Top Interviews From The Advertising Industry

Лучшее место, чтобы встретиться и узнать о самых творческих людях в рекламе.
Наиболее влиятельные специалисты творческих профессий рекламной индустрии, исполнительные руководители агентства и клиенты обсуждают бизнес, вдохновение и их личные поездки в рекламе.

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We’ve gotten into the habit of starting most of our conversations with some sort of mental health check-in instead of just diving straight into...  Читать больше

Point of View Creativity

As long as you open your mind to what your partner is saying and see the potential even in a stupid idea, you can make any partnership work and...  Читать больше


Writing is half the battle, talking and presenting is the true test. Make your voice heard.   Читать больше


Pick a partner you can rely on. Ask a lot of questions, always offer to help other people out, and don’t be afraid to say what’s on your mind...  Читать больше


There is a ton of overlap in terms of what we’re interested in, our tastes, senses of humor, and the way we think.   Читать больше


Know your weaknesses and communicate those with your partner so both of you help build each other up.  Читать больше

Point of View

Yes, we are still breathing, still eeking out a living and I would say more relevant than ever.  Читать больше


Bruce Lee opens up about what it’s like to be a copywriter  Читать больше