ЗаголовокSTC New Era
Кампания STC New Era
Рекламодатель STC
Бренд STC
Дата первой трансляции/Публикации
Бизнес сектор Другие
История With VFX the world knows no boundaries – this time together with JWT MEA agency and Truffle Films production house we co-created a commercial for telecom STC from Saudi Arabia.
„The strongest side here is the great variety of effects. From cleanup and mattepaint, through motion graphics, set extensions, to computer-generated giant players.” (Marek Gajowski, VFX Supervisor)
XXL footballers stand to soccer duel against the little boy and despite their superiority in number and in everything else – they lose the battle. There are many other unusual, unreal elements of this kind in STC commercial.
The spot was directed by Jovan Todorovic. Our team was responsible for post-production – their task was to create visual effects and online. Sylwia Ślusarczyk was the team producer and Marek Gajowski was VFX Supervisor.
Тип медиа Веб-фильм
Production House
Продюсер пост-производства
On-set Supervisors
Рекламное Агентство
VFX Supervisor

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