GMR Marketing makes a commitment to environmental protection through creativity

When it comes to sustainability, inaction is not an option

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Fran Sutter
Vice President of Client Services GMR Marketing

Despite the physical footprint, the advertising industry has the power to drive positive, meaningful change through the experiences it creates. Fran Sutter, GMR's Vice President of Client Services, speaks on making the eco-conscious journey accessible through realistic and authentic integration. The key is to just get started.


How are you advising clients on sustainable messaging and product development?

There’s client curiosity, confusion, and sometimes concern in the sustainability space. But we know that inaction isn’t an option at GMR Marketing. Getting started comes down to our ability to raise awareness and make it actionable. From society we hear, “I want to make more environmentally favorable choices but who can I trust? Where do I start? Am I doing enough?” GMR shows how our clients can make more sustainable choices in the experiences we create with them.


Have you implemented any sustainability initiatives in your own workflow?  If so, can you tell us what steps other agencies can take to lead by example and adopt sustainable practices within their own operations?

We have implemented sustainability initiatives at our agency. Although, truthfully, we’re a work in progress with ambitious aspirations to lead the industry. At GMR, we make stories born of humanity and those experiences often have a physical footprint. For us, sustainability must start early in the process to be realistically and authentically integrated. We’re in the process of establishing guiding principles as the foundation and north star for our sustainability decisions. These principles will be the starting place.


In what ways can agencies help promote sustainable practices and drive meaningful change towards environmental protection?

The main thing agencies can do is to accept the challenge and make the unwavering commitment to environmental protection. I believe strongly that we must focus on the impact rather than the intent as plans and messages are only as good as the results they produce. Consider breaking it down to smaller actions, to begin getting results and build from there.


What is your POV on advertising’s responsibility to take action in shifting consumer preferences towards eco-conscious practices, brands, and products?

Our responsibility is creativity. The realities of slightly higher prices and new sustainable options make consumers feel skeptical. So, how do we make them curious and willing to consider the alternatives? For some it’s about their values and desire to do the right thing no matter the cost. For others, price and benefits will not be compromised. Knowing the consumer set and tapping into those insights is our responsibility. If we do that effectively, we’re doing our part in shifting consumer preferences.