ЗаголовокMoney Never Felt Like Monzo 4
Кампания Money Never Felt Like Monzo
Рекламодатель Monzo
Бренд Monzo

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Узнать больше Uncommon Creative Studio

Uncommon was set-up six years ago by Lucy Jameson, Natalie Graeme and Nils Leonard. There’s never been a more urgent need for change, both in our industry and in the world. People wouldn’t care if three quarters of brands disappeared right now. But, some brands can make a difference like never before. They do things differently, ultimately becoming brands that people in the real world are glad exist. These brands are valuable. They are few and far between. That’s why we call them uncommon brands. It’s also why we named our business Uncommon.
Our global creative studio, based in New York, London & Stockholm, is built to address the need for change. Six years in, we continue to make awarded and stand-out work across a breadth of brands locally and globally.
Off the back of being named Campaign’s ‘Independent Agency of the Year’ in our second year, we then went on to be awarded Campaign Magazine’s coveted ‘Creative Agency of the Year 2020’ a year later. We were also recognised as the first ever ‘Most Contagious AOTY’ – which champions creativity, then also making the Contagious Pioneer list twice in a row in 2021 and 2022. Campaign also awarded us with ‘Creative Agency of the Year’ and ‘Independent Agency of the Year’ in 2021. The first time one agency has been given both titles. In 2023, we were also named AdAge’s ‘International Agency of the Year’. 

Последние новости

Entering Year 2 of the Uncommon Era

A year ago, the former top team of Grey London launched a vehicle with the humble aspiration of rethinking the creative business. A year on, how are things going?

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