Top Interviews From The Advertising Industry

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Наиболее влиятельные специалисты творческих профессий рекламной индустрии, исполнительные руководители агентства и клиенты обсуждают бизнес, вдохновение и их личные поездки в рекламе.

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Digital media agency and content shop, Ice Cream Social, was founded in 2020 by two ad agency strategists, Mike Weiss and Victoria Roedel. The duo...  Читать больше


It’s easy to get the impression that most people who handle influencer marketing at agencies are only one job into their career. But Crystal...  Читать больше

Point of View

An adaptable content strategy is a must in the dynamic world of communications to maintain brand loyalty. No stranger to employing cross-platform...  Читать больше


Planning Directors, Rob Estreitinho and Tiffany Mondesir, weigh in on their strategy for resonating with modern audiences and establishing brand...  Читать больше


Liz Hanna, Strategy Director at Swift, a VML company, speaks on utilizing social listening to move at the speed of culture.  Читать больше


In the latest installment of our series focused on the impact social media and cultural influences have on brand communications, we chatted with...  Читать больше


Bea Iturregui, VP of Creator & Brand Partnerships at Cycle (the creator marketing practice within Laundry Service), speaks on resonating with...  Читать больше