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David Foulds
David Foulds - VP Advertising
PepsiCo International
The AdForum creative library and Ad Alert is a really useful tool for me to monitor and stay in touch with the best creative work around the world. I particularly like the fact that AdForum has a strong global overview compared to other advertising services that are often very U.S. focused.
Dr Majorie Cooper PhD
Dr Majorie Cooper PhD - Professor
I use the Creative Library in my Advertising Procedures class to illustrate important concepts in marketing communications. We look at the use of emotional and rational appeals as well as commercials that embody inherent drama, brand image, the unique selling proposition (USP), and other philosophies of advertising. We also use the ads to identify how current issues show up in advertising. I find the Creative Library invaluable in helping my students see how concepts discussed in our textbook actually show up in real marketing communications.


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