event that occurs every year. The most accepted theory for this particular form of precipitation suggests that whirlwinds form in the nearby ocean and carry the fish through the air until they land in the community. But for the townspeople, the answer is much simpler: it is a miracle.

To boost Yoro's economy, Regal Springs turned that miracle into an opportunity. From now on, each fish from the downpour will be registered with a protected designation of origin, giving the people of Yoro exclusive rights to distribute these fish now more valuable fish for the benefit of their families.

Fabricio Lopez, General Manager of Regal Springs, said: "We are excited to partner with the community of Yoro and promote Heaven Fish. We are true to our commitment to sustainability and social responsibility, and it motivates us to work with local communities to improve the economy through high-quality products, and what better way than by multiplying the value of these natural resources that fall from the sky".

Edgardo Melgar, Head of Communications at Ogilvy Honduras, said: “We are proud to partner with Regal Springs in this initiative that proves the true value of creative business transformation, opening up a new business opportunity that will benefit both the brand and the community."

Now the people of Yoro will be able to benefit through a partnership with Regal Springs every time the phenomenon occurs. Regal Springs will receive the fish from the Yoro villagers and incorporate them into its product line, making them a seasonal gourmet product available to everyone.

Thanks to this initiative, Yoro is swimming steadily towards economic stability. Fortunately for the community, Heaven Fish is a sustainable business for them, as they can count on the fish rain every year, which opens new income opportunities for anyone in the area.

So now, cloudy days represent a business opportunity. 

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