Maria Garcia, DAVID: "Motherhood has equipped me with the best tools."

Making a difference starts with flexibility and empathy

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Madrid, Spain
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Maria Garcia
Managing Director DAVID Madrid

Being a parent in a field as hectic as advertising can be daunting without the right support. Sitting down with Maria Garcia, Managing Director at DAVID Madrid, we learn how the agency supports its employees with policies meant to help them thrive in the workplace.


Tell us a bit about your role. How does your experience as a parent inform your work?

I'm the Managing Director at DAVID Madrid, and I'm also a mom of three kids (ages 7, 5, and 3) with our fourth on the way in September. Let me tell you, being a mom definitely influences how I handle things at the agency. Motherhood has equipped me with the best tools to deal with the unexpected, understand people's emotions even when they're not obvious, and juggle multiple responsibilities at once. It's like wearing glasses that help me see what really matters in life. I aim to bring this perspective to the workplace and the amazing team at DAVID Madrid, hoping that my experiences can make a positive impact not just on my role, but on everyone around me.


In what ways does your agency support flexible work arrangements to accommodate the diverse needs of working parents?

At DAVID we want to be a turning point in everything we do. The before and after for our clients' careers, for their brands' history, for our partners' reels, and of course, for our people's trajectory without forgetting their reality as parents. And if we start by changing something at the agency, we'll be helping the whole industry. At DAVID we want not only to keep the best talent we have, but also to attract the best from the industry.

So, we decided to work on few points that will make a difference between DAVID and other agencies:

  1. We give them 15 extra days more for them to come back once the baby don't need lactancia exclusiva (6 months).

  2. The first month of coming back to the agency, they can take intensive hours (from 9am to 3pm) without an impact in their salaries.

  3. For all the parents who have children they have the possibility of working from home 50% of their time, for them to organize in the best way with their children.

Advertising plays a vital role in influencing public perception. How are agencies and brands adapting ad comms to inclusivity around parenting?

It seems like no one is really moving fast enough on this issue. The real push for change is coming from people, and their voices are being heard loud and clear on social platforms. Brands are missing out on the chance to take a stand and make a real impact. It's like they need to start by making changes within their own teams first. It reminds me of the whole sustainability thing – brands were eager to talk about how eco-friendly they were, but then they realized that actions speak louder than words. You've got to walk the walk before you can talk the talk.